SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine LM = Leeds Mercury BP = Birmingham Post MT = Manchester Times LC = Lincolnshire Chronicle PEN = Portsmouth Evening News LJ = Leicester Journal StM = Stamford Mercury SI = Sheffield Independant  NG = Nottinghamshire Guardian GJ = Grantham Journal

1880 Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat is Thomas Smalley
Lumley Terrace and Gomersall Terrace completed (Lumley Road south-east)
National School opens on Roman Bank headmaster Mr Abraham Porter
Whale Museum said to have opened in High Street owner Thomas Spikin (can’t confirm this date atm, althought Thomas Spikin does not appear to have lived in Skegness in 1881 on the census)
GJ 10/1 First Inmates of the Skegness Fishermen’s Orphan Home
SI 13/3 Lumley Hotel opened on Good Friday , manager Mr Matthew Enderby
SI 13/3 Cricket Ground opens on Marsh Lane, later named Cricket Ground Lane, (present day Richmond Drive)
SI 13/3 Pier in the course of construction
Crofts Drapery established on Lumley Road by G. J. Crofts – became Skegness’ first department store with a frontage on High Street (today Nationwide and adjoining two shops to the west)
Francis Fravigar came from Boston to set up his ice-cream business
StM 2/1 Time Capsule Hidden on Skegness Pier as it was being built
DM 28/1 Mr Wileman’s property sale advert
Wesleyan trustees agree to accept the Earl of Scarbrough’s offer of land in Algitha Road to build a bigger church
LM 15/5 Fishermen’s Orphan Homes at Skegness
PEN 24/5 Marwood Executioner Cousin an Imposter – Marwood’s letter to Editor
LM 5/6 Birth of Skegness Seaside Resort
SM 2/7 Re-opening of St. Mary’s Church, Winthorpe (includes information re Mrs Mary Walls of Skegness [Moat] House)
LM 28/8 Skegness caterpillars exhibited at Leeds Science Association
HP 9/7 Sudden death at Skegness rifle camp (Harrison, Mayor of Rotherham)
MT 23/10 Swallowed up by the Sea
HP 26/11 Vessel crashes into partly-built pier
1880 Old Photograph Lumley Terrace Skegness
Skegness Lifeboat Rescue – old engraving
21/9 St Matthew’s Church officially opened
1880s SM Lord Tennyson’s Tree at the Vine Hotel
1881 Earl of Scarbrough Estate Offices built on Roman Bank/Algitha Road (can’t verify this date atm)
Garfitt’s Bank opened in the Earl of Scarbrough’s Estate Offices on Roman Bankf
Reading Rooms open Lumley Road Rutland Road (now National Westminster bank)
Primitive Methodist Chapel opened on Roman Bank opposite and just north of the school
Skegness Pier opens 4th June (No official opening ceremony)
Pier Hotel opens on Grand Parade
Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and son of Queen Victoria arrives on Pier by boat (streets named after them) They did NOT perform opening ceremony but came to inspect lifeboat.
