Bizarre ghostly goings-on

Ghostly goings-on have been reported at H Samuels jewellers, Skegness, where a series of unexplained events have led staff to believe that the shop is haunted!

Since the jewellers first opened eight years ago, staff have noticed bizarre happenings – the number of which has intensified over the last few months.
Now, manager Gary Clapham, is considering bringing in a psychic in an attempt to solve the mystery.
Recent incidents include files flying from the shelves, disappearing and reappearing objects and unexplained sliding drawers.
Mr Clapham claims to have been subjected to flying objects and moving chairs whilst working in the upstairs room of the shop with sales assistant Diane Senneck.
Events climaxed when Mr Clapham arrived at the shop one morning to find the staffroom flooded. A high pressure tap was running and the room was filled with steam.
“It’s unlikely that anyone would have left the tap running,” explained Gary, “since the high pressure produces such a loud noise, and the rooms are checked and locked every night.”
Other recent incidents involve a plastic watch stand and drawer which appear to have mysteriously changed shape overnight!
The shop stands on the site of the old Hildred’s Hotel which, it is said, was haunted for a number of years. Has the ghost come back to its old haunting ground or is the series of mysterious events simply coincidence?
Fake or freak? Fantasy or fact?

Skegness Standard 31st May 1996

Well, what do YOU think?
Could old Joseph and Sarah Hildred, proprietors of the old Hildred’s Hotel, have come back to keep an eye on the Hildred’s Shopping Centre, their namesake?
Are the bizarre supernatural goings-on still happening today, eleven years on from the newspaper report?

We visited Samuel’s Jewelers to find out if the ghostly goings-on were still happening today. Luckily, we found a member of staff who witnessed the paranormal activities and she told us that strange things were STILL happening in the shop.


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