Unusual Trenches From Lost Farm?

AMATEUR archaeologist Boyce Smith has contacted us about the unusual trenches at Ingoldmells.

He has taken a few photographs for fear that they could be submerged and forgotten under the NRA’s beach nourishment proposal.

The network of trenches, which hold hand-made drainage pipes, appear after exceptionally high tides have stripped the sand from the foreshore.

Mr Smith, of Albany Close, Skegness, comments: “All the pipes are laid on hand-made tiles which bear thumb and finger marks.

“These indicate how far the land extended before the encroachment of the sea. Some of the trenches are nearly 30ft from the sea wall.”

Mr Smith, who is a familiar site with his metal detector, has spoken with historian Betty Kirkham about the trenches.

According to the records, there used to be a farm near Ingoldmells Point.

It may be that the pipes were part of its land drainage system.

The pipes and the tiles are thought to have been laid in the middle of the last century [1850s].


Source: Skegness News 24th February 1993


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