SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com)

1960 6/1 Subway built Jackson’s Corner
17/2 Old lamp posts sold off at Council depot
2/3 Boating lake ‘Needle’ demolished
2/3 One way traffic on High Street
9/3 One way traffic on High Street (follow-up)
2/3 SS Lincoln Road extension opens
16/3 Derbyshire Miners open air pool
6/4 Skegness publicity bus
6/4 SS St Mary’s Church Winthorpe new window under cover
6/4 SS Hanson’s bread award
6/4 SS Ron Scott
13/4 Edinburgh Avenue boarding houses closure threat
27/4 SS Lumley Road shop signs quarrel (Turf accountant)
27/4 SS Bob-a-job
4/5 SS Seaweed Sculpture and Pets Rescue Home
4/5 SS Undiscovered British beauty
4/5 SS New matron for Skegness hospital
4/5 SS New Skegness hotel
11/5 SS Frank Evans
11/5 New wall added to Compass Gardens
18/5 Fire in Drummond Road
Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
18/5 SS Help of £3,000 in grants for Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
18/5 Callow Park house turned into Jolly Fisherman pub
18/5 Changes at Central Hall cinema
18/5 SS Rare blood group dash
25/5 SS New sign at Gibraltar Point
25/5 Follies and coastguards
1/6 Skegness on TV
6/6 What a Whit – packed beach then empty
15/6 SS Lost Children Office Closure – great problems
15/6 SS Traction engine
21/6 SS Murphy Radio
22/6 SS 1959-1960 Carnival Queen at Donkey Derby
29/6 SS Lion tamer
13/7 RSPCA collection dog
13/7 SS Shocking condition of the graveyard
20/7 SS Man dies from typhoid
20/7 SS Solid Gold Diamond Studded Cigarette Lighter
27/7 Barrow boys in Lawn car park
2/8 SS Murphy Radio factory nearing completion
3/8 Make sure of a deck chair
10/8 Damage to pool and deck chairs
17/8 Lights switch on – Foreshore Centre roof
24/8 TV crew top of Embassy building
SS Gertie the Butlins elephant drowns
24/8 SS Carnival Queen 1960-1961
24/8 SS Wimpy Bar at Boston (venture by Harold Fainlight and William Hussey)
30/8 SS Jimmy Loft and Jackson’s Snaps
7/9 SS House with railway carriages at Sutton on Sea
7/9 SS Garage wars
28/9 SS Final picture of gas works before it’s demolished
5/10 SS Beach life jacket slashed
12/10 SS Fred Stamper Fooled ‘Em as Mahatma Gandhi
19/10 SS Fairground pioneer Billy Westray
2/11 Jolly Fisherman with boy (great-grandson) poster
2/11 SS Fruit machine factory arrives
23/11 Tower Esplanade in a few years time
23/11 SS Raynor’s shops
23/11 SS Raynors shops
30/11 SS Collapsed and died in The Manse
30/11 SS Walter Grunnill family history
30/11 SS New priest
30/11 SS Dutton’s book shop prize window display
14/12 SS Curious catch
21/12 SS Seacroft School nativity play
28/12 SS Skegness hospital gets its first TV set
Hanson’s Bakery feature
Clock Tower Island built
1961 4/1 SS Fire at Mrs Lund’s house Lumley Avenue
25/1 SS John Porter dies
25/1 SS B Hardaker dies
10/2 SS Valuable painting rescued from disused chapel loft
15/2 SS “Made in Skegness” goods on show in Russia (Stiebel)
1/3 SS Cllr Williamson
1/3 Skegness publicity coach
8/3 Bathing pool spring clean
15/3 SS Body in Ingoldmells bus shelter
22/3 SS Horse trapped in creek
22/3 SS Bravery recognised
22/3 SS Wainfleet builder Sea View Hotel
29/3 SS Skegness Football Queen
5/4 SS Rifle Range wall demolition
12/4 SS Colleen’s Dance School (Hazel Sykes)
12/4 SS St Paul’s Church golden anniversary
12/4 SS First baptism at St Paul’s church – Pepper (flashback to 1912)
19/4 SS St Paul’s Baptist Church
26/4 SS Counci gets Iraqi letter
27/4 SS Bob a job
May SS ?