1881 Henry (?) Skegness fisherman had an accident when he tangled with a 40-year-old wreck
1881 Railway guard killed on duty in Skegness
1881 Lion Hotel opens
1881 IJ 11/1 Abraham Porter (headmaster of National School) marries Elizabeth Wren of Lowestoft (marriage announcement)
1881 LC 21/1 First Aid Bathing Van on the Sands
1881 NG 27/5 Cattle market under contruction near Skegness train station (only had a short life)
LJ 27/5 Skegness Cattle Market due to open soon
LJ 29/7 Advert for the new Skegness Cattle Market
1881 DM 10/8 Seafront properties – Victoria Promenade – for sale advert
1881 TE 13/8 Advert – sudden collapse of Pavilion
1881 TE 16/7 Skegness Man’s Mysterious Connection with Notorious Murderer, Lefroy Mapleton
HP 5/8 Serious charge against a Lincoln auctioneer (W H Wileman)
HP 18/3 Prince of Wales proposed visit to officially open Skegness Pier
NEP 13/4 Skegness Water Analysis
StM 21/10 Gale Damage in Skegness
LC 25/10 Court Says Skegness Needs Three Police Cells
HP 11/11 Mirage at Skegness (flashback)
LC 13/12 Sea Water Baths Tenders Advert
1882 SH jun Petition for Sunday Post service
LC 2 /6 Skegness Bicycle Races at the Cricket Ground
SH 30/6 Skegness Herald first issue
Skegness Herald early journalism
SH 30/6 Lodging-house keeper in trouble (Emma Emmerson – Lumley Road)
Cattle disease in Skegness
SH Photographic studio opened at the corner of Scarbrough Avenue by Mr. Swift of Lumley Road
HP 6/7 Mysterious disappearance of Joseph Smith, of Roman-villas Skegness
SH 7/7 Cattle robbery from Burgh le Marsh
Assault on mistress (Susan Size and Annie Stevens)
Narrow escape from drowning
Pier and Pleasure Gardens visitor figures
HP 7/7 Application to call Skegness a “populous place”
SH 13/7 First Grand Rose Show held at the Skegness Cricket Ground
SH 14/7 Extraordinary case of poisoning (Ellen Blades nee Kemp – Ingoldmells, householder – a waggoner named Deans)
Extended opening times for hotels granted
Sunday postal service is required
21/7 Alleged assault on a boy (Paul Eaton of Skegness)
New Wesleyan chapel opened on Algitha Road Skegness
SH 28/7 Accident on the sands
Joseph Crawshaw’s son passes exams
Accident at the sands races (shoemaker at Kirkstead)
SH 4/8 Bathing machine blown out to sea
SH Vagrancy charge – 14 days hard labour
SH Lion Hotel owner granted license to sell alcohol at the Cricket Ground
SH 4/8 Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association inspection of Skegness Lifeboat “Herbert Ingram”
SH 11/8 Frederica Terrace to be sold
Skegness Niggers (entertainers) advert
Article on how well Skegness is doing as a seaside resort
SH 18/8 Petition for Sunday postal service lies in Reading Rooms
Alleged assault
Incorrigible boy thief Harry Voltaire
Accident at Cow Bank
SH 25/8 Pavilion
Accident to a lady
SH 1/9 Census forwarded to Parliament for better water supplies in Skegness
SH 1/9 First dentist opens in Skegness (Huskinson)
A seal is shot at Skegness
Great jewellery robbery (Henry Chapman of High Street, Skegness)
Boy back in court John Robert Jenney
SH 8/9 The Skegness Polka
Cruelty to a donkey (Thomas Hides)
SH 15/9 Stranger bursts into Primitive Methodist Chapel an gives a sermon
Attempted felony
HP 15/9 Accident to a child (son of Edwin Haslam of Derby)
SH 22/9 First Skegness Holiday Guide (handbook) is launched
Extend the season – call
SH 29/9 A fire appliance is needed in Skegness
SH 6/10 Serious accident
SH 13/10 First anniversary of Primitive Methodist Chapel Roman Bank Skegness
SH 27/10 A steamboat for Skegness
SH 27/10 Memorial window to Bishop Steere to be placed in St Clement’s church
