£300 a Day to Keep Secrets

About £148,000 has been raised in the bid to save the valuable Brownlow manuscripts for Lincolnshire.
The total includes a, £10,000 grant from the Wolfson Trust.
The secret papers, found in a dusty attic at Belton House, include letters about Edward VIII’s abdication and his love affair with Wallis Simpson.
The County Council wants to rescue the documents and store them in the Lincoln Archive — but the price is £225, 000. About £300 a day is coming in.
Leisure and recreation committee chairman Coun Cyril Turner said: “We are delighted with the way things are going. Three hundred pounds a day is what I call steady progress. I can’t thank people enough for their generosity.
“To lose the Brownlow collection would be a tragedy for the county and the country. “
Note: It appears that the Brownlow Collection was, in fact, eventually secured by Lincolnshire County Council, as the documents are listed on the Council’s website.
Source: Skegness Standard 27th March 1992

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