Carnival Queen Hits Out

Carnival Queen So angry I hit her

Skegness Carnival Queen Jane Marshall hit and punched a former friend during a nightclub dispute, Skegness magistrates court heard on Monday.
Carol Leslie Twigg was taken outside the club by friends suffering from cuts around her lip and severe bruising over her left eye, Mr Nick Wyman prosecuting, told the court.
Marshall of Wainfleet Road Skegness, was conditionally discharged for 12 months and ordered to pay £100 compensation and £30 costs after pleading guilty to assault, causing actual bodily harm.
“I just felt so angry, I just went up and hit her,” she had told the police, Mr Wyman said.
In mitigation, Mr Norman Green said Marshall had been provoked by Twigg. They had been friends before Twigg had become jealous of Marshall being chosen as Carnival Queen, he told the court.
Marshall was with a friend in the Mardi Gras nightclub on December 15th when she noticed Twigg mouthing at her. She ignored her, but Twigg was not prepared to leave it at that and pushed Marshall.
Marshall then felt a blow on her head and her hair was pulled. It was then that she lost her temper and hit out at her, Mr Green told the court. She was wearing rings and it was believed these had caused Twigg’s injuries, said Mr Green.
On the question of Miss Marshall being allowed to continue as Carnival Queen, the chairman of Skegness Town Council’s carnival committee, Coun Mrs Edith Sutton said “I think it is dreadful that this has happened. But I would be the last person to pass judgement on anybody before I have heard the full story.”
Committee member Coun Evelyn Tate said she would not be pushing for Miss Marshall’s dismissal as Carnival Queen. “What she does in her private life is her own business,” said Coun Tate.

March 1992

Do YOU think Miss Marshall should have been stripped of her Skegness Carnival Queen title?


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