SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com) DM = Derby Mercury BP = Birmingham Daily Post PI = Penny Illustrated LM – Leeds Mercury ST = Sheffield Telegraph YPLI = Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer SI = Sheffield Independent

1900 SM Famous composer, Gustav Holst, said to have played the trombone on Skegness Pier and composed his Cotswold Symphony on Skegness Beach
1900 Fred Clements first performance on Skegness beach, later occupy the Lawns east of Hildred’s Hotel
1900s early The 1876 Wesleyan Chapel on High Street becomes the Assembly Rooms, and soon afterwards the Infant School
c1900 Fatal ran-tanning ritual
c1900 SM Photograph of Catlins Favourite Pierrots at Sutton on Sea
1900 SI 2/1 Coal famine in Skegness
SH 12/1 Funeral of Skegness musician, Richard Hudson
SH 19/1 Mr Dales of Newstead takes up his post as the new station master
SH 19/1 Testimonial to Skegness stationmaster, Mr Tuckerman
SH 23/2 Storm damage to telegraph wires – Skegness cut off
SH 2/3 Enlargement of Seacroft golf course
SH 30/3 Queen’s Chocolate Box presented to Joe Spenser, of Alexander Road
SH 6/4 Skegnessian’s letter from the front
SH 6/4 Double railway line opened between Friskney and Skegness
SH 13/4 Hotel and Railway shop changes hands
SH 18/4 Mrs Parker purchases Lumley Hotel from Lumley Hotel Co
SH 18/4 Railway refreshment rooms taken over by G. N. R. after being run by Messers Enderby for around 20 years
SH 25/4 Rev W Disney BA installed to the Rectory of Skegness by Bishop of Lincoln (not photographed)
SH 4/5 Disused burial ground – who pays for its upkeep?
SH 11/5 Chairman of the Council, Frederick Kirkby, is elected new magistrate
SH 11/5 New Views of Skegness book published
SH 18/5 Narrow escape from drowning in Pleasure Gardens pond (Bertie Green, son of shoe-dealer, Lumley Road)
SH 18/5 Large catches of crabs and shrimps off Skegness
SH 18/5 First anniversary of new Primitive Methodist Church
SH 25/5 Queen’s birthday celebrations in Skegness (two articles)
SH 25/5 Skegnessian drowned at Blackpool (Nutsey)
SH 8/6 Rejoicing at Skegness
SH 8/6 Wanted – water cart
SH 15/6 Modder River hero at Skegness
SH 22/6 Accident at the Lion Hotel – horse bolts and ends up in the bar! (Panton)
SH 22/6 Offences in Skegness – ill-treating a donkey by donkey driver, Henry Cridland – Edward Houghton and Maria Swallow for drunk & disorderly
SH 6/7 Two shelters erected on North Parade by Earl of Scarbrough (nomenclature included Grand Parade in those days)
SH 6/7 Alleged highway offence – Samuel Crust wagonette proprietor
SH 6/7 Thomas Smalley lifeboat presentation
SH 27/7 Skegness man returns from war – James William Dowse
DM 8/8 Storm at Skegness
SH 17/8 An agreement entered into for the expansion of Seacroft golf links
SH 24/8 Remarkable coincidence – old letter turns up after ending up at the bottom of the English Channel on a ship wreck – Green, Winter
SH 24/8 A serious accident
SH 24/8 Railway names alterations
SH 31/8 Death of gasworks manager
SH 31/8 Pier master, Charles Hildred retires due to ill health (no story)
SH 7/9 Seacroft golf links extended to 18 hole
SH 7/9 Funeral of Skegness gasworks manager (J N Forster)
SH 14/9 Winding the town clock
