Jolly Fisherman Models

A MODEL of the Jolly Fisherman could be obtained in town shops in 1994 — thanks to local amateur artist and sculptor Diane Brealey. Mrs Brealey found that a small statuette of him could not be obtained in the town’s shops, so determined to change things.
“We all love the Jolly Fisherman — he is Skegness,” said Mrs Brealey.
The Mayor of Skegness, Coun John Shaw, had been very enthusiastic when he was presented with the first one. He had chosen one with a light blue sweater because he was a Manchester City supporter, she said.
In November of 1993, the town council gave her the go-ahead to produce the statuettes, so she employed a sculptor to create a mould to produce the fine alloy Jolly Fisherman figurine.
She has formed a company with the name of Martin’s Miniatures Ltd. She presently supplies two shops in Lumley Road — the House of China and Lowndes — but hoped to expand to other shops.

Picture: Diane Brealey, left, and daughter, Debbie, display two of the Jolly Fisherman models, with the Jolly Fisherman in Compass Gardens, Skegness, in the background.


Do YOU have one of Diane’s Jolly Fisherman models?


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