 SH  27/10 Testimonial to Station Master
Earl of Scarbrough’s agent (Tippet) comes to live in Skegness
SH 27/10 Steam tramway to be launched at Alford
A steam tramway from Skegness to Chapel and Burgh proposal
SH 3/11 Important to get a fire service in Skegness
SH 3/11 St Matthew’s Church fire underground
Church mice eat organ keys
SH 10/11 Disappointed maiden – no suitor (letter to editor)
SH 17/11 Number of donkeys and horses for amusement in Skegness
SH 17/11 Odd Fellows Juniors formed
SH 1/12 Improvements in Skegness
SH Whale ship Eliza (museum) set up on Skegness sands by Joe Wingate
SH Pier View Hotel opens on Grand Parade
SH Scarbrough Avenue baths open
SH 1/12 Accident to Taylor of Cow Bank at Mr Ensor’s Lumley Road eating-house
Mrs Julia Clifton’s ladies’ boarding school occupies the premises later known as Osbert House
Spilsby Town Football Club History 1882 Team
1883 SH 19/1 Reading rooms not frequented
19/1 Memorial window in old church (St Clement’s)
19/1 Street and other improvements
SH 2/2 Erection of new street lamps
SH 9/2 Fire in a nearby village – call for a fire engine
SH 16/2 Crawshaw (local builder) advert for house sales
16/2 Child severely burned (Gaunt of Lumley Road)
SH 23/2 Formation of the Cricket Club
SH 9/3 Town meeting of rate payers
SH 16/3 Pembroke school opens (now Masonic Hall) Tippet’s son one of the first pupils
SH 23/3 Election of Parish Officers – ratepayers’ meeting (this story is not photographed)
SH 30/3 Road improvements near Sea View Hotel
30/3 Vessel beached near Sea View Hotel, to be auctioned
SM 30/3 Skegness (Moat) House Building Materials Auctioned Off
SH 6/4 Demolition of the Moat House
6/4 Skegness Police Station introduced
SH 20/4 Brick and tile works opened
SH 11/5 Great attractions in the Pleasure Gardens
11/5 In depth description of the Turkish Baths Scarbrough Avenue
SH 18/5 Reading Rooms building to let (later becomes Hiley’s Restaurant)
SH 25/5 Reading Rooms close due to poor support
25/5 Scarbrough Lodge of Odd Fellows 7th anniversary
SH 1/6 Tippet secures fresh water for Skegness
1/6 Skegness Herald offices moved
SH Skegness lifeboat photographed by Mr. Swift
SH 8/6 Skegness lifeboat inspection
8/6 Lumley Road almost completed
SH 6/6 Discussion – what to do with the old church (St Clement’s)
SH 6/7 Viscount Lumley and Lord Muncaster visit to Skegness, lunched at Lumley Hotel
HP 6/7 Mysterious disappearance
SH 13/7 Touting for business – letter to editor
SH 10/8 Fatal boat accident – workers at the Hallamshire Steel and File Company, Sheffield, drowned
TG 11/8 Loss of life at sea
SH 17/8 Court hearing – fatal boat accident
PN 18/8 Sad boating accident (illustrated)
SH 24/8 Swimming entertainment Pier Head
SH 31/8 Bathing infants in the Sea (British Medical Journal)
SM 6/9 William Marwood the executioner was buried in St Mary’s Church Horncastle (age 63)
SH 7/9 Card sharpers and welchers at the horse racing
SH 14/9 Large number of porpoises passed off pier-head (story not photographed)
SH 19/10 Gale damage to pier
19/10 Town meeting to discuss Lincoln to Skegness railway (story not photographed)
SH 26/10 St Matthew’s church roof unsafe
26/10 New fire engine is on display
SH 2/11 Strange death of a mare
2/11 Ten sovereigns lost and found
SH 9/11 Accident on Skegness Train Station
Fatal accident to a child (Thomas Hatfield at Pollard’s-yard)
SM Victorian Skegness Holiday Song composed by Thomas Dows
First hanging execution at Lincoln prison James Anderson (Marwood executioner)
1884 SH 4/1 Drunk and disorderly man in St Matthew’s Church
4/1 Road scrapers – letter to the Editor
