SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com) SG = Skegness Gazette

1980 4/1 SS Mr Maurice Eric Major death, 41 Lumley Road
4/1 SS Farm boy tragedy
4/1 SS Pc Lewis
11/1 SS Jubilee newspaper
11/1 SS Fravigar’s sweet factory 10 years anniversary in its Grantham Drive premises
11/1 SS Then and Now Lumley Road shops – Wardle’s, Freeman Hardy & Willis, Curtis Shoes
SS Co-op in Lumley Road expansion
18/1 SS Roller Rink at Wainfleet Road playing fields proposal
18/1 SS Co-Op extension into adjacent premises to the east on Lumley Road
25/1 SS Royal Arthur sailors photo mystery
25/1 SS Fravigar
25/1 SS Royal Oak Terrace
8/2 SS A look back at Skegness Hospital opening ceremony
22/2 SS Homeless ghost (Sycamores)
22/2 SS Propeller stuck in fishing net
29/2 SS Grandways built
7/3 SS Cartoon drawings of local people (flashback)
21/3 SS Skegness Stadium take over
4/4 SS Addlethorpe church bells down for renovation
11/4 SS Mods and Rockers invasion – 108 arrests
11/4 SS Taff Davis retires from Lumley School
18/4 SS Town Mayor dies in office
2/5 SS Unique Jolly Fisherman plate presentation
2/5 SS Jolly Fisherman enters politics
9/5 SS Island put in centre of Lumley Road
23/5 SS Old picture of Skegness sands
23/5 SS Then & Now Cecil Avenue
30/5 SS Then and Now Grand Parade
6/6 SS Wrate’s photography business rescued
6/6 SS Then & Now Pier Hotel
20/6 SS Then & Now Mr Snaps photography shop Tonglet Corner (Jackson)
20/6 SS Billy Butlin dies
27/6 SS Lincolnshire County Show medal riddle
27/6 SS Then & Now Shades Pub
8/7 SS Inglewood school
25/7 SS Swift Haulage
1/8 SS Artists impression of new Embassy pool
15/8 SS Then & Now Figure 8 amusements
SS Then and now – Skegness Town Silver Band
15/8 SS X-ray Eyes stunt
5/9 SS Trike for hire with adverts (social cycles Fravigar of Tower Cinema)
12/9 SS Time catches up with old cottage W ithern Cottage Church Farm Museum
26/9 SS Stabbing at Magpie’s Nest High Street
26/9 SS St Mathew’s Church hall for sale
26/9 SS Then & Now Grosvenor Road
SS Roller hockey craze hits Skegness
10/10 SS Playing fields roller rink idea ditched
10/10 SS Then & Now Lumley Hotel – includes story of Lumley Hotel
10/10 SS Then & Now Bus on Seafront – Penny-all-the-way
24/10 SS Playing fields roller rink petition
17/10 SS Then & Now Clock Tower
24/10 SS Then & Now Vine Hotel
31/10 SS High tide seafront walkway collapses
7/11 SS Cecil Lancelot Grunnill obituary (includes picture)
14/11 SS Then & Now High Street
28/11 SS Arcadia presentation
5/12 SS Then & Now Railway Station
Seely House, formerly Nottingamshire Miners’ Convalescent Home demolished
Royal Paper Sealed in Burgh Pub Wall
1981 9/1 SS Festival Pavilion Roller Rink
16/1 SS Then & Now Pier Mitchells
30/1 Restoration work at St Matthew’s church Skegness
20/2 SS Skegness family on TV Tiswas
27/2 SS Street name explained
27/2 SS CND movement in Skegness
20/3 SS Lion Hotel centenary
