SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com) NEP = Nottingham Evening Post

1940 3/1 SS Lifeboat man Matt Grunnill death
3/1 SN Double wedding at St Matthew’s Church (Buck)
3/1 SN Company placed under escort
3/1 SN Houghton death in Winthorpe
3/1 SS Marie’s Academy of Dance teacher’s wedding – Loasby
3/1 SS Death Overton
10/1 Wartime DOs and DON’Ts for women
10/1 SN Godfrey Winn visits HMS Royal Arthur
17/1 Death of William Plasket Moody at his home 27 Ida Road
What to do in an air raid
17/1 Air raid warning sirens tested in Skegness
17/1 Seathorne to be abolished
17/1 Steam Laundry annual dinner County Hotel
24/1 SN Stratosphere Girl crashes to her death
7/2 SN Dennis Bee death 73 Lumley Road
12/2 Death of Skegness Farmer John Olivant Smith
14/2 SN Twin boy’s sad death – Marvell
21/2 SN 3-year-old’s death – Lilley
24/2 Death of Kezial Grunnill
28/2 SS Royal Arthur officers wed
6/3 SS Bullet-hole body washed ashore at Skegness
6/3 SN Haslam Home in London
13/3 SS Mayor Hudson’s secret wedding – picture
20/3 SS Old Skegnessian remembers Crimean War
22/3 ‘Peggy Gadsby’ (Frank) professional pier diver convicted in Skegness Magistrates Court
27/3 SS Dutton Family dinner party picture
27/3 First ‘War Easter’ Skegness is busy!
27/3 SS Coun Frank Evans resigns (picture)
3/4 Two Skegness men fined for violating wartime blackout rules
3/4 Free repairs to gas masks
10/4 SS Body in back garden well At Myrtle House Skegness
10/4 SS Alan Grunnill wedding – picture
24/4 SN Mayor Chester
22/5 SS Supt Ackeril retires – picture
29/5 SS Death of Charles Lane furniture store proprietor
29/5 SS Harry Smyth death
29/5 SS Overton death – transported mail to Burgh
29/5 SS Skegness airman killed in action – Hewett
19/6 SS A Skegness Officer’s wedding – Stanley Crawshaw
3/7 SS War guns tested in Skegness
3/7 SN Rev Mack’s young daughter
10/7 SS Dump war effort bones and scrap in Lumley Square
10/7 SS Butlin’s polar bear to be evacuated or shot
17/7 SS Butlin’s polar bear saved after other zoo animals were destroyed in WW2
21/7 SS Long lost medal (Fred Smalley)
24/7 SS Dr Walker JP death – picture
3/8 SM Death of Keith Kime
7/8 SS Keith Kime drowns in boating lake
28/8 SS Children killed in Red House bombing
28/8 SS Red House children’s funerals
4/9 SS Air raids on Skegness
11/9 SS Spilsby Grammar School fined for breaching black-out regulations
18/9 SS Incendiary bombs fall through garage roof
9/10 SS German plane brought down
9/10 SS Bombs and bullets
16/10 SS German Bomber on display in Tower Gardens
16/10 SS Dastardly attack on Miss Kitty Houghton
30/10 Air raid shelters at Skegness Infant School ‘inadequate’
30/10 Skegness Council’s message to Hitler
30/10 Red tape hinders lifeboat launch
6/11 First World War II air raid in Skegness
6/11 Fined for leaving a bicycle on the pavement
6/11 SS More senseless bombing
13/11 Mobile Canteen set up by WI to help air raid victims
13/11 Wainfleet bombings
13/11 SS Bombings
20/11 6th air raid on Skegness
20/11 SS Bombing on Skegness beach
27/11 Incendiary bombs dropped on Skegness
27/11 More paper – thanks to Hitler
27/11 SS Crimean War Russian gun removed from Boston for war metal
4/12 SS Death of Skegness waterworks founder
11/12 Police devise new way of catching ‘blackout’ offenders
