Pre 1880

Pre 1880

SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine EO = Topographical and Historical Account of Wainfleet and the Wapentake of Candleshoe, in the County of Lincoln. With Engravings. Oldfield, Edmund 1829 D = Ancient and Modern Skegness and District by George H. J. Dutton, F.B.P.S. LDS = Latter Day Saints TT = The Times HG = Holiday Guide PI = Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times (London, England) CM = Caledonian Mercury MC = Morning Chronicle DM = Derby Mercury TE = The Examiner HP = The Hull Packet and Humber Mercury BM = Bristol Mercury FJ = Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser NS = Northern Star and National Trades’ Journal MT = Manchester Times PG = Preston Guardian DN = Daily News TE = The Era NC = Newcastle Courant PM – The Pall Mall Gazette LM – Leeds Mercury JO = Jackson’s Oxford Journal IJ = The Ipswich Journal GD = A Derby Gentleman’s Diary StM = Stamford Mercury HBP – Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette LC – Lincolnshire Chronicle BNP – Bury and Norwich Post LJ = Leicester Journal SA = Sussex Advertiser CCJ = Cambridge Chronicle and Journal NM = Northampton Mercury LI = Leeds Intelligencer LA = Louth and North Lincolnshire Advertiser NEP = Nottinhham Evening Post PBG = Perry’s Bankrupt Gazette PPHCC = Parliamentary Papers House of Commons and Command LeC = Leicester Chronicle

c890AD EO Alfred is said to have divided the county into Wapentakes, creating the Wapentake of Candleshoe (deriving its name from Candlesby), which embraces parts of Lincolnshire, including Skegness
EO ‎”The Marsh Division (includes Skegness) has in general been considered unhealthy; the inhabitants being subject to agues and intermittent fevers, produced by the effluvia usually termed marsh miasmata, generally supposed to proceed from the stagnant water of the marshes and fens.” In contrast to “the wold division, which is generally considered healthy; in almost every parish, fine springs of water are seen issuing from the hills, and the air being, free from the noxious effluvia of the marsh division, is pure and salubrious.”
SM Pre-Roman finds at Ingoldmells
1287 SS 7/1/1953 Forest and village under the sea off the Lincolnshire Coast
1291 SM Dominus Gilbert was Parson of Skegness
c1300 EO/SS 3/9/1969 St Clement’s Church built
1100s D Skegness Castle
1199 EO Early Skegness Landowners
1300 SH 15/1/1892 Who was bathing in the sea in the 1300s?
1359 Wainfleet sent two ships of war to the armament with which King Edward invaded Brittany.
1500s LDS 16th century Baptisms in Skegness
1526 Skegness completely washed away by tides and storm
1526+ Stones from original St Clement’s Church, which stood about half-a-mile into the sea, salvaged and used to rebuild a new church. (A whitewashed cottage stood where the car park is today. Unsure of date this cottage was built but it was before 1787)
1545 SM Henry VIII’ Charter of Incorporation for Boston
1595 How salt was obtained at the seaside
1600s LDS 17th century baptisms in Skegness
1600s EO Old Wainfleet-issued coins (tokens)
1607 Guildhall Museum Boston (Pilgrim Fathers)
1650 EO The Friskney Witch
1700s GD Life in the 1700s
c1718 EO Old spire removed from Wainfleet All Saints church
1750 The Fen Slodgers
1765 DM 9/8 Poisoning at Friskney
c1770 Skegness Hotel is said to have been built (known as the Enderby Hotel in 1828 and later became the Vine Hotel)
1777 Capital Punishment in the Last Century
c1780 SS 12/2/1930 Skegness House (Moat House) was built by Rev Edward Walls formerly Codd and occupied by his daughter, Mary Walls
