Clock Tower Centenary Time Capsule

News story about the ‘time capsule’ which was buried on the Clock Tower Island in 1998. The time capsule contains a selection of items representing the town.

The capsule lies in the grass on the west side of the Clock Tower and is covered by the stone below:


See you in 2098…To celebrate the centenary of Skegness Clock Tower, Mayor Coun Terry Bryan buried a time capsule yesterday, Thursday.
Inside was a selection of items representing the town. These included a bottle of Skegness seawater, a bottle of Skegness sand, a selection of 1998 coins and, of course, a copy of the Skegness Standard.
Among those present for the ceremony were Charles Curtis and his daughter, Anne Walker, the grandson and great-granddaughter of stonemason John Curtis, who built the Clock Tower.
Our picture shows Coun Bryan and the Jolly Fisherman with the stone which covers the capsule.


I was pleased to find this news article, as the John Curtis who helped build the Skegness Clock Tower, as referred to in the story, is my sons’ 4xG-grandfather. Indeed, Charles who is referred to in the story is their great uncle.


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