11/12 Planning a wartime Christmas
18/12 Skegness Grammar School boy crushed in a Sheffield air raid
24/12 Police officer shot by sentry
Man Who Found Skegness Water
(some below may be in 1940)
1941 1/1 SS Married by candlelight
15/1 George Dutton death
Tower Cinema bombed (18th Jan)
22/1 Another bomb raid – coastal town bombed
12/2 SN Memories of old Skegness
19/2 SN Onion crops on Skegness foreshore
5/2 Coastguard Watch history
12/2 Defeating the raider
26/2 SS Clock Tower suffers war damage
26/2 SS Bonnett death
12/3 Two German bombers shot down
19/3 Three enemy raiders brought down
26/3 Capon death (first surveyor to the Skegness Local Board
9/4 Moonlight air raid
9/4 SS Hassall is penniless
16/4 SS Payne emergency birth Briar Way
30/4 Four soldiers in Tower Cafe cellar – threats with bayonet
7/5 Headless whale washed up on Skegness beach
14/5 Hitler comes 800 miles to kill an 8-year-old boy
21/5 SS Runaway fire engine (Fireman Frank Burbidge)
4/6 Séance in Skegness to contact dead sailor
18/6 Lone raider bombs Skegness
25/6 SN Skegness has its first gas test
9/7 Enemy raider shot down
9/7 SS B C Hucks recalled
9/7 Don’t use stirrup pumps to spray the garden!
16/7 Shot through head body washed ashore
30/7 Sleeping out in air raid shelters
20/8 Bombs fall on Vine Walk in Skegness
20/8 SS “One of our Aircraft is Missing” war film shot on location in Boston
18/6 SS Horncastle refuses Grimsby child evacuees
18/6 SS Leaflets dropped by the Germans
1/10 SS Pier may be dismantled for munitions
29/10 Rats ate the jam
29/10 SS Two Hassall sketches for Skegness War Ships Week
15/10 Bombs fall near bowling green
8/10 Child’s body found in a well at Petwood Hotel Woodhall Spa
19/11 “Well done, Skegness!”
8/11 Worship Week
26/11 SS Fred Clements meets film star Elizabeth Allan
Fred Clements dies, aged 66, and is buried in St Clement’s churchyard
Fire Engine Plunges onto Roman Bank
Skegness Industrial Works Bombed German Broadcast Claim
German Prisoner of War Camp on Morris School site
1942 7/1 SN Death of Mrs Susan Blades who was the first to marry in the Methodist Church Roman Bank (1892)
14/1 SN Accident to Skegness business woman, Connie Dutton of Dutton’s Cash Stores, Lumley Road
14/1 SN Thorpe Dales fire
14/1 SN An alarming experience – went head-on into horses in the dark
14/1 SN Cow kills a farmer
28/1 SN Gas stops play at Skegness cricket ground
28/1 SN Boys must register
28/1 SN Support for Skegness
11/2 SN Butlin’s in the desert
25/2 SN Remarkable scene in a Skegness house
4/3 SN Jolly plaque
4/3 SN Council pays tribute to the late Digby
11/3 SN Skegnessian filmed with Sir Stafford
11/3 SN Retired police sergeant
18/3 SN Entertainment pioneer’s death (Will Marsh)
18/3 SN Beauty and Brains
25/3 SN Street fire party
25/3 SN Solving your waste paper problems FAQs
1/4 SN Land ploughed up
1/4 SN Death of Coun Hudson
1/4 SN Painted lips girl laughed at magistrate
8/4 SN Fido on guard
8/4 SN Plucky airman loses his life
8/4 SN Guy Grantham is safe
8/4 SN Dodgems for munitions – Billy Butlin donates amusement park rides to war effort
8/4 SN Honeymoon assault
22/4 SN Boys fell in waterway and drowned
22/4 SN Tribute to Coun Hudson
33/4 SN A Skegness loan
29/4 SN Call in Mr Butlin!
