PG Tipps Chimps Love Skegness

SKEGGIE is tops with TVs famous Tipps family – and that’s official!
The lovable chimps, whose antics have delighted millions as they plug that good old British beverage PG Tips tea, are just wild about Skegness and regularly come to the seaside for their summer hols, according to the Secret Diary of Kevin Tipps.
Kevin’s secret diary revealed a picture of Auntie Dolly in her `Kiss-me-Quick’ hat and Uncle Phil resplendent in knotted hanky, soaking up the sunshine in deck-chairs on the beach.
In his diary, Kevin wrote that his relatives would rather come and monkey-around in Skegness than anywhere else: “Auntie Dolly says she and Uncle Phil are going to Skegness as usual for the annual hols. We can’t persuade them to come abroad with us. Auntie Dolly gave me a photo of her in her Kiss-me-Quick hat, she said she was hoping Uncle Phil would take a hint and bought him one too, and winked!”
Kevin’s words raised a smile from head of tourism, Bob Suich, who said he was very pleased that such distinguished visitors were favouring Skegness: “It just shows how famous we are.” He said he hoped other tourists would ape Dolly and Phil Tipps, and come to Skegness for their 1996 summer holiday rather than go overseas.
Tourism and amenities chairman, Cllr Bud Shields, said he thought Skegness an ideal holiday resort for the Tipp family: “It has excellent facilities for chimps. There’s the trellis along the Tower Gardens for them to swing on and they can go and play with the Jolly Fisherman on the beach.” Cllr Shields also suggested that a civic dinner be laid on for the chimps so they could meet the town’s mayor, and he added one other facility which he thought had attracted them to Skegness: “The water here is wonderful — it makes excellent cups of tea!”

1996_SN 003-002

Source: Skegness News 10th January 1996


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