20/3 Shardelos Road spelling differs on two road signs
6/3 Jolly Fisherman in Australia
13/3 Changing face of Lumley Road
20/3 Local farmer’s shotgun death
20/3 Nat West Then and Now
20/3 Lion Hotel centenary
27/3 The Park Then and Now
27/3 UFO spotted in Tennyson Green Skegness
27/3 Old Spilsby Town football club1882 team photo
24/4 Police hunt for gunman
24/4 Graham Bonnett back with parents in Skegness
1/5 Franklin Avenue Skegness Then and Now
15/5 SS Winter Gardens up for grabs
22/5 Graham Bonnett gets married
22/5 View of damaged pier from the Zyclon amusement ride
29/5 The Sands Then and Now
29/5 Water tower demolition
5/6 SS Derbyshire Miners Wild West Train
12/6 High Street Skegness Then and Now
12/6 SS Grange Hill
19/6 SS Ray Clemence
19/6 SS History uncovered
19/6 SS Bring back Bathing Machines
26/6 Fire destroys Skegness Morris school records
3/7 SS Open-air market publicity
3/7 SS Flamingo egg stolen from Natureland
10/7 SS Margaret Dickinson Skegness author
17/7 SS Cosmopolitan video competition
7/7 SS An ancient cottage rises again
Jul SS Lincoln riots flashback to 1911
24/7 SS Tribute to Charles & Diana Royal Wedding
17/9 SS Woodward Hawkins Tower cinema
17/9 Bomb hoax at Skegness lifeboat station
24/7 Last births at Skegness Hospital
24/7 Tower Cinema Then and Now
31/7 Cyclone boy death
31/7 SS Mayor meets the camels
7/8 SS Radio 1 Road Show in Skegness
7/8 SS Royal wedding celebrations
7/8 SS Work on Withern Cottage
14/8 SS Mock auctions under council attack
14/8 SS CND demonstration
14/8 SS Camels meet the public
21/8 SS Big Star Wheel marks Skegness Pier’s Centenary
21/8 SS Murals at the Morris School
28/8 Skegness Photographer Alfred Wrate found hanged
4/9 Another incident at the Cyclone
4/9 SS Big Star Wheel on Skegness Pier
18/9 SS Deckchair attendant
25/9 Verdict on boy’s Cyclone death
25/9 SS Botton’s spike to be demolished
2/10 SS Slur on Jolly
9/10 SS Dead son’s tape delay
16/10 SS German footballers visit
23/10 SS Morris School Mural
6/11 SS Old High Street shops
13/11 SS Sammy Snail Survives Seaside Shell Ornament Fate
13/11 SS Beefeaters at Guy Fawkes night
13/11 SS Botton’s spike is pulled down
Nov Bonnet with parents
11/12 SS Artist Morris school mural
1982 1/1 Pensioner dies after falling on a lamp
22/1 Embassy Tea Rooms demolished
12/2 Mystery ship starts a scare
12/2 Work starts on the Ice Palace, Winter Gardens
12/2 ‘The Warren’ Gibraltar Point
19/2 Then and Now Hildred’s Hotel
26/2 Then and Now Gibraltar Point
12/3 Then and Now Sea view Hotel
Mar Methodist Church extension
Mar Skegness open-air swimming pool
19/3 The ‘Jungle’ is cleared to make way for housing development
Mar More about The Jungle
2/4 Vandals smash the stone lion statue outside the Lion Hotel
2/4 Then and Now Drummond Road post office
2/4 Face of the Embassy changes shape
9/4 Then and Now Royal Oak Terrace Winthorpe
16/4 Then and Now Richmond Drive
Apr Skegness dairy?
