Anger at Skegness Aerodrome Closure

WAR has broken out over a strip of Skegness land where, 50 years ago, RAF heroes learned how to handle fighter planes.

The sudden closure of the Skegness aerodrome has shocked members of Skegness Aero Club and local plane enthusiasts alike.

The land is owned by Butlins Funcoast World.

Club chairman Mr Jack Allen told the News there had been no consultation from Butlins.

Members have been given just three weeks to remove their planes from the hanger before the bulldozers move in.

“It’s been a terrible shock.

“I cannot believe that part of Skegness’s history is going to destroyed.

“Skegness could once boast of having the only airfield on the East Coast … it’s a tragedy,” said Mr Allen.

Skegness Aero Club have been using the field for 60 years.

Troubles started at the turn of the year when the commercial company, Skegness Air Taxi Service went into liquidation.

“They let us operate on the field free of charge: Their problems were not ours and we had no argument with Butlins.

“Butlins have gained business through our set-up.

“Our club has been extremely successful and an asset to the resort.”

The club holds regular “fly-in” events which Mr Allen said were very popular.

“We even organise day visits to Butlins.

“Butlins have ordered no more flights and to get rid of our planes.

“I am going to sound out the local authority about putting a preservation order on the hanger.

“It is steeped in history. Many big names in the aviation world actually learned to fly on that field.”

Butlins press officer, Jane Larkham confirmed the closure: “The land will be used for recreational purposes for Butlins visitors.”

Miss Larkham added that the move had been instigated by the closure of Skegness Air Taxi Service.

There is speculation that the land might now be used for caravans.


Source: Skegness News 28th April 1993


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