SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine TG = The Graphic (London, England) RN = Reynolds’s Newspaper IJ = The Ipswich Journal LW = Lloyds Weekly GH = Glasgow Herald NC = Newcastle Weekly Courant BM = Bristol Mercury AJ = Aberdeen Weekly Journal IPN = Illustrated Police News

1890s Skegness House (Moat House) demolished
1890s early Dutton’s Cash Stores opens on Lumley Road (founder G. H. J Dutton)
1890s pre 1895 Lady Scarbrough’s Convalescent Home opens north end of Park Avenue, later became Marine Villa, Towers Hotel and demolished early 1980s
Barlow’s Grocery shop established in Lumley Road (owned by James Barlow, council chairman 1898-1899)
1890 SH Advert for Skegness College, Lumley Road
SH 3/1 Sad Catastrophe at West Ham Industrial School – 26 Boys suffocated (National news)
SH 10/1 Housebreaking Jessie Gordon McLeod, David Skinner’s house, South Parade, Skegness
SH 17/1 Derby man, (Queens Street), Abraham Smith aged 49, drowns in Skegness (not photographed)
SH 30/1 Death of Mr W Haslam by consumption, aged 52, and for many years the Station Master at Skegness Train Station.
SH 14/2 Death of Mr Toyne
SH 21/2 Numbering the houses
SH 7/3 Grand National hopeful at Skegness
SH 7/3 Cow Club formation proposed
SH 7/3 Horrible discovery in Poland
SH 14/3 Death of Richard Houghton
SH 21/3 Rowley’s new shop on Lumley Road
SH 21/3 Cow Club
SH 28/3 Sheep stealing – exciting chase and capture – Thomas Porter Cole of High Street Skegness
SH 11/4 High tide wreaks havoc on South Parade Marine Gardens
SH 11/4 Lifeboat rescues crew from distressed vessel
SH 18/4 Fire brigade drill
SH 2/5 Erection of shops on beach (not photographed)
SH 2/5 Mr Row, Skegness’ oldest shop-keeper petitions for ban against the erection of stalls in the High Street
SH 9/5 A sad occurrence – Skegness to Burgh mail cart driver, George Harness, obituary appears but he’s still alive!
SH 16/5 National School exams and inspection report
SH 16/5 Serious damage to Mr Randall’s nursery
SH 30/5 Professor Talbot’s phrenology clinic – private entrance from the Pleasure Gardens
SH 30/5 Caution to railway passengers – boy’s head severely injured when he was hanging out of window of Boston train
SH 27/6 Advert for Pembroke House as a guest house, proprietor Mrs Sarah Hildred late of Hildred’s Hotel.
SH 11/7 Earl of Scarbrough visits Skegness – stays at the Pier Hotel
SH 19/9 Death of baby Herbert Everitt
SH 8/10 Extraordinary high tide
SH 21/11 Reward for bravery Richard Heaton of Lumley Road for recovering body of Hugh Arnold
SH 28/11 Reopening of the boys’ reading room at the Rectory
SH 28/1 Sad case of drowning Samuel Croft
SH 12/12 Two Brearley deaths
SH 19/12 Brearley funerals
SH 26/12 Amendment to Brearley funerals report
James Barlow’s Grocery Shop established on Lumley Road
Fire at the Skegness Herald Offices
Whales captured by Perrin and Moody and displayed in Skegness Baths
Quadrant No 8 tricycle made by Berry of High Street
Victorian Cabinet Card Charles Smyth Photography
Smyth’s Photographic Views of the Shannon
1891 Derbyshire Poor Boys Home opens on Roman Bank Skegness, junction of Ida Road
Nottingham Convalescent Home (later miners’ home) established at Seathorne, Winthorpe, from a legacy by Charles Seeley MP for Nottingham.
