The Great Skegness Pipes Mystery

THE mystery pipe story featured in last week’s Skegness News certainly jogged a few memories amongst our readers.
The pipe, which was exposed under Skegness’ pier by abating tides, was spotted by a resident walking her dogs. Its purpose even baffled the Environment Agency (formerly the National Rivers Authority).
Several News readers have come forward to enlighten us as to the pipe’s history, and The News is indebted to them for trying to solve the mystery.
The majority of callers said the pipe belonged to a former swimming pool in Scarbrough Avenue, known as the Seawater Baths. Mr Baker remembers that the baths belonged to a Mr Parker, who later sold it to the Skegness Enterprise Company. According to Mr Baker the pool was never a success, as it kept blocking up with sand.
Fred Hyde recalls that the pool was filled in to make the existing Scarbrough Avenue car park in the 1960s. The pipe, he said, appeared about 12 years ago.
According to Bernard Burrell, the pipe used to feed sea water into the baths, his wife Hilda even recalls going for a swim in the pool.
A Burgh resident also believed the pipe was from the seawater baths, which were bombed during the war.
Another theory has been put forward by George Morris, who ran a snack bar and seaside shop from an old wartime gun post under the pier, some 20 years ago. The gun post, said Mr Morris was built during the war and served as a look out, in case of invasion.
When the business was taken over, Mr Morris’ successor built in a toilet, and the pipe ran under the pier and into a tank. The gun post has Iong gone, but Mr Morris believes the pipe is the remains of the old toilet waste pipe.
Bob McAndrew, who was an employee of Flygt Pumps (now ITT Flygt) remembers supplying the pump for the gun turret cafe toilet. He too believes this is where the pipe originates.
• The Environment Agency say they think the pipe is a feed pipe from the boating lake.
1996_SN 022


Source: Skegness News 1996


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