Virgin for Queen?

A plea “not to go overboard” over the rules of this year’s Skegness Carnival Queen competition has been made by town clerk, Mt Robert Lloyd-Smith.

The rules are under review following a wave of adverse publicity surrounding last year’s winner.
Zoe Chapman, 19, of Barnes Road, Skegness, was allowed to retain her crown – despite a court appearance for damaging a car belonging to her boyfriend.
At a meeting of the Skegness carnival committee, chairman Coun Mr Evelyn Tate announced that the rules were being reviewed to protect all the competitors from the “Press and the muck-raking which ensued”.
Mt Lloyd-Smith warned the committee not to make the new rules too strict.
“I hope we are not going to get an overreaction to what happened to our Carnival Queen last year,” he said. “If we are going to go overboard, all the entrants would have to be as pure as snow, whiter than white and vestal virgins. We would do well to have a queen”.
The committee will also be putting an upper age limit on the entrants, said Coun Mrs Tate.
Miss Julie Allton said that last year an older lady had turned up at the door of The Suncastle on the night of the competition. Had she entered, she would have been outclassed by the other girls, said Miss Allton.

Source: Skegness Standard 15th April 1994


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