SH 30/1 Accident at Wainfleet Road brickworks – John Green
SH 27/3 Captain Iremonger shot (story not photographed)
SH 17/4 Turf and trees laid on verges by Earl of Scarbrough, but are being destroyed by the public
SH 24/4 Suicide of the Town Crier, Richard Kemp
SH 15/5 Death of Crimean War hero
SH 24/5 Town crier commits suicide
Jun The Nottingham Sunday School Union Seaside Home for Scholars opens on Rutland Road, adjoining Hiley’s Restaurant (Nat West Bank)
SH 5/6 Fire at the Fireworks Factory (Rowley)
SH 19/6 William Gilliatt died after Fire at Fireworks Factory
SH 3/7 Jack Tar salted by boatman
SH 10/7 Official opening of Nottingham Convalescent Home by Miss Seeley (story not photographed)
SH 10/7 TO LET, – Harewood House (Col Iremonger’s House now Charnwood, Scarbrough Ave) apply Jackson of Skegness
SH 24/7 Latest novelty on sands
SH 24/7 Mr Rowley charged with unlawful manufacture of fireworks
SH 31/7 Fatal accident of a visitor
SH 31/7 Grand Egyptian bazaar in Pleasure Gardens, attended by Earl and Countess of Scarbrough (story not photographed)
SH 7/8 The day a drove of goats came to Skegness
SH 28/8 Recent fire at Skegness – verdict
SH 11/9 National School and free education
SH 11/9 Professor Talbot phrenologist
SH 2/10 Assault on the sands
SH 2/10 Sudden death in the Pleasure Gardens – Mrs Huxham, sister of Mr Machin of Burgh
SH 6/11 A wedding blunder – bride marries Best Man (Brearley Hill)
SH 13/11 Capt Sam Moody wrecked off Ramsgate
SH 11/12 Skegness to Chapel St Leonard’s railway
SH 11/12 Little girl attacked by a cow – Annie Collingwood, aged 11 of Roman Bank, Winthorpe
BP 29/12 Skegness to Chapel railway line
1892 SH 1/1 Improvements to Green Bank
SH 1/1 Children who work on the sands, and coxswain T Smalley, presented with warm clothing
SH 15/1 Alarm of fire (Robert Moore’s Lumley Road premises – extinguished by Rowley)
SH 22/1 Vandals extinguished lamps
SH 22/1 New organ for the Wesleyan Chapel
SH 12/2 Death of lifeboat man, Joseph Moody
SH 19/2 Accident to the Burgh Mail
SH 18/3 Death of an old inhabitant – Senescall, proprietor of the only shop in Skegness before its development as a seaside resort
SH 8/4 Woes at the Cow Club
SH 27/5 Tramway on the sands is removed
SH 3/7 The Nottingham Sunday School Union Seaside Home for Scholars (part photographed)
SH 15/7 Derby poor boys’ seaside home
SH 22/7 Indecent assault
LM 25/7 Lord of the Manor of Skegness
SH 12/8 Sudden death on the sands – Eleanor Horton Thompson, aged 42, of Newton near Doncaster
SH Advert for Mrs. Perrin’s Noah’s Ark
SH 2/9 Donkey drivers in trouble
SH 9/9 Rev Baldwin’s Balloon Ascent at the Cricket Ground and Mr Rowley’s Firework Display announcement
SH 16/9 Rev Baldwin’s Balloon Ascent at the Cricket Ground and Mr Rowley’s Firework Display
SH 16/9 Capture of another whale
SH 30/9 Skegness Wesleyan Chapel anniversary (not photographed)
SH 30/9 Rev Baldwin resigns from the clergy of Skegness
SH 7/10 Lamp explosion at Mr George Enderby’s house, Roman Bank
SH 7/10 Primitive Methodist Chapel anniversary (not photographed)
SH 21/10 Sunfish washed ashore – found by Joe Moody and sent to London for exhibition
SH 28/10 New rector for Skegness is Rev C P Disbrowe MA after Rev Francis Baldwin resigns
TG 29/10 Rare visitor to English waters – a sunfish caught in Skegness
SH 11/11 Man falls from St Clement’s church belfry