23/4 Then and Now National School Roman Bank Skegness
23/4 Jolly Fisherman railway sign up for auction
May Embassy new shell takes shape
May 50 years ago – Crawshaw switches on town’s electricity
14/5 Lion statue restored
14/5 Winter Garden ice skating rink opens
May About Roman Bank Skegness
4/6 Arcadia Theatre feature
23/7 Boer War – Victorian Graffiti Burgh le Marsh Train Station
30/7 Advertising drum slammed – It’s a Knockout
7/12 Gracie Field’s gift bought by Lowndes
Shoe Shine Man
Ancient cottages near St Mary’s Church Winthorpe
1983 Jan Sea defences after the 1953 flood
7/1 SS Model of Skegness lifeboat by Mr Derek George
7/1 SS Brickyard chimney demolished
7/1 Remember 1882 tea gardens – Tony Blackburn -camels
14/1 SS Brickyard chimney demolished – captured on film
Jan SG Chalets Princes Parade
28/1 Freak whirlwind Nottingham Poor Girls Home (flashback to 1910)
4/2 Gales Lumley Road
4/2 SS Skegness laundry buys railway picture for Grammar school
11/2 Pirate ship built at Botton’s amusements
11/2 Then & Now sporting takeover
18/2 SS Bonnett’s bakery turns into wine bar
18/2 Margaret Dickinson local author
25/2 Jolly in nails
Feb Mystery photo
Feb Local Board
Feb Pavilion
SG Iron church picture
20/1 Gales Ingoldmells caravans strewn over
27/1 Jolly Fisherman Winscale Nuclear Fallout on Skegness beach
27/1 Railings promenade by Winston Kime
3/2 Pier rebuilt
3/2 Lincoln Imp
24/2 Lincoln Imp
2/3 Panton brothers Lancaster Bomber East Kirkby
18/3 SS Inside the clock tower
25/3 SS Norman Green
SG Sparrow – headmaster of Seacroft School
SG George Perrin
SG Ingoldmells shop
SG Samuels
22/4 SS Cartoon of Skegness Council
10/5 SS Santa Rosa fire
20/5 SS Guy Grantham
20/5 SS Jolly Fisherman artist – bus
20/5 SS First Butlin’s Redcoat dies – coined Hi-De-Hi catchphrase
SG Mystery picture
7/6 SS Amie O’Connor boating lake
SG Picture of the Privateer
SG Suicide attempt Crown Hotel
8/7 SS Flag man
SG Local girls on Skegness postcards
S G Scarbrough Hotel old picture Battle of Flowers
SG Old picture delivery horse and cart
SG Archway demolished Wainfleet Road
8/9 SS Skegness Road, Burgh old picture of garage
9/9 SS CND protest at nuclear bunker
30/9 SS End of line for railway buffet bar
25/11 SS Old picture of Church Lane Winthorpe
2/12 SS Tozer chapel
9/12 SS Search for missing Wainfleet stone
Crofts store, Lumley Road, closes
Railway print for Skegness Grammar School
1984 3/7 SS Camels back in Skegness
20/7 SS Map of the foreshore
27/7 SS Helicopter ditches in sea
3/8 SS Standard’s chief reporter rescued by lifeboat
17/8 SS Lawn car park to be a supermarket
17/8 SS Castleton Boulevard ‘new house’
17/8 SS Moody’s Glass present pane of glass to Grunnill
24/8 SS Barn donated to Church Farm Museum
31/8 SS Hildred’s Hotel to be demolished
21/9 SS Paul Gooch
28/9 SS Hildred’s
28/9 SS Susan Kirk
5/10 SS Pandas Palace announcement
5/10 SS The Hall Roman Bank feature in light of coming demolition
19/10 SS Arcadia Theatre
19/10 SS Jolly Fisherman pub closes on Grand Parade
26/10 SS Festival Pavilion dance floor
9/11 SS Hotels
27/11 SS Tower disco
27/11 SS Fountain
7/12 SS Last effort to save Arcadia Theatre
7/12 SS 1893 sea disaster
7/12 SS Steam laundry – Grandways
18/12 SS Past and present
SM 500th anniversary Magdalen College Wainfleet
Former Spilsby Prison becomes Spilsby Theatre
1985 15/1 SS Indoor swimming pool picture
18/1 SS Camels on Skegness beach
22/1 SS Then & Now North Parade
25/1 SS Princes Parade chalets demolished
12/2 SS Then & Now Seacroft School and Social Services office
15/2 SS Blue Anchor Fabrications auctioned off
15/2 SS Nudist beaches introduced
6/3 SS Whale washed up at Gibraltar Point
13/3 SS Nostalgic look at North Parade
15/3 SS Festival Pavilion takes shape
20/3 SS Scarbrough Avenue baths
17/4 SS Aerial view of Winthorpe
19/4 SS Embassy booking agents get together Jolly Fisherman