1784 StM 25/6 Mr Everington advertises for a tenant for part of  his inn complex. Everington Inn, later known as Skegness Inn and now the Vine Hotel
1785 LI 20/12 Rector of Skegness is Rev John Parsons
1787 StM 5/10 Samuel Salter was Game Keeper for Skegness and Ingoldmells. Land owner William Burrell Massingberd Esq
1787 StM 22/6 Bishop Bridge Farm To Let (occupied by Widow Buckle)
1791 SS Lord Torrington (John Byng) visits Lincolnshire diaries
1792 Joseph Dickinson is landlord of the Skegness Hotel (Vine)
1792 SM 27/1 Cock Fighting at the Vine
1794 Skegness Accommodation To Let 1794
1795 NM 24/1 Fatal Accidental Shooting at Skegness
1796 EO A written account of the Submerged Forest
1799 StM 24/5 George Pigot proprietor of Skegness Hotel (Vine) Advert
c1799 EO 1829 A Roman pitcher was discovered whilst digging in the cellar of the Angel Inn in Wainfleet, and, in 1829, was in the possession of Mr. Adlard Booth
unknown The Cinder Path, running where Castleton Boulevard is today, was abankment built to keep the sea at bay
1800 A Strange Incident at the Wragby Inn
1801 Lincolnshire Villages Population Statistics Early 1800s
1801 StM 5/6 George Pigot landlord of the Skegness Hotel (Vine) advert says he has installed bowling greens
1802 SS 11/8/1943 “Sunday Wickedness” in Skegness “The Penroses of Fledborough Parsonage” diaries
1804 MP 5/3 High Tide Causes Floods
1804 StM 15/6 George Pigot removes from Skegness Hotel (Vine) to take over the George Inn at Horncastle
1804 Ann Salter takes over as proprietor of the Skegness Hotel (Vine)
1807 EO 1829 Old silver pennies found at Tealby
1807 StM 2/10 Wife of Samuel Salter (proprietor of the Skegness Hotel – Vine) dies (no story)
1810 Advert for a guest house appears in Stamford Mercury – McKinley House, more widely known as the Moat House
1810 18/5 John Stafford’s Skegness Hotel and Bathing House Advert
1810 BNP 26/12 The Peace and Plenty, a Humber keel, was wrecked last week off Skegness., and her crew, consisting of two or three hands, perished. (no story)
1811 CM 3/1 The ‘Peace and Plenty’ wrecked off Skegness in a severe gale
1811 Lincolnshire Villages Population Statistics Early 1800s
1812 PPHCC Rev Green is officiating clergyman of the Parish of Skegness
1812 StM 13/3 The King v The Inhabitants of Skegness
1812 HP 6/6 Thomas Evison Marriage to Widow Ellis, 30 years his junior
1812 12/6 Thomas Melson’s New Hotel (Hildred’s) Skegness 1812 Advert
1812 MC 6/8 Old advert – Sale of farm land in and around Skegness
1813 Autumn Tom Melson, landlord of the New Hotel (Hildred’s), adds 10 new bedrooms to the hotel
1814 StM 18/11 Castle Inn Ingoldmells
1814 LJ 20/5 Advert Thomas Melson’s New Hotel
1815 StM 24/2 John Green, coal merchant, dies aged 50 leaving widow and several children (no story)
1815 StM 16/6 Post Chaise from Wainfleet to Skegness advert
1816 A 24-pounder brass mortar for firing lifelines established at Skegness, on the recommendation of Captain George Mamby, its inventor
1816 CCJ 9/2 Treasure Find at Ingoldmells
1819 SA 8/3 Sea Eagle Shot at Ingoldmells
1819 StM 1/1 Skegness Hotel (Vine) manager, Thomas Melson’s Wife Dies in Childbirth
1819 StM 6/8 Brady’s Theatre Opens in Skegness
1820 Small group of Welseyans appear in Skegness
1820s Old cottages built which form 2, 4 and 6 High Street
1820 EO Old Wainfleet All Saints church demolished
1820 EO Foundation stone of new Wainfleet All Saints church laid
1820 DM 13/9 The Skegness Hotel (Vine Hotel) to let – advert – due to the retirement of John Stafford
