SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com)

1970 SM Mods & Rockers Riots Skegness 1970 Video
70/74 Sheffield Beauty Queen Game Show Hostess
1970 Jan Fravigars sweet factory moves to Grantham
7/1 Demolition of kiosks, Grand Parade entrance to Tower Gardens begins
14/1 SS Oh Buoy!
28/1 SS Fravigar dies in bike crash
18/2 Swimming baths nothing new (by Winston Kime)
18/3 Figure 8 amusement ‘bites the dust’
15/4 SS Landladies Larks advert picture
13/5 Demolition men reveal Michael Angelo painting
13/5 SS Squatters in litter bin
13/5 SS Human skeleton mystery unsolved
20/5 Wall of Death
20/5 SS Crocheted Queen’s portrait
20/5 SS New waterway boat is launched
10/6 SS Collecting specimens for Natureland
17/6 SS Mr Sparkes hires Auster to find lost model plane
24/6 SS Mr Sparkes gets his model aeroplane back
24/6 SS Mr Dutton dies
24/6 John Noakes visits Natureland
1/7 SS Jane Hardy is the first Miss Skegness of the season
8/7 SS New Solarium Tents fad hits Skegness
15/7 SS Sun castle pianist quits after 25 years
12/8 Sparky the elephant switches on Illuminations
19/8 SS Doctor’s son rescue (Pendrigh)
26/8 SS Mystery war medals
26/8 SS Man stung by giant jellyfish
2/9 SS Coun Walker at the bowling greens
23/9 SS Killer cat
23/9 SS Switchback Skegness band – Sid Dennis
7/10 Pier head demolished
7/10 SS Sun castle organist presentation
7/10 SS Skeleton of 15 year old girl found at Chapel St Leonards
28/10 Remember the old days (goats round Clock tower)
28/10 SS Mystery crash at St Clement’s Church
4/11 SS Pam Curtis and Roger Smith wedding
11/11 SS Horror field death girl
16/12 SS End of the line
18/12 New miniature railway
30/12 SS Janice Sutton Wizard of Oz
1971 6/1 Pier entrance takes shape
Graham Cripsey joins father’s Wall of Death
13/1 SS Warehouse fire Arcadia Road
13/1 SS Missing boy
20/1 Cafe Dansant is demolished
3/2 SS Valuable old plate found in drain
24/2 Rasmussen’s shop Vivo
17/3 SS Royal Scott train
17/3 SS Chairman Walker decides to quit
24/3 SS Royal Scott train
31/3 Jolly Fisherman joins charity walkers
7/4 SS Ship Inn manager tragic death
14/4 All aboard new miniature railway
21/4 SS Pictures of councillors
19/5 RTK supermarket opens on Drummond Road
26/5 Pier Head, Variety Bar and Information Centre opens
2/6 SS Prince of Wales visits Gibraltar Point nature reserve ??
