Jolly’s taken to Batemans Beer!

Bateman’s brewery launched a range of Jolly Fisherman beers to celebrate Jolly’s 90th birthday in 1998.

A DIALOGUE between East Lindsey District Council’s tourism chiefs and Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet has prompted them to use Skegness’ Jolly Fisherman to launch a whole new range of ales.

Called Jolly’s Jaunts, they are being produced in time to celebrate the Jolly Fisherman logo’s 90th anniversary — at monthly intervals for a whole year.
The famous family brewers, established in 1874, have taken the Jolly Fisherman and adapted him to each month and its traditional themes. Starting with Jolly’s Resolution for the New Year, Batemans have come up with the perfect way to break any resolutions on the theme of temperance.
February’s offering, to celebrate St Valentine’s Day, Jolly’s Horny Devil, is guaranteed to put the fire where it matters most.
March is the month for Five Nations Rugby, when Jolly can be seen in full rugby strip for Jolly’s Rugby Special.
April’s brew sees Jolly Juggling Easter Eggs to launch Jolly’s Easter Feaster.
May sees the launch of Jolly’s May Day, May Day — and the lifeboat, if the logo is anything to go by.
June, World Cup month, brings Jolly’s Three Lions in this logo, Jolly plays football with the lions. Wimbledon fortnight can be celebrated throughout July with Jolly’s Deuce. He can be seen in this logo looking remarkably fetching in his tennis whites.
In August, Jolly is back in his natural element, the sea, as he rides the surf for Jolly’s Shoot the Loop.
For September, harvest festival time, Jolly takes up his reaping hook for Jolly’s Frolicking Reaper.
And Hallowe’en has Jolly in mischief-making mode for Jolly’s Trick or Treat. Bonfire night has Jolly all lit up with Jolly’s Rocket.
In December, Jolly is full of Christmas jollity and ready to party with Jolly’s Yuletide Bash.
This range of beers varies in strength from four per cent to four point four per cent proof. They have been given such descriptions as “crisp, charismatic and quaffable”, “lucid, luscious and lubricating,” and “grainy, grisly and gratifying”.
Managing director, Mr Stuart Bateman, said: “The reaction that we have had so far to this concept has been absolutely phenomenal.” The holders of many national beer awards, including Supreme Champion Beer of the Year, and five times Premium Beer of the Year, Batemans have also gained the Mild of the Year award with their Dark Mild.

Photos: Jolly’s Jaunts and Jolly’s Follies Bateman’s Beer.




(Ooops! Sorry about the flash flare on the last picture – I was on our works Christmas party when I snapped it!)


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