3/5 SS Cllr Violet Elwis
3/5 SS Giant rat at Ingoldmells
5/5 Seacroft rifle range wall demolished
10/5 SS Picture of councillors
17/5 SS Sewell donkey man
17/5 SS Wimpy Bar opens at 71 Lumley Road (venture by Harold Fainlight and William Hussey)
17/5 SS 1919 pier disaster recalled
24/5 SS Girl home from Australia
24/5 SS Elizabeth Allen
/6 Drowning of Philip Nicholson Skegness swimming pool
/6 Inquest of the drowning of Philip Nicholson Skegness swimming pool
7/6 SS Burgh Road junction
21/6 SS Murphy’s Radio Factory on Wainfleet Road (not photographed)
21/6 TV mast near the waterway
29/6 SS Boating lake vandalised
29/6 SS Butlins lion tamer
5/7 SS Proposed building on Drummond Road
12/7 TV interview with Ted Dwyer of the Pier Arcade Follies
19/7 SS Skegness girl snaps Russian spaceman Yuri Gararin
26/7 SS Skegness pop singer Doug Sheldon
26/7 SS Jolly Fisherman’s grandson competition
26/7 SS Mystery photograph of Skegness Entertainers
2/8 SS Mystery photograph of Skegness Entertainers – solved
16/8 SS Snake in Skegness garden
16/8 SS Inglewood school art display
17/8 SS Skegness monster
17/8 SS Crane dance school
17/8 SS Crane and Janice Sutton dance schools
23/8 SS Double Decker cafe at Ingoldmells
30/8 SS Jimmy Loft
6/9 SS Carnival Queen
6/9 SS German war graves bodies to be exhumed and re-intered
6/9 SS Shooting rats
13/9 SS Skegness Carnival Queen (Grimsby girl)
20/9 Coronation Street Stars Harry Hewett and Concepta Riley in Skegness
20/9 SS Teacher returns from America
20/9 SS Machinery accident
20/9 SS Skegness Cast Stone Company carnival float
27/9 SS Follies dancer wedding at St Matthew’s Church
4/10 SS Found hand grenade when clearing cupboard
4/10 Essendon School
11/10 Steibel’s company
18/10 SS Skegness pop singer Doug Sheldon
18/10 SS Fravigars
25/10 SS Inside the Skegness Clock Tower
26/10 SS Skegness lion is painted gold (flashback)
8/11 Steibel’s machines
15/11 Giant leather back turtle washed on Ingoldmells beach
15/11 SS Hildred’s Hotel managers retire
23/11 SS Laundry Cottages disappeared
29/11 Big Dipper and Wild Mouse
7/12 SS “Spartacus” drapes made in Skegness
14/12 SS Riding high
27/12 Jolly Fisherman with ‘grandson’ poster review
c1962 Butlins acquires the Royal Scot steam engine
1962 10/1 Bronze Age bricks and bones discovered at Beacon Park
10/1 SS Murphys Radio factory on four-day week
17/1 ‘Gold (fish) rush’ in Skegness
24/1 SS Ships and seaside scenes in a bottle
7/2 Dog rescued from sewer pit
7/2 SS Seaside Society Throp
14/2 SS Underage drinking
21/2 SS Granny Barley 100th birthday
28/2 SS Skegness pop singer Graham Bonnett aged 14 years
14/3 Oldest boarding house in Skegness demolished
25/4 SS Model Village opens on South Parade
25/4 Skegness holds its own Juke Box Jury at the Embassy
25/4 Young Skegness girl singer Theresa Taylor
2/5 Bathing Pool statue Matilda has a re-spray
2/5 Body found on railway line
9/5 SS Tour of Murphy’s Radio Factory
23/5 Rowland Jenkins dies
13/6 Picture of packed pavements on Skegness seafront
27/6 Ban the Stink Bomb!