SH 21/9 Arthur A Cash appointed new Pier Master (no story)
28/9 Mysterious disappearance of a servant girl Frances Stanley
BP 26/9 Missing Servant Girl Found on Brink of Death
SH Follow-up story of the missing servant girl is printed in the Skegness Herald
SH 5/10 St Paul’s Baptist Church extension scheme (part photographed)
SH 2/11 Formation of a Boys Brigade in Skegness (part photographed)
SH 9/11 Letter from the front line – sons of Mrs Hutson of May Cottage, Roman Bank
SH 9/11 Teacher wedding presentation – Miss Codd of the National School
LM 10/11 Tennyson Memories
SH 16/11 Lecture on Oliver Cromwell (not photographed)
SH 30/11 Sad case (Charles Francis)
DM 5/12 Proposed new railway line from Lincoln to Skegness
SH 14/12 Serious gun accident on the Cricket Ground – George Blackbourn
SH 28/12 Money raised for Gun accident victim
Burgh Brewery Old Photograph
1901 SM Skegness Man in Captain Scott’s First Antarctic Expedition
Seacroft Hotel, formerly known as The Hydro is said to have opened but no evidence yet found
SH Jan Queen Victoria’s death – how Skegness mourned
SH 1/2 Skegness sent memorial wreath to Windsor Castle
SH 1/2 Displays in Skegness in memory of Queen Victoria
SH 8/2 Memorial to Queen Victoria
SH 15/2 New Infectious disease hospital proposed
SH 8/3 Paper Chase Skegness college
SH 15/3 Architect’s report on the structure of St Matthew’s Church Skegness
SH 15/3 Derbyshire Poor Boys Home 10th anniversary
SH 20/3 Preparations for the taking of the 1901 census in Skegness
SH 19/4 Bring in a water diviner to find a supply for the isolation Hospital
SM 24/4 Death of James Hipkin
SH 26/4 Council man blows himself up when inspecting sewers
SH 26/4 Telephone exchange for Skegness
SH 3/5 John Charles Fowler Curtis and sister Grace Curtis commendation at school
SH 17/5 Isolation Hospital discussions
SH 31/5 Battle of Flowers may be abandoned through lack of support
ST 12/7 Skegness Battle of Flowers
SH 2/8 Live seals on display aboard Whale Ship Eliza
SH 2/8 Suicide of a teacher in Lumley Road
SH 2/8 Stabbing incident in Skegness
SH 16/8 Part of Skegness baths made into a concert hall
SH 16/8 Charles Hildred death
SH 30/8 Lumley Hotel Company Limited goes into liquidation
SH 30/8 Pembroke House (now the Masonic Hall Rutland Road) is now apartments
SH 1/9 Installation of the telephone in Skegness
SH 6/9 Comedy Theatre destroyed by fire
SH 13/9 Concert to raise money for Comedy Theatre destroyed by fire
SH 13/9 Concert Hall at the Baths in trouble with the Council SUDC
SH 13/9 Ratepayers refuse to pay rates
SH 13/9 Taxis not wearing badges
SH 13/9 Isolation Hospital
SH 20/9 Former National School teacher dies in South Africa
SH 8/11 Local baker gets gold award for his bread (John Green)
SH Death from consumption (Emily Brown)
SH Death of a child by poisoning (Sarah Jane Toyne)
SH St Clement’s Preparatory School underway
SH Skegnessians who lived under the rule of five kings and queens
SH Wanton shooting of seagulls near Clock Tower
Church of England Temperance Society
Accident to Council Worker
Grave of James Hipkin
1902 SH 24/1 Letter to Editor – footpath hazard
SH 31/1 H V Tippet is seriously ill
SH 31/1 Sewage disposal at sea
SH 7/2 Lady’s clothes catch fire at a house in Rutland Road