29/4 SN Summoned before court – two young girls – for riding two on a bike
29/4 SN Mysterious Wainfleet bag
29/4 SN New councillor welcomed Walter Cook
6/5 SN Royal Marine in serious charge
6/5 SN Ribs injured in over-zealous hug
13/5 SN Tribute to Skegness
13/5 SN Drill awards
13/5 SN Warning to schoolchildren
13/5 SN More about Royal Marine in serious charge
13/5 SN Housewives must save every bone!
14/5 NEP Lifeboat Thrills Recalled by Golden Wedding couple, Wilkinson of Ingoldmells, eployed by C F Grantham of The Hall
20/5 SN Public gardener’s death near bowling green
27/5 SS Plane kills woman
3/6 SN Shocking minefield tragedy
3/6 SN Famous ventriloquist recalls early days in Skegness
3/6 SN Joe Davis is coming to Tower Billiards Club
10/6 SN Killed by a hand grenade
11/6 NEP Auction Incident
1/7 Skegness lads in India
8/7 SN Car machine-gunned
8/7 SN Jewel theft
15/7 SN Farmer prosecuted for destroying a bridge
22/7 SN Tanks for attack – Skegness inscription
29/7 SN Trees are natural camouflage
29/7 SN Savings are still increasing
29/7 SS Bombs on east coast resort
30/7 Barmaid falls through top window of Lion Hotel
5/8 SN Mother’s thrilling experience Husband is decorated by the King
5/8 SS Skegness family’s sad ordeal
26/8 SN Blackberries – a warning!
2/9 SN Innocent letter to wife
9/9 SN Mr Major, editor of The Skegness News passes away
16/9 SN An “East Coast Resort” is bombed
23/9 SN Death from a ricochet shot
23/9 SN How to write to a PoW
7/10 SN “A new fire bomb” film released by the British Government
8/10 Pull down St Matthew’s Church
28/10 SN A private hotel is hit by bombs
11/11 SN How to kill a rabbit
25/11 SN Silence is our ally
2/12 SN Proud of Skegness – a letter from New Zealand
2/12 SN An alternative air raid siren
9/12 SN Death of the oldest tradesman, William Brown
9/12 SN Skegness wife hears husband’s radio broadcast from India
9/12 SN Rescued from sewer
9/12 SN Use of your car
9/12 SN Business woman falls on train line
9/12 SN Office blaze
16/12 SN Jumped into water tank
16/12 SN Britain needs YOUR gramophone records!
23/12 SN Clearance of lofts
23/12 SN His Christmas wish
16/12 SN Help the war – stop sneezing!
23/12 SN Santa at Skegness Infant School
30/12 SN Trespassing on the railway
30/12 SS Boston grammar school pupil killed
30/12 SN Oldest music hall artist
Skegness man gets war medal
Snake Show in India Weird Thrill for Skegness Man
1943 6/1 SN Old railings are removed for war use
13/1 SN Frank Charles Fowler Curtis Skegness wedding
13/1 SN Dirty air raid shelters
13/1 SS Coastal resort bombed (Mablethorpe)
21/1 SN Don’t wait for incendiary bombs to explode
20/1 SN Skegness has been free from accidents
20/1 SS Theo Jefferies death
27/1 SN Cement your slack
3/2 SS Skegness airman missing – Spurr
10/2 SN Stale bread must not be wasted
10/2 SN How to wake up without an alarm clock
17/2 SN Suicide at a Lincolnshire camp
17/2 SN Names on tanks
31/3 SN The Great Tomato Mystery
7/4 SN Coun Dunkley’s son in missing the bracing air of Skegness
7/4 SN Intruder wears husband’s clothes
7/4 SS Widowed by Hitler’s vengeance
15/4 SS Skegness man in Canada
14/4 SN Councillor Hudson’s will
14/4 SN Call to keep phone calls brief
5/5 SS Boys in beach no-go area
5/5 SN This must stop
19/5 SS Six sons called up – record for Skegness family
19/5 SN Burley death in service
2/6 SS Lowndes in court
16/6 SN Shopless bank holiday
16/6 SN Dutton injury
23/6 SN Jimmy Slater’s “Miss Camouflage” glamour show
30/6 SS Soldiers killed in minefield explosion
21/7 SS Baby left in Horncastle church
28/7 SN Neglected children
1/8 SS Aliens at Waverley Hotel
11/8 SN Report aliens!