SH 11/11 Induction of new rector (not photographed)
SN 7/1/42 Methodist Church granted license to perform marriages (first wedding is Frank Blades and Susan Waller)
SH 15/1 Who bathed in the sea 500 years ago in Skegness? (Letter to editor by Robert M Heanley) flashback
Severe Gale
Freshney & Webb set up their tailors shop at 40/42 Lumley Road, moving from Spilsby
1893 SH 6/1 Severe weather – ice skating on the brick pond
SH 10/1 Dr Bernard moves into Pembroke House previously occupied by Mrs Sarah Hildred
SH 2/2 Erection of Street Lamps in Skegness
SH 3/3 Battle for Skegness Sands court case
SH 17/3 Charles Hildred is appointed Pier Manager, succeeding Mr Wigglesworth who moved to Blackpool
SH 17/3 Scarbrough Avenue Baths changes hands
SH 24/3 Sea View Hotel sold
SH 24/3 Effects of the Skegness Sands court case
SH 24/3 Sea View Hotel is sold by auction
SH 31/3 Sea View Hotel sold (more)
SH 14/4 Gaming on Syne Hills
SH 14/4 Health Inspector visits Skegness – cholera epidemic
SH 21/4 Sea View Hotel celebrations
SH 21/4 Capon switches jobs
SH 28/4 Re-opening of St Paul’s Church
SH 12/5 Old custom observed – beating of the bounds
SH 26/5 George Randall, fruitier of Lumley Road sues Rev J S Lee, former minister of St Paul’s of Skegness
SH 9/6 Death at Prince Alfred Avenue
SH 16/6 Death at Prince Alfred Avenue inquest (not photographed)
SH 30/6 Royal Wedding supplement (Prince George)
SS 20/7/1932 Lifeboat, bedecked for Royal Wedding, outside Lumley Hotel
AJ 10/7 Shannon Disaster Victims Named
SH 14/7 The Shannon Disaster Tragic pleasure boat disaster 30 dead
NC 22/7 Shannon disaster mourners robbed at graveside
LW 23/7 Shannon survivor’s letter of thanks
LW 23/7 More Shannon Disaster bodies found
BP 24/7 Body washed ashore – Shannon disaster boatman, Edward Grunnill
SH 28/7 Home of Rest officially opened
SH 28/7 Boating disaster – more bodies found
SH 4/8 Smyth’s Photographic Views of the Shannon (the photos were not published in the newspaper)
SH 4/8 Mrs J Crawshaw receives the presentation for the “laying out of bodies” from Shannon Disaster
SH 11/8 Narrow escape from drowning
SH 18/8 Narrow escape from drowning – letter to editor from rescued man, Arthur Dicks
SDT 2/9 Spikin’s Museum Contents Disposed Of
SH 22/9 A cruel and stupid hoax
SH 20/10 Shopping bill charged to the Queen (Randall’s shop, Lumley Road)
SH 24/11 Terrific gale – vessels wrecked – terrible loss of lives
SH 1/12 Funerals of bodies from gales – Dashwood Grunnill and Spence
SH 15/12 Former Pier Master, Hugh Wigglesworth’s 6-year-old daughter’s death (Blackpool)
SH Skegness Sea Bathing 1300s
SH Skegness Photographer’s Death (Charles Burnham)
Jabez Grunnill presented with medal for Shannon disaster
92/93 SH Severe gales cause damage to St Matthew’s church and Lion Hotel
1894 DM 3/1 A large portion of the Skegness sailing boat, ‘The Shannon’ washed ashore
SH 23/2 Death of Liddall Saville House North Parade
SH 9/3 Gale damage in Lumley Road
SH 9/3 Accident – Mr Brown, carriage proprietor, Rutland Road
SH 9/3 Former Skegness Pier Master, Hugh Wigglesworth appointed Pier Master at Blackpool
SH 16/3 Skegness Boating Disaster Relief Fund – final meeting and accounts (Shannon disaster)
SH 30/3 Avery’s Penny Guide to Skegness – new revised edition due to be published (includes advert)
SH The Earl of Skegness
SH 13/4 Unusual flowering tree
SH 27/4 Beating the Bounds – old English custom
