Anne Frank Tree Seathorne School

SEATHORNE Primary School has planted a Mountain Ash in remembrance of Anne Frank, the famous 15-year-old Jewish girl who wrote a secret diary during the Second World War.

As part of Anne Frank Day, the children had a special assembly, wrote poems about discrimination, read sections of Ann’s diary and ended the memorable day by planting the tree.

The children also had a visit from Mrs Verhoeven, who lives in Holland. She spoke to them about her trips to the attic where Ann and her family had spent so many months in hiding during the war.

Pupil Brida-Jo Carnal said: “It is really upsetting and sad that Ann died when she was only 15 years old, if she had survived the war she would have been 69 today. It is so wrong to treat people differently just because of their religion or skin colour.”

Photo:  The Chairman of the Board of Governors, Cllr Susan MacGregor planted the tree with a picture of Ann in remembrance of Anne Frank helped by Class 6 children and their teacher Noah Beaumont.


June 1998


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