SH 12/2 Tippet’s death and funeral (story not photographed)
SH 28/2 Medical Officer’s report
SH 14/3 Dressmaking classes cease at the National School Roman Bank
SH 21/3 Divorce case in Skegness
SH 21/3 Letter to the Editor – Sewage problems at Seacroft and Drummond Road
SH 4/4 Royal lifeboat Institution decoration for Charles Fred Grantham
SH 25/4 Fred Clements entertainment tender accepted by the council
SH 2/5 Death of a child (Toyne) by poisoning inquest at the Vine Hotel
SH 9/5 Alleged mismanagement of lifeboat funds
SH 9/5 Coronation Walk proposed (not photographed)
SH 9/5 Stone-laying at Wesleyan Sunday school (not photographed)
SH 23/5 Death of Gasworks Manager
SH 30/5 Seacroft estate sold by lots
SH 6/6 Skegness Disaster Fund
SH 6/6 End of Boer War celebrated in Skegness
SH 27/6 Mrs Houghton’s premises catch fire
SH 4/7 Skegness College Hudson composer
SH 4/7 Bonfire
SH 4/7 Telegram from the Queen
SH 18/7 Retraction of disparaging remarks about Skegness
SH 1/8 Church attack on Skegness
SH 1/8 A visitor’s opinion on Skegness
SH 15/8 Skegness on Coronation Day
SH 22/8 Battle of Confetti on Skegness Pier
SH 5/9 Proposed new hotel at Seacroft
SH 12/9 Mrs Houghton has to pay for fire brigade
SH 12/9 BMD registration now available at Skegness
SH 19/9 ‘Goodbye, Skeggy Gay’ Nottingham Poor Boy’s Home song
SH 19/9 Call for a children’s shelter in bad weather
SH 26/9 Wesleyan Sunday School opens
SH 3/10 Druids 11th anniversary
SH 3/10 Queer Plurals ditty
SH 17/10 Isolation Hospital erected and caretaker appointed
SH 17/10 Death of Hannah Moody Alma Cottage High Street
SH 17/10 Wainfleet Road pond is a health risk
SH 7/11 Further developments in Skegness
SH 28/11 Charles Burnham Photographic Studio opens in High Street Skegness
SH 28/11 Funeral of W E Enderby at Halton Holgate (Shades Hotel)
SH 28/11 Fred Greenwood dies
SH Death of Skegness waterworks manager
Smuggling Murder Vine Hotel (nothing found in 1901/2/3 newspapers about this story)
SH Skegness boasts a Royal musician
Terrible Murder and Suicide Tragedy at Boston
Lifeboat Disaster Fund Theft
RNLI decoration for Charles Grantham
Skeleton at the White House (world news)
1903 SH 9/1 Skegness development scheme
SH 9/1 Shop break-in
SN 11/1/28 Funeral of Enoch Enderby of The Shades
SN 11/1/28 Funeral of Frederick Greenwood
SH 25/1 Formation of a Canine Society proposal
SH 28/1 Accident – Green
SH 6/2 Call for a Skegness advertising poster
SH 13/3 Dog poisoning – dog show sabotage
SH 20/3 Living pictures at the Pleasure gardens Pavilion
SH 27/3 Longivity in Lincolnshire
SH 27/3 New post box
SH 27/3 Earthquake
SH 3/4 National School under new management
SH 1/5 Death of Mrs Almond post office mistress
SH 1/5 Damage to trees
SH 15/5 Dutton’s library
SH 15/5 Skegness College
SH 19/6 Canopy
SH 24/6 Horncastle to Skegness walk
SH 17/7 New streets
SH 31/7 New King’s Hall
SH 7/8 Sunshine monitor on pier saloon
SH 14/8 Blowing up of a vessel
SH 4/9 Sale of the Skegness steam laundry
SH 4/9 Sea view Hotel
SN 12/9/28 Footballer’s narrow escape from death when building Burgh cattle market
SH 16/10 Beach planks
SM 11/11 Death of Edwin Green
SH 20/11 Accident to Dr Bernard
SH 27/11 Funeral of Thomas Smalley Skegness lifeboat coxswain
