SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com) TM = Tamworth Herald MC = Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

1910 Lawn Theatre said to have opened on site previously occupied by Fred Clement’s entertainers – cannot find evidence of this.
Jan Skegness Commercial school opens on Wainfleet Road, owned by John Richard Shepherd
SH 25/2 Trap accident Coun Moody’s yard
SMA 5/1 Gladstone Centenary at Skegness (not photographed)
SMA 5/1 North Shore Estate annual dinner (not photographed)
SMA 12/1 New college for Boys – St Peter’s Rutland Road
SMA 26/1 Fundraiser for new Skegness Bank Chapel
SMA 26/1 Daylight Comet visible from Skegness
SMA Motor Bus – novel idea for Conservative campaign
SMA 26/1 North Seas airship now ready to fly over Skegness
SMA 2/2 Fire at Stows butchers
SMA 2/2 Miss C F Tippet speaks China missionary work (not photographed)
SMA 2/2 Advert for new St Peter’s College
SMA 9/2 The new Skegness Town Hall and Council Chambers (two articles)
SMA 9/2 Skegness roads made up – description
SMA 2/3 Trap smash
SMA 2/3 Wagon capsizes Grantham
SMA 2/3 Excellent picture of interior of new Council Chambers
SH 4/3 Nottingham Poor Girls Home abuse
SH 18/2 Coal school
SMA 23/2 New Town Hall description of fixtures and fittings
SMA 23/2 Telephone wires laid underground
SMA 23/3 Picture of SUDC George H Randall
SMA 23/3 Picture of SUDC Walter H Bridges
SMA 23/3 Pharmacy exam success Halls Chemist St Peter’s College
SMA 23/3 Comic Football Match picture of ticket
SH 25/3 The new Seaside Chair
SH 25/3 Old switchback auctioned (sunshine recorder situated on top of the switchback)
SMA 30/3 Comic Football Match
SH 1/4 Comic football match
SH 1/4 Accident at the Comic Football game
SH 1/4 Memorial window St Matthew’s Church
SH 8/4 Stone laying Roman Bank church
SMA 13/4 Skegness Bank Chapel stone laying Primitive Methodist Church
SH 15/4 North Shore Golf Links
SH 22/4 Winter Gardens secret
SH 23/4 New Winter Gardens
SMA 27/4 North Shore golf links opening ceremony
SH 29/4 Extensive report on North Shore golf links (not photographed)
SH 6/5 Winter Gardens
SH 6/5 A Lumley Road incident intoxicated men Goodson and Landamore
SH 6/5 Plan for new Winter Gardens
SH 6/5 Lumley Road incident
SH 10/5 Skegness poem – King’s death
SMA 11/5 National mourning – advert by Crofts drapers
SMA 11/5 Advert for Sea View Roller Rink
SMA 11/5 Queen Alexandra letter to the nation
SMA 11/5 Skegness United Football Club picture
SMA 11/5 Advert of Empress Ballroom grand opening
SMA 11/5 Death of King Edward VII
SMA 18/5 Mourning the King – advert for church service
SMA 18/5 Sid Dennis in Skegness police court
SMA 18/5 Bird lays eggs on Figure 8 roller coaster
SMA 25/5 Funeral of the King
SMA 25/5 Proclamation of the new King George V
SH 27/5 Skegness Herald begings its second weekly edition
SMA 1/6 Skegness seaweed wreath for King’s funeral
SMA 1/6 Sudden death – wife of John Thomas Kime
SMA 8/6 Trap accident at Skegness Mr W Overton
SMA 8/6 Billy the Diver at Skegness
SMA 15/6 Nottingham Poor Boys’ Camp opened by Notts MP
SMA 15/6 Trap accident Wainfleet Road – Baines
SMA 15/6 Skegness Seaweed wreath for the King’s birthday
SMA 15/6 Skegness Homing Society pigeons
SMA 15/6 Dr Wallace appointed Medical Officer of Skegness & District
SMA 15/6 Opening of Sea View Roller Rink
SH 22/6 Pictures of the Battle of Flowers carnival parade – Crofts, Randall, Dutton, Enderby, Canning
SMA 29/6 Storm at Skegness
SMA 29/6 Drinking fountain restored in Lumley Road
SMA 29/6 Sudden death of a youth – Harry Wilkinson
SH 29/6 Band master picture
SH 29/6 London to Skegness excursion train World record for cheapest travel picture
SH 29/6 Pier diver picture
SH 29/6 Essendon school gymnastic display on Skegness pier picture
SMA 6/7 Harry Ainsworth accident
SMA 6/7 New poster for Skegness
SMA 6/7 Harry Wilkinson funeral
SH 1/7 Drunk and disorderly Cecil Avenue
SH 1/7 Drunk and disorderly Roman Bank
SH 1/7 Deluge at Skegness Lumley Road flooded
SH 1/7 Knocked a child down William Kidd (mentions ‘Lumley Vaults Corner’)
SMA 13/7 “Rationals” speak from the Clock Tower
SH 22/6 Battle of Flowers pictures (Cllr George Ball wins fancy dress competition)
SH 29/7 Obscenity
SH First Herald pictures
SH False teeth lost in the sea
SH Sept Q Death of Charlotte Toyne Sea View Farm (Ivy House Farm Wainfleet Road)
SMA 3/8 Skegness Official Guide published
SMA 3/8 Accident on the beach – Elvin
SMA 3/8 Fire at Church Lads’ Camp Cricket Ground Lane (present-day Richmond Drive)
SH 5/8 Bishop of Hull conducts drumhead service at Skegness picture