4/7 Corrie Star Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) to switch on Skegness Illuminations
4/7 SS Seaside donkeys must have a dinner hour
11/7 Co-op escalator crosses Lumley Road (yes, you’ve read it correctly)
1/8 Gertie went for a fatal swim – Butlins elephant drowns in swimming pool
1/8 Crash stops clock (Lawn Avenue Skegness)
8/8 Grammar School paints picture for Skegness library
29/8 Corrie Star Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) switches on Skegness Illuminations
29/8 Man dies as he waits for illuminations switch on
3/10 SS Circus girl makes wedding day pact
Evidence points to a Mrs Jolly Fisherman
Memories of Mrs Crouch – oldest resident in Skegness
Anthony Holloway drowns (not photographed) (summer)
1963 9/1 Councillor draws Festival Pavilion roof
9/1 Picture of the Ellis Family who went on to become the Ellis Bros Builders and contractors in Skegness
16/1 SS Pilcher mother disappears
6/2 Memories of Mrs Crouch – oldest resident in Skegness
20/2 $64,000 question
27/3 Landing craft wreck is exposed creating a danger to bathers in Skegness
3/4 SS Duttons shop closes after 70 years
3/4 Railway station master talks about the closure of Skegness Railway Station
3/4 German Measles cancels Grammar School speech day
10/4 Chatter-box cafe High Street for sale
24/4 SS Missing mum plea – Stone
1/5 SS Festival Pavilion roof goes on
1/5 Wall of Death
8/5 Borman’s Coal business ends
15/5 Skegness Rock Factory
22/5 Shane Fenton (Alvin Stardust) breaks Embassy Theatre attendance record
22/5 Coleens Dance School
24/5 Festival Pavilion (formerly Festival Centre)
8/5 SS Paddling on front
29/5 Fairy Dell Festival publicity
29/5 SS Winthorpe sea wall is private property – residents anger
5/6 The Samuel Lewis (former) lifeboat sinks
5/6 SS Kings Avenue sea wall barriers erected residents’ anger
19/6 The Moly Phone
3/7 SS Gardiner death
10/7 SS Zoo manager’s death Jimmy James
10/7 SS Gardiner death inquest
10/7 SS Coastguard station moves to Winthorpe
24/7 SS The pipe-smoking dog
24/7 SS First Skegness skating group formed
31/7 SS Pony tubs on Skegness beach
31/7 SS Winthorpe residents block sea wall promenade
14/8 SS Youths fall 30ft from Butlins Big Wheel
14/8 Jolly Fisherman comes to life – first postal impression of Jolly Fisherman
21/8 SS Eric Blood local artist controversial painting Christ as an iron man
28/8 Dearest hopes to be realized
11/9 Memories of the Skegness Sand Races
16/10 SS Skegness is culturally dead!
6/11 SS Tramp fancy dress party
13/11 SS Billy Butlin gets chain of office
13/11 SS Vintage car renovation
20/11 First car in Skegness (flashback)
20/11 SS Skegness girl in American baby birth film
4/12 Pier Hotel fire
11/12 SS Skegness nylon stocking factory
1964 1/1 Skegness Coat of Arms
15/1 Skegness Coat of Arms the Standard’s alternative suggestion
15/1 SS When did Skegness look like this? Old 1826 picture of Skegness
22/1 Butlin donates to Skegness Council
22/1 SS Skegness Youth Centre Briar Way to be opened by HRH Princess Royal in June
29/1 Gassing of rabbits suspended by SUDC
5/2 Skegness has two Piers
5.2 Councillor is slammed when he calls for one gas lamp to be preserved for historical interest
19/2 Plans for a Clock Tower subway
26/2 SS North Parade looked like this
26/2 Skegness girl presented with Photographic prize by Margo Fontaine
26/2 TV detector foiled by dentist’s drill
4/3 Tank landing craft removed
4/3 Coat of Arms dropped
11/3 SS Vincent Branston of 43 Briar Way dies few hours after daughter’s wedding
18/3 Butlin gift to …. Races
