SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com)

1990 5/1 SS Fred Nicholls, Skegness Market founder dies
SS Advert for Janice Sutton Theatre School
19/1 SS First stone laid at new lifeboat station Tower Esplanade Skegness
SS Advert for Quickfit Garage Wainfleet Road (picture)
19/1 SS Secretary Mrs Pollock retires from Richmond Primary School
2/2 SS Storm damage
9/2 SS Driver crashes into Clock Tower Island – Steven Malcolm Cox
16/2 SS Man jumps to his death
23/2 SS Voyage
2/3 SS Gales
16/3 SS Yacht blows ove at Gibraltar Point
16/3 SS Michelle Pell is Best Boots Girl
23/3 SS Poll Tax protest demonstration
23/3 SS Skegness Trades Fare at the Embassy Centre
30/3 SS Rugs Temple shop opens on Roman Bank
30/3 SS Skegness Textiles business – includes pictures
13/4 SS Corky’s wine bar (includes picture of the interior)
27/4 SS Sea defence plan
4/5 SS Roman Relics unearthed at Water Leisure Park
4/5 SS Turbo’s Disco Castleton Boulevard – objections to the disco in a residential area
18/5 SS Church Farm Museum gets Edward VII post box
15/6 SS Jo Bird’s Beauty shop on Drummond Road
15/6 SS Nasty phone call – Turbo’s?
15/6 SS Elderly driver in tears after altercation with taxi driver
15/6 SS Then and now Lumley Road (includes pictures of various shops)
SS Then and now Panda’s Palace
SS Rendez Vous Lumley Road shop advert (includes picture)
6/7 SS Bells of St Clement’s
6/7 SS Drummond Road Shopping Area (includes features and pictures of various shops)
20/7 SS Two die in plane crash at Skegness Aerodrome – Richard Goodwin and Ian Mailer
27/7 SS Funding sought for sea defences
27/7 SS High Street history and pictures
27/7 Skegness film star, Elizabeth Allan died at Hove, East Sussex
10/8 SS Richmond school children in masks at Skegness library
17/8 SS Ingoldmells bus shelter falls on Sheffield boy, David Wilson age 7
31/8 SS Skegness Standard Road Show – “Female Company” girls with water fountain at Natureland
7/9 SS Skegness brewery sales manager, Geoff Craft goes back in time – picture
30/9 New lifeboat station official opening on Tower Esplanade
28/11 Boots the Chemist reopened after extending its Lumley Road premises to the shop next door
28/12 SS Bombs away – a Skegness woman’s wartime memories (Tower Cinema bombing)
1991 4/1 SS Gay Days at Butlin’s homosexual weekend
4/1 SS Before Castleton Boulevard was built (history of various parts of Skegness)
25/1 St Vincent Wine Cellar set on fire Drummond Road
22/2 Boothby Barn dismantled for transportation to Church Farm Museum
1/3 SS Wainfleet bypass opens
21/3 SM Bomb found on Mablethorpe beach by David Lascelles
29/3 SS Rose Bearings land
5/4 SS Gayle Adams tragic death
3/5 Pier Super bowl installed
3/5 SS The Storm opens at Botton’s amusement park
10/5 SS Crispy Cod chip shop fire
12/7 SS St Clement’s church hall vandalised
19/7 SS Two die on new Wainfleet bypass
19/7 SS History of Skegness by Seathorne School (supplement) (not photographed)
26/7 Meccano exhibition at Festival Pavilion
9/8 SS Ben Needham disappeared two weeks ago
16/8 Animal cruelty – neglected dog abandoned at Chapel St Leonards
23/8 SS Baltimore American Diner opens in Tower Gardens
6/9 SS Co-op bonanza
6/9 SS American Diner picture
6/9 SS The Storm, Botton’s new amusement park ride – pictures
20/9 SS Blaze destroys aircraft Skegness Air-taxi Service
27/9 SS Two big hotels up for grabs
4/10 SS Water Ski opens
4/10 SS Sir Peter Tapsell meets 107 year old woman, Miss Anne-Marie Scrimshaw at Windsor Lodge Residential Care Home in Skegness
18/10 SS Skateboard ramp constructed on Wainfleet Road playing fields
25/10 SS American Diner plans still opposed
8/11 Harrington Hall gutted by fire
15/11 SS Restaurant owner loses daughter but gains wife
29/11 SS Nicola Spencer’s murder case reopened
29/11 SS Vine Hotel new managers
13/12 SS Vagrant Barbara Manuel turns down Christmas Dinner offer
13/12 SS Wainfleet’s ancient dovecote restored
26/12 SS Dutton information
1992 3/1 SS Harrington Hall restoration
8/1 SN Legends and Lore of Lincolnshire
10/1 SS Joe Tonglet retires
10/1 SS Top of the Pile Carpets first anniversary
15/1 SN Beacon Restaurant (Ingoldmells) fire
15/1 SN Lagoon Walk repairs
15/1 SN Demolition of old school building at Magdalen College Wainfleet
17/1 SS Welcome Inn extension opens
17/1 SS Beach defences Lagoon Walk
29/1 SN Lincolnshire history feature
7/2 SS New Scarbrough Avenue road sign spelt wrongly
12/2 SN Skegness Illuminations switch on 1991 (picture)
12/2 SN Mayor Bob Sadler at Caterex exhibition
19/2 SN Gas fireball
26/2 SN Wartime memories
26/2 SN Barbara Manuel missing
Feb Wainfleet bypass opened
4/3 SN Wainfleet dovecote (includes picture)
6/3 SS Prince Edward Walk officially opened by the Prince
11/3 SN Mystery old picture of dancing girls
11/3 SN Ashley Wass Beethoven incarnate?
