Woman Set Fire to Full Guesthouse

A WOMAN who set fire to a guesthouse full of holidaymakers and her own four children was jailed for life on Monday.

Carol Parker, 37, had recently been freed from a two-and-a-half-year sentence for starting five fires in a women’s refuge when she carried out the attack.
She lit two fires in a communal bathroom at a guesthouse where she had been staying with four of her five children in Lumley Road, Skegness.
Leicester Crown Court was told the first fire began at 6am, but was quickly detected by the landlady the second blaze was started at 7pm and again the landlady discovered the blaze after her daughter said she could smell smoke.
During the first fire, 14 people were in the house at the time, and during the second blaze there were 10 residents at home.
During both fires, which caused a total of £500 worth of damage, Parker’s children, aged between six and 14 years, were in the house.
Parker, of Edinburgh Avenue, Skegness, had previously pleaded guilty to two charges of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered on August 16 last year.
The court heard the mother-of-five had previously been living at the refuge at the time of the offences, including the Parker’s five children.
All five fires occurred in the bedrooms of the other residents, and in one case a young boy was injured when Parker set fire to his bed as he was sleeping.
Mark Kessler, defending, told the court that Parker suffered from a personality disorder and started fires under times of stress or pressure.
He appealed to Judge Christopher Young to impose a determinate sentence in a bid to give Parker hope for the future.
But the judge imposed two concurrent life-sentences and said it was his duty to protect people from her offending, adding: I can see no prospect of her changing in the future.

Source: Skegness Standard 1995


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