SH 8/2 Headless and handless body found on Skegness beach by two boys, Fred Harness and Charles Green
SH 22/2 New Sunday school opened in the Gas Works
SH 7/3 Rare cormorant bird shot off Skegness Pier
SH 14/3 Meeting held to discuss the town’s fetes, overseeing their organization so they don’t clash (not photographed)
SH 21/3 Meeting held to discuss the town’s fetes, overseeing their organization so they don’t clash
SH 28/3 William Plasket Moody takes delivery of 500 fine hams
SH 28/3 Lord Lumley has a serious accident
28/3 Chief clerk at Skegness railway station is leaving (Mayfield)
SH 4/4 Skegness’ reaction to the death of the Duke of Albany
4/4 Election of parish officers
SH 11/4 Hackney licenses granted in the Lumley Hotel
SH 18/4 Attempted suicide (Huckerby Stone of Alexander Road, Skegness)
SH 25/4 Earthquake tremors felt in Skegness
25/4 Skegness National Schools cleaned and distempered during school holidays
25/4 A complaint about youths on the Promenade – letter to Editor
SH 2/5 Pony and trap accident (Chapman, employed as a bus driver by Sea View Hotel)
2/5 Scavenging in Skegness – letter to Editor – ash-pits not being emptied
SH 9/5 Blue Ribboned Movement – teetotallers
SH 16/5 Complaints about the street lighting in Skegness
SH 23/5 Improvements to Skegness Baths
23/5 Birds nest in letter box
SH 30/5 Death of a horse on Skegness sands (Allison)
30/5 Improvements in the shops ready for the start of the season
30/5 Spilsby story – mysterious dead body of a child
SH 6/6 Description of the Whitsuntide holidays in Skegness
SH 13/6 Child’s Body Banned from Parish Church under New Burial Act (Arthur Tyrrell Moody)
13/6 Death of Mr Chambers who owned the Vine Hotel
SH 13/6 Watering the streets of Skegness
SH 18/7 Child injured by a donkey
SH 25/7 Donkeys running amok – complaint to Editor
SH 1/8 Tricycles are a nuisance – complaint to Editor
SH 8/8 Eating-house pests – complaint to Editor
SH 22/8 Accident to a child belonging to Moody
SH 19/9 Call for a Local Board to be set up in Skegness
SH 10/10 Nottingham Man tries to drown himself
10/10 Man charged with cruelty by working a sick horse
SH 31/10 Love letter found and sent to the Herald
SH 14/11 Improvements to Scarbrough Avenue and the Skegness railway station
20/7 St Matthew’s Church chancel Corner stone laid by Mrs Tippet
SH 12/12 Earl of Scarbrough dies (this story has not been photographed)
Alford-Sutton Steam Tram
1885 SH 6/2 Raid on Skegness bakers
6/2 Lads playing football are a nuisance
SH 20/2 Prediction that Valentine’s Day will become obsolete
SH 27/2 Ran-tanning bizarre ritual performed when a ‘wife-beater’ is discovered in Skegness
SH 27/2 Man they couldn’t hang – murderer, John Lee
SH 10/4 A Ghastly Experiment (world news)
SH 10/4 Funeral of Samuel Clark’s wife – owners of the Lion Hotel Roman Bank Skegness
SH 24/4 Story of witchcraft (Barbara Fisher, aged 80, USA) (world news)
SH 1/5 Death of Ryan butcher
SH 22/5 Bathing machines painted in colours of Nottingham football team
SH 29/5 Bicycles and tricycles become a pest in Skegness
SH 26/6 Watering the streets of Skegness (not photographed)
SH 3/7 Formation of ratepayers’ association
SH 10/7 Brutal assault on a policeman
SH 17/7 Consecration of St Matthew’s Church announcement
SH 24/7 Consecration of St Matthew’s Church full report of service and description of church
SH 24/7 Boy nearly drowned in Alexander Road pond
SH July Skegness Ratepayers Association formed (story not photographed)
SH 7/8 Wrong change court case (Joseph Clegg of 4 High Street Skegness)
SH 9/8 Mutilation of a donkey
