Woodward Boy’s £100,000 Birthday Present


This is one train that arrived on time!
Alexander Woodward has been given a special present by his parents for his third birthday — a £100,000 train set.
To receive a train set is for many boys a dream come true, even in this age of hi-tech computerised toys. But at this price this is no ordinary train layout.
It comes with an engine and five carriages, and runs through the landscaped setting of a theme park — and Alexander can ride on it.
Alex is the only son of Mr John Woodward the owner of the Magical World of Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells.
Mr Woodward said: “Alex really likes trains. We saw this one at an exhibition in Italy and decided to buy it for his birthday.
“We have installed it at the park in a specially created landscape where Alex can ride it whenever he visits the park. The train is computer controlled.”
Alex’s older sister Ellie, five, also has her own ride at the park, a carousel with her name on one of the horses.
The train was handed over to Alex on Sunday.
In picture this is one birthday Alex Woodward, three, is likely to remember, as he receives his £100,000 present, the Safari Train, from his father John Woodward, owner of the Magical World of Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells.


July 1999 local news story


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