The Storm Botton's New Amusement Park Ride

Ride takes Skegness by Storm
The Storm is all set to hit Skegness!
No, not strong winds and rain, but a new thrilling ride at Botton’s Amusement Park on North Parade.
And if you’re at Botton’s at 10.30am tomorrow (Saturday), you could be the first in Britain to experience the ride of a lifetime.
The Storm, a fully computerised big dipper costing in the region of £330,000, has been brought in from Italy and is only the second of its type in the world. The first is in Turkey.
Although it looks similar to the Zyklon ride it has replaced, Botton’s general manager, Mr Harold White, says its colour is the only similarity.
“It is an entirely different layout altogether. It is not a new concept but a new principle and has a train which has three cars, with a maximum of 12 people riding at one time.
The cars have all the latest safety precautions including shoulder harnesses for passengers.
Riders on the Storm will notice a big difference to the Zyklon with its exciting dips and banks, and it goes faster!
“The Storm is a bigger ride but it lasts about as long as the Zyklon did, which means it is a faster ride,” said Mr White.
Engineers from the Italian manufacturers of the Storm have been over in Skegness for the past two weeks putting the ride together and an independent engineer completed his tests on it on Tuesday.
Below: The Storm, the first of its kind In Britain opens at Botton’s Amusement Park tomorrow.
New ‘Storm’ riade at Skegness
Below: STORMIN’ along…. that’s the members of the East Midlands Tourist Board’s Publicity and Promotions Advisory Panel who joined holidaymakers at Skegness fora ride on Botton’s Amusement Park’s newest attraction, the Storm. The panel gave the ride a unanimous “thumbs up” with time being the only thing stopping them taking another ride. Botton’s is celebrating its 25th birthday this year and the Storm is one of the latest acquisitions to keep the visitors happy.

Ride takes Skegness by Storm


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