1820 StM 22/9 To Let Skegness Hotel (Vine) and Signal Post Cottage  NB this is the first reference to a cottage called Signal Post in Skegness that I have found
1820 StM 7/7 Inquest by Mr. Mastin at Spilsby on a body which was washed ashore
18/8 Inquests by Coroner Mr. Mastin at Winthorpe William Sargason
1821 Lincolnshire Villages Population Statistics Early 1800s
1821 StM 20/4 An advert placed in the Stamford Mercury revealls that John Stafford RE-TAKES the Old Hotel (Vine) having recently offered it for sale
1821 StM 27/7 John Staffors’d Cow killed by lightening
1822 StM 1/3 John Stafford, after re-taking the Old Hotel (Vine) the previous year, auctions the hotel’s effects due to his retirement
1822 TE 29/9 A wicked Reverend banned from the Skegness Hotel
1822 StM 21/6 Mr Louth Proprietor of Skegness (Vine) Hotel
1822 StM 22/11 Body Washed Up at Ingoldmells Robert Ling
1823 StM 11/4 Elizabeth, daughter of of William Bowering of Louth recently of Skegness, dies aged 19. (Could gives us a clue as to the identitly of Jane Bowering who had lands in Skegness 1793 map)
1823 StM 1/8 John Stafford, grazier, formerly of Vine Inn, dies suddenly at Addlethorpe. (This is the first time the Skegness Hotel is referred to as Vine)
1823 StM 19/9 Crew saved from the sea
1824 StM 2/1 Lincolnshire Coast Smugglers
StM 26/3 Ingoldmells Man Robbed at Croft
1824 StM 28/5 Call for a Lifeboat in Skegness
1824 StM 4/6 Inquests by Mr. Mastin at Spilsby on the bodies of Edward Waller and Capt John Hackford
1824 IJ 11/12 Compensation for Skegness Farm (court case)
1825 Skegness Lifeboat and Coast Guard introduced – boats of the Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association
1825 StM 19/8 Big Fish Washed Ashore
1825 Oct Lifeboat stationed at Gibraltar Point
1825 7/10 Rare Opah Dory Caught at Skegness
1825 Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat is William Scupholm
1825 Ancient Bully Beef
1826 An early 1826 engraving of Skegness (source: old postcard)
1826 StM 13/10 Bottle Fish Washed Ashore at Skegness
1827 HBP 28/7 Mrs. Walls, mother of Rev J Walls of Boothby Hall dies at Skegness (no story)
SM 14/3 Skegness (Vine) Hotel Proprietor’s Daughter Death Melson
1828 (See also 1830) Joseph and Sarah Hildred took over as landlord of the New Hotel (built early 1800s [but later than 1812] by Edward Walls, formerly Codd, and the second hotel in Skegness) later called the Hildred’s Hotel
1828 Thomas and Mary Enderby take over the Skegness Hotel (Vine)
1829 SM Village school opened on west side of Roman Bank
1829 Picture of Spilsby Grammar School 1829
1829 StM 21/8 Race course on the sands opposite the Vine Hotel
1830s Ship Hotel is built at the junction of Burgh Road and Roman Bank Landlord Thomas Hutton
1830 StM 22/1 Several casks of tallow, sundry timber and staves, were driven on shore near Skegness, supposed from vessels lost off the coast during the late gales. (no story)
1830 Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat is Samuel Moody
1830 StM 27/8 Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association orders the Lifeboat station be moved to Skegness from Gibraltar Point (to where Lifeboat Avenue is now)
1830 Picture of lifeboat station at Lifeboat Avenue, Skegness
1830 HP 26/1 Ships wrecked
1830 30/1 Dramatic rescue at sea (‘Thomas & Mary’ of Wells)
1830 StM 16/7 Joseph Hildred places advert having taken over New Hotel (later renamed Hildred’s) in High Street
1830 StM 10/9 Seal Captured
1830 StM 22/10 Landlord of Ship Inn Gibraltar Point dies – Joseph Fell