13/3 SS Humble Spud opens on what was previously Tonglet Corner
18/3 SN Miss-spelt road sign in Wainfleet
20/3 SS Jolly Fisherman presented to Prince Charles
20/3 SS Morris School picture 1951
20/3 SS Tennyson stamps
20/3 Carnival Queen punch-up
27/3 SS £300 a Day to Keep Secrets
1/4 SN Api Mellors (ex-carnival queen) as a little girl
8/4 SN Old Skegness pictures
8/4 SN Richmond School mock elections
17/4 SS Blaze at Harry’s Cafe Roman Bank
22/4 SN Harrington Hall restoration pictures (story not photographed)
1/5 SS Fraud
15/5 SS Grammar School deputy head dies (Miss Parks)
15/5 SS Football Club pictures
8/5 SS Debbie Jenner
22/5 SS Mayor Ron Scott
22/5 SS Former Councillors Honoured Citizens
22/5 SS Over to you Ron, (Scott)
22/5 SS Kirks Butchers
27/5 SN Roman Bank brief history (old pictures)
29/5 SS Gay man’s body in wheelbarrow
29/5 SS Ken Holland
10/6 SN Vehicle stuck on beach
10/6 SN Mystery old picture
17/6 SN Waterway boat officially named after Jean Holland
17/6 SN A look back at Old Alford (includes pictures)
19/6 SS Lumley School picture 1948-1954
24/6 SN Belgian visitors present Skegness Council with nude picture
24/6 SN Interview with Edith Sutton (not photographed)
24/6 SN Belgian visitors picture
1/7 SN Leaning Tower of Addlethorpe
3/7 Tribute park bench to Betty Fainlight
15/7 SN Was Gertie the Drowned Butlin’s Elephant drunk?
15/7 SN Interview with Ken Holland (not photographed)
15/7 SN Anderby pumping station museum
15/7 SN Richmond School sports day
22/7 SN War graves are a disgrace
22/7 SN Steve Andrews Church Farm Museum pottery demonstration
22/7 SN Sutton on Sea Museum
SN Interview with Lynn Petulangro (palmist)
31/7 SS Pier sign goes up in smoke
5/8 SN Addlethorpe leaning tower
12/8 SN Sad decline of Lumley School (picture)
19/8 SN Carnival Queen 1992
21/8 Letter to local toddler from Princess Diana
21/8 Sex scandal Skegness woman has sex with young school boys
21/8 SS Hildred’s Float in Skegness Carnival
26/8 SN Interview with Harold Fainlight (not photographed)
2/9 SN Cards discovery
9/9 SN Salvation army hall
9/9 SN Skegness lion statue
11/9 SS Safeway’s opens on the site of the old railway goods yard
18/9 Lifeboat charity pull
23/9 SN Old hotel in Sutton on Sea
25/9 SS New vet for Fenwold Veterinary Surgery
30/9 SN ‘Rocking Horse Wendy’
30/9 SN Human bones dug up
30/9 SN Monksthorpe Chapel gets facelift (includes old picture)
30/9 SN Living in Hell – Rutland Road flats in disrepair (not photographed)
2/10 SS Seacroft hotel renovation picture
7/10 SN Rutland Road flats in disrepair
9/10 Local business woman robbed of £10,000 outside Midland Bank Skegness
9/10 RNLI recover WW2 aircraft propeller offshore Skegness
14/10 SN Propeller on Skegness beach find
16/10 Dogs die in car blaze Arcadia car park
23/10 SS Murder *** for life
13/11 Skegness couple mugged on Miami holiday
13/11 SS Vandals damage George V Walk
18/11 SN New Lincolnshire Poacher cheese
2/12 SN Roseberry House threatened with closure
2/12 SN Lumley Road shops on fire
2/12 SN Drugs at Festival Pavilion
4/12 SS More about wheelbarrow killer
4/12 SS History of Herrick Watson in Skegness
9/12 SN Look back at Skegness’ first rock stall
11/12 Skegness Labour Party pit strike demonstration
11/12 Local missing toddler Ben Needham saves father from Sheffield courts
18/12 SS Howell’s shop 100 years
1993 6/1 SN A look back at the 1953 floods feature
15/1 SS Flood sirens axed
Tower Esplanade – Princes Parade Miniature Railway closed down
20/1 SN New Iceland store under construction picture
Jan Kwiksave takes over the old Grandways store
27/1 SN Mystery picture – Rev Tommy Towers (Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe Churches) with party outside Tower Gardens Pavilion
27/1 SN 1953 floods feature
27/1 SN Save Our Sirens demonstration
27/1 SN Interview with Frank Grunnill
29/1 SS Floods flashback
3/2 SN 1953 floods feature (not photographed)
3/2 SN New Song Cafe
10/2 SN 1953 floods feature
10/2 SN Nostalgia Corner – Murphy’s Factory women fill sandbags in 1953 floods – 1920s picture dray outside Skegness Farmers Dairy Co Walter Bray
10/2 SN 60s memories of Lumley School
10/2 SN Skegness Romany clairvoyant, Adeline Lee, lifts curse on top soccer club
12/2 SS Robbery at Co-op
17/2 SN 1953 floods feature
17/2 SN Lumley School old picture
24/2 Roman Bank General Post Office closed down, and moved to the Co-Op in Lumley Road
24/2 SN Unusual Trenches From Lost Ingoldmells White House Farm?