18/3 SS Huge hole appears in garden Brewery Lane, Burgh, warning of honeycombed cellars (Rose Waite)
25/3 Copyright Jolly
25/3 SS Advert – Juke Box in Jolly Fisherman Pub
8/4 SS Foundation Stone laid for the OAP Hall Lincoln Road
13/5 SS The new Daniel Cocktail Bar at the Lion Hotel (photo)
20/5 George Ball memories
27/5 SS New plaque for Skegness Holiday Flats Association
27/5 Crofts
10/6 New town hall opens on North Parade
10/6 SS New chapel for Seeley House convaslescent home
17/6 Billy Butlin on honours list
17/6 Princess Royal at new town hall
24/6 Coronation Street stars at ‘Cripple Chalets’
24/6 Graham Bonnet Missing Links Skegness pop band
July Colleens School of Dance
1/7 Marineland
15/7 New lifeboat named
29/7 Butlin at Buckingham Palace
5/8 Largest family to visit Skegness
5/8 Jeckle and Hyde
12/8 SS Space Age theme for Skegness Illuminations
26/8 Z Cars star illuminations switch on
2/9 SS Magnifiscent Men in their Flying Machines filmed at Skegness (this issue and issue before)
2/9 Councillor knocks down coppers (reference to Z Cars star)
9/9 SS New Old Age Pensioners Hall officially opened (not photographed)
16/9 SS Canival Queen crowned (Kathleen Hubbard)
14/10 SS Ice cream van crashes into High Street shops
14/10 SS Keithleys shop on Lumley Road
4/11 Wild Mouse
9/12 Town Hall demolition
1965 SS Photograph of old fire station on Roman Bank
6/1 Emblem of licensed victualers
20/1 SS Pop Williams matchbox collection
27/1 SS Vicar of Stiffkey
10/2 SS Homeless Miss White
17/2 SS Rare Breeches Bible Presented to Skegness Church
24/2 SS Man Digs Up Roman Burial Chamber
24/2 SS Curtis Golden Wedding
3/3 SS Automatic Magic Mirror Skegness Mens’ Invention
3/3 Jolly Fisherman comes home
10/3 SS Man foils death – Peter Cumberworth
10/3 SS LVA chain of office
24/3 SS Jolly Fisherman March composed
7/4 SS Anglers at Skegness Cricket Ground (picture includes Victorian summer house now at Church Farm Museum)
28/4 SS Trevitt Fish Cafe closes down
28/4 SS The Norfolk Bar opens at Seacroft Hotel
19/5 SS Hazel Sykes hits Reveille front page
19/5 Gibraltar Point coastguard’s house
SS Fred Poutney’s Garage advert picture
26/5 SS Skegness Butlins Gets Country’s First Monorail (Video)
2/6 SS Smash and grab at Nelsons Jewellers Drummond Road
9/6 SS Hazel Sykes RAF pinup girl
9/6 SS Giant transformers arrive
16/6 SS Havenhouse railway station gates smashed
16/6 SS Adam Faith Visits Skegness Boy
23/6 SS Elsie Theaker resigns from council
23/6 SS Dancing Waters Embassy Skegness
23/6 Marineland (Natureland)
7/7 SS Marineland (former name for Natureland) opens – people complain re misleading advert
21/7 SS Mr Vernon dies
4/8 Wilfred Perrin and Mrs George (Grace) Perrin
11/8 Marineland Yearden
24/8 Gale hits Marineland
25//8 SS “American” returns to Skegness
8/9 SS Missing lifeboatman’s presentation watch turns up after 52 years
15/9 SS Skegness Rector slams Jehovah’s Witnesses as a ‘modern day heresy’
15/9 SS Colleens Dance School
27/10 SS Filming for the new Skegness Holiday Guide
1/12 SS New Sodom and Gomorrah
15/12 Determined something new to offer holidaymakers
1966 SM Skegness 1966 Archive Video
2/3 SS Fry Fenland laundry
23/3 Burgh Church tenor bell replaced
23/3 SS Jolly Fisherman logo on gents’ ties
23/3 SS Pier saved from a London bid
30/3 SS Bottons Big Wheel being constructed
6/4 SS Pop Williams
11/5 SS Figure 8 cafe plans
18/5 SS Missing man – fed up so went home
25/5 SS Botton’s tower
25/5 SS New traffic wardens
25/5 SS Ellis Brothers Clock Tower Corner buildings