SH 5/8 Church Lads Brigade (not photographed)
SH 13/8 Church Lads Brigade serious gun accident
SMA 17/8 Choir boy’s awful death
SMA 17/8 Fraud at Sea View Hotel
SH 19/8 Old Skegness beneath the sea
SMA 24/8 Skegness Nursing Home advert
SMA 31/8 “Lying in a Manger” Spilsby Police Court case
TM 3/9 Death at the Pier Hotel – Nellie Wright (40), widow, of Burton-on-Trent
SMA 7/9 Votes for Women – chalkings on pavement
SMA 7/9 Accident to a council scavenger
SMA 7/9 Suffragettes at Skegness
SMA 14/9 St Paul Baptist Church stone laying ceremony
SMA 14/9 Visitors write a poem in Skegness hotel’s visitors’ book Harrington Gardens
SMA 14/9 Schools adverts
SH 16/9 Stone-laying at the Baptist Church, Beresford Avenue
SMA 21/9 Attempted suicide – son of Leicester Town Clerk – Rose
SMA 21/9 Woman sent to prison – Youngman of Brunswick Drive Skegness
SMA 21/9 Attempted suicide court case (Rose)
SH 23/9 False teeth lost in the sea
SH False teeth found
SH 23/9 Ferocious seal shot after lunging at naturalist
SH Cruelty to a seal at Yarmouth
SH 23/9 Man jumps into sea from Skegness Pier – rescue by Skegness postman, Frank Smith
SH 23/9 Joy wheel – plans for next year
SMA 28/9 Blind man assault – Beebe and Musgrave
SH 30/9 The late Mr. Alfred William Rowley announcement re possible claims on his estate
SH 30/9 The Earl’s Town
SMA 5/10 Continuous Marine Parade – letter to editor
SMA 5/10 Death of William Hiley (Hiley’s restaurant)
SH 7/10 Death of Hiley
SH Picture of man in a bath chair – may be Mr Hiley?
SMA 19/10 Cast Stone Works sued for damage to trees and hedges
SH Skegness Brick Works sued for damages by Charles Cleary of Yarbrough Farm Winthorpe
SMA 19/10 Adulterated cream – dairyman fined
SMA 19/10 Eli Hudson (famous Skegness flautist) in car crash
SMA 26/10 Pier Hotel manager (George Albert Lindley) goes bankrupt – began business at the hotel five years previously
SMA 26/10 Council discusses Manchester to Skegness direct railway line (not photographed)
SMA 2/11 Emma Cable death Aldeburgh lifeboat Pascoe
SMA 2/11 Attempted suicide man (Rose) dies in prison
SMA 9/11 Extension of Skegness churchyard
SMA 9/11 Message in a bottle (Stamper)
SH David Miller of Winthorpe appeal after accident
SM 15/11 Death of James Perrin
SMA 23/11 Extension of Skegness churchyard
SMA 14/12 Lumley Hotel stables on fire
SMA 21/12 Details of various shops in Skegness
Freak whirlwind destroys Nottingham Poor Girls’ Home (pictures)
Skegness Holiday Guide
Old picture of Callow Park House
c1911 Capital & Counties Bank, which incorporated Garfitt’s Bank, opened premises on Lumley Road, where Lloyd’s TSB Bank is today
1911 SMA 4/1 Alfred Wrate and Amelia Moody wedding
SMA 4/1 Former African Slave Conducts Watch Night Church Service
SMA 11/1 Fire Lumley Road shopBurtons Stores) caused by mice nibbling matches
SMA 11/1 Capt Archibald and Mrs Weigall pictures
SMA 3/1 Famous Skegness musicain Eli Hudson (flautist) cut off by tide
SN 17/1 Council appeal for Jolly poster
SMA 18/1 Capt Archibald and Mrs Weigall at North Shore golf club
SMA 18/1 Process of dealcoholizing beer discovered
SMA 25/1 Cheeky boy in police court
SMA 15/2 Votes for Women suffragettes at Skegness
SMA 15/2 Vine Hotel purchased by Mr. Shafto of Boston after his being a tenant there for seventeen years
SMA 8/3 Alterations at Skegness train station new line constructed
SMA 15/3 Cottage hospital proposal
SMA 15/3 Extending Skegness/ Winthorpe boundary
SMA 22/3 SUDC election – pictures of Mead and Marshall candidates
SMA 22/3 Tragic gun fatality at Alford – 14 yr old Jabez Fowler
SMA 22/3 Proposal of Cottage Hospital for Skegness (not photographed)
SMA 15/3 Seacroft Hotel licence
SMA 29/3 Accident to Cllr George Ball
SMA 29/3 Polling results
SMA 29/3 Plans to enlarge Winthorpe schools and build council schools
SMA 29/3 Kirkby death (Lion Hotel proprietor)
SMA 29/3 Sequel to Alford gun tragedy
Apr Census taken district 10 district 11 district 12
SMA 5/4 Testing of ocean currents
SMA 5/4 Financial support for Cottage Hospital from local people (not photographed)
SMA 5/4 Death of Eliza Moody
SMA 5/4 Accident on Wainfleet Road
SMA 12/4 Iron fence removed from outside Hildred’s Hotel (site of underground toilets)
SMA 19/4 Baptist church official opening
SMA 19/4 Fire at the Pier Hotel
SMA 19/4 Aerial flight accident
SMA 26/4 Death at Albion House Lumley Road
SMA Empress Ballroom advert The Lumley Waltz
SMA 3/5 Torpedo gun boats off Skegness
SMA 10/5 Torpedo gun boats off Skegness
SMA 10/5 Work completed on High Street road and pavements
SMA 10/5 Improvements at front of Hildred’s Hotel have been spoilt