10/5 SS Skegness Junior School 1950s log book entries
22/5 SS Helicopter ditched in sea
22/5 SS WW2 Street Party in Skegness
28/6 SS Disco fever in Skegness
3/7 SS Sun castle playground opens (Jolly Fisherman)
5/7 SS Tommy Tuft (of Tufty’s Wine Bar)
12/7 SS Earl of Scarbrough opens hospital extension
19/7 SS Ashley Wass young Skegness piano player
9/8 SS Quicksand horror Jackson’s Corner Winthorpe
16/8 SS Warning signs erected re above
SS Pier Disco and Variety Bar advertisements
23/8 SS Engineers new technology for laying gas mains
11/9 SS Then & Now Ralph’s Shop Co-op chemist Roman Bank
4/10 SS Oldest street in Skegness High Street flash back (includes picture of Cherry Tree House which belonged to the Moody Family)
18/10 Then & Now North Parade social club – roller rink
3/10 SN Building up of a printing business – Major
3/10 Skegness News reintroduced after a long absence
3/10 Pier theatre destroyed by fire
3/10 SN Duke of Kent visits Skegness Lifeboat Station
3/10 SN Gipsy Joe Nichols
3/10 SN Ken Holland retires a lifeboat cox
10/10 SN Skegness News celebrates it’s ‘first issue’
10/10 SN Neville Ball retires from his post as secretary to the Skegness lifeboat station
10/10 SN Unusual skeleton forum at Gibraltar Point by David Briggs
17/10 SN History of the North Parade Social Club
30/10 SS Then & Now adverts for local businesses
31/10 SN Pier disappears in blaze of glory
1/11 Probe into the Pier inferno
6/11 Pier – final blaze of glory
7/11? SN Transformation of derelict building
8/11 Freak whirlwind hits Skegness Grammar school
6/12 Arcadia Theatre ‘For Sale’
6/12 Look back on old Skegness cattle market
19/12 SN End of an era for Butlin’s – last remaining old building demolished
23/12 SN St Matthew’s Church celebrates 60 years
23/12 SN The skeleton of Skegness Pier
23/12 SN Member of the Wrate’s family recalls the past
Flashback to c1904 Orient Boys College
Old 1912 picture of Tower Esplanade Skegness
More George Ball memories
Old Croft’s shop building demolished
Majors Newsagents & Skegness News Printing Business
1986 8/1 SN Feature on His Place, High Street – the dream of Harry Ramsden
29/1 SN Jean’s Travel feature
29/1 SN Sun castle bowling greens developed in bid to attract more high-profile tournaments
29/1 SN Chapel St Leonard’s church – old picture
29/1 SN White House – old Chapel St Leonards school – old picture
29/1 SN Clock in the Skegness Clock Tower is computerised
5/2 SN Chapel St Leonards history – old pictures
12/2 SN Disappearing landlady
12/2 SN Chapel St Leonard’s sweeper (history)
12/2 SN Panda’s Palace logo
19/2 SN Old, rare pictures of Burgh le Marsh – chimney sweep
19/2 SN Old Orby school (picture)
19/2 SN Gun
26/2 SN The changing face of Burgh
26/2 SN Oldest resident in Chapel St Leonards memories
28/2 Arcadia Theatre new owner
28/2 Old Pavilion flash back
5/3 SN Wainfleet history (partly photographed)
12/3 SN Wainfleet history
12/3 SN Chapel St Leonards history Brown Family of White House formerly Alexander Cottage Convict deported to Australia
26/3 SN Wainfleet history – The Pinfold Wainfleet St Mary
26/3 SN Willow Farm Chapel St Leonards old picture
2/4 SN Kirk Family of Chapel St Leonards (history)
16/4 SN “Rescue” at Hanson’s Windmill Burgh le Marsh (includes picture)
16/4 SN Old photo of the Chapel St Leonards post office
18/4 Shades Pub refurbished (includes brief history of the hotel and a picture with proprietor, Mr Selby)
9/5 SN Chapel St Leonards floods pictures
16/5 Work on St Matthew’s church roof
16/5 TC’s Nightspot opens in Skegness
30/5 Wall of Death
30/5 Panda’s Palace opens
4/6 SN Pandas Palace feature (not photographed)
11/6 SN A look at St Mary’s Church Winthorpe
6/8 SN Mr Punck masquerades as Jolly Fisherman
8/8 John Hassall at his easel
21/8 Lion Shopping Centre Picture – storm damage
28/2 A look back at Gibraltar Point
4/2 Roman Bank Hall to be turned into a supermarket?
