Skegness Jolly Fisherman World’s Oldest Seaside Logo

Precious reputation of Fisherman logo

Jolly Fisherman Logo, reckoned to be the world’s oldest seaside logo

A WARNING that the Jolly Fisherman logo should not be ‘demeaned’ was sounded at a meeting of Skegness town councillors.

The comment came from town clerk Mr Robert Lloyd Smith in response to a request from a Boston firm, Pictorial Publicity, who want to use the logo in a proposed fun map and poster of the town.

Said the clerk: “I am nervous about the term ‘fun map’. We don’t want to have the Jolly Fisherman demeaned.”

Councillors agreed, and the firm will now be asked to submit designs for what they have in mind.

The town council has the copyright to the Jolly Fisherman which is reckoned to be the world’s oldest seaside logo.

It helps to maintain the high profile of the district, though not everyone is in  favour.

Young children have sometimes been frightened by the character, and some women find him faintly repulsive — not their ideal kind of man.

Source: Skegness News 26th May 1993


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