SMA 10/5 Derbyshire Children’s Home Land Donor Dies – Sir Henry Bemrose
SMA 10/5 Proposal to increase number of councillors
SMA 17/5 Plaques fitted to buildings – site of fire hydrants
SMA 17/5 Accident at Seacroft Hotel
SMA 31/5 A Skegness Labour Exchange
SMA 31/5 A Skegness Labour Exchange set up at Council Offices
SMA 7/6 Child rescued from drowning by funeral party
SMA 7/6 Funeral of Mrs Dunkley
SMA 7/6 Amusing Holiday Incidents
SMA 7/6 Pier figures
SMA 7/6 First accident of the season
SMA 7/6 Training of the Police Force at Skegness (not photographed)
SMA 14/6 The Will of Mr Kirkby (Lion Hotel)
SMA 21/6 Mr Enderby found drowned
23/6 The Rowley Car
SMA 28/6 Coronation celebrations in Skegness
30/6 New entrance to Cricket Ground Road built at the railway station
SMA 5/7 Right of Way dispute
7/7 Granny’s Opening dispute
SMA 19/7 Consecration of graveyard extension
SMA 26/7 Coronation Tree Planting Ceremony but the tree promptly dies (includes amusing poem)
SMA 26/7 Skegness motor boat
SMA 2/8 Bohemians Entertainers – picture advert
SMA 9/8 Bohemians Entertainers – picture advert
SMA 9/8 Pc Lusby knocked down in Lumley Road
SMA 9/8 Golf course shrub fire
SMA 9/8 Tennyson bust
11/8 First lady motor cyclist to visit Skegness
11/8 Picture of Mrs Clark from Derby
SMA 16/8 Skegness – My favourite seaside resort
SMA 23/8 Freak of nature – hermaphrodite pig
SMA 23/8 Council takes precautions against drowning accidents
SMA 23/8 Sad bathing accident (more on this story which I haven’t photographed)
SMA 30/8 Proposed church for Seacroft
SMA 30/8 Death of Mrs Hind, Glatton House, North Parade
SMA 30/8 Reporting on fire dives off Skegness Pier
SMA 30/8 Baby’s body found burnt and buried at Alford
SMA 6/9 American Joy Wheel beauty competitions
8/9 Picture of bargain hunters outside Crofts drapers shop Lumley Road Skegness
SMA 13/9 Missing girl, Amy Smith appeal advert
SMA 13/9 Accident on Figure 8 amusement ride
SMA 13/9 Sale of gas shares
15/9 Man falls from Figure 8 amusement ride rumour
SMA 20/9 Steam laundry fined for overworking young girls
SMA 27/9 Amy Smith’s body washed ashore in Skegness
SMA 27/9 Early closing announcement
29/9 Princess Marie Louise lays foundation stone to Skegness Cottage Hospital
Sep Death of Jabez Good of Burgh (can’t find an announcement in the newspapers)
SMA 4/10 Princess Marie Louise honours Skegness lifeboat crew
SMA 4/10 Shocking discovery – body of newborn baby
SMA 4/10 Princess Marie Louise visits invalid child (Kenneth Hancock)
6/10 Princess Marie Louise honours Skegness lifeboat crew
6/10 Newborn male-child with throat cut washed up on beach
SMA 11/10 Princess Marie Louise accepts bunch of Skegness seaweed (Overton)
SMA 18/10 Death of Samuel Chapman
SMA 25/10 Message of doom from the deep (Pat Thomas, Albert Greegs, Fred Blake, Cecil Hobbs)
SMA 25/10 New concert hall opened by Henry Canning (Central Hall)
SMA 1/11 Baby’s body found burnt and buried at Alford (follow-up)
SMA 8/11 Behaved like a maniac in Lumley Road (Nancy Foreman of Boston)
SMA 8/11 Old switchback demolished
SMA 8/11 Sea View Hotel
SMA 29/11 Whale Ship Eliza damaged by high tides and was auctioned off for £16 10s
SMA 6/12 St Andrews Drive court case – private or public?
SMA 6/12 Novel design for picture postcards (George Ball’s seaweed design)
Dream of Death – bizarre premonition of tragedy
Switchback amusement said to have closed down (not yet found evidence of this in newspapers)
SMA Council Drinking Fountain
SS Jul 1981 National Railway Strike Lincoln Riots
SMA Youngster’s Amusing Reply to Obscene Language Charge
1912 SMA 31/1 Sudden death of Mr Gilbert Drummond Road
SMA 7/2 Drowning tragedy North Somercotes
SMA 4/2 Granny’s Opening court case
SMA 14/2 Burial of frozen boat bodies
16/2 Granny’s Opening right of way court case
SMA 13/3 Outbursts at Pier meeting
SMA 27/3 Outbursts at Pier meeting court case
SMA 3/4 Petition to reprieve Seddon for Miss Barrow murder
SMA 8/4 Coal strike panic
SMA 10/4 Old Catholic custom revived by Father Parle
12/4 Gas from Tar – novel experiment in Skegness
12/4 Gale at Skegness (chickens)
12/4 Window smashing
SMA 17/4 Bathing vans auctioned
SMA 24/4 Death of Mrs Sams Osbert House
SMA 24/4 Father Parle Titanic poem
SMA 1/5 Memorial service for Titanic victims
SMA 1/5 Cloth from seaweed
SMA 1/5 New shops act and seaside exemption (not photographed)
SMA 1/5 Forest under the sea Sutton
3/5 Titanic relief fund receipt
SMA 8/5 Winthorpe right of way dispute
SMA 8/5 Randall death
SMA 15/5 World’s tallest Englishman chats to Skegness man
SMA 15/5 A straying ass
SMA 15/5 World Record Egg?