2/6 SS Ray Clemence wedding
23/6 SS Dolphins too costly for Natureland
30/6 SS First pelican crossing opens at Clock Tower
30/6 SS Mystery of the Missing Circus
7/7/ SS Rowing boats used as flower containers
7/7 SS The Elite restaurant
7/7 SS Pelican crossing picture
7/7 SS Mayor presents Jolly Fisherman statue at Skegness Hospital
7/7 SS Seathorne swimming pool
14/7 ‘Jungle’ cleared for police station
14/7 Map
21/7 SS Prince Charles visits Gibraltar Point nature reserve
21/7 SS Vicky Bonnett meets star
4/8 SS Eartha Kit
11/8 SS Space Mission David Nixon Skegness illuminations switch on
13/8 RNLI flower display
1/9 Planes thrill Skegness
15/9 Butlin House to be demolished
20/10 SS John Palmer missing for 6 weeks
3/11 SS Janice Sutton dancer joins the Bluebells in Paris
10/11 SS Parade for sale shock
10/11 SS Crash horror
24/11 SS Palmer mystery phone call
1/12 Lion on Algitha Road
1/12 Lumley Road of the future
Old Foreshore Kiosks Demolition
15/12 SS Palmer appeal
1972 12/1 SS Palmer body found
12/1 SS Two die in car crash Hussey and Burton
19/1 Butlin House demolished
26/1 SS Fred Clements biography
9/2 SS Astroglide built
16/2 SS Windsor School of Dance
1/3 SS Woman fell through window
8/3 Hedley Grunnill
8/3 SS Pop Williams old Skegnessian
8/3 Co-Op roof extended
8/3 SS Skegness Clay Pipes factory
8/3 SS Rummage sale St Matthew’s Church Hall Ida Road
15/3 SS Firemen’s fancy dress party Parade Hotel
29/3 SS Tramp Party at the Sun castle
12/4 SS Arcadia girders
12/4 SS Local Butcher disappears
19/4 SS Local butcher’s body found
3/5 SS The FIRST astroglide in Skegness (flashback)
3/5 SS Janice Sutton dancers
17/5 SS Murder, blackmail and sex scandal
17/5 SS Friends save woman at sea
24/5 Sky Sentinel plans ditched
7/6 SS Ray Clemence
28/6 SS Flipper the nervous dolphin
5/7 SS Lovesick dolphin
19/7 Sun castle flood (flashback)
2/8 SS Father of 3 dies in crash horror (Mr Clynes Edward Amott)
16/8 SS Ulster soldier collars youths in Roof top drama
6/9 John Woodward signs £5m contract
13/9 SS Patches disco
27/9 SS Mary the dolphin girl
Sept Girl hides dead baby in her bedroom
Oct Hagworthingham church tower collapses
4/10 Children from Inglewood School Skegness
4/10 Downs Syndrome boy falls to his death from Skegness boarding house window
11/10 Police station
25/10 Train mows down 21 stray sheep
1/11 Fire Station completed
8/11 Skegness Landladies on Russell Harty TV show
15/11 Arcadia theatre gets new switchboard
22/11 Parents of Skegness-born famous footballer, Ray Clemence watch their son play on TV
29/11 SS Woman found dead in sea
20/12 Christmas lights switched on in Lumley Square Skegness
20/12 Arcadia Theatre saved from demolition – officially opened as Arcadia Centre by Rt. Hon. Viscount Eccles
Dec Skegness Lifeboat’s last trip to Lynn Well lightship
1973 10/1 Michael John Curtis & Linda Nottingham wedding
17/1 Mauritius pinches our Skegness Jolly Fisherman
24/1 Skegness rock band Seesaw member Richard Turland wedding
24/1 William Way named after Royal visit
31/1 Landladies Larks
14/2 New beer machine for Bateman’s brewery Wainfleet
14/2 Janice Sutton dancers
21/2 Navy probes into beach bomb find
21/2 Natureland gets new van
21/2 Skegness Landladies Larks on TV
21/2 Coun Harold Fainlight with girl guides
28/2 Phone pervert says he’s from Oldrids Boston
28/2 Telephone exchange
