Son Brutally Tortures Mother

A son who forced his mother to wrap sticky tape round her own face so she could not breathe and beat her up because she would not stand in a bowl of water and mend a light switch has been jailed for three years.

Lee Patrick put mum Janice, 48, through the ordeal after she came home with the ‘wrong’ brand of toothbrush.
He ordered her to stand in the lounge, telling her she could not move without his permission and told her to call him ‘Sir’
Then when his puppy started to whimper, Patrick, 22, made her fasten its mouth closed with sticky tape.
The dog managed to remove the tape but he ordered his mum to tape its mouth up again.
She told him there was no more left but when drug addict Patrick found out that she’d lied to him, he told her he would make her sorry and threw a cabinet at her. Michael Greaves, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court.
He then made her wrap the rest of the sticky tape around her own face until she went bright red and was struggling to breathe before punching her several times.
After ten minutes he told her to take the tape off, but she was shaking too much so he dragged her into the kitchen and cut it off with scissors.
Mr Greaves said Patrick then ordered her to take off her socks and shoes and stand in a bucket of water to mend a broken light switch in his bedroom.
He told the court “Anyone who remembers their physics lessons from school will know that it is extremely dangerous.
“She started to fill up a bucket of water but then refused to do it, saying she did not know anything about electrics. He told her it didn’t matter because she’d be dead anyway.
“She said she wouldn’t do it and he became enraged and grabbed her round the throat,” Mr Greaves said.
She later told police his eyes were “full of hatred”, and she firmly believed he was going to kill her.
Patrick punched her several times in the face before she managed to escape into the street. Her son tried to drag her back into the house but a passer-by stopped him and Janice, who was by now covered in blood, fled in a taxi to her daughter’s house.
All the way through her two-and-a-half hour ordeal, Patrick’s father did nothing to help his wife, Mr Greaves told the court.
Patrick, of Sunningdale Close, Chapel St Leonards, was sentenced to three years behind bars after admitting assault, occasioning actual bodily harm and affray in February this year.
Recorder Michael Stokes QC told him: “Your conduct towards your mother is absolutely incredible. You terrorised that woman.
“My first reaction is that you must be mentally ill but you are not. You cannot control your temper and you are a danger.”
Christopher Geeson, in mitigation, told the court Patrick, who had gone back to live at home after splitting up with his girlfriend, was ashamed and sorry for the way he had treated his mother.
He had been seeking professional help to control his temper and overcome his problem with drugs and when he was released from prison he would leave his mother alone, said Mr Geeson.

Source: Skegness Standard 19th April 1996


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