SMA 22/5 Skegness music licence refused at Cleethorpes (Dutton)
SMA 22/5 £1,200 lost through bad gas supplies – meeting (not photographed)
SMA 29/5 Freak tree in Skegness Pleasure Gardens
SMA 29/5 Music licence granted in Bournemouth (Dutton)
SMA 10/7 New fire engine proposal
SMA 17/7 Lincolnshire Show at Skegness
SMA 17/7 Horncastle girl falls from train
SMA 14/8 Vesta Tilley at Skegness
SMA 4/9 The Gertrude discovered
SMA 4/9 Cog accident
SMA 4/9 Fate of The Gertrude
SMA 4/9 Shocking accident at Croft Bank
SMA 18/9 Daily Mail aviation Hydro plane wrecked on the beach
SMA Old advert and picture of The Bohemians Skegness Entertainers
SMA 25/9 Account of early Skegness history
SMA 25/9 Lion Hotel review
SMA 2/10 Extraordinary rat-catching fete
SMA 2/10 New Surveyor Rowland Jenkins
SMA 9/10 Eliza Major dies at 41 Lumley Road, Skegness
SMA 23/10 Motorcycle accident (two articles)
SMA 23/10 Skegness Laundry robbery
SMA 13/11 Sword find
SMA 13/11 True ghost story
15/11 Lifeboat launched
SMA 20/11 Skegness in White’s directory of Lincolnshire
22/11 Gallant Rescue Brig “Azha” wrecked off Skegness (11/11/1912)
?/11 Rowland Jerkins becomes surveyor to the Skegness Council
SMA 20/11 Elizabeth Thimbleby of Spilsby death
22/11 Photo of “Azah” survivors
6/12 Letter of thanks from crew of “Azah”
13/12 Practical jokers at work in Skegness (bicycles)
13/12 Essendon school entertainment
20/12 Adverts for local schools
27/12 Poem dedicated to the “Azah” wreck
1961 First baptism at St Paul’s Church
1971 Skegness Cast Stone works closes down
1913 Cottage Hospital officially opened by Countess of Scarbrough
10/1 Oldest Skegness club (pig club) celebrates 42 years
SMA 15/1 Body at Seacroft train station
SMA 29/1 Severe Damage to Skegness Clock Tower
SMA 5/2 Man hangs himself
SMA 12/2 Moody accident
14/2 Gas lamp on fire
SMA 19/2 Phantom airship
28/2 Mysterious airship sightings
7/3 Mysterious airship sightings
SMA 19/3 Bizarre Skegness advertisement poster suggestion
SMA 26/3 Ode to the Lifeboatmen
SMA 2/4 Dig up Pleasure Gardens threat
SMA 9/4 New poster approved
SMA 9/4 New advertisement poster for Skegness
SMA 23/4 Skegness News defends itself re Coun Shelley report
SMA 23/4 Threat to blow up Skegness train station (women’s vote suffragette)
SMA 30/4 Accident to Sea View Hotel bus driver
19/5 Young Skegness girl in history-making flight
SMA 21/5 Pleasure Gardens ownership transfer offer (in-depth story not photographed)
SMA 4/6 Humorous advert poster
6/6 Skegness photographer, Samuel Charles Burnham death
SMA 18/6 Town crier announces lost monkey
SMA 25/6 Man’s nasty fall at the Merrie Meade
SMA 25/6 Amusing happenings at Skegness
SMA 25/6 B C Hucks takes his holiday in Skegness
SMA 25/6 Hucks biography (not photographed)
SMA 25/6 Townspeople vote “NO” to purchasing the Pleasure Gardens
SMA 25/6 Mysterious flash of light
SMA 2/7 Aviation danger
4/7 Pilot C B Hucks visits Skegness
SMA 9/7 Cruelty to a horse – Borman coal merchant
SMA 9/7 Council employee injured
SMA 16/7 “HELP” Message in a bottle
SMA 30/7 Two obituaries – Grunnill and Rowley
29/8 More about Hucks George Ball and Burley
SMA 1/10 Water plane causes a sensation
SMA 1/10 Explosion on Lumley Road
SMA 8/10 Filthy donkey sheds complaint
SMA 29/10 Poisoned himself after Skegness’ bracing air didn’t work
SMA 12/11 Porter sprints into train station signal box after fleeing from runaway horse
SMA 17/12 New picture house for Skegness (Tower Theatre)
SMA 17/12 Peculiar mishap
SMA 24/12 Ran tanning at Withern
Novel advert for Skegness
Old Skegness Fire Engine Photo
Votes for women – practical joke on a pony
1914 4/2 Earl to keep a beach cafe
SMA 11/2 Beeston Lodge Drummond Road up for auction (picture)
SMA 11/2 Laundry girl personal injury court case
SMA 25/2 Hospital fancy dress competition – Hamel (picture)
SMA 4/3 Earl’s new tea rooms
SMA 18/3 Ensor’s letter from Canada
SMA 18/3 Earl’s tea rooms in Canadian newspaper
SMA 25/3 Lawn Picture House refurbishment and Opening Night
SMA 1/4 Excellent drawing of Clement’s new picture house (Tower Theatre)
SMA 1/4 Picture of John Thomas Borman
SMA 1/4 Death of Harry Frith of Frith’s restaurant
SMA 15/4 John Player’s car damaged in accident