28/2 Fury at Grand Parade hotel building plans
7/3 Graham Kerr Seacroft Hotel chef
7/3 Frankie Vaughn at Festival Pavilion
7/3 John Woodward launches campaign after daughter diagnosed with cancer
7/3 Stand-in lifeboat for Skegness
14/3 New Skegness ballet school
21/3 Landaus will soon disappear in Skegness
21/3 Opening of the Mardi Gras nightclub in Skegness
4/4 Scouts make way for the dead at St Clement’s Church graveyard
25/4 SS Dolphinarium disaster
2/5 Lion goes for walk on Lumley Road
4/7 SS Indian toy danger
24/7 SS Annie Goose missing mum
31/7 SS Bear mauls circus man
12/9 SS Dore sister drown at Skegness
17/10 SS Scouts master
23/10 New police headquarters Park Avenue
14/11 SS Death crash car spun in air
14/11 SS Laundry fire Roman Bank
Ban The Exorcist from the Tower Cinema
Train horror – 21 sheep mowed down and killed
Skyride construction
SF Mountain Slide and Tarzan Glide
1974 9/1 Harold Fainlight painting presentation to Skegness Football Club
30/1 Skegness Landladies Pier Performance
6/2 The Thirty Club Castleton Boulevard closes its doors
13/2 Memorial clock presented to Arcadia Theatre
6/3 Professional footballer Ray Clemence returns to Skegness
6/3 Scouts chief alleged assault on young boy
6/3 Cox Ken Holland fires maroon to mark 150 years of Lifeboat
6/3 Wedding of Clock Tower builder’s descendant (Curtis)
20/3 Jolly its a Knockout cloth
30/3 Ode to Winter local poem
30/3 Miss Anglia posed for local businesses advert pictures
31/3 Skegness Urban District Council ceased to exist, Skegness now becoming part of the East Lindsey District Council
3/4 Bay City Rollers at the Variety Bar
10/4 Coun Harold Fainlight opens King George V Walk (from Burgh Road to Winthorpe)
24/4 Fenland Laundry Plant goes up
24/4 It’s a Knockout practice
24/4 Bob Kerr is Jolly Fisherman
May It’s a Knockout in Skegness
8/5 Lion Hotel interior photo
8/5 Coun Harold Fainlight
15/5 Inglewood Private School
15/5 Miss Knockout beauty queen
29/5 SS Jolly Fisherman posters with SUDC stamp
5/6 Fire at Butlin’s Camp
12/6 Butlin’s Princes Building destroyed by fire
19/6 Graham Kerr
16/6 Patches nightclub reopens
19/6 Blaze on High Street
4/7 Indian toy danger
24/7 Annie Goose missing mum
24/7 Double yellow lines on Grand Parade
31/7 Bear mauls circus man
7/8 SS Snow White puppet show outside Embassy
28/8 Pier crammed with people for Norman Wisdom show
12/9 Dore sisters’ tragic drowning
18/9 Seacroft train station stationmaster’s house turned into Pet Crematorium
2/10 SS Herbert Sharpe retires from lifeboat crew
17/10 Scout master sexual assault
6/11 Miss Gibraltar, Miss World contestant visits Gibraltar Point Skegness
4/12 Janice Sutton dance school opens on Grantham Drive, Skegness
11/12 People queuing for bread during national strikes
Gibraltar Point Visitors Centre opened by David Attenborough
Oct Skyride erection
Jolly Fisherman Embroidery Cloth
1975 1/1 SS Fire at the County Hotel
1/1 SS Morley Adams dance school
15/1 SS Exorcist review by John Cowpe
5/2 SS Nude volleyball
5/2 SS Beach ball ‘bombs’
5/3 SS Baby death mother gets four years jail sentence
19/3 Wainfleet Rd houses demolished for one way system
19/3 SS Stewards of the Hildred’s Hotel, Seacroft Hotel and the Lily whites Club
19/3 SS Ray Clemence
26/3 Wainfleet Rd houses demolished for one way system
2/4 Sky Ride
16/4 SS Parade Hotel DJ