29/4 Big Apple ride built at Botton’s Pleasure Beach
29/7 SN Sky Dive collapses at Fun City Amusement Park Skegness
3/9 SN Old Wainfleet pictures
10/9 SN Old Jolly Fisherman model at the Embassy
30/9 Yachting on the beach – old photo
3/10 SS Dutton Court opened by Terry Scott
3/10 SS ‘Welcome to Skegness’ arch discussed
10/10 SS Randall diamond wedding
17/10 SS Fox’s Pantry opens on Lumley Road
20/10 Old picture of Edinburgh Avenue
31/10 SS Old Hall Hagworthingham Cromwell link
7/11 SS Beach erosion (not photographed)
3/12 SN Hildred’s Hotel effects auctioned
5/12 SS Addison’s council houses
5/12 SS Mardi Gras nightclub refurbished
17/12 SN Memories of Skegness woman, Elsie Hawkins
19/12 SS John Cowpe becomes editor of the Skegness Standard
18/12 Murdered Young Skegness Schoolgirl
24/12 SN Death of a worker at 124 Lumley Road
26/12 Worker injured after Wrate’s wall collapses
Old Picture Hildred’s Shopping Centre Construction
Brunswick Drive Schoolchildren 1934 Photo
1987 7/1 SN Carnival Queen 1986 picture
7/1 SN Psychic evidence in Nicola Spencer murder hunt
9/1 Police step up murder hunt
9/1 Nora Burley high flying exploits
9/1 SS Lifeboat tractor stuck in the mud (plus a picture of an old lifeboat with the same problem)
16/1 Police seek youths in murder mystery
21/1 SN Lion shopping centre picture
23/1 Pier damaged by high tides
23/1 SS Scoop shop in Lumley Road flooded
28/1 SN Skegness man recalls falling down a well at Gibraltar Point when he was a child (John Holland who lived at Ship Inn at Gibraltar)
28/1 SN John Holland relates history of Gibraltar Point, with pictures (Gibraltar House, Ship Inn, old cafe and Sykes Farmer, Tommy Greetham)
28/1 SN Old photos in a locket – appeal after they were found in the possession of a thief
28/1 SN Old picture of Brunswick Drive Schoolchildren
30/1 Youth faces murder charge
30/1 Hildred’s Hotel to be demolished
6/2 Hildred’s Hotel to be demolished
11/2 SN History of the Jolly Sailor pub at Wainfleet
13/2 SS Somersby Grove being built
13/2 Richmond caravan park pool built
20/2 Post Office
20/2 SS Old post office on Roman Bank
25/2 SN Carnival Queen 1986
28/2 SN Body at Gibraltar Point
4/3 SV Roman Bank Hall set to become a supermarket
6/3 The Hall Roman Bank demolished
6/3 Pavilion show piece
6/3 Pink Elephant nightclub opens
27/3 Hildred’s Hotel Jolly makes symbolic blow of destruction
27/3 Bail on murder charge
3/4 Miss Wet T-shirt TC’s nightclub
17/4 Didn’t do it claim
29/4 SN Big Apple ride built at Botton’s Amusement Park
8/5 SS Old Butlins chalet made a listed building
8/5 SS Burgh Hall is up for sale
13/5 SN Transport brought growth to Skegness (picture of old bus)
13/5 SN Picture of Dovecote at the Old Hall Roman Bank
15/5 TC’s one year old
29/5 Hildred’s Hotel (site before demolition)
5/6 SS Eddie Payne is the new Jolly Fisherman
3/7 SS Skegness Standard moves its office to Stonebow Cards on Lumley Road
8/7 SN Tragic death of Frank Pountney (Skegness motor dealer)
10/7 SS Cllr Bayes’ garden pedestals stolen
24/7 SS Skegness Illuminations switched on by Wendy Richards