11/8 SN Resort’s origin
11/8 SS “Sunday Wickedness” in Skegness “The Penroses of Fledborough Parsonage”
18/8 SS Lord Torrington’s Lincolnshire Diaries
18/8 SS Silk stockings promise
18/8 SN Skegness man is Prisoner of War
18/8 SN Mayor’s call for Day of Prayer
25/8 SN Using air raid shelters as toilets
25/8 SS General Montgomery’s letter of thanks to Butlin’s
1/9 SS Sapper Walker taken Japanese PoW
1/9 SS Sudden death of Mrs Wallace (picture)
1/9 SN Stack fires sabotage
2/9 NEP Charles Cater, Skegness’ first milkman, dies
8/9 SN Baby’s body in dyke
8/9 SS Baby in drain
8/9 SS Threw tiles off roof
29/9 SN Concealment of birth
6/10 SS Missing sailor Rendell Bell
27/10 SN Dutton missing presumed dead
10/11 SS 50 years wedding anniversary – Calcraft (picture)
10/11 SS Skegness Donkeys’ War Effort
24/11 SN Orient College headmaster dies
8/12 SS Baby found dead
1944 5/1 SN Woman gassed after fall
12/1 SN Landlady fined for not keeping register of aliens
19/1 SS Soldier with mules
19/1 SS Child’s death – Brown
21/1 SN Save your bones!
26/1 SS Keyworth bandmaster’s son
26/1 SS More about mule soldier
2/2 SS Skegness soldier in Bethlehem
16/2 SN Shocking allegations withdrawn
23/2 SN Death of Wilfred Perrin at HMS Royal Arthur
8/3 SN Skegness sailor’s adventures
8/3 SN Chemist shop broken into
8/3 SN Death of Benjamin Sweeten
22/3 SN Skegness man taken Prisoner of War
29/3 SN Cigarette burn in Council carpet outcry
29/3 SS Skegness soldier’s work
5/4 SS Skegness spiritualist, Mr Kirkby gives evidence at Britain’s last witchcraft trial
19/4 SN Used bayonet to break into arcade
26/4 SS Fred Rye summon for careless driving
26/4 SS Coun Davis new chairman (picture)
May SN Accident causes blaze
10/5 SS Skegness hero captures three Germans
10/5 SN Death of man who “helped to build Skegness” (Baker)
31/5 SN PoW broadcast from Singapore
7/6 SN Sailor slept in Arcadia Theatre stalls
7/6 SN Unusual accident
14/6 SN Boy killed by detonator
21/6 SN Skegness leads the way in salvaging operation
12/7 SN More about boy killed by detonator
12/7 SS Skegness soldier killed – Morley
19/7 SS Skegness rector dies Rev William Frederick Wilson (partially photographed)
19/7 SN Too much water – pumping station
19/7 SN Skegness blood wanted
26/7 SN Teacher’s death
26/7 SN Pilot’s death
26/7 SN Property damage arrangements
2/8 SS Skegness soldier’s death – Atkin
2/8 SN Leg blown off
2/8 SN Maternity
6/9 SN Penpals wanted for soldiers on tank bearing Skegness crest
6/9 SS New rector Clarkson
20/9 SS Horn golden wedding
27/9 SS Skegness Major in Middle East – Mitchell
4/10 SS Farrow’s death by bomb
4/10 SN Co-op purchases premises on Lumley Road
18/10 SS War Ordeals of Skegness
25/10 Bombs
25/10 SS Baby dies after choking on milk
8/11 Raids on the resort
15/11 SS Lumley Road plans
13/12 SS Soldier Nundy
13/12 SS Skegness home guard picture
1945 3/1 SN Link with Cromwellian times – Haw
17/1 SN MBE for Mr Warth – pioneer in farming machinery
17/1 SS Keyworth brothers meet
17/1 SS Skegness officer killed – Green
24/1 SN George Mastin funeral