24/2 SN Skegness mayor officially opens CAB office
3/3 SN Lumley School reunion – mystery ex-pupils travel from Canada (Sue Binch says: The mystery pupil at the Lumley School reunion was Sandra Middleton who came over from Canada)
3/3 SN Interview with photographer, Mike Hardy (not photographed)
3/3 SN Giant trees in Coronation Walk
3/3 SN W&S
10/3 SN W&S
17/3 SN Nostagia Corner
17/3 SN Chemical scare at Funcoast World
17/3 SN Lumley School reunion pictures
19/3 SS Weekly fireworks display doomed
24/3 SN Skegness lollipop lady retires (Grosvenor Road) (not photographed)
31/3 SN Tragedy at sea – David Keal and Tony Pryor
31/3 SN Tragedy at sea rescuer hurt – Mick Abbott
31/3 SN New Iceland store nears completion – includes picture
31/3 SN Old pictures – Cottage Hospital carnival float – Ingoldmells Remembrance Day
2/4 SS Memorial bench for Esther Ward
2/4 SS Jolly Fisherman steam train blazes a trail into Skegness
April Iceland Store opens on the site of the former Lumley Hotel’s Long Bar
9/4 SS Earl of Scarbrough opens Lindsey Blind Lumley Avenue
9/4 SS Nude beach plans
16/4 SS Jolly Fisherman steam train
7/4 SN Derbyshire Miners – Sands – feature with old pictures
7/4 SN Earl of Scarbrough’s warning of charity treats
14/4 SN Hotel architecture
21/4 SN Nostalgia Corner – picture of old stream train at Skegness railway station – future Prime Minister, Harold Wilson visits Skegness – boxer Fred Taborn
21/4 SN Iceland opens in Lumley Square
21/4 SN Golden age of trains remembered – by David Briggs
21/4 SN Jolly Fisherman runs the London Marathon – first time in history
28/4 SN Anger when Skegness aerodrome shuts down
5/5 SN Sea Scouts
5/5 SN Interview with Graham Bonnet
12/5 SN Harold Fainlight’s Sunshine Tea Bar and Moody’s Tea Bar
26/5 SN Roman Bank information sign controversy – advertises private Richmond Pool rather than council facilities
26/5 SN Jolly Fisherman Logo, reckoned to be the world’s oldest seaside logo
2/6 SN Nostalgia Corner
2/6 SN Roman Bank shops feature
2/6 SN House fire Beresford Aveune (Briggs)
9/6 SN Joel Grunnill lifeboat gets new mobile phone
9/6 SN Man set alight in Mardi Gras – Jimmy Monaghan
16/6 SN New HQ for Skegness Seascouts
16/6 SN Children get lost running the Seabank Marathon
23/6 SN Cruel twist for widow of man drowned whilst working on sea defences
23/6 SN Robert Lloyd-Smith profile – Town Clerk
7/7 SN Idea dashed for Lumley Lodge to become a food kiosk
7/7 SN Charnwood Tavern wins Good Pub Grub award (not photographed)
14/7 SN Ray Clemence is jobless (not photographed)
14/7 SN New ‘Welcome to Wainfleet’ sign erected (not photographed)
28/7 SN Radio One Road Shhow comes to Skegness (not photographed)
28/7 SN A Beacon Park bungalow in danger of collapse
28/7 SN Lorry crashes into Burgh bakery shop
30/7 SS Model lifeboat made
4/8 SN Medieval find
4/8 SN Pictures of Mablethorpe Carnival Queens of the past
11/8 SN Paul Tipper wins battle to convert old lifeboat station on South Parade into retail outlet
11/8 SN Grand re-opening of Seathore Arms Winthorpe (Tony Tye) (not photographed)
11/8 SN Burgh le Marsh Railway
25/8 SN Boating Lake horror – glue-sniffer’s vicious attack on policeman
25/8 SN Nostalgia Corner – old picture of Buffs – Laurel & Hardy at Butlin’s – Royal visitor
1/9 SN Miss British Beauty Zoe Bolsover
8/9 SN Old pictures auction – Walter Smyth – Frank Wood
15/9 SN Sea View Road shops feature (not photographed)
15/9 SN Armed robbery at Skegness boating lake
29/9 SN Skegness industrial estate feature (not photographed)
29/9 SN No home for Skegness Silver Band (not photographed)
29/9 SN Lagoon Walk storm damage picture
6/10 SN Picture of Viking school headmaster Major William White
6/10 SM Spotlight on High Street – current shops feature (not photographed)
6/10 SN Duchess of Gloucester visit
13/10 SN Ron Scott made Honoured Citizen of Skegness
13/10 SN Burgh history – includes picture of old Victorian School, now the library
13/10 SN Billy Bunter Goes To Skegness
13/10 SN Plan of foreshore for proposed development