SH 11/12 Sea view Road and Roman Bank declared a dangerous corner
SH 11/12? Cleethorpes donkeys cause annoyance
Advert for Skegness Bouquet Victorian perfume
1904 Stone Lion Statue aloft the Lion Hotel is brought to ground level for safety reasons
Billy the Diver Thomason began his diving displays off the end of the Pier
SH 15/1 Proposed veranda for the Lion Hotel
SH 26/2 Plumber, Walter Lilley prosecuted for obtaining credit when bankrupt (not photographed)
SH 4/3 St Matthew’s Church gates
SH 18/3 Piggeries near Cricket Ground ordered to be put in a sanitary condition
SH 25/3 Proposed sewage farm (not photographed)
SH 1/4 Sad death of an old fisherman – Harrison Howard
SH 8/4 Sad end to an old Skegness fisherman – Harrison Howard
SH 8/4 Seacroft Hotel and Seacroft golf course
SH 29/4 G H J Dutton elected chairman and magistrate
SH 18/5 Occupation Road made up
SH 20/5 Whale ship Eliza – short description of the museum contents
SH 27/5 Canning introduces first electric light in Skegness
SH 24/6 Italian organ-grinder Stabbing threat to Mr Speight, foreman of the Earl of Scarbrough estate
SH 24/6 Sensational diving off Skegness Pier
SH 8/7 Distressing accident at sea – Carl Jenson, 55, of Riga, Germany loses his life
SH 15/7 Suicide (Mr J W Dixon of Drummond Road)
SH 15/7 Skegness builder poisons himself with cyanide
SH 22/7 Skegness builder poisons himself with cyanide
SH 19/8 James Connell pier diver in court
SH 26/8 Church Home of Rest for Women Ida Road
SH 2/12 Death of Mr Richard Lloyd, brother-in-law of Fred Kirkby of the Lion Hotel
SH 16/12 Objectionable postcards
SH 30/12 White Dog Feast – Indian ritual relics – curious find in New York (world news)
1905 Christmas in Spilsby Workhouse
First Fish & Chip Shop in Skegness opens on High Street – Renshaws (old photo)
SH 27/1 Relocation of the Skegness Post Office from Lumley Road to junction of Roman Bank and Algitha Road
SH 27/1 Post Office Grumbles – Canning Speaks Out
SH 10/2 Ghost of Binbrook farm
SH 24/2 Accident to a Skegness railway guard (Jackson)
SH 14/4 Sad deathbed story (national news)
SH 28/4 Suicide in a cathedral (national news)
SH 5/5 Vicar’s daughter elopes (national news)
SH 5/5 Little girl’s shocking death Dorothy Hirst, 8, of Huddersfield (national news)
SH 12/5 Samuel Moody vaccination neglect charge
SH 28/7 Lady’s dreadful suicide (national news)
SH 28/7 Fortune-telling swindlers (national news)
SH 28/7 Negro burnt to death (national news)
SH 25/8 Fatal accident – horse clock tower – John William Fowler aged 3
SH 1/9 Sad bathing fatality Mr Charles William Curtis of Nottingham
SH 8/9 First sands motor race
SH 15/9 Tents on the foreshore
SH 15/9 Blown to pieces on horseback (national news)
SH 20/10 Extraordinary hallucination
SH 1/12 Noah’s Ark demolished
SH 29/2 Christmas at the Derbyshire Children’s holiday home Skegness
Edwardian Cabinet Card JR Storr
Child Killed by Horse
Photograph of Barlow’s grocery shop Lumley Road
c1906 Will Marsh’s Merrie Men major entertainers in Skegness
1906 Advert for the Sea View Skating Rink (proprietors Lawrence and Bircumshaw)
SH 5/1 Proposal for a rectory at St Matthew’s church
SH 26/1 Proposal for a gun range at Gibraltar Point
SH 2/2 Proposed Hydro for Skegness
