Bikini Girl Finds TV Fame

bikini-girlJAYNE Brealey was the toast of Skegness at the weekend when she appeared live on national television -in a bikini.

Brave Jayne jumped at the chance to enter the “Number Cruncher” challenge on Saturday night when BBC’s Noel’s House Party called at the resort.
When show host Noel Edmonds announced that the strict dress code was a swimming costume, Jayne gave no thought to the bracing weather.
She ransacked her room to find a pink bikini and ran down to the seafront with her brother, Sebastian.
Hundreds of well wrapped House Party “guests” turned up to cheer on the challenge, as well
as a dozen or so who braved the elements in swimsuits.
From the warmth of his studio in London, Edmonds telephoned Jayne at a specially erected call box on the foreshore.
“It looks like it might be just a -little bit chilly there” the observant host said.
“It’s freezing!” was Jayne’s response.
Edmonds congratulated Jayne for being a sport in her swimsuit and the biggest cheer of the night came when Jayne unravelled the number code in record time.
“That was incredible. Nobody has ever done it that quickly before,” said Edmonds.
For a bonus, Jayne won £64 and escaped being “gunged”, a
fate suffered by those who fail to solve the problem within the time limit.
The Brealey telephone at the home in Scarbrough Avenue, Skegness, was busy throughout Saturday night, with relatives ringing to congratulate Skegness’s latest star.
Jayne was instantly recognised while out that night, having become something of an instant celebrity on her television debut.
Jayne now plans to send Noel Edmonds a personals d Jolly Fisherman to say thank you for she and her mum, Diane, operating as Martins Fine Art Miniatures, produce a smaller version of Skegness’s famous colourful character.

1995 local newspaper story


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