15/10 SS Boots bid to boost town shopping
15/10 SS Council board outside the Co-op
20/10 SN Vine Hotel new owners feature
22/10 SS Shamed Carnival Queen
27/10 SN Vine Hotel ghosts
27/10 SN Old picture Wainfleet Market Place
3/11 SN Nostalgia Corner – 1968 Woman Buried Alive Stunt, 1887 Skegness Whale story and 1964 Mods & Rockers riots
3/11 SN Photographer Henry Wilkinson profile
3/11 SN Missing toddler Ben Needham
10/11 SN Tramway proposal – Skegness Electric Tramway Co
17/11 SN Miniature railway owner angry about lease renewal – Cllr Malcolm Stuart (Boating Lake Train)
17/11 SN Lagoon Walk storm damage causes concern
17/11 SN BBC set to take over flood warning role
17/11 SN Flood siren Buckthorne Avenue
24/11 SN Nostalgia corner – 1920s Lily Crane’s dancing school Skegness Chicks (pictures)
15/12 SN Nostalgia corner – 1922 (gales destroy White House Farm Ingoldmells [picture]) and 1934 (strange stories) Picture of John Minkley scissor-grinder
15/12 SN Lifeboat man, Wilf Perrin dies
15/12 SN New owner for County Hotel – David Williams who also owns the Richmond Holiday Centre
22/12 SN Christmas ghost story by Town Clerk, Robert Lloyd-Smith
22/12 SN Seacroft Hall home (Shardelos Road) to close down on 27th January 1994
Dec Carey House Convalescent Home, Roman Bank, Seathorne, demolished
Lumley School Pelham Road demolished to make way for new County Junior School
1994 28/1 Diane Bradley’s painted Jolly Fisherman models
11/2 Nudist beach
11/3 Legionnaires club folds up
25/3 Was there a MRS Jolly Fisherman?
15/4 Virgin for Carnival Queen?
29/4 Drowning accident
29/4 Pavilion, Tower Gardens is a Grade 2 listed building
6/5 The first person to be saved by the ambucopter
10/6 New miniature tramway
22/7 Councillor hurt in attack
22/7 Ride to Terror
29/7 Sex scandal victim found hanging
5/8 Man found hanging
12/8 New theme park at Ingoldmells
30/9 Adult weekend at Butlin’s
11/11 Adult weekend at Butlin’s
18/11 Man hanged himself when mum died
25/11 Future of Tower Gardens Pavilion
25/11 Woman vagrant in seafront sun shelter appears in court
2/12 Man hangs himself when mother dies
Splattergram fun ends in fracas
Kids Burn in Holiday Nightmare (1994 or 1995)
1995 20/1 SS Richard Branson Virgin airship rescued by Skegness lifeboat
1/2 SN Industrial Estate feature
10/2 SS Fantasy Island pyramid installed
15/2 SN Old shop sign Winham of 8 Lumley Road
15/2 SN Switchback roller coaster recalled
15/2 SN Fantasy Island pictures of construction
24/2 SS Skegness girl in public phone box in a bikini in winter – TV show
3/3 SS Abseilers at Fantasy Island
8/3 SN Tony Blair visits Skegness
15/3 SN Dusty the Church Farm Museum mascot
15/3 SN Jolly info
29/3 SN Jolly Fisherman in London marathon for a second time
29/3 SN Interview with Bob Suich
5/4 SN Judy Tasker wins Boots award
5/4 SN Skegness school? memories
12/4 SN Flounders fish cafe opens on Lumley Road (not photographed)
12/4 SN Lowndes 70th anniversary
19/4 SN Seacroft Golf Club centenary
19/4 SN Interview with Bert Crane
19/4 SN New Skymaster ride opens at Botton’s amusement park – includes picture (not photographed)
3/5 SN Missing WW2 Roll of Honour designed by Burgh artist, Ernie Wilbraham
3/5 SN VE day celebrations
10/5 SN Sense charity shop officially opened on Lumley Road by Carnival Queen (not photographed)
10/5 SN Skegness County Junior School feature (part photographed)
10/5 SN VE day celebrations
17/5 SN VE day celebrations
17/5 SN War picture of sailors at Fairy Dell fountain
24/5 SN Mayor making
24/5 SN Fantasy Island royal visit
31/5 SN New shirehorse at Hardy’s Animal Farm
7/6 SN Roman Bank shops feature
14/6 SN Antiques feature (not photographed)
21/6 SN Earl of Scarbrough School feature (not photographed)
5/7 SN Shades pub coincidence – Chris Severn
5/7 SM David Bellamy at Skegness County Junior School (not photographed)
23/6 SS Oil slick on Skegness boating lake
19/7 SN Pull-out souvenir of Fantasy Island (includes pictures of construction) (not photographed)