1831 StM 13/5 Violent storms hailstones break hotel window panes
1831 StM 15/7 Old advert Marine Villa to let
1833 Hidden Mysteries of Skegness Beach (ship wrecks lying off the coast of Skegness)
1833 SA 14/1 Riots at Wainfleet
1833 SH 4/8/1882 Early rescues by the Skegness lifeboat 1833-1860
1833 DM 11/9 Great loss of lives at sea
1833 DM 11/9 Margate Pier and jetty blown up in gales
1833 31/8 Great storm at sea lifeboat saved 10 lives 20 bodies washed ashore
1833 StM 27/12 Mysterious disappearance of a young lad from Enderby Hotel (Vine Hotel)
1834 DM 18/6 Advert for the New Hotel in Skegness (Hildred’s)
1836 Roman Bank Primitive Methodist Church Stone Laying Ceremony
1836 Old Chapel built on Roman Bank
1836 StM 22/1 The Earl of Scarbrough sent 10/ to be distributed amongst the poor of the parish of Skegness. (no story)
1837 StM 11/9 Illegal Partridge Shooting
1837 Spilsy Union Workhouse built
1837 Small Wesleyan Methodist chapel built on High Street
1837 StM 14/7 Advert for William Green’s Temperance Hotel and Coffee House
1837 SS 29/11/22 Curious wedding between John Lotherington and Susannah Taylor, which took place in Hundleby in 1837
1837 BM 7/10 Insult to the Queen
1838 HP 2/2 Ship wrecked off Skegness reports of lives lost
1838 LC 2/2 The sloop Boyne of Goole driven ashore by gales lives lost
1838 HP 9/2 People reported to be dead in recent ship wreck have turned up safe and sound
1838 StM 23/3 Inscribed Mahogany Washed Ashore
1838 StM 8/6 Advert Marine Villa To Let
StM 13/6 Thomas Enderby places an advert for Signal Post Cottage to let – this is the last reference I have found to a cottage called Signal Post in Skegness
1838 LC 31/8 Medals for Lifeboatmen Moody & Grunnill
1839 LC 22/3 Gift of Buoy to Ingoldmells
1841 Census taken
1841 White’s Directory 1842, states that in excess of 6,000 tons of coal were landed in the coal yard which stood on the site of the present-day Tower Gardens
1842 StM 27/5 Advert Sea Bathing Skegness and Ingoldmells
1842 FJ 25/10 Extraordinary fish caught at Skegness (sunfish)
1842 StM 14/10 Distinguished Visitors at Skegness – Duke and Duchess of St Albans
1842 HP 12/8 Revenue cruisers decommissioned
1843 HP 11/11/1881 A mirage seen at Skegness
1843 26/2 Brutal murder at Croft (Evinson)
1843 6/5 Mother severs baby’s head (Jessop)
1842 LC 11/7 Post Coach Horncastle to Skegness
1844 StM 19/7 Curate Removes Winthorpe Church Graffiti
1844 StM 19/7 High Wind Blew Carriage into Ditch
1844 LC Martin Luther Wedding Ring Mystery
1844 Great Fire of Boston
1844 FJ 6/3 Skegness lifeboat rescues City of Carlisle steamer crew
1844 HT 11/3 A shipwreck (Iris of Hull) and shocking inhumanity
1844 LC 12/4 Old Advert for Schoolmaster and School mistress
1844 LC 2/8 Ramblings at Skegness – account of St Mary’s Church, Winthorpe and a reference to the old Ship Inn, proving it was built before 1844
1844 StM 13/9 New Threshing Machine
1845 HP 24/1 Extensive seizure of tobacco by Customs & Excise
1845 StM 20/6 Robbery at Skegness
1846 LC 2/1 Inquest on the body of John Pickering, aged 75, found dead in bed at Winthorpe
1846 NS 3/1 Loss of Skegness brig, Young Adam, and crew
1847 LC 12/2 Death of Mrs Mary Enderby of the Enderby Hotel Skegness (Vine)
1847 StM 8/10 Gentleman’s Daughter Elopes (Grantham of The Hall Roman Bank Skegness)
1847 LC 15/10 Marine Villa (junction of Park Avenue and Sea View Road) for sale advert
1848 SM 22/10 Committed Suicide in Horncastle Shop (William Lord, working at William Longstaff’s butchers shop on East Street.)