7/2 SN Identified Jack the Ripper Victim
2/2 SN Boy fell through van door
28/2 Skegness beach re-opened after minefields have been cleared
28/2 SN John Francis Grunnill death
7/3 SN Death of Lord Scarbrough
7/3 Earl of Scarbrough death
7/3 SS St Clement’s Church doors dedicated
7/3 SN Police machine-gunned in enemy fire
7/3 Piazza soon to be de-requisitioned
21/3 SN Home guard picture
28/3 SN Local men missing in the War
28/3 SN Bombs in the boating lake
18/4 SN Death of Clarke – Bellamy’s Bottles factory
25/4 Brick pit not safe for sea scouts practice
2/5 Jehovah’s Witness jailed for refusing to do war work
9/5 VE Day
16/5 SS Teapot Hall fire
16/5 Mayor of Skegness, Joseph Crawshaw, announces VE Day from balcony of Lumley Hotel bay window
23/5 Victory in Europe Day celebrated by street party in Wilford Grove Skegness
30/5 SN Insult to next of kin
30/5 SS Duchess of Kent visits Skegness
6/6 SN Jack Hughes killed – picture
6/6 SN Last Town Crier dies – Cram
13/6 SS Airman dies whilst marching – Blood
Jun SN First Rescue by Skegness Lifeboat (flashback)
20/6 Piazza changes its name to the Embassy
4/7 Skegness “gunmen” in trouble
1/8 Still some mines in the area
1/8 Organ pipes stolen from St Clement’s Church
15/8 VJ Day Victory in Japan
22/8 SN Loss of Deeds in Town Hall fire
22/8 SN Street Party Alexandra Road
22/8 SN Street Party Cavendish Road
29/8 SN Street Party Tennyson Green
19/9 SS Four generations of the Key family – picture
26/9 SN VE Day Fancy Dress in Tower Gardens (picture)
3/10 SN First Peace Siren
3/10 SN Disastrous Fire at Sparkes Fish & Chip Shop
10/10 SN Battle for Wilford Grove house
10/10 SN Harry Whily court case
17/10 SN First female conductress at Lincolnshire Roadcar
17/10 SN Harry Whily funeral
24/10 SN Wainfleet man’s treasure trove
7/11 SN Japanese prisoner of war tells the tale
7/11 SN Cassocks from blackouts
7/11 SN Golden Wedding of earliest Salvationist
7/11 SN First post-war Guy Fawkes Day
14/11 SN Body on train line
28/11 SN Bathing costumes are rationed
5/12 SN Broke council windows
19/12 SN Skegness man at the Japanese Surrender Ceremony – Goulson
26/12 SN Ex-servicemen’s club debate in Council
SM Commonwealth War Graves St Clement’s Church Skegness
SM Civilian War Dead Skegness
SM WW1 WW2 British Military Photos
SM WW2 Street Party Photo (Sheffield)
Dancer, Janice Sutton commended in local newspaper
1946 2/1 SN Death of Knocker Hancock
9/1 SN Death of Caroline Freeman Salvationist
9/1 SN Japanese Prisoner of War – A Skegness Woman’s Story
9/1 SN Posed as health official
9/1 Crane School of Dance
9/1 Drury death (school of cookery)
16/1 SN Requisitioned houses
16/1 SN Dealt with dangerous mine
23/1 SN Bigamy at Skegness
23/1 SN DSO medal for dealing with dangerous mine
30/1 SN Butlin’s ultimatum to Skegness Council
30/1 SN Foreshore manager’s sudden death – Coulson
6/2 Moody death
13/3 SN Royal Arthur Hotel on Roman Bank proposal (webmaster’s note – filed in 1918)
24/4 SN Gunby Hall handed over to the Nation
1/5 SN Found hanging on stairway