19/7 SN Skegness Illuminations switch on 1995 by Panther of The Gladiators
26/7 SN Shades pub coincidence
26/7 SN British Army Chief who fought to save Gunby Hall
28/7 SS Salvation Army Citadel built on High Street
2/8 SN Dangerous Lagoon Walk
2/8 SN Fantasy Island flume accident
9/8 SN War snippets (not photographed)
SN Jolly ‘Mona Lisa’ set to fetch cool £5,000 at auction
9/8 SN Judith Charmers Wish You Were Here TV holiday guide visits Skegness
16/8 SN Wartime snippets (excellent article) (not photographed)
16/8 SN Abandoned car
16/8 SN Carnival queen
23/8 SN Jolly Fisherman poster auction
25/8 SS Drugs abuse at the Zoo rave nightclub Fantasy Island
25/8 SS Jolly Fisherman poster carnival
1/9 SS Ex-servicemen’s club bids for original Jolly Fisherman poster
6/9 SN ‘Where’s Jolly’ competition
13/9 SN Roman Bank funeral parlour feature (not photographed)
15/9 SS Objections to funeral parlour on Roman Bank
29/9 SN Steve Curtis karate grading
4/10 SN Nostalgia Corner -1945 picture of Skegness Girls Training Corps netball team
6/10 SS The Zoo rave nightclub Fantasy Island
11/10 SN Tenth anniversary of the rebirth of Skegness News – a look back over the last ten years
11/10 SN Jolly Fisherman steam train headboard presented to Skegness Council
11/10 SN Grammar reunion plans – inclues 1946 picture of headmaster Mr K G Spendlove and deputy head
11/10 SN Jolly’s home – poster back in Skegness after 70 years in a garden shed
11/10 SN Carnival Queen chain of office presented
13/10 SS Woodward buys heritage Jolly Fisherman poster
18/10 SN John Smith and Ponahontis story
18/10 SN British Town Crier Championship in Skegness
25/10 SN Derelict buildings at Richmond bus station
25/10 SN Wash em n Dry Laundrette opens on Roman Bank
25/10 SN Jolly Fisherman reunited with old poster at Fantasy Island
25/10 SN Jolly statue to become a water feature in Compass Gardens
1/11 SN Old Chapel St Leonards coastgusrd hut moved to village hall
1/11 SN Citadel opens its doors officially – includes picture of old Citadel and first wedding
1/11 SN Jolly Statue
1/11 SN Tribute to the late Ron Scott
1/11 SN Railway staff award
17/11 SS Woman sets fire to Skegness guesthouse
24/11 SS Welcome home. Jolly – Jolly Fisherman poster returns to Skegness
6/12 SN Roman Bank shops feature
6/12 SN Skegness County Infant School set to undergo complete transformation
13/12 SN This Charming Man film made in Skegness (not photographed)
13/12 SN Drummond Road shops feature
13/12 SN Argos to convert Golden Lion Shopping Arcade
20/12 SN Mystery yellow crystals washed up on beaches from Gibraltar Point to Mabethorpe
Kids Burn in Holiday Nightmare
SN Old Lumley Road shop sign – Winhams
1996 1/3 SS Sex attacker escapes jail
10/1 SN TV PG Tips chimps feature Skegness in ‘Secret Diary of Kevin Tipps’
7/2 SN Clock Tower refurbished (includes picture of one of the bells)
7/2 SN Cripsey’s wall of death set up on outskirts of Skegness
14/2 SN Surprise Surprise Cilla Black catches Skegness school teacher, Lesley Toyne, by surprise – Cilla tries Skegness fish & chips
14/2 SN Skegness to Burgh cycle path discussed
28/2 SN Skegness Infant School feature
6/3 SN Facelift for the seafront
13/3 SN New watercoaster constructed at Fantasy Island
15/3 SS Compass Gardens Jolly Fisherman statue new water feature
27/3 SN Campaign launched to update Tower Gardens play area
3/4 SN Mystery pipe exposed under Skegness Pier
3/4 SN Ride of terror – child toppled out of Dragon Mountain ride at Fantasy Island
10/4 SN Explainations for mystery pipe exposed under Skegness Pier
10/4 SN The clock tower is listing
10/4 SN Jolly to run London marathon
12/4 SS Male shop assistant exposes himself when schoolgirls buy sweets
12/4 SS The Jolly Fisherman exposed
12/4 SS Public toilets row Skegness town council and East Lindsey district council
17/4 SN Emmerdale star on Wall of Death
17/4 SN Wartime memories – Ken Wilkinson and Gordon Middleton
19/4 SS Ecstasy drug seller at Fantasy Island rave is jailed
19/4 SS Son brutally tortures mother