SH 9/2 Orient College opens
SH 9/3 Change of Skegness station master
SH 6/4 A new lifeboat arrives for Skegness
SH 4/5 Tobogganing Tower Skegness attraction
SH 4/5 Gosberton Hall School
SH 18/5 Big gun testing range opens at Gibraltar Point
SH 8/6 Fishing smack and boat rescue
SH 22/6 Skegness attraction – Great Wheel erected
SH 22/6 Foxes on display at the Ship Inn
SH 6/7 Assault
SH 6/7 Gosberton Hall School
SH 6/7 Runaway horse
SH 27/7 Sewage Works official opening
NEP 8/8 Found Hanging at Klondyke Castle
PI 25/8 Skegness highly favoured by Londoners
SH 7/9 Call for a town band
1907 Figure 8 constructed on North parade
Alfred Wrate set up his photography business at 17 Lumley Road
SH 11/1 Description of fire hydrant locations
SH 11/1 Mishap at the railway station – tender derailed
SH 11/1 Vine pullover (named Amersham Road) public or private? debate
SH 25/1 Fire at Marshall’s, Wide Pavement (old Woolworth’s building)
SH 15/2 Vine pullover – great discussions (not photographed)
SH 15/2 New infant school – letter to Council from Rev. Disney
SH 22/2 Proposed high school for girls (includes information about the Essendon School)
SH 22/2 Important sale of property – includes King’s Hall, Swimming baths, and shops
SH 8/3 Man’s headless body washed ashore at Chapel St Leonards – brief headline, no story
SH 15/3 Hydropathic establishment discussed (Seacroft)
SH 28/3 Skegness Musical Society’s 5th annual concert
SH 5/4 Proposed new high school for girls (Essendon discussed)
SH 8/5 Samuel Lewis lifeboat first launch
SH 24/5 Coast erosion inspectors’ car gets stuck in water at Gibraltar Point
SH 4/5 New hydro establishment
SH 25/5 Accident to Mr Hiley at the Wesleyan Church (Hiley’s Restaurant)
SH 14/6 Proposal by Mr Greenwood to number the houses in the streets of Skegness (just a reference, not a complete article)
SH 21/6 A poisonous mushroom causes death of Rose Hilda Maddison
SH 21/6 Mishap to Cllr F Kirkby
SH 21/6 Narrow escape – Mr Francis Naylor’s son (of Hildred’s Hotel) slips into sulphuric acid
SH 2/8 Bert Harrow, of Will Marsh’s entertainers injured
SH 2/8 New Skegness brick company third annual meeting
SH 23/8 Debut in London of harpist, Miss Carrie Shelley, aged 16, playing upon harp presented to her father, Cllr Shelley, by the Duchess of Marlborough
24/8 Massy and Taylor match at Seacroft Golf Links photographs
SH 30/8 Picture of Harpist, Miss Carrie Shelley
SH 30/8 Massy and Taylor match at Seacroft Golf Links
SH 6/9 Massy and Taylor match at Seacroft Golf Links (pictures of the two golfers)
SH 6/9 Harpist, Miss Carrie Shelley receives letters of congratulations for her performance
SH 6/9 A visitor fell out of a Lumley Road window last week (no story)
SH 11/10 Skegness Herald changes publishing day from Thursday to Friday (advert)
SH 18/10 Attacked by Chinamen (family of Mrs Walker of Algitha Road)
SH 1/11 There is, apparently, an excellent echo as one progresses along Grosvenor Road towards the old church! (no story)
SH 8/11 Pathetic help message in a bottle – crew of the Grecian, the Deep Sea Fishing Company of Boston
SH 20/12 Music manuscript -“Come, Deck the Halls with Holly” music by Benedict Vaughn, lyrics by Mrs B Vaughn
Strange Birthday for Jolly Fisherman?
