Nude Picture Shock for Skegness Councillors

A PICTURE of topless women has brought red faces to Skegness civic leaders.

The saucy etching was one of four presented to councillors as a friendship gift by a party of Belgian visitors earlier in the month.

The explicit modernist work is by one of Belgium’s top artists, Theo Humblet.

The broad-minded Belgians are proud of the study, which depicts a group of exotic dancers in a variety of unashamed poses.

But it can hardly be hung in the council chamber — certainly not alongside the portrait of the Queen or the framed photographs of civic worthies, past and present.

The controversial painting — entitled  Temptation — was handed over at a reception to deputy mayor Cllr John Shaw, Cllr Mrs Edith Sutton and town clerk Mr Robert Lloyd-Smith.

The clerk decided it would be unseemly to be used in the photo session for the press, so a landscape was produced instead.

But later, Cllr Mrs Sutton said she saw nothing offensive in the picture. “They were nudes, but it was nothing to be upset about,” she commented.

It is not known whether the picture will remain with the council or whether it will be handed over to one of the councillors to be hung in private.

June 1992


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