29/7 SN 1939 fire brigade photograph
29/7 SN Skyride Collapses Skegness Amusements
31/7 SS WW2 unexploded bomb found at Butlins
5/8 SN Riddle of what happened to Michael Wolvers – ILB donated to Skegness station in connection with this article
12/8 SN Jack Larder landau driver
14/8 SS First Skegness Carnival Parade to take place on Sunday
21/8 SS Jolly Fisherman floral display
26/8 SN Carnival Princess
2/9 SN Pavilion could be used as flag factory
4/9 SS What ever happened to Skeggy? Letter to Editor
23/9 SN Holly tree landmark
30/9 SN Memories of the buses – Lesley Eldred
30/9 SN Yachting on Skegness beach picture
9/10 SS Pull the plug on Boating Lake
9/10 SS Mystery photo
20/10 SN Old picture of Edinburgh Avenue
4/11 SN Hanson’s Mill Burgh transformed into private residence
18/11 SN Lumley Hotel is partly demolished
20/11 SS Hildred’s construction picture
20/11 SS Steer/Tozer
20/11 SS John Cowpe reflects upon historiclal buildings in Skegness
27/11 SS Lagoon walkway collapse
2/12 SN Picture of Michael and Ken Kheng at their newly-opened Spanish City, Mablethorpe
2/12 SN Jolly Fisherman set piece to be repaired after recent gales and relocated near model village
9/12 SN 7 Albany Way was a former police house
11/12 SS Lagoon walkway collapse (picture)
18/12 SN Tommy Gore death
25/12 SS Robbery at Rendezvous Lumley Road
Skegness Pier in imminent danger of collapse
1988 13/1 SN Nel Fagan picture (flowers in Lumley Square)
29/1 Hildred’s Hotel in the light of demolition
3/2 SN Demolition of the Hall begins on Roman Bank
3/2 SN Excursion Jolly Fisherman steam train and poster
5/2 Dovecote at ‘The Hall’ Roman Bank recently demolished
5/2 SS Jean’s travel agent (picture of Jean)
10/2 SN Old house on Wainfleet Road – Derelict property A52
10/2 SN Skegness Mayor Edith Sutton receives ‘pat on back’ for supporting Christmas late night shopping
24/2 SN Mayor’s plea – “don’t pull our town to pieces”
26/2 Hildred’s – paving the way
26/2 The Hall Roman Bank – history
28/2 Memories of Gibraltar Point
2/3 SN Night out at Hildred’s Hotel
9/3 SN Parlour maid at Gunby Manor House
9/3 SN 1946 Sea Cadets picture
11/3 SS Copper Kettle Cafe Lumley Road fire
11/3 SS School mourning deputy head
16/3 SN Holiday crash in Spain tragedy
16/3 SN Old cottage Addlethorpe
16/3 SN Old cottage Burgh
18/3 SS Bill Hussey as Sherlock Holmes
23/3 SN Sea monster riddle solved
23/3 SN Hildred’s demolition picture
25/3 SS The Fen Slodgers
30/3 SN Raynor’s butchers picture
30/3 SN Charles Fred Grantham lifeboat back after refit
30/3 SN Lumley Hotel before current refurbishment picture
1/4 Jolly Fisherman opens Gateways in new Hildred’s Shopping Centre
6/4 SN Skegness is SO Embracing
6/4 SN Mr Kettle’s memories of Skegness
6/4 SN Mr Dean builder
8/4 Derelict stalls at Arcadia Theatre
8/4 SS Toast of the Parade
20/4 SN Pond drama
27/4 SN Winter Gardens Roller Skating Rink
27/4 SN Arcadia demolition article
27/4 SN Photo of the Dovecote at the Hall Roman Bank
29/4 SS Rock shop proprietors retire
29/4 Jolly Fisherman poster – John Hassall
4/5 SN Call to make the Lagoon a rubbish dump