8/6 SS 1966 World Cup postage stamps first day issue Skegness postmark
22/6 Wall of Death
13/7 SS Wild West theme at the Chuck Wagon
20/7 Briar Way market
20/7 Traffic light demolished
20/7 Stolen letter Winston Churchill
27/7 SS Skegness (glamour) chicks
31/8 SS Plane crash
31/8 SS World Cup stamps
7/9 SS Skegness girl marries Petula Clark’s brother
21/9 SS John Palmer – missing butcher
28/9 SS Builder finds 150 year old newspaper
19/10 Telephone exchange
19/10 Eric Blood draws sea monster ‘seen’ at Chapel St Leonards
19/10 Cover design for new Guide to Skegness
26/10 New Abattoir
26/10 SS Council Surveyor hurt in hovercraft trials
26/10 SS Golden wedding
26/10 SS Child abducted by Syrian father – Jean Hurst
9/11 Women’s Institute scrap book lodged with Skegness library
16/11 SS Skegness Monster refered to in a French book
23/11 SS Remembrance Day 40 years ago
7/12 SS Cruel Twist to Football Pools Win
1967 25/1 Telephone exchange
25/1 SS Skegness Horror Film
15/3 SS Victor Rose pig keeper at Burgh
22/3 SS St John Ambulance picture of staff with new ambulance van
29/3 SS Jolly Fisherman becomes bowls addict
29/3 SS Roman urn discovery at Chapel St Leonards
29/3 SS Yellow lines for Lumley Road
5/4 SS Skegness Grammar School loses TV quiz (picture of Skegness contestants)
5/4 SS Keithley’s shop Skegness – new boutique officially opened
12/4 SS Council paints yellow lines infront of a Drummond Road petrol station belonging to Gordon Elwis – consort to the Mayor of Skegness
19/4 SS Man trips over alligator in Natureland Tropical House
26/4 SS Woodlands Scool on Wainfleet Road
3/5 New Bier Garten
3/5 Bier Garten at Bottons
3/5 SS No Parking sign in Drummond Road layby
3/5 Lay by on Drummond Road
24/5 Twin pram designed by local jeweler in 1870s
24/5 SS Chairman of Skegness 8mm Club plans a Skegness film
31/5 SS Bier Garten is being erected (picture)
14/6 SS Carnival Queen crowned – Lynne Houlden
14/6 SS One way system (Lumley Square) trial
21/6 SS Driving wrong way around new one way system
21/6 SS Roman find story in French Magazine
21/6 SS Phil (Pop) Williams clown
28/6 SS Picture of new one way system
28/6 SS Film-making at Lumley School
28/6 SS Salts fish and chips in America
19/7 SS Hazel Sykes in show
26/7 SS Plaques at church
9/8 SS Pier Follies
16/8 SS Amber rush – the Cook sisters send what they think is amber from the beach to national appeal
16/8 SS Paul Payne saves Martin Higgins, 9, from drowning in pool
16/8 SS Postman, Matthew James Jackson collapses and dies on Roman Bank, on his way to work
SS Picture of fortune-teller, Adeline Lee’s daughter
6/9 Pier high and dry
6/9 Boating lake arch
20/9 SS Aerial view North parade
18/10 SS Boating lake scoota boats
18/10 SS Butlin’s Big Wheel will say up for winter because the men who dismantle it have been made redundant
25/10 SS Evidence of Tennyson in Skegness wanted by grandson, Charles Tennyson – Sir Charles Tennyson opened the Skegness Festival of Arts (includes adverts for festival)
8/11 SS Skegness 8mm Film Club
15/11 SS Medieval pottery find – Boyce Smith
15/11 SS Boy took bullets from Wainfleet Bombing Range to school
29/11 SS Boy took bullets to school follow-up – 25,000 rounds of ammo found after being reported by schoolboy David Topley
13/12 SS Skegness Jubilee Holiday Guide preview – Hazel Sykes model on front cover
6/12 Marine Hotel to close
13/12 1968 Guide to Skegness preview
Wainfleet Busy Bees nursery opens
1968 3/1 Skegness Air Training Corps has new quarters built on Burgh Road (with asbestos sheets, of course!)
