Post Box for Church Farm Museum

Visitors to Skegness’ Church Farm Museum could buy and dispatch their postcards without having to leave the Church Road South site in 1990.
The museum’s Edward VII post box was brought back into use and a daily collection was made from it every weekday.
And fittingly, the honour of launching the new service went to Skegness’ new mayor, Coun Frank Grunnill, who was also the sorting office manager at Skegness Post Office.
The post box was transferred to the museum from Grove Road, Sutton-on-Sea, several years previously and the museum hoped to produce a stamp to be franked on every card or letter posted in its box.
Photo: Launching the new postal service at Church Farm Museum, Skegness, was Skegness Post Office’s sorting office manager, Coun Frank Grunnill, and assistant at the museum, Ken Walker, dispatched the first letter in the Edward VII box.


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