29/5 SN Stables ablaze
19/6 SN German prisoners of war to clear obstructions on beach
19/6 SN Butlin’s Riviera idea
3/7 School for backward children
10/7 Ex-servicemen get ‘home’ on Grand Parade
7/8 Skegness paragraphs
14/8 SN Baby found abandoned on beach
14/8 Smacked child
21/8 SS Resort scoured for missing child
21/8 SS Baby’s body found under train seat (filed in 1948)
28/8 Crane dancing school
4/9 SN Goods train fire Seacroft Station
11/9 SN German PoW found hanging
18/9 SN BBC theatrical manager summoned to court
2/10 SS Break-in at Skegness fire station
23/10 SN Tragic cot death
30/10 Dog clubbed to death
20/11 Grammar school boys set bombing range on fire
27/11 SS Animals put to sleep by electrocution at RSPCA Prince George Street
4/12 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
4/12 SN Butlin’s action suddenly withdrawn
1947 8/1 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
15/1 SN Child’s body dug up in a Stickney garden
15/1 SS Skegness airman’s grave
22/1 SN Child’s body in flames
22/1 SS Skegness girl guards Nazis
5/2 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
12/2 SS Sea gives up its…GRAPE FRUIT
5/3 SN Eresby Mansion burned down
5/3 SN Skegness lifeboat battles through ice
19/3 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
2/4 SN Betting arrests
9/4 SS Eggs offence
16/4 SS Another eggs offence
16/4 SS Lincolnshire dialect
30/4 SS Boys’ tragic find
7/5 SN Skegness wins Best Laundry Girl competition
7/5 SS Old Spilsby house destroyed by fire (picture)
14/5 SS Rumpus at Tower Cafe
21/5 SS Skegness is first in country to have frozen food
25/5 SN “No water for fire” firemen exclaim after Eresby Mansion fire
4/6 SS Coun Frank Evans exposure
4/6 SS Boat overturns
11/6 SS False birth register
18/6 SS Turner’s Corner advert
18/6 SS Chapel Sands Inspector retires (picture)
18/6 SN Children slept in baths or cellars
18/6 SN Boy drowns after being cut off by tide
25/6 SS Gibraltar Point bombing range protest
25/6 SN Assault on Lumley Road
25/6 SS Laurel & Hardy at Butlin’s
2/7 SS Bigamy charge
2/7 New head for Skegness school
2/7 Comedians Laurel and Hardy visit Skegness
9/7 SS Registration of child (follow-up)
6/8 SS First screening in the world for Skegness cinema
27/8 SS Foster wedding (The Hall Roman Bank)
10/9 SS Carnival queen
17/9 Eric Watson story
24/9 SN German prisoner helps woman cut off by tide
1/10 SN Incident in Tower Gardens
15/10 SS Gunby Hall squire dies
15/10 Battle of the new raised hemline fashions – vox pop
29/10 SS Blazing hut tragedy (Senescall)
19/11 SN Poem to Princess Elizabeth
2/11 SS No permit for saccharin
31/12 SN Squatters at Gibraltar Point
Nottingham Convalescent Home taken over by NHS and renamed Seely House after its benefactor
Wilfred Perrin takes over from his father, George as coxswain of Skegness lifeboat
Picture of Richmond Drive in 1947
1948 11/2 SS Knott (Garage) death
1948 3/3 SN Nowhere to put school children
10/3 SN Warth death
10/3 SN Hassall death – how Skegness heard the news
13/3 SS Death of John Hassall