1908 Samuel Moody Cuts Wire Right of Way over North Shore Golf Links asserted
Infant School on High Street closes
Skegness County Infant School opens on Cavendish Road
SM Skegness Urban District Council polling card for Coun T Marshall
SH 10/1 Gruesome find in dyke near old Ship Inn, Burgh Road (Richard Miller Stennett of Roman Bank)
SH 17/1 Missing boy (George Clark of Cecil Avenue)
SH 17/1 Proposal to form a news men’s club in Skegness
SH 31/1 Liberal meeting in Skegness – excellent picture of Alderman Adams, Mayor of Lowestoft
SH 7/2 St Paul’s Church temporary services during removal to a new site
YPLI 21/2 Avenue Tea Gardens Sold (Jackson’s Corner)
SH 28/2 Tornado wreaks havoc in Skegness – extensive damage to Nottingham Girls Home, Brunswick Drive (picture)
SH 3/4 Council candidate W Turner (picture)
SH 3/4 Development of estate north of Sea View Hotel Skegness
SH 10/4 New water system from Welton turned on
SH 17/4 Human skeleton found under flooring at the site of the old Post Office in Burgh le Marsh
SH 8/5 Skegness Hydropathic
SH 8/5 Harpist, and daughter of Cllr Shelley, Miss Carrie Shelley (excellent picture)
SH 15/5 Frederick Acton J.P. motor accident
SH 15/5 Wife applies for separation after husband makes her cook rats for dinner (Lucy and Henry Hodgson of Old Leake)
SH 15/5 Isabella Brearley death (wife of Samuel Brearley)
SH 15/5 Welcome to Bracing Skegness sign in shells
SH 15/5 Stone-laying Ingoldmells Primitive Methodist Church (not photographed)
SH 22/5 Kinsley’s advert (includes photograph of the shop)
SH 22/5 Accident to Mr Naylor whilst tree-lopping in High Street
SH 5/6 Nottingham Poor Girls Home opens in Skegness
SH 12/6 Smart capture at the railway station by police after Joseph Crawshaw reported suspicious characters
SH 24/7 Official opening of Ingoldmells Primitive Methodist Church (not photographed)
SH 31/7 Bathing fatality (rescued by William McKay)
SH 14/8 Startled horse on a rampage on the beach – children injured
SH 21/8 The Skegness Show (not photographed)
SH 21/8 Footpath dispute fund raiser Cllr Sam Moody and protesters marched in Winthorpe
SH 21/8 Bonny babies competition (pictures)
SH 28/8 Brave rescue by Privateer crew of a man off the Pier (Howard Biddle of Leicester)
SH 28/8 Baby whale washed ashore at Skegness and displayed at Nottingham Poor Boys’ Camp
SH 11/9 Proposed development of North Foreshore – includes a plan by architect, Ernest G Wyles
SH 11/9 Skegness Regatta revived after six years (not photographed)
SH 25/9 Mr & Mrs William Bellamy 60 years wedding anniversary with pictures Mr Bellamy reveals interesting info re old Skegness (obscured – the entire article is badly printed)
SH 25/9 Picture William McKay
SH 2/10 William McKay
SH 2/10 Anti-Licensing Bill Protest in Hyde Park, London (pictures) (national news)
SH 9/10 Attempted suicide of Herbert “Alfred” Freeman at the Rookery, Croft, Wainfleet
SH 16/10 Fire at Mr Brooks farm, Winthorpe
SH 16/10 Shopkeepers summons for Sunday trading
SH 13/11 Child cruelty George Melton of Driby near Spilsby (baby Lilly Baggaley)
SH 13/11 Skegness couple’s sordid story – Ellen and Herbert Thompson, formerly a gunsmith at Boston
SH 20/11 Body at Ingoldmells (farmer, Walter Vickers recovered the body)
SH 27/11 Memorial stone-laying Wesleyan New Church Parlour
SH 27/11 Gun-testing range construction gets go-ahead
SH 11/12 Millinery dispute – Arthur Stow of Stow Bros sues Edith Louisa Davis, waitress at Lion Hotel, for refusing to pay for a hat
Strange Birthday for Jolly Fisherman?