LC 5/5 Church Home of Rest Ida Road
SH 11/5 A prolific dog
SH 11/5 Account of the first Baptisms service at St Paul’s Baptist Church Skegness
SH 18/5 Runaway horse
SH 18/5 Disappointing trip
SH 25/5 Novel pigeon shooting – plus advert
SH 25/5 Earl of Scarbrough party at Skegness
SH 25/5 First anniversary of St Paul’s Baptist Church (not photographed)
SH 22/6 Death of Charles Hildred’s wife
SH 6/7 Sudden death at Sea View Hotel
SH 13/7 New attraction – Crystal Maze on North Parade
SH 27/7 Consecration of new churchyard extension
SH 3/8 National call to make isolation hospitals compulsory
SH 3/8 Bizarre talking dog (world news)
SH 24/8 Bostock’s menagerie at Skegness
SH 7/9 Adding a tower to St Matthew’s Church discussed
SH 21/9 Robbery of watch and medal
SH 5/10 First interment in the new graveyard
SH 19/10 Extension of North Parade commences
SH 20/10 Accident to circus horse (Goodwin the captain of the yacht at Gibraltar Point)
SH 26/10 Death of Sleight
SH 26/10 Death of Dobson
SH 26/10 Marriage Borman and Warth
SH 16/11 Extraordinary diving feat
SH 29/11 A hurried wedding at St Matthew’s Church
SH 30/11 Presentation by Local Board to Grantham on his wedding (not photographed)
SH 14/12 Presentation to the Misses Grantham for community work (not photographed)
SH 14/12 Death of an infant from convulsions
Skegness Street Guide 1894
First Baptism St Paul’s Baptist Church
1895 SH 11/1 Robbers
SH 18/1 A sickening and gruesome find – mutilated body washed ashore
SH 1/2 Presentation to coastguard – Woollett
SH 15/2 Ice floes cast ashore
SH 15/2 Soup kitchen recently opened in Skegness
SH 22/2 Blowing up of a wreck with powder cotton
SH 22/2 ‘Vesta’ beached ashore
SH 22/2 New soup kitcheng
SH 22/2 Crawshaw to move – letter
SH 1/3 Swan shot and stuffed
SH 1/3 more re Blowing up of a wreck with powder cotton
SH 1/3 Eli Hudson wins scholarship
SH 22/3 Death of John Moody – Skegness lifeboat
SH 4/4 Lifeboat rescue
SH 26/4 Skegness Golf Club officially opened by Earl of Scarbrough (Seacroft) first ball drove off by Earl of Scarbrough
SH 17/5 Plans for toilets outside Hildred’s Hotel
SH 14/6 Accident Warth
SH 14/6 Wigglesworth birth and death
SH 21/6 Death of Verger of St Matthew’s Church – John Dunn (story not photographed)
SH 28/6 Bad storm lightning damage
SH 19/7 Seesaw erected
SH 17/7 Fatal fall from train
SH 19/7 Drowning fatality
SH 19/7 Determined suicide of a visitor
SH 26/7 More about body lost at sea
SH 2/8 Dutton phrenologist
SH 9/8 More about the brig ‘Vesta’
SH 9/8 Launch of lifeboat
SH 9/8 Exciting scene on the beach
SH 9/8 Tea booth trouble
SH 16/8 Whale museum
SH 16/8 Alteration re Russian Brig story
SH 16/8 Terrific storm
SH 16/8 Fire on the Pier
BM 28/8 Skegness boat disaster
SH 30/8 Boating disaster
JO 7/9 Boating disaster
LW 8/9 Brave skipper, Arthur Riches saves nine lives when Princess of Wales pleasure boat sinks
SH 20/9 Iona on fire – loss of life
SH 4/10 Boating disaster body identified – Herring
SH 6/9 Scarbrough Avenue baths largest in the country
SH 29/11 Woman sentenced to death for murder of baby (Lincoln) – Hannah Elizabeth Wright
SH 13/12 Ghastly discovery – human remains at a Winthorpe cottage
SH 27/12 Unpleasant experience in gale – top hats blow away
SH Skegness land plots to become freehold instead of leasehold
1896 Mr WT Berry’s Bicycle Shop commenced in High Street (not found a story relating to this)