6/5 Hildred’s given Edwardian touch
6/5 SS First woman usher appointed at Skegness court
13/5 SS Norman Moody killed in car crash
13/5 SS Skegness Upholstery Co celebrate 10 years
13/5 Jolly Fisherman in marathon
18/5 SN Billy Butlin
24/6 SS Sayers jewellers history
1/7 Radio Skeggy
8/7 SS End of Raynor’s butchers
22/7 SS Skegness Carnival Queen 1987
10/8 SN Excellent picture of the 1887 Skegness whale
19/8 SS Skegness Carnival Queen 1988
19/8 Harry’s Cafe opens on Roman Bank
24/8 SN Centrepiece shop in Hildred’s
24/8 SN Jolly Fisherman advertises Hamlet cigars
2/9 Tony’s fish and chip shop retractable canopy defies planning permission
7/9 SN Carnival Queen 1950s picture
14/9 SN Chester Bros shop Roman Bank (flashback)
14/9 SN First shops in Hildred’s shopping centre
16/9 SS Embassy indoor pool construction
19/10 SN Time capsule to be buried in Jolly Fisherman statue
19/10 SN Hassall original
26/10 SN Rare Butlin’s photo
9/11 SN Weather centre in limbo
2/12 SS Royal Arthur picture
14/12 SN Jolly Fisherman ‘wife’ poster signed by Hassall – appeal for the original
16/12 SS One Stop Photo shop
30/12 SS Arcadia Theatre picture
Harry Stow butcher closes down his 18 Roman Bank shop
Embassy Indoor Swimming Pool Construction
1989 4/1 SN Macabre find at Wainfleet
18/1 SN Skegness man recalls Japanese torture in WW2
27/1 SS Earl accused of blackmail
27/1 SS Mitchell rides – takeover
8/2 SN Mayor’s idea to extend King George V walk
15/2 SN Oldest property in town?
17/2 SS Kissogram for Mayor of Skegness Coun Harold Fainlight
3/3 SS Embassy indoor pool whilst being built
8/3 SN Old pictures – Penny All The Way and Mablethorpe bus
15/3 SN Pelican found on Ingoldmells beach
24/3 SS Car crash at Clock Tower
24/3 SS Variety Bar interior photo
31/3 SS Church procession photo (showing Major’s)
5/4 SN Merger of Freasons and Colin Seyman & Co solicitors as from 1st June 1989 (story not photographed)
12/4 SN Friskney Methodist Chapel 150th anniversary (includes picture)
12/4 SN New Tanglewood Care Home at Horncastle – pull-out feature which includes history and old pictures
12/4 SN More about the pelican found on Ingoldmells beach
3/5 SN Coronation Street Lynne Perrie to switch on Skegness Illuminations (not photographed)
12/5 SS Coun Fainlight unveils Jolly Fisherman Statue Compass Gardens
19/5 SS Victorian wooden sun house from Cricket ground transported to Church Farm Museum
26/5 SS Jolly Fisherman statue unveiled at the train station
7/6 SN New water leisure park proposal
16/6 SS Old Vine tree lopped down Dutch Elm Disease
21/6 SN Glimpse into the Past (old pictures) (not photographed)
28/6 SN Pictures from the Past
5/7 SM Missing steer
7/7 SS Skegness Boat People (Richmond dancers) at lifeboat station Drummond Road
14/7 SS Suicide at Gibraltar Point
19/7 SN Flag factory in Tower Gardens
26/7 SN Finds for Church Farm Museum
9/8 SN Carnival Queen crowned
30/8 SN Dead parrot court case
30/8 SN First turf dug at new water leisure park, by Mayor of Skegness
1/9 SS Feathers fly after parrot dies
SN Wooden serviette ring salvaged from wreck at Chapel St Leonards in 1939.