24/4 SN Jolly pictured in the London marathon
24/4 SN Samuels gift shop closes its doors for the last time after 70 years in Skegness
1/5 SN New weather centre proposal 
1/5 SN New red tar layed on Tower Esplanade, as part of foreshore facelift, churned up by lifeboat
8/5 SN Cilla Black surprises Skegness woman Nickia Burton
8/5 SN North Shore pathway controversy
8/5 SN Jolly Fisherman surveys newly-refurbished Clock Tower face – also aerial views from top of Clock Tower
8/5 SN Interview with Ken Holland (not photographed)
15/5 SN Princess Alexandra visits Spilsby
15/5 SN Fantasy Island balloon installed
22/5 SN Roller rink owner wins lottery
22/5 SN Barry Mcguigan to switch on Skegness illuminations (not photographed)
22/5 SN Interview with Betty Wise wife of Mayor (not photographed)
31/5 SS Jolly Fisherman statue ‘shrinks’ on new water feature, letter to editor
31/5 SS Ghostly goings-on at Hildred’s jewellers
5/6 SN Church Farm Museum 20th anniversary (not photographed)
5/6 SN Agra Tandoori opens on Drummond Road feature (not photographed)
5/6 SN Complaints about the cost of seafront revamp
12/6 SN New pond at Skegness Junior School (not photographed)
12/6 SN Reunion at Spilsby Grammar School 60 years ago
12/6 SN Magdalen Museum becoms a registered charity (not photographed)
14/6 SS Man cleared of indecency towards schoolgirls
19/6 SN Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Home to stay open
19/6 SN Daniel Wharmby death
26/6 SN Save Our Beds petition
26/6 SN Jolly poster is coming home
26/6 SN North Shore pathway controversy – confusing it with Granny’s Opening?
3/7 SN Two sisters honoured at East Kirkby Aviation Museum
5/7 SS Anniversary of Jolly Fisherman poster
17/7 SN Boxer, Barry McGuigan to switch on Skegness illuminations 1996
17/7 SN Woman rescued three times by Skegness lifeboat
19/7 SS Barry McGuigan switches on Skegness illuminations
19/7 SS Storm brewing for proposed new Skegness weather station
24/7 SN Official opening
9/8 SS A new theme song for Skegness seaside resort
14/8 SN Horror at carapark
16/8 SS Trapped in drain horror
21/8 SN Horror at carapark – mourners arrested
21/8 SN Jolly a financial burden
21/8 SN ?
21/8 SN Private postman Brian Swales
30/8 SS Skegness’ past characters in cartoon, flash back to 1936
4/9 SN First wedding at Fantasy Island
6/9 SS New weather centre for Skegness artist impression
11/9 SN Cassie Graham killed by dangerous driver
11/9 SN Last post for private postie Brian Swales
11/9 SN Flood warden
18/9 SN Largest collection of Butlins memorabilia – Mike Smith
18/9 SN Fantasy Island wedding
Argos opens on Lumley Road
20/9 SS Council says ‘NO’ to Zoo rave signs
SS The origins of the Standard Local Newspaper plus pictures of press printers (supplement)
2/10 SN Lincolnshire gets new chemical incident unit (not photographed)
4/10 SS John Woodward presented with Jolly Fisherman statue for donating original Jolly Fisherman poster to Skegness Council
4/10 SS Jolly Fisherman painting in the Mayor’s Parlour Skegness town hall
9/10 SN UFO Mystery Sighting
9/10 SN Jolly poster home for good
9/10 SN Mitchells’ award
9/10 SN Skegness man makes history
9/10 SN Burgh Dobson’s mill feature (not photographed)
9/10 SN Skegness to Horncastle walk
16/10 SN Birth at Skegness hospital
16/10 SN Jolly Fisherman poster
16/10 SN St Clement’s chuch cottage
16/10 SN Antiques Road Show at the Embassy (not photographed)
16/10 SN Kwiksave expected to announce its closure
16/10 SN Strange sightings
18/10 SS UFO sighting at Gibraltar Point Skegness
23/10 SN Burgh gun club
1/11 SS Old Woolworth’s photo taken in Skegness, shop and staff
6/11 SN Man jailed for child abuse
8/11 SS Man jailed after beating son with wood
8/11 SS Human fireball gas blast Drummond Road
13/11 SN Gas explosion
13/11 SN Son of buried alive, Emma Smith, wants to follow in mother’s footsteps
20/11 SN Interview with Edith Sutton (not photographed)
27/11 SN Toynton St Peter schoolboy Daniel Wharmby dies after car accident
