Meridian Tree East Kirkby Aviation Museum

EAST Kirkby Aviation Centre was one of the sites of tree planting along the Meridian Tree Line.

The Meridian Line (0 degrees longitude), which is the point from which time across the world is measured, runs right across Britain and through the aviation centre at East Kirkby.

The project, set up by the University of Greenwich in 1995, aims to establish a line of trees along the Greenwich Meridian as a memorial to longitude and the great techno logical achievement it represents whilst also celebrating the new Millennium.

But many individuals have planted trees along the line in memory of their loved ones including Skegness woman Mrs Woods, who planted two oak trees in memory of her husband Harry Woods and daughter Jane Morris and her parents Harold and Grace Green.

Mrs Woods’ father Harold was born in Skegness and her mother Grace came to live in the town at the age of six. The couple owned Greens Confectioners on Lumley Road, a business which Mrs Woods’ grandfather established before them.

The first tree, an ash, is planted on the site by Wing Commander Dave Harrison from RAF Coningsby, who is assisted by owners and founders of the museum Harold and Fred Panton and County Cllr Irene Symons. Photo by Darren Hendley.


A Rowan tree, sponsored by Mrs Pulham, is planted by her daughter Helen Stratford (left), assisted by villagers Paula Belcher and Brian Hughes. Photo by Darren Hendley.


March 1998

Photo of Meridian Stone at East Kirkby Aviation Centre by Gaz West


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