Clock Tower Mystery Find


In 1998, a mystery box was found under the grass on Clock Tower Island – it contained RARE CINE FILM of JOLLY FISHERMAN from the 1930s. Where is this film now? Someone MUST remember – it was only 13 yrs ago!

AS readers may know, last month a Skegness Time Capsule was buried in the grounds of the famous Clock Tower, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the foundation stone being laid. Here is the story:

At this momentous occasion a mysterious box was found just below the surface of the grass where digging began. A plain black box was lifted and taken to be investigated at the Tourism Offices at Skegness.

Reports have now been released by Bob Suich, Tourisin Chief, that the box contained a time capsule dating from the 1930s including in it a cine film. After some weeks of painstakingly joining the disintegrated film together, it was shown yesterday for the first public showing.

The Tourism and Marketing Manager for ELDC, Keith Morrison described the find – “We are amazed to discover the coverage of Jolly’s early years. Imagine the capsule being buried there all of those years hiding Jolly’s early tapes.”

December 1998

So where is the film now, we wonder?


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