23/4 SS Lion cub at the County Hotel
30/4 SS Old fire station building
26/5 Hildred’s Hotel becomes a listed building
4/6 SS Sand dig kids cheat death when they’re almost buried alive
4/6 SS Skegness Pottery opens in John Pountney’s garage, Burgh Road (Jackson Shipley’s now) (father Frank Pountney)
18/6 Firemen rescue fireman from Sky Ride
16/7 Beach train introduced
16/7 Future of Parade Cinema debated
6/8 SS Crossroads soap star, Amy Turtle switches on Skegness illuminations
27/8 SS Lion cubs at Skegness zoo
3/9 SS Thieves make themselves a cuppa
10/9 Mystery sand castles appear on central beach
10/9 SS Cilla’s car makes history on Skegness pier
17/9 SS First female DJ in Skegness
15/10 Pier alterations
15/10 SS Skegness pier from the Variety Bar
22/10 DJ Emperor Rosco at the Mardi Gras
22/10 Removal of the Jungle
5/11 SS Boys save the pier pavilion from fire
17/12 SS Morley Adams dance school
17/12 SS Rasmussen’s fined for selling mouldy chocolates
SS Skegness music group “Wot” a success at Skegness Pier Hotel
31/12 SS Councillor Brian O’Connor’s wedding at St Clement’s church
Royal Marines assault course on the Pier field
1976 Friends of Church Farm Museum
14/1 SS Town brass band
14/1 SS Warman School of Dance
21/1 First shops in Lumley Road Skegness 1890s
4/2 Mobile units supplied by Blue Anchor for government offices on Briar Way
4/2 Tower Gardens pond get face lift
4/2 SS Coughing fit may explain death driver (Parker)
4/2 SS Children take tablets after thinking they’re sweets
11/2 SS Briar Way Garages demolished to make way for market
25/2 SS Norah Canning dance class
3/3 SS Baffling bus shelter
10/3 SS Charles Lane and Frazer
10/3 Fire at Tower gardens Pavilion
10/3 SS Artist get gallery in pub bar (Woods)
24/3 Last auction at Tower Gardens Pavilion?
31/3 Sands Show bar plans
31/3 Wainfleet Road one way system
31/3 SS Berry Way named after the Berry Family of Skegness
7/4 Arcadia Theatre seating renewed
7/4 SS ‘No Digging’ rule on new Richmond council housing estate
12/4 Parade Cinema turned into Penny Arcade
28/4 SS Church Farm Museum
5/5 SS Dolphin medical check-up
5/5 SS Memorial clock in Arcadia Theatre Skegness Playgoers
5/5 SS Gorilla hits holidaymaker
12/5 SS Co-op Arts Group
12/5 SS Look out on the move
19/5 SS Margaret Thatcher childhood in Skegness memories
19/5 Church Farm Museum officially opened by Coun Harold Fainlight
26/5 SS Briar Way Market
26/5 SS Hildred’s Hotel becomes a listed building
26/5 SS Church Farm museum officially opened
26/5 SS Briar Way indoor market
may SS Sycamores house on High Street (pull-out supplement)
may SS Woolworth’s and Skegness shops memories (pull-out supplement)
2/6 SS Alvin Benson fire engine
2/6 SS Morley Adams dance school
2/6 SS Bier Garten staff photo
9/6 SS Guys and Dolls pop group riding on donkeys photo
9/6 SS King Kong Cameraman is jailed
16/6 SS Dog shot dead when it prevent help for dying master
16/6 SS Morris school pupils help restore Church Farm Museum
16/6 SS Sands Show bar staff photo
June SS Aerial photo of Skegness
June Skegness Lions Club formation
23/6 Church Farm Museum
7/7 SS Vince Hill at the Vine Hotel
14/7 SS Debbie Jenner Skegness dancer
14/7 SS Church Farm museum donation of mystery object
21/7 SS Ray Clemence
4/8 SS Farrar chemist retires
11/8 SS Ladybird invasion
11/8 SS Rain dance
11/8 Sands Show bar – death of a dream?
