Bedsit Teenager Dies after Codeine and Cider Mix

DEATH as the result of non-dependent abuse of drugs, was the verdict given on the death of 19-year-old Tristan Oliver, who died in September 1999.
Tristan Oliver and Dean Pryme, who was living in a bedsit at 10 Cecil Avenue, Skegness, had both been drinking strong cider all day.
Lee Pinches and John Belton were also living at 10 Cecil Avenue.
Dean Pryme was on codeine phosphate tablets for his bad leg and took them with alcohol because he said it gave him a buzz.
Mr Pryme said Tristan Oliver came round to see him about 2.45pm. He said Mr Oliver knew he was on pain killers and he helped himself to some. He later took some more. They had been on a drinking session all day. Mr Oliver complained that the tablets had made him itch.
That night, Mr Pryme went to the garage to buy some pot noodles for Lee Pinches and John Belton.
When he came back he found that Mr Pinches and Mr Belton had put Mr Oliver, who would not wake up, on Mr Pryme’s bed. Mr Pryme moved him to the settee. He said Mr Oliver had been sick and he wiped it off with a tea towel.
At that point he knew Mr Oliver was still alive because he moved his legs.
They then went to bed, but found the following morning at about 10am that Mr 0liver had sick coming out his mouth, blood coming out his nose, and had turned blue.
Mr Pryme said he realised he was dead and went to get his landlady Daphne Woodward to ring an ambulance.
The cause of death was given as an asphyxiation of codeine and alcohol.
Coroner Stuart Fisher gave the verdict that death had occurred as non-dependent abuse of drugs.


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