Skegness Footballers 1908
SH Roller Rink Skating Skegness Pier Saloon Advert
1909 5/2 Servant girl dies after clothes catch fire at Pier View Hotel Skegness
19/3 Skegness boy’s escapade – William Elvin, 11 (similar story – Skegness newspaper boy, George Clark, 14, of Cecil Avenue, Skegness)
SMA 24/3 Skegness News introduces itself – First issue of Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News local newspaper
SMA 24/3 Lifeboat launch
26/3 Figure 8 Railway built
SMA 31/3 Sales of first issue of Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News local newspaper
Mar Mr Charles Henry Major moved his printing business from Prince George Street to Lumley Road
SMA 26/5 Bellamy’s bottle works gas engine mishap
SMA 26/5 Nottingham Poor Girls Home opened in Brunswick Drive, Skegness
SMA 26/5 Man of the moment – Sam Mayfield (includes portrait) [story ridicules Mr Mayfield, who is described as an ‘imbecile’]
SMA Advert for W Gell furniture removal – the only pantechnicon in Skegness (picture)
* 28/5 Plan for new Winter Gardens (picture)
SMA 2/6 Death of Rev E E Tippet, son of H V Tippet, agent to Earl of Scarbrough
* 11/6 New Winter Gardens
SMA 16/6 Lion hotel burglary
SMA 19/6 Proposed visit of 1st Cruiser Squadron – enormous benefit to Skegness
SMA 7/7 An eccentric visitor
SMA 7/7 Lost little Grantham girl causes problems (Berry fetched her back from Chapel)
SMA 14/7 Mr Ernest Day summoned for blocking Lumley Road pathway by talking
SMA 21/7 A W Rowley death (not photographed)
SMA 11/8 Billy Thomason’s fire dive off Skegness Pier
* 10/9 Warships anchored off Skegness Pier
SMA 15/9 Death at 93 Lumley Road – Mr Mark Crag of Lincoln
SMA 6/10 Death of Mr Nicholas Pearce, former Inspector of Police in Skegness (23 years ago)
SMA 6/10 Arrest of Skegness eccentric – serious charge – Mr Hyde Kelso Learoyd, bank accountant
SMA 20/10 Skegness man’s sad death (Arthur Hawkins)
* 20/10 Alarming carriage accidentg
SMA 27/10 Tragic death inquest – Frank Houghton, bricklayer’s labourer of Winthorpe
SMA Alarming carriage accident – Hildred’s bus
SMA 24/11 Sudden death of William Green at Skegness train station
SMA 24/11 Father of the child? Rose Emma Pearson and Frederick Allenby of Skegness
SMA 1/12 Joseph Grunnill lifeboat presentation (not photographed)
SMA* 26/10 Pier Hotel manager goes bankrupt
SMA* 26/10 Council discusses Manchester to Skegness direct railway line (not photographed)
SMA* 2/11 Emma Cable death Aldeburgh lifeboat Pascoe
SMA* 2/11 Attempted suicide man (Rose) dies in prison
SMA* 9/11 Extension of Skegness churchyard
SMA* 9/11 Message in a bottle (Stamper)
SMA* 15/11 Death of James Perrin
SMA* 23/11 Extension of Skegness churchyard
SMA* 21/12 Details of various shops in Skegness
SMA* 3/11 Ode to the Red Cross nurses in Skegness by a wounded soldier
SMA* 5/11 Kaiser’s dream
SMA* 10/11 An exciting career
SMA* 10/11 How Capt Scorer died
SMA* 15/11 Too old to fight in the war
First Telegram From Skegness
Winter Gardens Skegness

4 thoughts on “1900s

  1. Shirley Horton said:
    A very interesting read. I lived in Skegness on Scarborough Avenue between 1961-1970. I have recently given a series of talks about Skegness to local history society groups in South Derbyshire where I now live. This new magazine is great and has helped me to build up ,my knowledge of the older history of skegness.

  2. Lol! I HAVE got a shed load of old newspapers, but I just do it for interest, really. Got a lot of spare time lol! I’m not a journalist, but a local historian, and a pharmacy technician by trade.

  3. 19/03.1909 My Grandad’s brother, George Clark. My family owned that same house on Cecil ave right up until it got to large for my mother in 1995. There is a story about my mother, Sylvia Jeffries in May 1959, about the robbery at Scott.s Jeweller’s .

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