Gnomes Skegness Holiday Mystery

HALTON Holegate resident Helen Taylor has found some unexpected guests in her garden – three gnomes!

Helen’s original three garden gnomes – Happy, Lucky and Mick – disappeared overnight, but now they’re back and have brought three other little people with them.
Helen said: “My three gnomes have been missing for a couple of weeks, but now they have come back with seashells, sticks of rock and brought friends to stay too!”

Helen discovered her three garden gnomes had disappeared overnight a few weeks ago. She found a note pinned to the door at gnome height saying they had been invited to Skegness by some old pals.

A week later Helen received a postcard from the little folk saying they were having a “gnometastic” time and had been riding on the donkeys!

And then on Monday, Helen came home to find not just her three original gnomes back safe and well, but three new faces in the grass.

Pinned to the door were three sticks of Skegness rock and a chew for Helen’s dog Bowen. A note said: “We’re back after having a really good time. Hope you don’t mind but we asked a few friends to stay fora while.

“We thought they would be helpful to have around. Gordon is a gardener, Andy is a handyman and Will is a wood chopper, so they will sure earn their keep. It’s nice to go away, but it’s nice to be back. All these late nights sure take it out of us little folk. Happy and Co.”

Helen believes her neighbours Mick and Kathy North are the culprits of the garden gnome capers, she said: “I can’t thank them enough for such a really good laugh and for being such good neighbours by sparing the cash to send the gnomes on holiday!”

And Mick and Kathy are to blame for Helen’s original garden gnome collection which started when Happy turned up on her doorstep with a tiny note explaining that he liked the look of her garden and hoped she would let him stay.

Subsequently Lucky arrived with a note saying Happy had told him what a nice place he lived in and wanted to see for himself. Helen decided to buy the third gnome herself and named it Mick after the gnome prangster himself!

Helen said: “I’m just worried that the six gnomes will go away on holiday next year and bring another six back with them – I suppose then I’ll have to start a gnome sanctuary!”


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