27/11 SN 25th anniversary of Alexandra Court (not photographed)
27/11 SN Nora Burley obituary
27/11 SN Cheryl Miles wins karake award
29/11 SS The Lion pub is sold to Metrobrook (and rented by Wetherspoon)
29/11 SS The Street nightclub to replace roller rink on North Parade Skegness
6/12 SS Les Sharpe motor car repair advert
11/12 SN Birth at Skegness hospital
11/12 SN Hoteliers’ letter from the Queen
13/12 SS Woman abusive towards police
25/12 SN Water feature
1997 21/1 SS Water feature not so Jolly (statue in Compass Gardens)
21/2 SS Queen’s portrait donated to Skegness Town Council erected in council chambers
14/2 SS ‘Drain Deaths’ unlawful killing verdict
Apr Frank Grunnill Profile
23/5 SS The Street – new nightclub for Skegness
6/6 SS Ghosts in the unused Post Office building
13/6 SS NO MORE RAVES! Woodward destroys Zoo sign after drugs death at rave nightclub
2/5 SS Sex sneak jailed after secretly filming up a girl’s skirt
1/8 SS NO to Street laser lights
4/4 SS The Grunnill family history story – Frank Grunnill profile
27/6 SS Millennium ride – John Woodward
27/6 SS Knife attack on shop manager
27/6 SS The Street to get ‘laser lights’
27/6 SS Local disabled woman in Skegness beach quicksand ordeal
SS Cooks butchers and other old Skegness photos in the special supplement
4/7 SS ‘Grey Lady’ ghost haunts Wainfleet museum library
4/7 SS Laser lights problems for The Street nightclub
4/7 SS New design for Jolly Fisherman water feature Compass Gardens
4/7 SS Missing stone lion statue found
11/7 SS Petrol dowsing threat at DHSS benefits office
11/7 SS Street laser lights – threat to wildlife fears
17/7 SS Zoo rave nightclub teenager Ecstasy tablets
25/7 SS Illuminations switch on by Chuckle Brothers
25/7 SS Dogs horror wounds
25/7 SS Four held at gunpoint at Skegness Hotel
8/8 SS The Street nightclub laser light fury
15/8 SS The Street nightclub laser light opposition
29/8 SS Mayor of Skegness poses with topless ‘Daily Sport’ models
5/9 SS Bouquets laid in memory of Princess Diana
5/9 SS Paedophiles in Skegness outrage
3/10 SS Vicious rumours – The Street is NOT closing!
31/10 SS Baby died in parents’ bed
7/11 SS Stone lion disappears from Red Lion Hotel Roman Bank
14/11 SS Underground loos closure fears
14/11 SS Woman’s body found in Tower Gardens
21/11 SS Woman’s body found in Tower Gardens
5/12 SS Laser light plans for The Street
19/12 SS Jolly Fisherman’s 90th birthday celebrations
26/12 SS Advert for The Street nightclub
Zoo Rave Nightclub sign smashed by owner after drugs deaths
1998 2/1 SS Jolly Fisherman promotes Bateman’s Beer
17/1 SS Majors Stationary shop closes after more than 100 years trading
21/1 SN Majors Stationary shop closes after more than 100 years trading
21/1 SN New deputy head for Skegness Infant School – Mrs Janice Kennedy
21/1 SN Future uncertain for Witch & Cauldren pub Friskney (formerly Barley Mow)
23/1 SS Butlin’s Gaiety Theatre demolished
4/2 SN Effort to ascertain which hotel famous poet D H Lawrence stayed at during his visit to Skegness
4/2` SN Last act for Butlin’s Gaiety Theatre
4/2 SN Specially made Jolly Fisherman kite flies in Australia
11/2 SN Specially made Jolly Fisherman kite flies in Australia (picture)
18/2 SN Skegness policeman Andy Steeples on TV show Catchphrase
25/2 SN End of lessons at Skegness Infant School when the old building is demolished
25/2 SN Mayor lays first brick for new look-out tower at Skegness lifeboat station
27/2 SS Local bar manager ‘groping’ charge
27/2 SS Skegness infants school demolished
Mar SS Sayer’s Jewellery shop closes after over 100 years trading
4/3 SN Skegness Industrial Estate extension opened (not photographed)
4/3 SN Picture of Skegness Silver Band in 1980
11/3 SN Skegness Sommerfield supermarket 10th anniversary (not photographed)
11/3 SN Meridian line passes through East Kirkby Aviation Museum – tree planted
18/3 SN Plan for Tower Gardens revamp (not photographed)
18/3 SN Memories of Skegness
1/4 SN The Woodward Tower to be built at Fantasy Island (April Fools Day joke?)