13/3 SS Patchett suicide
17/3 SS Pier appointment
24/3 SN Sand hills Butlin’s camp
7/4 SS Boys killed in explosion Hill of Firbeck Avenue
21/4 SN Battle of Winceby recalled and an eerie gravestone
28/4 SS Cllr Fry Mayor of Skegness (picture)
28/4 SN Council and Co-op sued by Skegness butcher
5/5 SS Pier workman’s rescue
2/6 SS Civilians on Skegness war memorial proposal
9/6 SS New rector for Skegness – Rev Graham (picture)
9/6 SS Jim Crawshaw suicide
16/6 SS Funeral of Jim Crawshaw
16/6 SS New Butlin’s aerodrome official opening
16/6 SS Plane lands on Skegness beach
30/6 SN Prime Minister visits Skegness (partly photographed)
30/6 SN Napier New Zealand Modelled on Skegness after Earthquake
7/7 SS Schoolboy drowned
7/7 SS Beach tragedy (maybe previous story)
21/7 SS Bombed Park Avenue house
21/7 SN Child drowned in Ingoldmells well
28/7 SS Famous dog in fire
28/7 SS Child drowns in well at Ingoldmells
25/8 SN Chimp learns to ride a bike at Skegness
1/9 SS Babies galore – record number of babies born in Skegness
8/9 SS Dunkley death
8/9 SS Man shot at rifle range mystery
8/9 SN Man shot at rifle range mystery
8/9 SS Arcadia blaze
15/9 SS Carnival queen
15/9 SS Garden incident
15/9 SN Death of George Garner Dunkley JP
15/9 SS Funeral of George Garner Dunkley JP (not photographed)
29/9 Jumping from air balloon at Butlin’s
6/10 SN Mrs Green boat builder’s wife dies
13/10 SS Iron Lung Grammar girl dies
20/10 Death of popular entertainer, Jimmy Loft
20/10 SN Singing in the Street – Skegness Photographers Fined
20/10 SS Fainlight’s crisps factory approved
27/10 SS First Double Wedding at St Matthew’s Church
27/10 SS New burial ground proposal
24/11 Call to close Isolation hospital
24/11 Skegness girl in new film
3/11 SS NOT the First Double Wedding at St Matthew’s Church!
17/11 SN War victim found dead in drain
24/11 SS Skegness Star
24/11 SS Proposal to close the isolation hospital
8/12 Town crier is back in Skegness
8/12 Risk of braining the baby at St Matthew’s church
8/12 SS Wife found dead
22/12 SN Sick & Dividing Club disbanded after 51 years
22/12 Skegness girl in new film
22/12 SS June Kennedy Skegness famous dancer
22/12 SS Former fire chief’s golden wedding
Skegness ghost stories
1949 5/1 Mods & Rockers Riots Skegness 1970 Video
5/1 SN Wireless set burst into flames
5/1 SN First ambulance hoax
12/1 SN Cartoon – price of railway tickets to Skegness
12/1 SN Daring rescues aerodrome crash
12/1 SN Council Chairman wears jewel of office for first time
2/2 Fowl worrying
2/2 SN Red Letter Day recalled – Eliza Hickson
2/2 SN 50 years with NCS – Harold Wilson
9/2 SN Accidental death – Marshall
23/2 SN Boy found hanging on door knob – North
23/2 SN Farewell dinner for publicity manager (part photographed)
2/3 SN Lead sheeting disappears from bomb-damaged Kings Cinema
2/3 SN New South Bracing damaged by gales
2/3 SN North and South Bracings named
16/3 SN Tragedy 55 Briar Way – Sturman
23/3 SN Fashion parade at Keightley’s (Pictures)
23/3 SN Jolly Fisherman at Wembley (Picture)
23/3 How old is Castleton Boulevard?
