Skegness Infant School Demolished

This news article by the Skegness Standard provides us with valuable information regarding the Skegness Infants School.

It tells us that the old school was built in 1908 and an extension built in 1925. The school was demolished in 1998 and a photo of the demolition was published in the article.

The story revealed that some historical artifacts from the old building were to be preserved, namely the stones depicting the opening and the extension of the school, and old beams which, the article informs us, were to be used to build a pergola. We learn that the site of the old school was to be turned into landscaped gardens. We now know that this came to fruition and the new building was positioned further back. Excitingly, the old school bell was to be preserved and hung on one of the exterior walls of the new building.

End of an era…

It was the end of an era for Skegness’s oldest school building when demolition work began during half-term on the former premises of Skegness County Infant’s School.
Now that the pupils are happily housed in brand new classrooms, the old school is to make way for landscaped gardens.
A number of historical artifacts rescued from the building are to feature in the gardens including two stone signs, dated 1908 and 1925, which mark the date of the school and the addition of an extension.
Some of the building’s old beams will be used to make a pergola, while the old bell, which is to be used in the school’s new logo, will take pride of place on the new school wall.

February 1998

We set off on the trail of the old Infant school relics.

We were greeted at the school by Nancy, a friendly member of staff. “Were looking for some old relics”, we announced. “There are plenty around here!”, Nancy joked.

Nancy led me to some old stones which were lying in an outdoor area but within the security of the school.

school_relics 017

She then led me outside into the playground to point out the stone, set in the playground wall, which marks the 1925 extension of the school.

school_relics 018

Nancy informed me that the old school bell was actually in storage, in need of restoration, but the bell housing had been mounted on one of the building’s apexes.

school_relics 019

I inquired about the pergola which was reported to be constructed from beams taken from the old school. Nancy said that a pergola had been erected in the landscaped garden area, but it hadn’t been made from the old school beams.

I thanked Nancy for taking the time and trouble to guide me around the school.

Update 22nd October 2007.

We met Nancy by chance whilst shopping in Skegness. She told us that since our visit, she’d discovered more relics in the Junior part of the school and invited us back to take pictures of them. We’ll be returning to the school shortly to see what more we can find so don’t forget to check back.


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