18/8 SS Church Farm Museum steam engine in Carnival Parade
6/10 SS Debbie Jenner Skegness dancer
1/9 SS Church Farm Museum another mystery donation
20/10 Workmen repair Pavilion after blaze
27/10 Honeycombed chalets appear on beach
27/10 SS Seacroft Hotel to be turned into a residential home plans
3/11 SS Factory closes
3/11 SS Barber & Nichols factory job losses
3/11 SS Girl footballer banned
10/11 St Matthew’s church interior alterations
17/11 SS Debbie Jenner Skegness dancer
24/11 SS Body found in ditch – Starmer
1/12 SS Pier and Mitchells merger
15/12 SS Blaze at the Red House
29/12 BBC Mending clock at County Hotel
Richmond County Primary School opens on the site of the former Skegness United Football Ground
Parade Cinema becomes the Penny Parade amusement arcade, owner Joe Sales
Exam Fear Girl Suicide Heather Orr
Roman Bank Pottery opens
Royal Marines assault course
1977 5/1 SS Film making in Skegness
12/1 SS Mitchell’s ride factory
19/1 SS Thorns on the beach
19/1 SS Ghosts in Skegness Grammar School
28/1 SS Youth on Parade replaces the Landladies Larks
11/2 SS Co-op Art Group Rose Marie production
18/2 Wooden box office at Arcadia Theatre demolished
18/2 SS Richmond School opens
25/2 SS Randall
11/3 SS Walker/Sadler pictures
13/3 Sid Dennis band
25/3 SS Fry Fred Clements
1/4 Steibel makes Skegness centenary Jolly Fisherman lace
1/4 SS Coun Gary Ellis wedding
8/4 SS Jolly Fisherman original sculpture presented to Skegness Town Hall
SS Why was 1977 chosen to celebrate Skegness’ centenary? (pull-out supplement)
SS Years of growth as a seaside town (pull-out supplement)
22/4 SS Children’s home on Franklin Avenue Skegness Lincolnshire County Council
22/4 Earl of Scarbrough opens Church Farm Museum
22/4 SS Earl Scarbrough Church Farm Museum
29/4 SS Ray Clemence book signing
29/4 SS New Roman Bank Pottery
May Red House demolished
6/5 SS The Thor – vessel rescued by Skegness Lifeboat
13/5 SS Runaway steer is rescued by lifeboat then shot dead
13/5 SS New Mayor for Skegness Coun Harry Hall
3/6 SS ‘Red House’ demolished
24/6 New Arcadia Theatre box office
1/7 SS Centenary stone laid in Compass Gardens
8/7 Osbert House
15/7 Blue rock – relic of the ice Age?
29/7 SS Butlin and Duchess of Gloucester picture (flashback to 1939)
5/8 SS Missing dolphins mystery
5/8 SS Carnival picture- refers to Skegness Castle
19/8 SS Flashback picture
19/8 SS Kids in the swim
19/8 SS Church Farm Museum carnival float
19/8 SS Celia Warman school of dance carnival float
SS Skegness celebrates the Queen’s Silver Jubilee
Aug SS Billy Butlin’s last visit to Skegness – switched on illuminations. He stayed at County Hotel which was built on the site of his first amusement park
2/9 SS Centenary flashback – Big Dipper
9/9 SS Save the Jungle poem
9/9 SS Moody’s chemist wins Silver Jubilee prize
9/9 SS Bucks cafe
16/9 Skegness Barrow Boys (and girls)
23/9 SS Mrs Randall is 100 years old
30/9 SS Fenland laundry
30/9 SS Ingoldmells smithy
7/10 SS Vessy/Sayer marriage
7/10 SS Australian pen pal visits Skegness
7/10 SS Magic Eye for Skegness lifeboat
28/10 Auctioneer Fred Scoggins at Pavilion Tower Gardens
28/10 SS War relics auctioned (Fred Scoggins)
28/10 SS Doorman George’s models
4/11 SS More about Ingoldmells farming
11/11 SS Skegness to Boston bus in the 1920s
18/11 SS Carnival picture 1933
Original Jolly Fisherman statuette presented to Skegness Council
Arcadia Theatre Programme 1977
1978 13/1 Contraband – Skegness jazz group
20/1 SS Old fire engine picture