23/3 SN Roman Bank Church Jubilee – history
23/3 SN Jolly Fisherman goes to Leicester Football Club
30/3 Conference Hall proposal
?/3 SN Joseph Crawshaw
6/4 Skegness beach 60 years ago
6/4 New ration books
13/4 Prom stopped short
13/4 Crane’s School of Dance, High Street picture of Janice Sutton
13/4 SN Skegness Thursday Football Club
20/4 Plan Skegness great foreshore development
20/4 SN Roman Bank Church Jubilee Ceremony
27/4 SN Mr Stillings is a hero
4/5 Greatest lifeboat rescue recalled (Norway)
4/5 SN Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Sovereign found
11/5 SN Councillors – pictures
18/5 Mrs Merryweather (old Skegness fire engine) on war work in Australia
18/5 SN Girl Guide presentation – Watson
18/5 SN Wedding – Holland
18/5 SN Golf winner – picture
25/5 SN Drowned man Robert Francis Baines, Newton le Willows (not photographed)
25/5 SN Death of Tower Cafe founder
25/5 SN 21 years at Woolworth’s – picture
25/5 SN Skegness football team picture
25/5 SN Dancing at the Arcadia Theatre picture
1/6 SN Skegness landmark goes (brickyard chimney demolished)
1/6 SN In court for taking nude photos
1/6 SN Shades pub Lumley Road – picture
1/6 SS Skegness Chicks picture
8/6 SN Historical records buried as brickyard chimney is felled
8/6 SN Queues for Skegness rock
8/6 SN Swannery at the brick pit
8/6 SN Customs and Excise officer
8//6 SN Fire at Tower Lumley Cafe Skegness
15/6 SN Poutney wedding
15/6 SN Foreign delegates visit Butlin’s Holiday Camp
22/6 SS Waterway extension flashback
22/6 SN George Perrin
22/6 SS Lumley Cafe fire
29/6 SN Daring rescues in Lumley Road shopping centre fire
29/6 SN/SS South Bracing official opening ceremony (reveals who named the Bracings in Skegness)
29/6 SN New-born seal captured by Moody and kept on the Pier
6/7 SN Savage assault
6/7 SN Skegness Townswomen’s Guild – picture
6/7 SN Roman coin found at Burgh
13/7 Pier that was
13/7 SS June Kennedy Skegness dancer
3/8 SS/SN Indecent assault – Wadds
3/8 SN Skegness Junior School puppet show – picture
3/8 SN Rock-buying frenzy – someone will get killed
3/8 SN Terrible noise in Court
3/8 Peaceful prom
Aug SS Drowned at Skegness – John Steel 15 years old
10/8 SN Pensioners Hall Grantham Drive
16/8 SN Perrin RNLI Certificate presentation
16/8 SN Granddaughter of Tennyson character dies in Skegness
17/8 Thrilling lifeboat launch recalled
31/8 SS Spendlove and Lucas Grammar School teachers (formerly of Magdalen College Wainfleet)
31/8 SN Coal catches fire at Skegness train station coal yard
7/9 SN Fire at Derbyshire Miners holiday centre
21/9 SS June Kennedy Skegness dancer
21/9 SN June Kennedy crowns the Skegness Carnival Queen
21/9 SN Skegness Carnival floats – Haywood Rock – pictures
28/9 SN Duke of Edinburgh at Butlins Holiday Camp
26/10 SS Fire at Derbyshire Miners
26/10 SN Too young to marry
26/10 SN Fire at the Miners’ Holiday Centre
2/11 SS William “Sammy” Grunnill death
9/11 SN Link with Cromwell
7/12 SS Sewell fireman death and funeral
7/12 SN Yuletide Fayre – Dunkley picture
14/12 SS Sewell fireman death and funeral
21/12 SN History made in Skegness – first TV broadcast received by Herrick Watson
28/12 SN New Tower Cinema photograph (image filed in 1950)
28/12 SS Old Tower Cinema demolished – picture
28/12 SN First TV at Ingoldmells Hotel
Diving stage removed from the Pier
Tragic accident on Lumley Road
Mistaken identity funeral
Duke of Edinburgh Visits Butlins

0 thoughts on “1940s

  1. 1940 3rd January

    Any chance of putting the newpsper item for death of my great grand father, “Matt Grunnill” on line?

    Yours sincererly
    Gary Maddocks

    • Many many thanks for that.
      I never met “Matt” only his 2nd wife Lydia at the house “Dovedale” and at my grandmothers in Derby, many years ago now. My mother would have holidays with them as a child and knew son Alan Douglas who lost his life at sea during WWII. I knew the twins Ron & Reggie and their wives and daughters. It seems so long ago now.
      I`ll share this with my cousin in Australia.

      Never thought you`d do it so quickly, I had not checked. But I`m doing a bit more family research this time Percy Grunnill and spotted your emails.
      Once again many thanks.
      Gary Maddocks.

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