SH 3/1 Large tree washed ashore
SH 3/1 Two bodies washed ashore
GH 6/1 Board of Trade Pleasure Boats Report
SH 17/1 Death of Skegness Postmaster – Howell
SH 17/1 Suicide A Constable Committed for Burglary A Constable Committed for Burglary A Constable Committed for Burglary A Constable Committed for Burglary
SH 31/1 Alicia inquiry
SH 14/2 Explosion of an aerolite over Madrid
SH 21/2 Body of a Lynn man washed ashore
SH 10/4 Improvements – Green Bank
SH 10/4 Enlargement of the railway station
SH 17/4 Torpedo boats coming
SH 17/4 Grave at St Clement’s Church – Verger John Dunn
SH 24/4 Grave at St Clement’s Church – Dunn – communication by relative
LM 30/5 Death of a champion high diver (Peart)
SH 5/6 Earl of Scarbrough stays at Glatton House North Parade
SH 26/6 Death at South Parade house – Lidall
AJ 30/6 Two young men drowned (Wheeler of Boston)
SH 28/8 Drummond Castle wreck discovered
SH 4/9 Bull on the railway line at Cow Bank
SH 4/9 Death of Mr Pawson of the Pier Hotel
SH 20/11 National School ordered to close – measles epidemic
SH 27/11 Disappearance of Rowley’s daughter
The Green Bank
1897 SH 1/1 Miss Grantham provides for two orphans of the late Mr Pottle
SH 15/1 Planning for the erection of underground toilets junction of Lumley Road and High Street
RN 17/1 The Hudson Quads
SH 22/1 Story of Mr Neal who first introduced the donkey to Skegness
SH 26/2 Peal of bells
SH 26/3 Public toilets
SH 9/4 Mr WT Berry’s Skegness & District Bicycle Shop commenced in High Street now moved to bigger premises
SH 9/4 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
SH 16/4 Improvements in Skegness
SH 16/4 Enlargement to Mr Green’s bakery in Lumley Road
SH 16/4 Alternatives to Clock Tower suggested
SH 16/4 Letter to Editor – erect the Clock Tower on the Pier
SH 23/4 Mr William Clarke’s Steam Roundabout in Lumley Hotel yard takings donated to St Matthew’s church bells fund
SH 30/4 More alternatives to Clock Tower suggested
SH 2/6 Service held at St Matthew’s Church to celebrate Jubilee of Queen Victoria
SH 13/8 Woman’s body found in the sand hill
SH 13/8 Proposed erection of Clock Tower AND a drinking fountain
SH 17/9 Magistrates visited proposed site for the Clock Tower erection
SH 29/10 Ten designs submitted for the Jubilee Clock Tower
SH 19/11 Infectious disease hospital discussed (includes pictures of the hospital)
SH 3/12 Severe gales and floods
SH 3/12 Plans for a Steam Laundry in Skegness
Skegness Urban District Council formed (previously named the Local Board)
c1897 Hildred’s Hotel taken over by Bass Brewery
1898 IJ 14/1 Perrin Family’s Noah’s Ark compared to Charles Dickens’ novel
SH 21/1 A stranded hotel (Noah’s Ark Gibraltar Point – Perrin family)
SH 11/2 Lumley Hotel under the hammer
SH 4/3 Public toilets gets a lamp
YEP 22/3 A chicken owned by Henry Wingate of Skegness is 21-and-a-half years old
SH 1/4 Tenders invited for building of Clock Tower
April New Primitive Methodist Chapel and schools foundation stone laid
New Skegness Steam Laundry commenced operations
SH 6/5 Extraordinary freak of nature Hybrid Cyclops owned by Mr Couch
SH 18/5 Railings erected around public toilets
SH 18/5 Tender accepted for the building of the Clock Tower
SH 22/5 Careless smoker causes Pier fire (extinguished by Charles Hildred)
SH May St Paul’s Baptist Church 5th anniversary