SMA 15/4 Little Reggie Harding’s death
SMA 22/4 Picture of George Ball
SMA 29/4 Death of John Wallis of Woodthorpe Hotel South Parade
SMA 29/4 Pony and Trap accident – Holmes and Blackbourn
SMA 29/4 Vital statistics of Lincolnshire (only photographed Skegness reports)
SMA 5/5 Earl of Scarbrough to purchase Skegness Pier
SMA 3/6 Fire at Randal’s shop
SMA 24/6 Serious fire at Lumley Hotel
SMA 24/6 Serious fire at Lumley Hotel – inquest
SMA 24/6 Skegness Entertainers profile and picture – Donald Keir
SMA 1/7 Skegness Entertainers profile and picture – Wally Young
SMA 22/7 Skegness Entertainers profile and picture – Harry Clark
24/7 List of pupils at St Winifred’s School Rutland Road
SMA 29/7 Disgraceful scenes on Skegness streets by Punch and Judy entertainers
SMA 29/7 Man expires during drum head service in Pleasure Gardens
SMA 29/7 Mr Bellamy is 90 years old – picture
SMA 29/7 Arthur Bourchier at Central Hall
SMA 5/8 Professor’s death at St Margaret’s bungalow Derby Avenue
SMA 5/8 Skegness Entertainers profile and picture – Dan Harley and Fred Melton
SMA 5/8 The war fund
SMA 5/8 Major called up
SMA 5/8 Skegness men called up to war
SMA 12/8 War articles
SMA 12/8 The collapse
SMA 19/8 German schooner captured off Skegness pier
SMA 19/8 Eggleston in Germany when war broke out
SMA 19/8 Rumours
SMA 19/8 High demand for Skegness News causes paper shortage
MC 19/8 Postcard Prophecy of World War I
SMA 26/8 Council economise due to war
SMA 26/8 Not a German spy
SMA 26/8 Patriots wanted
SMA 2/9 58 young Skegness men answer the call to war
SMA 2/9 Skegness lads WW1 recruits send-off
SMA 9/9 Skegness territorials
SMA 9/9 Scouts volunteer – letter by scoutmaster Alfred Wrate
SMA 9/9 Bryhtwen School mistress, Emma Robinson dies aged 87
SMA 16/9 Three young girls assaulted in the park (plus comment by Skegness News)
SMA 23/9 Soldiers’ Tobacco Fund – advert
SMA 23/9 Little girl’s sudden death
SMA 23/9 Letter from Galton – injured soldier
SMA 1/10 Hucks drives off hostile plane
SMA 7/10 Emergency Council Meeting – Skegness to accommodate 3,000 horses and soldiers
SMA 7/10 Skegness man’s brave rescue of sailors – Ellis
SMA 7/10 Census figures for Lincolnshire
SMA 14/10 Press ban on Rats meeting
SMA 20/10 First batch of war wounded arrive at Skegness
SMA 4/11 Wounded soldiers arrive
SMA 4/11 British Red Cross
SMA 11/11 Church organist branded a German spy
SMA 18/11 Mounted troops on their way
SMA 25/11 Mounted soldiers arrive – a fine body of men Lovatt’s Scouts
SMA 25/11 Rev Disney steps in re Church organist branded a German spy
SMA 18/11 Heated letters – Church organist branded a German spy
SMA 30/12 Truth about the Russians – cartoon
SH Useful advice for when the Zeppelins arrive – cartoon
Practical joke
1915 SMA 17/2 George Ball announces there will be no Skegness Holiday Guide this year due to the war
SMA 17/2 John Dane Player’s (tobacco manufacturer) car damaged at Skegness – Court Case
3/3 Skegness Territorials left to fight the war in France
SMA 3/3 Skegness air saves baby
SMA 10/3 Letter to Kitchener by Skegness lady
SMA 17//3 How a Line Officer fell – Grantham
17/3 Joy-wheel amusement gutted by fire
SMA 17/3 Dowse’s affairs Skegness business goes into receivership
SMA 24/3 Soldiers sweep the roads
SMA 24/3 Publicity Committee formed (story not photographed)
SMA 31/3 First Skegness soldier falls in the Great War
SMA 7/4 Hat and shovel semaphore Skegness soldier signals a ‘Bull’ to Germans
SMA 7/4 Dr Sweeten called up to war
SMA 7/4 Letter home by Skegness football player Teesdale
SMA 14/4 Costly funerals in time of national crisis
SMA 21/4 A bullock’s end – Cook’s butcher
SMA 21/4 Guided by a Zeppelin
SMA 28/4 Hanging in Alexander Road – Jackson
SMA 28/4 Cooper dies on Golden Wedding Day
30/4 Germans drop letters attached to stones in the trenches
SMA 5/5 Woman found hanging
SMA 5/5 Government aeroplane passes over Skegness
SMA 5/5 Pro-German sects in Skegness
SMA 19/5 Zeppelin Scares
SMA 21/5 Soldiers’ Poem
SMA 26/5 Disney letter – At work among the Huns
SMA 26/5 Letter from Mr Naylor (Hildred’s Hotel)
SMA 2/6 Martha Houghton death (daughter of Skegness pioneer, Charles Houghton)
SMA 4/6 Soldiers protest over Pierrots (Colwyn Bay)
