Butlins Bares All Adult Weekend

News story review:

Butlins Skegness

The article tells us of the controversy of the Adult Weekend held at Butlins Skegness.

The article begins by saying that “Billy Butlin’s famous quote ‘any publicity is good publicity” was never more questionable than this week.” Apparently the tabloids really went to town on the story, describing the male and female strippers as a “nude reveller’s romp”.

The PR man for Butlins hit back by saying that the newspapers exaggerated the event which he described as just harmless fun.

Local church leaders are reported to have slammed the adult event and the Mayor of Skegness, Coun Edith Sutton, hoped people wouldn’t tarnish Skegness with the same brush as Butlins.

The event, according to the Mayor, was hindering the image of the town being a family resort.

“Billy Butlin’s famous quote “any publicity is good publicity” was never more questionable than this week.
Cheap and cheerful national tabloids did a hatchet job on Skegness’s family resort image after Butlin’s Funcoast World opened its doors for their steamiest event ever – “Adult Weekend”.
One tabloids depicted the bawdy bash, which included female strippers “Wet and Wild” and a male version, “The Centurians”, as little more than a “nude revellers romp”.
But this week, Butlin’s PR man, Charles Barker, hit back saying “This scurrilous reporting depicts a totally false picture of what actually happened.
“The weekends are harmless entertainment similar to that shown in pubs and clubs all over the country, and does not include lewd public displays, as suggested by the Daily Star.”Attack

The hi-di-hi camp was a prime target for a blistering attack from church officials prior to the event last weekend.
They branded the event as a “sign of a sick society going off the rails”.
The Rev Norman Walker, press secretary for the Skegness Felowship of Christian Churches said it was sad that the sex weekends were taking place in a resort that had built up a good family holiday centre image.
Now the raunchy revellers have returned home with their memories and left some local officials wondering just how they can convince next season’s tourists that Skegness really is a family resort.
Skegness’s Mayor, Coun Edith Sutton said she hoped people would not tarnish the town with the same brush as Butlin’s.
“But East Lindsey’s tourist department is trying to create a family image along the coast.
“I am very sure that most of our visitors would not appreciate this type of entertainment.”

Source: Skegness Standard 11th November 1994


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