UFO Drama Over Gibraltar Point

A SKEGNESS woman has been recounting her sighting of a UFO off the coast over the weekend.
ufoDorothy Hinchliffe told the News: ”l was lying in bed looking out of the window and saw a very, very bright, sharp light going at quite a speed towards Gibraltar Point.”
She added: ”It was about 3am. I saw this thing streaming along. It was too bright to be an airplane. It had a very bright light which streamed along so smoothly.”
Miss Hinchliffe admitted she didn’t know if she believed in UFOs but is convinced it was ‘something.’ “You just don’t know what’s out there,” she said.
The ‘thing’ was also spotted on radar at RAF Neatishead. Flight Lieut Keith Swetman told the News: “Sometime in the early hours of the morning, several people saw lights in the sky. There also appeared to be some radar returns from the same area of an unidentified nature. We received reports that these lights moved down to Boston, then out over The Wash. They then appeared to remain stationary. The Ministry of Defence are correllating all the reports, and will produce a statement. In my own personal experience, no-one has convinced me yet that there are extra-terrestrial beings and spaceships out there.”
But Lieutenant Swetman went on to add that although no military aircraft were available to investigate, three civil aeroplanes did pass through the area. One out of the three reported seeing lights in the distance…
Colin White, from Yarmouth Coastguard, also commented on the strange sightings: “We got a call from the police reporting red and green lights in the sky, and we knew there were no aircraft in the area. We did contact several ships in the area who could see these lights.”
Police Sgt Mick Slowey said they received a report from one of their officers who was on patrol in the Addlethorpe area at the time of a red boomerang shaped object with a green light over the top of it, which seemed to be out to sea. He added that at the request of the coastguard, one of the police officers actually made a video recording of the phenomenon, which has now been passed on to the MoD for analysis.
Sgt Slowey also commented: “There was obviously something there, but no-one seems to know what it was. For it to be there so for so long is very strange. I like to keep an open mind about things, and personally, I don’t think the MoD will be able to find a rational explanation for it. I live right near the sea, actually, so I wish I’d seen it myself!”

Source: Skegness News 1996

Photo: Stock image


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