1848 LC 4/2 Wreck salvage dispute between Samuel Moody of Skegness and Marshall Henley of Croft
1848 StM 3/4 Notice re estate and effects of the late Joseph Hildred, proprietor of the New Hotel (later renamed Hildred’s Hotel), High Street  Skegness
1848 New Wesleyan Methodist Chapel built south west High Street (opposite side of road to the original one)
1848 StM 28/4 Mr Addleshaw is the master of the Skegness Church School
1858 LC 3/11 The galliot Anna Maria of Hull ran on sandbank. Rescued by Skegness Lifeboat.
1849 MT 1/5 Strange incident at the Wragby Inn (Turnor Arms)
1849 StM 7/10 Erection of Coastguard Cottages Tenders Invited
1850 Thomas and Mary Enderby leave the Skegness Hotel (Vine)
1850 StM 25/10 Matilda, wife of James W Clarke of the Vine Hotel, died on the 18th September 1950, of consumption (no story)
c1850 Enderby Hotel renamed Vine Hotel after being taken over by Joseph Clarke
1851 PBG 25/1 John Stafford Hildred Declared Bankrupt
1851 StM 4/7 Chief Coast-guard Office’s Son Drowned –  John Henry Nash – rescue attempt by Mr. Stafford Hildred
1851 PG 6/9 Deathbed murder confession – Enderby, Milnes, Taylor confesstion to murdering Enderby’s boy in 1833 (see 1833 article)
1851 PG 20/12 Curious incident (wallet washed up)
1851 1851 Census taken – 366 inhabitants of Skegness
1851 Arkin Moody, carrier, took goods and passengers to Spilsby market every Monday
1851 StM 9/6 Marine Villa To Let
1852 LC 12/11 Skegness Lifeboat Painting
1853 StM 21/1 Samuel Moody Found Anchor and Cable
1853 StM 4/3 Moody in Court for Alleged Trespassing
1853 LC 11/3 Accident at Sykes Farm Gibraltar Point
1853 StM 15/4 Samuel Moody Jailed for Stealing Turkey
1853 LC 2/12 Great quantities of coal brought in from the sea – 50 tons carted to the Gas Works (no story)
1854 HP 20/1 Lindsey Sessions 1854 at Spilsby
1855 Sarah Hildred greatly enlarges the New Hotel (Hildred’s Hotel)
1855 Entry about Skegness in the 1855 Post Office Directory
1856 Entry about Skegness in the White’s Lincolnshire Directory
1856 Richard Millson is landlord of the Vine Hotel
1857 Crimean War Russian gun displayed in Bargate, Boston
1857 LC 11/12 On 4th Dec drowned off Gibraltar Point, Thomas Grunnill, 44, fisherman, of Skegness and Herman, son of Edward Grunnill of Skegness, 11, fisherman
1858 SH 19/1/1883 Rev Edward Steere curate of Skegness (until 1862) – see also memorial window in St Clement’s Church
1858 StM 25/4 Mr Chambers resigns of his police duties and becomes landlord of the Vine Inn (no story)
1859 Coastguard Station built at Gibraltar Point
1860 LA 18/2 Sam Moody Murder of Elijah Lynn premiminary hearing
1860 TT 14/3/1860 Samuel Moody tried for the murder of Elijah Lynn (March 1860)
1860 Skegness man nearly filled a murderer’s grave (Samuel Moody)
1860 SH 12/10/1888 26/10/1888 Lumley Square was called ‘Leather Hill’ and was described as the village green
1861 LeC 30/11 Archeological Finds in Lincolnshire
1861 Spilsby Prison Inmates & Staff 1861
1862 First policeman was appointed, P.C. Thomas Greenwood of Market Rasen (he appears on the 1871 census as living in Winthorpe as Skegness Police Station was not built until 1883
1862 Sea View Hotel opens – owned by Hobson Dunkley – excellent picture of original building before extensions added