SMA Jun? A military wedding – Crofts
SMA Jun? Cllr Barlow’s death
SMA 9/6 Soldiers drowned at Chapel St Leonards
SMA 16/6 Skegness soldier’s letter home from the front line
SMA 23/6 Skegness soldier’s homecoming
SMA 30/6 Letter from J H Canning
SMA 30/6 Stop Pinching Our Job! Letter from Smyth Skegness Photographer
SMA 21/7 Shocking accident to a little girl – Starr
SMA 28/7 Letter from the trenches – Porter
5/8 The War Fund
5/8 Major
5/8 Skegness men called up
12/8 War article
12/8 The collapse
19/8 Capture of German schooner off Skegness Pier
19/8 Eggleston in Germany
19/8 Rumours
19/8 Shortage of paper – Skegness newspaper can’t keep up with demand
SMA 25/8 Private Charles Burrows death
26/8 Council economise due to war
26/8 Not a German spy
26/8 Patriots wanted
2/9 52 young Skegness men answer the Call to War
2/9 The send-off of the soldiers
9/9 Skegness territorials
9/9 Emma Robinson mistress of Bryhtwen school dies aged 87
SMA 15/9 Another Skegness soldier killed in the Great War
SMA 15/9 Billy the Diver saves holidaymaker’s life
SMA 22/9 The War – poem by George Ward
1/10 Hucks drives off hostile plane
SMA 6/10 Nurse found dead at Craigside Hotel Scarbrough Avenue
SMA 3/11 Ode to the Red Cross nurses in Skegness by a wounded soldier
SMA 5/11 Kaiser’s dream
SMA 10/11 An exciting career
SMA 10/11 How Capt Scorer died
SMA 15/11 Too old to fight in the war
German in the Skegness ‘camp’ rumour
1916 SMA 5/1 Former Skegness soldier’s gallant deed
SMA 5/1 Missing Skegness soldier
SMA 5/1 Miraculous escape – Great War adventures of former Skegnessian, Tippet
SMA 12/1 Roll of Honour plea (no pic)
SMA 9/2 Roll of Honour – some names
SMA 16/2 PoW sends letter home
SMA 23/2 Simply Hell on Earth in the dug-outs
SMA 23/2 Roll of Honour poem
SMA 23/2 My internment in Germany – Dent
SMA 1/3 Blown up by a mine Hira Grunnill
SMA 1/3 Exciting lifeboat rescue (not photographed)
SMA 8/3 “Holiday” in Egypt
SMA 22/3 Local soldier’s appreciation for sympathy shown to mother
SMA 22/3 Great fire at Skegness
SMA 22/3 “Skegness is unsafe” rumours – Coun Moody speaks
SMA 22/3 Former Skegnessian awarded the DCM
SMA 22/3 Rector – Parish video
SMA 22/3 Council posters
SMA 29/3 Death of first Skegness chemist, George Morley
SMA 29/3 Skegness soldier killed after only 16 days training
SMA 29/3 A true war story
SMA 19/4 Randall goes into receivership
SMA 3/5 Soldier’s burial – Walter Albit
SMA 3/5 Big story (no pics) Soldier shot at Friskney
SMA 3/5 Letter home from Pte Overton
SMA 10/5 Belgian Baby baptism Clock Tower
SMA 24/5 John S Crawshaw
SMA 30/5 Charles Burnham memorial
SMA 7/6 Second disaster – Tippet
SMA 7/6 Local soldier wangles two dinners
SMA 14/6 History – police court
SMA 14/6 Man lost in great battle – Herbert Sewell
SMA 14/6 Shocking gun accident Spilsby
SMA 21/6 Poem by Alfred Davy
SMA 28/6 PoW Bert Holland
SMA 28/6 What is a factory?
30/6 Captured German Gun
SMA 5/7 A friendly warning – trenches in Skegness
SMA 12/7 Skegness soldier’s death – Atkinson
SMA 12/7 Skeg lads wounded
SMA 26/7 Skegness soldier succumbs to wounds
29/7 Decorated Pram First Prize Skegness Carnival
SMA 2/8 Military medal – Henshell
SMA 2/8 Soldier dies of wounds – Bullivant
SMA 9/8 Local parents great trial
SMA 16/8 Killed – Cecil Wilkinson
SMA 6/9 Killed – Forsyth
SMA 6/9 Passing of a Zeppelin
SMA 13/9 Lord Scarbrough’s agent killed in action
SMA 20/9 Five local heroes honoured
SMA 20/9 Shocking beach fatality
SMA 27/9 Letter from the Suffolk boys
SMA 18/10 Letter from the firing line
SMA 18/10 Scandal of expensive funerals
SMA 25/10 PoW Thornton sends letter home
SMA 25/10 Wounded soldier – Raithby
SMA 25/10 Zep night
Nov Skegness Tribunal – people’s pleas to be excluded from going to war
Lost hats rumour
1917 SMA 3/1 Killed in Action – Skegness lifeboat coxswain’s son, Grunnill
SMA 3/1 Soldier wounded – leg saved by top boot
SMA 3/1 How to tell when war will be over – quiz
SMA 9/1 Disney awarded Military Cross
SMA 10/1 Medals awarded
SMA 17/1 Killed in action – George Williams
SMA 17/1 Munitions for the Tommies
SMA 17/1 War allotments
SMA 17/1 Killed in Action – George Cook
SMA 17/1 Roll of Honour – Cook
SMA 24/1 Former Skegness tradesman arrested for absence from military duty Coulson
