Special Features

Special Features



1841 Census Skegness
Skegness Census 1851

Memory Lane

Those Were The Days by Peter Hopper
Memories of the 1953 Skegness Floods by Peter Hopper
Memories of a Teenage Skegness News Reporter by Peter Hopper
WW2 Child Evacuees in Skegness photos shared by Peter Hopper
Inside Burgh Windmill

People and Family History

Crawshaw Family Skegness Town Council
Grunnill Family History
Bateman Family History
Skegness Coastguard
Borman Coal Merchant
Broughton Antique Dealer
Berry Cycles
Overton Family History
Boatbuilder Thomas Green
Charles Fred Grantham
Joe Velich
D H Lawrence
The Bohemians Entertainers
Hildred Family History
Perrin Family History

Family Trees

Grunnill and Moody Family Tree
Bateman Family Tree
Crawshaw Family Tree
Earl of Scarbrough Family Tree
Hildred Family Tree
Perrin Family Tree

Walls Family Tree


St Nicholas Church Addlethorpe near Skegness Lincolnshire
Broughton’s Antique Shop
Merrie Meade Guest House
Orient Boys College
Old Ship Hotel
Wainfleet Magdalen College School
Skegness Street Guide 1894
Skegness Street Guide 1928
Isolation Hospital
Village School
National School Roman Bank
St Matthew’s Church Memorial Windows to Earl of Scarbrough

Old Holiday Guides

Views of Skegness 1880s
1898 Holiday Guide Trips to Lincolnshire
1958 Skegness Holiday Guide
1983 Skegness Holiday Guide
1920s Skegness Holiday Guide
1910 Skegness Holiday Guide

1968 Skegness Holiday Guide

1961 Derbyshire Miners Holiday Guide

Vintage Theatre Programs

Arcadia Theatre Programme 1958
Arcadia Theatre Programme 1977
Follies on Parade 1962
Skegness Playgoers Theatre Programme 1953

Old Skegness Street Guides

1894 Skegness Street Guide
1928 Skegness Street Guide

Skegness Photos

Recent and Old Skegness Photos and Postcards

Old World News

Jack the Ripper Murders Whitechapel
A Romantic Suicide
First Hanging Execution at Lincoln Prison

Street Maps

As an ongoing project, we’re building up a picture of how the streets of Skegness have changed over time, by plotting shops, pubs, hotels, houses etc as they look today in contrast with how they looked in the past.

St Clement’s Graveyard Plans

Old Maps of Skegness

1875 Plans for the development of Skegness as a seaside resort
Map of Skegness pre 1880s, showing the coal yard where the present-day Tower Gardens are situated
Old map of Skegness, post 1880, showing the old and current coastline, along with the supposed Roman road
Map of Skegness 1793
Map of Skegness 1981
Skegness Foreshore Scheme 1922

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  1. chris simpson says: when was the burgh road shortened{the burgh old road goes round the back of the welcome public house where as the “new bit” goes strait across. I have a feeling that at this point that there was a pit/ pond/mere as the land either side of the new ramper is approx three feet lower than the road.

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