Jolly Gets Brush-off by TV Make-over Team

The Skegness Jolly Fisherman got the brush-off by ITV’s Richard and Judy when he applied for spruce-up by the Good Morning Make-over Team in 1999. Judging by our photo of Jolly taken around the same time, he would have been a very deserving candidate!

Let’s have a look at what the papers say…

jolly_fisherman1Jolly has a bad hair day
LIFE was no so jolly for one of the region’s most popular characters today.
For the mascot of Skegness, Lincolnshire, The Jolly Fisherman, has suffered a huge snub in his bid to give himself a new lease of life.
Jolly, who will be 92 next birthday, wrote to the makers of ITV’s ‘This Morning,’ hoping to secure a makeover.
But the makeover team at Good Morning have turned him down.
They have written back to say his letter has been placed on file in case of a future vacancy, but they were unable to fulfil his request at the present time.
Publicity manager at East Lindsey District Council Keith Morrison said Jolly was distraught when he received the letter.
“He has long admired Richard and Judy, especially Richard’s snappy fashions,” he said.
“Jolly had felt that a Millennium fling with fashion was in order to better show off his athletic frame,” said Mr Morrison.
“We’ll keep writing, ever hopeful.”

Our picture of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman was taken in 2002 by local photojournalist, Paul Gooch.


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