Derby Poor Children’s Seaside Home opened by Duchess of Rutland on the 1st June
SH 3/6 Boy’s fatal fall from a Skegness excursion train (holiday maker)
IPN 25/6 Sparrows Hitch a Train Ride to Skegness
SH 1/7 Deplorable death of an old Skegnessian (William Grunnill)
SH 1/7 Removal of Post Office to Lumley Road
SH 22/7 Narrow escape from quicksand (mentions feeder pipes from Scarbrough Ave baths)
SH 29/7 Fire breaks out at the Skegness Steam Laundry
SH 12/8 Enlargement of the Pier Saloon
SH 19/8 Let’s call Lumley Road ‘Skegness Boulevard’
SH 2/9 Motor car at Skegness
Sept New Roman Catholic Church on Grosvenor Rd opened by Dr. Bagshawe, Bishop of Nottingham
SH 21/10 Foundation stone of Clock Tower advert
SH 28/10 Foundation stone of Clock Tower
SH 28/10 Call for a mortuary in Skegness
George Frederick Ball established his auctioneering and estate agency business
Underground toilets built on Lumley Road
Lincolnshire Holiday Guide 1898
c1898 First shops in Lumley Road (Ryan butcher – where Argos is today)
Advert for Cornerville School Wainfleet Road
c1899 Bryhtwen High School opens in Skegness at the junction of Lumley Avenue and Algitha Road (presently Churchill’s pub)
SH 13/1 Agreement respecting the Clock Tower was signed and sealed
SH 3/2 A clock for the Clock Tower
SH 17/2 Extra expenses incurred regarding the Clock Tower
SH 24/2 Public meeting re the Skegness Clock Tower
SH 17/3 Marriage of car syndicate man W. T. Berry
April New Primitive Methodist Chapel and schools opened
SH 14/4 Council reports rapid progress on the erection of the Clock Tower
SH 19/4 Improvements in Skegness
SH 28/4 Windows in Lumley Road are damaged
SH 12/5 Call for the clock in the new tower to be set going on Queen Victoria’s birthday
SH 12/5 Councillor slams the Skegness Herald newspaper reporter
Queens Terrace Scarbrough Ave, built by Mr Pawson, completed
SH 19/5 A rundown on the last twelve months in Skegness
SH 19/5 Skegness railway enlargement
SH 26/5 Clock in the Clock Tower set in motion on Wednesday last
SH 16/6 Council discuss the Clock Tower – it doesn’t chime loud enough
SH 16/6 The Clock Tower should be insured for £500
DM 12/7 Explosion at the Pavilion
SH 14/7 Fire at the Pavilion in the Pleasure Gardens
SH 21/7 Hildred’s Hotel history
SH 4/8 Skegness buys wedding present of the Earl and Countess of Scarbrough
SH 4/8 Frightened by a performing bear in Lumley Road (Mr Thompson, carriage proprietor)
First motor car arrives in Skegness
SH 18/8 Jubilee Clock Tower official opening ceremony August 11th, performed by the Countess of Scarbrough
SH 1/9 Earl of Scarbrough’s tenants club together to buy wedding present
DM 6/9 Drowning at Skegness (Walter Burrows)
SH 1 or 8/9 Councillors argue about the names inscribed on the new Clock Tower
SH 8/9 Rev Disbrowe resigns to take up residence in Halton Holgate
SH 6/10 Drunken coffin bearer at St Mary’s church Winthorpe
SH 6/10 St Clement’s church bell mystery
SH 13/10 Two Skegness doctors at loggerheads
SH 10/11 Skegness station master retires (Tuckerman)
SH 10/11 The enclosure of land in Lumley Square
SH 24/11 Was ********* officially opened?
Wesley Manse built for Wesleyan Chapel minister, 14 Lumley Avenue
Dec Q Death of William Everington
Spelling Mistake Mystery Skegness Clock Tower
Photograph of the staff at Croft’s shop in Skegness

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