29/1 Pier destroyed by storms (night of January 11th)
3/2 SS Ferret attack
17/2 SS Pet sniffs out cash
24/2 SS Broome family
20/3 Pictures of the old firemen in Skegness
7/4 SS Jolly Fisherman Lottery
28/4 SS Tony Benn in Skegness
28/4 SS Old picture of Burgh brewery which is now demolished
5/5 Cyril Smith MP takes a ride in a Landau in Skegness
5/5 SS Barlow’s shop history
19/5 SS New bus station
28/5 Former bus station – Drummond Road (closed on 14th May)
28/5 Two open-top buses to run on sea front
26/5 SS Firemen strike
26/5 SS Ghost train opens at Botton’s Pleasure Beach
26/5 SS Open-top bus shuttle
26/5 SS Drummond Road bus station
2/6 Water tower to be demolished
2/6 SS Water Tower to be demolished next year
2/6 Aerial view of Skegness
9/6 Painting of horse – gift to Skegness hospital
16/6 SS Surfs across the Wash
16/6 SS Traveller’s Wedding in Skegness
16/6 Astroliner ride installed on the Pier
16/6 Skegness pottery photo of interior
16/6 SS Crossed Wash on Wind Surfer
23/6 SS Removal of seating from the Pier Theatre to Festival Pavilion
30/6 SS Pentecostal Church opens on Lansdowne Road (not photographed)
21/7 SS New pleasure trains on sea front
4/8 Wall of Death
4/8 SS Sweet Shop horror ride
18/8 SS Jolly Fisherman Lottery
8/9 SS Warman dance school
15/9 SS Smugglers
22/9 Briar Way indoor market wall collapses 2 killed 14 injured
22/9 SS Randall profile
6/10 DHSS on Wainfleet Road opens
10/11 SS Cromwell relics found
24/11 SS Skegness Urban District Council dustcart from the 1920s
1/12 SS Old picture of the switchback railway
8/12 Gomersall Terrace Then & Now
15/12 SS Missing Ming statue
Tower Cinema changed hands – rebuilt with cinema upstairs
1979 5/1 SS Britain’s longest strike
12/1 SS Old Pilgrims token
26/1 Flashback to Sept 1978 – Indoor Briar Way market wall collapses
2/2 SS Cast Stone works closes down
2/2 SS Changing scene of North Parade
16/2 SS Three cinemas in Skegness (Tower Cinema Closure)
9/3 SS Mastin Printer founder’s death
30/3 Adeline Lee (fortune teller) reads DJ Pete Murray’s palm
6/4 Old reading rooms
6/4 SS National Westminster bank then and now
4/5 SS New amusement park rides – Zyclon and Astroliner
11/5 SS Margaret Thatcher’s corner shop
18/5 SS New owner for Skegness Miniature Railway
1/6 Zyclon at Botton’s amusements
1/6 SS Elsa Barratt retires
1/6 Embassy Theatre
8/6 SS New bridge for Tower Gardens
15/6 SS Roman Bank Church closure
22/6 SS Roman Bank then and now
29/6 SS Scarbrough Avenue Then & Now
6/7 SS Baby seal watch at Natureland
20/7 SS Alford – Sutton steam tramway
3/8 SS Girl struck by lightening Skegness beach
10/8 YMCA Then & Now
10/8 SS Oliver Cromwell’s head mystery – a Lincolnshire man’s claim
7/9 Derbyshire Children’s home Then & Now
7/9 SS Skegness railway station tea trolley
14/9 SS Skegness TV Station Closes Down
21/9 Skyride Then & Now
28/9 SS Miniature railway then and now
5/10 SS Walk marks Roman Bank Methodist church closure
5/10 SS Flamingo egg at Natureland
19/10 SS Local newspapers indexed
2/11 SS Madhouse
2/11 SS Rolf Harris at Bateman’s Brewery
9/11 SS Death-watch beetle at Church Farm Museum
16/11 SS Hardaker music shop sold off
16/11 SS Malcolm Epton death at 21 Wainfleet Road
23/11 v Seely House fate
23/11 Salvation Army Citadel and Sycamore House old photo
7/12 Briar Way building collapse trial verdict
Sea Saw Skegness rock group released an LP record
The Sycamores a listed building
Lumley Road Co-op purchases adjacent building to the east ready for expansion

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