6/9 SN Old pictures Skegness and Chapel (war)
8/9 SS Skegness Grammar School first to go grant maintained
15/9 SS Young girls’ Hen Night pub crawl- on donkeys
18/10 SN Memorial bench in King George V Walk damaged by vandals
18/10 SN Old vehicles bought by Ellis
25/10 SN Old pictures car
27/10 SS Earthquake survivor
27/10 SS Bus crash (Miles)
8/11 SN Old pictures
29/11 SN Ken Holland baby picture
1/12 Story of Granny’s Opening Thrice Mayor, Coun Sam Moody cuts barricade wire, subsequent court hearing.
29/12 SS Donkey man, Sid Sewell dies
1/2 Pictures from the Past
22/2 Andrew & John Kirk butchers
8/3 Penny all the way sea front bus
8/3 Cost of honeycombed chalets demolition
12/4 Earl of Scarbrough’s letter to Earl of Scarbrough school pupil
19/4 Man injured after Crown hotel fire tumble
17/5 Orlando Santini Tudor Pub plans
17/5 Jolly Fisherman statue unveiled in Compass Gardens
24/5 Jolly Fisherman Statue positioned at train station
24/5 New open top bus arrives
24/5 St Clement’s church bell down for repair
24/5 Ben Hardaker bans saucy snaps from his photo shop
31/5 Artist impression of Sutton Court housing development Skegness
Jun Richmond School June Day Jaunt videos
Richmond School Sports Day
28/6 Lithograph pictures of old Skegness
5/7 St Clement’s church bell
Picture of High Street in 1860 and 1900
4/10 Buy a Brick new lifeboat house
15/11 Jolly Fisherman in PANTYHOSE

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  1. Why can I only read the stories which are highlighted in blue its so interesting to read these stories but wud of like to of read the others thanks from lisa whiley

  2. Because these are the only ones I’ve transcribed at the moment, Lisa.
    You can imagine how time-consuming it is to labouriously type up each story. I’ve already done 2,127, and that’s taken six years lol!
    If you want to see a particular story, let me know and I’ll make it priority.

  3. Hi, could you possibly put the ‘skegness family on tv tiswas’ story on the site?? I think it applies to me as my dad (Nev Gurnhill wrote some of the sketches for tiswas and I was lucky enough to go on when I was 12 in 1982.
    Many thanks
    David Gurnhill
    ps great site!

  4. Hi Skegness mag, I have just found your site and I have been avidly reading some of the articles on it. I was really pleased to have found the one about the filming of the Dam Busters, as I can recall going to Gibratar Point to watch it and my sister going all “googily” eyed over Richard Todd. I am writing to say that I would be really interested in reading more about the Wall of Death, I found the one showing the picture of Graham Cripsey among the 1971 articles. I was afriend of the Crispey children Gary, Jane and Graham, as my Grandmother lived over the road from them. If you could fill me in on more of the articles I would be most grateful, I often wonder what happened to them all.
    Thank you so much,
    Sheila Peasegood.

  5. i am looking for an aricle that was in the standard in october 1981 or 82 with the heading music loses a star it is a article on pam shaw passing away part of the duke lewis tior i hope you could help me.

  6. thanks very much for transcribing the tiswas story, it was about my dad and has brought back some great memories. Thankyou very much.
    David Gurnhill

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