Jolly Fisherman Steam Train Blazes a Trail into Skegness

Blazes on route cost £2,000
jolly_fisherman_trainTHE FIRST visit to Skegness station by a steam train since the regular service ended in 1965 did turn out to be a day to remember — sadly for all the wrong reasons.
As the “Jolly Fisherman” train, hauled by a 2-6-4 steam tank locomotive (number 80080), made its way to Skegness and on through Boston sparks set fire to grass embankments on the route — costing the fire brigade an estimated £2,000 in call-outs.
The first incident happened as the train, which was taking part in celebrations to mark the completion of the Victorian portico at the south Lincolnshire town’s station, travelled through Sleaford on its way to Skegness when a fire broke out on an embankment.
Three similar fires broke out at Great Hale, one at Eastville’s Bellwater Signal box, which was put out by Spilsby and Wainfleet fire crews using beaters and spades, and Havenhouse station where the locomotive’s hot cylinder set

fire to 50 metres of grass embankment and 25 metres of signal cable. Two fire engines from Skegness were called and used beaters and spades to put the fire out.

As the train neared Sibsey as it travelled south with a party of dignitaries, including the chairman of Lincolnshire County Council, Coun Bill Rawson, the Mayor of Skegness, Coun Ron Scott, and his Boston counterpart, Coun Joyce Dobson, sparks ignited 50 metres of grass embankment. The blaze was put out by Boston firefighters.


The train had been on a test run in preparation for a number of special excursions planned from Nottingham to Boston via Skegness In the summer.

A fire brigade spokesman sald: “Nostalgia is nice, but it took us right back to the old-fashioned fires we used to get years ago. It was an expensive bit of nostalgia!” * The first excursion will take place on Easter Saturday, April 10. Booking forms for the Skegness to Boston return journey are available from the Standard office.



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