3/1 Cafe man hurt in boating lake fall
10/1 Charge for autographs
10/1 SS Refuse tip on South Bracing
21/1 Margaret Whitehead marriage Hogsthorpe
7/2 Vine Hotel tree blown down
28/2 Jungle
13/3 Blown down like a pack of cards
27/3 SS Bridge House Wainfleet – Bateman
3/4 Scrub fire
17/4 Albert Hewison
17/4 Skegness Estate Agent, George Ball is a froth blower
24/4 Fravigar marriage
24/4 Snake found in Skegness house
24/4 Live ammunition in Waterway
1/5 Cherrie Dutton
1/5 Percy Grunnill
8/5 Hassall’s daughter’s first visit to Skegness
22/5 Local author Margaret Dickinson first novel
Daughter of Jolly Fisherman Creator John Hassall First Visit to Skegness
19/6 Pier redevelopment
10/7 Fireman climbs up ladder at Marine Hotel
10/7 Jolly Fisherman on Watney’s Beer Mats
17/7 Storms pier
14/8 John Crooks owl man
25/9 Parade Hotel Storm Damage
25/9 101 days in a coffin buried alive
2/10 Drivers pitch skills on Grand Parade
2/10 Harold Wilson portrait
2/10 Flamingo on Wainfleet bombing range
16/10 Brussels sprouts in festival pavilion
23/10 The Marbles 1960s pop band
/10 Wainfleet Bombing Range Attacked – by a Flamingo!
13/11 Skegness Boy kidnapped by Syrian Father
20/11 Weapon collection
11/12 Bombs found in the Masonic Hall
Rasmussen’s first shop opens on Lincoln Road Skegness
1969 1/1 Skegness cut off by snow
15/1 Cavendish Road
12/2 Singer’s TV debut Elizabeth Kemp
12/2 SS Skegness artist’s painting displayed in Wales Office (Newbold)
SS Woman found dead in chair (Mrs Lacy, Lansdown Road, Skegness)
SS Vandals carve up bowling greens
19/2 Snow paths cleared
19/3 Skegness Pier
19/3 Weighing machines removed
22/1 “Weekly Global” new newspaper launched by local schoolboys
Bomb squad combs beach
26/3 The Marbles 1960s band
9/4 Former head of Lumley school dies
23/4 Mystery death – Mr Enderby
11/6 Watchmakers since 1910
2/7 Boy trapped in sand
2/7 Car overturns
2/7 The Marbles 1960s pop group
16/7 Fravigar sweet and Skegness rock factory
16/7 Mike Newman at Butlin’s holiday camp
16/7 Marriage Anne Curtis and Alfred Walker
23/7 The Marbles 1960s pop group
23/7 Marbles DJ Alan Freeman Butlin’s Holiday Camp
23/7 Donkey races
30/7 Drummond Road flooded
20/8 Skegness illuminations switch on by Fred Trueman
20/8 Skegness train station is packed
20/8 Train station being phased out
20/8 Freddie Truman switches on Skegness illuminations
3/9 Yobs arrested in Compass gardens
3/9 Fravigar bike crash
3/9 Salt
3/9 Pencil tower
3/9 Cottage in St Clement’s Church
24/9 Billy Butlin’s son
24/9 SS Skegness History Society formation
1/10 Driver tests
1/10 Mystery Japanese suit of armour
19/11 Andy Kirk
19/11 SS Pier saved by sandbank



8 thoughts on “1960s

  1. Hiya

    I was born in Skeg… daughter of Jack Walker (Car hire) and had some form of “message” from someone (now passed) who apparantly died in the Swimming Pool in Skegness… this would be around 1960 – 1980 – I had the name Andy .. but that may not be correct

    I would be very grateful if you could advise me of any deaths at the Swimming Pool please

    Kind regards and thanks

  2. Can anyone tell me when Mr Collier stopped running his donkeys on the Skegness sands?
    My wife has a bronze key given to her in 1960 for her 21st. We believe it cme from a demolished church in the Skegness to Hogsthorpe area. Can’t find any reference. Can anyone help?
    Great site. My wife and I originally from Alford spent many hours in Skegness. Now nearing eighty and living in Aus.reading your old columns brought back a few memories.

  3. In the 60s there was something down stairs at the Embassy for one or two seasons. I think it was the chamber of horrors. Does anyone else remember this.

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