1863 LNLA 28/3 Parish Church Roof Fire
1864 Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association merged with RNLI due to financial difficulty
1864 Lifeboat station built on South Parade Skegness
1864 DN 4/11 New Skegness Lifeboat – Herbert Ingram transported to Skegness free of charge by the Great Northern Railway
DN 4/11 The Royal National Lifeboat Institution expresses concern that the Yarmouth lifeboat refused to attend a steamer in distress
1864 StM 15/11 Old Advert Marine Villa For Sale
1865 HP 24/3 Farmer, Senescall bankruptcy files
1865 StM 19/5 Skegness House To Let Old Advert
1865 StM 9/6 Skegness Burgh Train Station Shuttle Bus
1865 LC 29/9 Duke of Manchester’s Family at Hildred’s Hotel
1865 JO 11/11 Rev J Stevenson appointed Curate of Skegness, Lincolnshire
1866 StM 25/5 Dunkley’s advert for Sea View Villas
1866 LC 3/8 A Visitor to Skegness
1866 LM 10/8 Wreck off the Lincolnshire coast
1867 DN 5/12 Skegness lifeboat rescues the Ant of Boston
1867 TE 15/12 Skegness lifeboat rescue
1868 Punch and Judy Accident in Sheffield
1869 NC 10/12 Joseph Moody gets a reward for bravery
1870 First postmaster was Thomas Almond – post office located in High Street
1870 StM 13/5 Mrs J Morley takes over Sea View Villas Skegness
1870 LC 23/12 Fight Over Skegness Lifeboat Coxswain Appointment
1870s Beach Fairground Constructed
1871 SS Apr 1934 Old Ship Inn completely rebuilt
1871 HP 6/10 Skegness Lifeboat ‘Herbert Ingram’ renders assistance
1871 Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat is John Thomas Green
1871 Pig Club is formed (first club to be formed in Skegness)
1871 A Wesleyan Chapel, of wooden construction, was in use in High Street
1872 Skegness Entry in Gazetteer 1872
1872 DN 27/9 Outbreak of rinderpest
1872 PM 28/9 Cattle plague outbreak report
1872 LM 28/9 Cattle plague outbreak report
1873 HP 24/1 Great progress is being made with the Wainfleet to Skegness railway line
1873 NC 14/11 Ship and crew lost off Skegness
1873 John Borman coal merchant moves to Skegness from Withern, near Alford
<1873 Skegness consisted of two roads only – High Street and Roman Bank
1873 Firsby and Wainfleet railway was extended into Skegness, first train arriving in Skegness on 28th July
1874 New Skegness Lifeboat – Herbert Ingram II (1874 – 1888)
1874 LC 8/5 Vine Hotel license transfer from Robert Chambers to Joseph Clifton (no story)
LC 8/5 Skegness Railway Refreshment Rooms license transfer from John Gunson to Mary Ann Brothwell (no story)
LC 8/5 Ship Inn Winthorpe (Burgh Road/Roman Bank junction) license transfer from James Bellamy to Frederick Shearman (no story)
1874 NG 7/8 Plans begin re erecting a Pier at Skegness, a Boston gentleman offers £1,000 towards the cost (no story)
1874 HG 1903 George Morley’s Chemist established on High Street Skegness
1875 PI 21/8 Skegness excursion train crash
1875 H V Tippet, agent to the Earl of Scarbrough, conceived the idea of town planning Skegness
1875 LM 1/7 Narrow escape from drowning
1875 IJ 23/11 Gale causes ship wreck
1876 Photograph taken by Walter Smyth showing Lumley Square (which used to be called ‘Leather Hill’) and High Street. The building under construction is the Wesleyan Chapel opened that summer. The signpost points to Wainfleet, Burgh and The Sea.
