Child's Terror Go-cart Ride

News story tells of six-year-old, Georgie Odlin who crashed a go-cart at a Friskney school fete.

The little girl was treated at Pilgrim Hospital. She was concussed, badly shaken and temporarily lost her memory and eyesight.

The picture published alongside the news article captures the moment when Georgie crashed the go-cart.

Georgie Odlin’s afternoon out at a school fete turned into a “terrifying” ordeal when a go-cart she was driving went out of control and hit a Land Rover.
The six-year-old was concussed, badly shaken and bruised and ended up in Pilgrim Hospital where she underwent a brain scan and x-rays.
“It was just so traumatic for all of us,” her mum, Nicola Odlin told the Standard. “Georgie lost her eyesight for a time and lost her memory – she couldn’t even remember Sian, her two-and-a-half year old sister. We were all so worried.”
Georgie, who lives at Small End, Friskney, had gone to Friskney All Saints school fete on Saturday with her big sister, Vicky, 13, and family friends.
She hadn’t been there long when she saw the go-kart and decided she would like a ride.
“You expect things are going to be safe and there seemed no reason why Georgie shouldn’t have had a go,” said Mrs Odlin.
“In fact it wasn’t meant for children at all – it was a big go-cart with a booster seat so that she could reach the pedals.
“They put a helmet on her but I don’t know whether it was fastened on – it was much too big and fell off before she crashed.
“She started to go round but the track only had rope or wire round it and when she went round a corner the go-kart took off at 20 or 30mph, hit a bike and went under a Land Rover.
“It could have been fatal – not just for Georgie but for other children she could have ploughed into.
“It was a terrifying experience for her.”
The little girl was allowed home from hospital on Sunday but wasn’t well enough to return to Wrangle Primary School on Monday or Tuesday.
The incident was reported to the Health And Safety Executive and Peter Smith, spokesman for its Nottingham office, said this week that an investigation would take place.
As the accident occurred at a school event it was possible the enquiry would be carried out by Lincolnshire County Council rather than officers of the Executive, he added.

Source: Skegness Standard 22nd July 1994

Photo: not credited

Photo: Horrified onlookers rush to little Georgie Odlin’s aid just seconds after fun in the sun turned to terror.



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