8/4 SN Jolly Fisherman runs London Marathon picture
8/4 SN Skegness News office moves to 9 Lumley Avenue
15/4 SN Macarbre stunt dies a death (Emma Smith’s son to be buried alive on Skegness north foreshore)
15/4 SN Mayor opens Skycoaster ride on North Parade
15/4 SN Light shed on where famous poet D H Lawrence stayed in Skegness
22/4 SN Jolly Fisherman Bateman’s Beer
22/4 SN Prestigious honour for Spilsby photographer David Pleming
22/4 SN Roman Bank shops feature
22/4 SN Skegness man Peter Pope sets off on his walk from Land’s End to John o’ Groats
22/4 SN Wainfleet Magdalen College undergoes revamp
22/4 SN Skegness female stunt bike rider Vickie Bonnett makes a come back after accident – Wall of Death
22/4 SN Jolly Fisherman completes London Marathon
6/5 SN Plans to move post office from Roman Bank (not photographed)
6/5 SN Princess Anne’s visit to Skegness
6/5 SN Pope’s Land’s End to John o’ Groats progress report
6/5 SN Georgie Boy shop on Lumley Road
6/5 SN Terry Bryan profile
15/5 SS Jolly’s head removed reveals a ‘star’
27/5 SN Volcano erupts into life – new ride at Fantasy Island
27/5 SN Duke of Gloucester visit (not photographed)
27/5 SN Duke of Gloucester’s recent visit sparks memories of Duchess of Gloucester’s visit to open Skegness hospital
10/6 SN Pope’s Land’s End to John o’ Groats progress report
10/6 SN Mayor officially opens Skegness & District Volunteers Bureau
17/6 SN Tree planted at Seathorne school in memory of Ann Frank
17/6 SN British Beef vox pop in the light of recent mad cow disease scare
24/6 SN Skegness man Peter Pope completes his walk from Land’s End to John o’ Groats
24/6 SN Fantasy Island pull-out souvenir
1/7 SN Coronation Walk – a brief history
8/7 SN Comedien Duggie Chapman promotes Skegness by wearing Jolly Fisherman waistcoat
8/7 SN Harold Bayes’ tragic death was accidental
22/7 SN Carnival Queen
24/7 SS Skegness illuminations switched on by Corrie star, Ken Barlow
24/7 SS Spider and ladybird plague in Skegness
29/7 SN National Lottery broadcast live from the Embassy Skegness
5/8 SN The Street new Members Club
14/8 SS Sex and controversy hit The Street nightclub in Skegness
21/8 SS Fire at the Marine Boathouse nightclub in Skegness
26/8 SN Sycamore Cottage – book by Sheila Pacey
9/9 SN Gnomes back in Halton Halgate after mystery holiday in Skegness
11/9 SS Letter to the editor “Where has the Stone Lion Statue gone?”
30/9 SN Wainfleet woman Jane Young hit by train
30/9 SN Jet ski explosion at Jackson’s Corner – John Wright
30/9 SN Sir David Attenborough visits Gibraltar Point nature reserve
16/10 SS Time capsule to mark Clock Tower 100 years anniversary
21/10 SN Time capsule buried on Clock Tower Island
23/10 SS Time capsule to mark Clock Tower 100 years anniversary “see you in 2028”
23/10 SS Gay man kicked out of Salvation Army
28/10 SN Superdrug St Trinians fancy dress
4/11 SN Secret Garden children’s play group opens on Rutlan Road
18/11 SN Monster sun fish washed up on beach
18/11 SN Skegness girl entertains at Prince Charles’ birthday party
2/12 SN Leaked document reveals that post office could be set up in a mobile unit
2/12 SN Honey Pot health food shop moves to 96 Lumley Road
2/12 SN Skegness News in TV limelight
2/12 SN Child suffers chemical burns after glow-in-the-dark toy breaks – Sayers
4/12 SS Mark Death guilty of possessing cannabis resin
9/12 SN Suspected arson attack on The Street nightclub after two fires in one night
16/12 SN Mystery black box found when burying time capsule on Clock Tower Island – contains rare cine film of Jolly Fisherman from the 1930s
16/12 SN Superdrug Christmas late night shopping fancy dress competition
23/12 SN Row over the Millenium coaster at Fantasy Island
25/12 SS Jolly Fisherman looks ‘cool’ in sunglasses
30/12 SN Man’s body lay undiscovered for four weeks
Boothby Barn Church Farm Museum
1999 1/1 Bedsit teenager dies from alcohol and drugs mix
8/1 Boy murdered on Skegness beach Christopher Swales
15/ Gun-point robbery Spa shop Winthorpe
15/1 Skyline Pavilion Butlin’s
22/1 World Champion snooker player Willie Thorne meets Skegness Mayor
26/2 Boy murdered on Skegness beach Christopher Swales
19/3 Pensioner gets young schoolgirl girl pregnant
26/3 Janice Sutton officially opens Squirrels nursery
26/3 Man fakes suicide on Skegness beach
23/4 Historical Skegness Town Plans 1878 go under the hammer
23/4 High Street in 1999 (photo)
7/5 Coun Bob Stow dies
7/5 Wall of Death
21/5 Truck crashes into Burgh butchers shop
21/5 Beach Bar opens
11/6 Pier View Hotel (Oasis amusement arcade) gets make-over
11/6 Twister hits Skegness
18/6 Curtis bakery opens on Lumley Road Skegness
4/6 Pictures of the Beach Bar opening
25/6 Donkeys run amok in Skegness
2/7 John Woodward’s son gets (real) train set for third birthday
16/7 Mum seduces 11-year-old
16/7 Jolly is turned down a TV make-over
22/7 Local author, Margaret Dickinson asked to write a Skegness Millennium Play
23/7 Mum seduces 11-year-old (follow-up)
Lowndes refurbished
20/8 Clock Tower 100th Birthday Celebrations
10/9 Paedophile lures child with play station
10/9 Local plumber found dead
10/9 Nude sunbather distresses children
1/10 Mum seduces 11-year-old – walks free from court
1/10 Tower Gardens Re-opening History Set To Repeat Itself
12/11 Boy murdered on Skegness beach Christopher Swales (follow-up)
Dec Millennium Bug
A Look Back at 1999

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