1876 30/7 A brick-built Wesleyan Chapel opens at the west end of High Street Skegness, used for only six years
1876 HP 21/7 Burglary at the Sea View Hotel
1876 LM 8/1 Skegness lifeboatmen receive rewards
1877 Charles Henry Major’s family came to Skegness
1877 Steam Laundry established (cannot verify this date atm)
1877 LM Skegness pier Company formed – proposed new Pier and Pier Hotel
1877 Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat is Joseph Moody
1877 HP 3/8 Woes at the Skegness Races
1877 LM 14/8 Fatal railway accident (Grassby)
1877 LM 14/8 Fatal bathing accident (Simmonds)
1877 HP 21/9 Attempted murder of a coastguard (Patrick Donovan)
1877 LM 31/10 Attempted murder by a coastguard
1877 LM 12/9 Another attempted murder in Lincolnshire
1877 Rare Historical Photograph 1877 Southsea Hampshire
1877 Vintage Wedding fashions picture
1878 Post Office moved from High Street to Lumley Road
1878 SH 27/7/1906 First sewage works installed for Skegness
1878 NEP 2/9/1943 Charles Cater is Skegness’ First Milkman
1878 LM 6/3 Proposed Drainage System at Skegness
1878 LC 29/3 Frederica Terrace Building to commence – Tenders Invited
1878 HP 28/6 Heroic rescue at Skegness- Thomas Eley rescues Mrs Fox
1878 Skegness gasworks opened
1878 HP 19/4 Spilsby tradespeople object to the new Skegness Pleasure Gardens
1878 SS 23/4/1999 First Skegness town plans drawn up
1878 Pleasure Gardens opened 27th May. The Robin Hood Rifle Band played at the official ceremony
1878 HP 14/6 Athletics at Skegness, chief attraction Madame Anderson
1878 LM 1/8 The development of Skegness as a seaside resort
1878 DM 11/9 Derby at the seaside
1878 LC 27/9 St Matthew’s Church Foundation Stone to be Laid next spring
1878 LM 24/10 Skegness Brick and Coal Company Formed
1878 LC 15/11 Tenders invited for the building of the Lumley Hotel
1878 HP 27/12 A Fishermen’s Orphan Home proposed at Skegness (no story, just a one-liner)
1879 HP 8/8 Roman Catholic church opened
1879 HP 28/3 Skegness branch of the Lincolnshire Church of England Temperance Society formed
1879 DM 23/5 Osbourn House built on High Street
1879 DM 23/5 Sale of Property in Skegness (Osbourn Hotel)
1879 HP 30/5 Fishermen’s Orphan Homes
1879 StM 20/6 Sheep Clipping Contest Sea View Hotel
1879 HP 4/7 Fishermen’s Orphan Homes – more subscribers
1879 HP 8/8 Roman Catholic Church opened
DM 27/8 Sad death of a Derby Tourist in Skegness (Mr George Barnett)
1879 Frederica Terrace completed – the only building on Grand Parade
1879 Sewerage works completed at Cow Bank (furthest end of Richmond Drive)
1879 Pavilion opened in the Pleasure Gardens, ran by Cllr. John Green (Methodist) and later Fred Trevitt
1879 Building of first Church of England schools commenced in Skegness
1879 Grand Parade completed
? Tower Esplanade was called ‘Beacon Hill’ (ref SS 1964 NB searched for this reference article and can’t find it again, unfortunately)
1879 HP 17/10 Erection of Skegness Pier to be commenced at once
HP 17/10 Building erected for the Earl of Scarbrough opened for public business this week (doesn’t state which building it is…)
LM 15/5/1880 Countess of Scarbrough officially opens a temporary Fishemans Orphan Home in Skegness on 5th November (not sure of the location atm)
5/11 Countess of Scarbrough lays the corner stone to St Matthew’s Church, assisted by Lord Lumley
1879 HP 19/12 Fishermen’s Orphan Home
1879 NE 22/10 Contract secured by Messers Head, Wrightson & Co., of the Teesdale Ironworks, Stockton, for construction of Skegness Pier
Charnwood Tavern History (Winthorpe School)
date unknown Ancient cottages near St Mary’s Church Winthorpe
First official Primitive Methodist Service held in Skegness in Ward’s Tea Rooms in High Street

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