SMA 24/1 Dead baby found in Wainfleet Haven
SMA 24/1 Land cultivation – Jenkins letter
SMA 24/1 Woman charged with murder
SMA 31/1 Letter from the front – Smalley
SMA 31/1 Local girl charged with murder of her child
SMA 31/1 Lieut Kiss wounded
SMA 31/1 Lifeboat launch
SMA 7/2 Council discussions
SMA 14/2 Soldier’s sad leave
SMA 21/2 Skegness donates bandages
SMA 21/2 Killed on the Somme – Furness
SMA 28/2 Tommy’s Thanks to Red Cross – poem
SMA 7/3 PoW letter to Miss Rankin from F Shepherd
SMA 14/3 Death of Harriet Bamber
SMA 21/3 Formation of sand dunes
SMA 21/3 Extra work a chaplain undertakes
SMA 28/3 Tribunal applications
SMA 4/4 Road to churchyard obstructed by the military
SMA 4/4 Rev Parle goes bankrupt
SMA 11/4 Killed in Action – Potter
SMA 18/4 Soldiers Orwell (Horwell?) and Woodward
SMA 25/4 Appeals to be excused from military service
SMA 2/5 Soldiers wounded – Wilson and Eggleston
SMA 2/5 Skegness celebrates when America joins the war
SMA 25/4 Killed in Action – Potter
SMA 9/5 Killed in Action – Woods
SMA 9/5 Killed in Action – Frith
SMA 9/5 Medal for Hyndes
SMA 9/5 PoW letter
SMA 16/5 Killed in action – Simpson
SMA 16/5 Missing in action – Chapman
SMA 16/5 Missing in action – Simpson
SMA 23/5 Killed in Action – Overton
SMA 25/5 Killed in action – Kaye
SMA 24/5 Missing in action – Thornton
SMA 30/5 Baby’s body found in drain – Burns of Church Farm
SMA 30/5 Objector who made good (national news)
SMA 30/5 Hydes’ medal on display
SMA 6/6 Killed in Action – Captain Ball
SMA 6/6 Killed in Action – Atkin
SMA 6/6 Accident Freshney
SMA 6/6 Medal Hydes
SMA 6/6 Rose on leave
SMA 13/6 Roll of Honour in Pleasure Gardens
SMA 13/6 PoW Chapman
SMA 20/6 News of Pte Richard Heaton Jnr
SMA 20/6 Local war casualties
SMA 20/6 Transport in dyke
SMA 20/6 Appeals
SMA 20/6 Prisoner of war – Heaton
SMA 27/6 PoW Thornton
SMA 4/7 Sergt Carmichael recommended for DCM
SMA 4/7 Light offence – thought they had seen a Zeppelin
SMA 11/7 Killed in Action – Sellars
SMA 18/7 Visitors should bring their own sugar
SMA 18/7 Killed in Action – Sapper Charles Dunn
SMA 25/7 Medal Ashton
SMA 8/8 Aeroplane smash on Skegness beach
SMA 8/8 Essendon school – dance pictures
SMA 8/8 Dr Caroline Matthews picture
SM 10/8 Death of Eliza Hipkin
SMA 15/8 Beer famine in Skegness
SMA Church opens doors to “Tommies”
SMA 15/8 Will of Shafto Vine Hotel
SMA 22/8 Dr Caroline Matthews lecture – German Atrocities
SMA 29/8 Missing in action – Overton
SMA 12/9 Horrific Death of a Skegness Soldier Percy Hare
SMA 10/10 Death of William Roulston
10/10 Soldiers sentenced – bathing van damage
SMA 17/10 Harrods trials Dutton’s shorthand
SMA 17/10 Escaped German prisoners
SMA 17/10 Eggs needed for wounded soldiers
SMA 24/10 Death of Beatrice Lill (sad story)
SMA 7/11 No beer!
SMA 28/11 Killed in action – Peet
SMA 28/11 Killed in action – Borrell
SMA 12/12 Sapper Porter designs WW1 Christmas Card
SMA 26/12 Skegness toy industry
1918 SMA 9/1 The truth about the war
SMA 16/1 Welcome to Skegness – sign made from sea shells
SMA 23/1 Death fall downstairs – Davis, Orient College
SMA 30/1 Satan’s letter to Wilhelm von Hohenzollern
SMA 6/2 Killed in Action – Barton of Wainfleet
SMA 27/2 International “Draughts”
SMA 6/3 Local tribunal – Crawshaw
SMA 6/3 Skegness to buy four aeroplanes
SMA 6/3 Killed in Action – Hyman
SMA 13/3 History of Skegness (lecture)
SMA 20/3 Divorce case
SMA 1/5 Bomb Ball washed up on Skegness beach
SMA 8/5 Wool Gathering War Effort
SMA 8/5 Boy Scout Executed by WW1 German Soldiers
SMA May Skegness newspaper reduced in size due to paper shortage
SMA 15/5 Police court case – carrying a camera
SMA 29/5 Unsent letter
SMA 29/5 Aeroplane accident
SMA 29/5 WWW
SMA 5/6 Clock in Tower has stopped
SMA 29/5 Aeroplane crash North Shore
SMA 29/5 Dutton’s shorthand success
SMA 12/6 Death of Crey – Drummond Road post office
SMA 19/6 PoW Fravigar
SMA 19/6 Empire Day celebrations
SMA 19/6 Retailers’ duty – warn about carrying cameras law
SMA 26/6 Empire Day report (not photographed)
SMA 26/6 Seacroft Surgical Depot
SMA 10/7 Stop pinching our potatoes
SMA 17/7 Sudden death in Barber’s Shop
SMA 17/7 Collecting fruit stones and nutshells for war effort
SMA 24/7 No Joy Riding!
SMA 24/7 Death Baumber Oriental Cafe
SMA 24/7 Registering the boys
SMA 31/7 Collecting fruit stones and nutshells for war effort
SMA 31/7 A day of Intercession
SMA 30/7 Essendon school transferred to Scotland
SMA 31/7 War Aims meeting
SMA 31/7 High tides
SMA 31/7 Call for vacant beds
SMA 31/7 Holidays at Skegness
7/8 Huge crowds at Skegness
SMA 7/8 Wainfleet employees holiday in Skegness
SMA 4/9 Killed in action – Dennis
SMA 4/9 A curious case – mugging
SMA 4/9 Wrapped in a soldier’s cloak
SMA 4/9 Shabby Ex-Soldiers Refused Jobs
SMA 11/9 Skegness on the Pictures – first promo film made by Canning
SMA 11/9 Killed in Action – Forsyth
SMA 18/9 Whip-round for blinded soldier who loses £12
SMA 25/9 Killed in Action – Overton
SMA 25/9 Stealing letters
SMA 25/9 Gun Week
SMA 9/10 Stealing apples (fruit and veg)
SMA 16/10 Dutton v Pitman trial
SMA 16/10 Aircraft gun practice
SMA 23/10 Diabolical Deeds of the Hun – Bodies Booby-trapped
SMA 6/11 Sounding of the Retreat
SMA 13/11 Signing of the Armistice – Skegness celebrates
SMA 13/11 Death of Capt BC Hucks
SMA 20/11 Cine-motor in Skegness
SMA 11/12 Killed in Action – Cook (Roman Bank Butchers)
SMA 11/12 Kirkby’s daughter dies at the Lion Hotel
SMA 18/12 Mysterious murder woman found dead in the Park
SM Kaiser effigy burned
SM WW1 WW2 British Military Photos
Lloyd’s Bank takes over Capital & Counties Bank (Garfitt’s Bank) on Lumley Road
1919 SMA 1/1 Prisoner of War returns on Christmas Eve – Heaton
SMA 15/1 Privateer pleasure boat lost at sea
SMA 15/1 Prisoner of War returns – Hardy
SMA 15/1 Alice Crawshaw death
SMA 22/1 Death of Eli Hudson famous Skegness flautist
SMA 5/2 Death of Pte Wilkinson
SMA 26/2 Seacroft Surgical Depot closes – no longer required now war is over
SMA 26/2 Postmistress retires – Cutler
SMA 26/2 Seaplanes for Skegness
SMA 26/2 Presentation to Mrs Grantham for Red Cross work
SMA 26/2 Weigall letter – conscientious objectors
SMA 5/3 Disappearance of Wainfleet girl – Boothby
SMA 12/3 Edward Green
SMA 12/3 Right of Way dispute – Seacroft
SMA 19/3 Dunkley funeral
SMA 19/3 SUDC medal Shelley
SMA 26/3 SUDC medal Shelley – thanks from Cllr Shelley
SMA 26/3 Europa crashes into Skegness Pier
SMA 16/4 Death of Harriet Pearce
SMA 16/4 A Skegness Poem
SMA 23/4 A visit to Skegness ends in divorce
SMA 23/4 Sale of The Palace Rink
SMA 30/4 Birch for two Skegness lads
SMA 7/5 Shannon Disaster widow’s death – Grunnill
SMA 7/5 Death Giles – connected to Switchback and Figure 8
SMA 7/5 Death of Miller – Black House
SMA 7/5 Cafe Dansant
SMA 14/5 Pybus charged with now burying a pig’s carcass
SMA 14/5 Boy in court for wandering – Martin
SMA 21/5 War memorial ideas
SMA 21/5 Motor cycle mystery
SMA 21/5 Mystery of disappearing valuable brooch (world news)
SMA 21/5 War memorial – new hospital wing
SMA 28/5 War memorial discussed
SMA 4/6 Opening of the Cafe Dansant (partially photographed)
SMA 4/6 War memorial – new hospital wing not suitable
SMA 4/6 Sad death of a visitor – Arthur Yeoman (not photographed)
SMA 11/6 Seacroft footpath
SMA 11/6 Coronation Walk footpath to be tar painted (not photographed)
SMA 28/5 War memorial discussed
SMA 18/6 War memorial to the fallen heroes of the Great War
SMA 18/6 Put war memorial in Lumley Square
SMA 25/6 Motor cycle mystery inquest
SMA 2/7 Stealing ginger beer bottles
SMA 2/7 Firework placed under Pavilion stage – dangerous
SMA 23/7 Fire on Roman Bank – damage to church – Fowler
SMA 23/7 Peace Celebrations in Tower Gardens Pavilion (partially photographed due to story being obscured by binding)
SMA 23/7 Peace Celebrations – collection of donations
SMA 23/7 Serious charge of forgery – Hunter
SMA 30/7 Roll of Honour in Town Hall Chambers
SMA 30/7 Serious charge of forgery – Hunter – inquest
SMA 30/7 Attempted suicide
SMA 6/8 Accident to Miss Shafto
SMA 6/8 Company formed to purchase North Shore Golf Club
SMA 6/8 “Damaged Goods” VD film advert
SMA 13/8 Attempted suicide after dining at Ralph’s
SMA 13/8 Attempted suicide after dining at Ralph’s – additional article
SMA 13/8 Seacroft Links footpath
SMA 13/8 Wooden huts erected on North Shore – used for sleeping visitors
SMA 20/8 Mine on the Pier
SMA 20/8 Attempted suicide – Cole
SMA 3/9 Granny’s Opening problems
SMA 3/9 Seacroft pathway
SMA 17/9 Addition to Skegness Police Court discussion
SMA 1/10 Death of Connell at the Claremont
SMA 8/10 Seacroft footpath
SMA 8/10 Aurora Borealis seen in Skegness
SMA 15/10 Concrete pathway on the sands
SMA 15/10 Man falls from roof of Skegness Council Chambers
SMA 22/10 Purchase of Foreshore discussed
SMA 22/10 Council considers purchasing the Estate Office
SMA 22/10 Future of Skegness
SMA 29/10 Purchase of Foreshore discussed – additional article
SMA 29/10 Welcome Home Dinner – rsvp to invitations
SMA 5/11 Purchase Skegness foreshore poll results
SMA 5/11 Mine washed ashore
SMA 12/11 Welcome Home dinner for the Skegness soldiers and medallion awards
SMA 19/11 Purchase of Foreshore hangs on a thread
SMA 26/11 Purchase of Foreshore hangs on a thread – further article
SMA 26/11 Presentation to Percy Ellis
SMA 26/11 Frith wins silver medal for Dutton’s shorthand
SMA 17/12 District Nursing Association proposal (not photographed)
SMA 24/12 Skegness Rat Week
SMA 31/12 William Toyne death
SMA 31/12 Death to Rats!

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