SH 14/8 Suicide of a lady visitor (Mrs Lucy Ann Elsey, aged 49)
SH 11/9 Red letter day for Local Board – elections
SH 11/9 Professor Connell swimming Skegness Pier
SH 13/9 Child wanders from Mablethorpe to Skegness alone
SH 20/9 Accident on the Aerial Railway
SH 9/10 Erection of four houses on Grand Parade
SH 9/10 Man they couldn’t hang, John Lee, letter to his mother
SH 9/10 Old mystery solved – brutal assault on Metropolitan policeman named Collins – deathbed confession by Stevens who later emigrated to America
SM Skegness Switch Back Roller coaster Mystery
1886 SH 22/1 Ice on Green Bank
SH 29/1 Club and Reading Room
SH 5/2 Club and Reading Room – mentions “Skegness House”
SH 5/3 Club and Reading Room
SH 19/3 Formation of Skegness Cycling Club
SH 2/4 The Burial Ground
SH 9/4 Scarbrough Avenue laid out
SH 16/4 Rates, sewers and watering roads
SH 28/4 New Skegness Pier Landing Stage
SH 30/4 Extension of promenade from pier to Sea View Hotel
SH 30/4 Boy in trouble for damaging trees
SH 14/5 A curious fish story
SH 21/5 New Skegness Pier Landing Stage problems
SH 4/6 Lion Hotel changes hands – new owner Mr Kirkby
SH 11/6 Restrictions on shop’s pavement displays
11/6 Complaint of stalls near Hildred’s Hotel
SH 18/6 Death of Inspector Taylor
18/6 National School award from HM Chief Inspector of Schools
SH 25/6 Rare species of moth found at Skegness and put on display
SH 9/7 Pembroke House boys school up To Let
SH 9/7 Touting at the railway station petition
SH 9/7 Touting at the railway station letter against petition
SH 23/7 Wild swans
SH 20/8 Attempted suicide Cross Street (Sophia Phillipson)
SH 13/8 Theft at the Cricket Club (Bontoft of Boston)
SH 20/8 Winston Churchill visits Skegness
SH 27/8 Local Board seals by-laws
SH 27/8 Story of cannibalism (Alfred Packer of Denver USA) (world news)
SH 12/11 Guy Fawkes ritual in Skegness
SH 26/11 The dangers of playing football
SH 17/12 Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock discussed
17/12 Boiling of horse-flesh man warned by Local Board
SH 31/12 Treat for the poor people
SH Dec Map of the railway lines
Skegness Engine at Firsby Train Station
1887 SH 7/1 Mrs Ingram lifeboat
SH 4/3 Cow walks into kitchen
SH 4/3 Suicide South Parade
SH Feb/Mar Argument about Coronation Moody Pawley (not photographed)
SH 11/3 Employment of a Winthorpe labourer
SH 11/3 Earl of Scarbrough memorial window St Matthew’s Church
SH 8/4 Whale captured in Skegness
SH 20/5 Advert for Jubilee celebrations 50 years Queen Victoria
SH 27/5 Write up re Jubilee
SH 3/6 More about E of S memorial window
SH 8/7 Call for water for thirsty donkeys and dogs
SH 15/7 Ungrateful drowning victim
SH 20/7 Horse killed on sands
SH 2/9 Wreck of a smack
SH 26/8 Switch Back Railway roller coaster opens in Skegness
SM Skegness Switch Back Roller coaster Mystery
BP 15/10 Constable committed for burglary of Joseph Wingate’s premises in Skegness (Pc William Haygarth)
SH 16/12 Tramway Skegness Beach
A Romantic Suicide
1888 SH 6/1 Lifeboat answers distress signals off Skegness
6/1 Treat for lifeboat crew from Mrs Ingram, donor of Herbert Ingram lifeboat
SH 13/1 Member of Local Board treat their Chairman to a dinner
13/1 Local Board is photographed
SH 24/2 Chairman of the Local Board, Col Iremonger, death and funeral
SH 13/3 Local Board discusses suitable memorial for the late Col Iremonger
13/3 Picture of Local Board to be placed in Council Chamber as a memorial to Col Iremonger
SH 27/4 Dinner held for Charles Hildred on leaving his hotel
SH 11/5 Sheep worrying
SH 1/6 New Cremorne Pleasure Gardens to be opened
LM 15/6 A Parliamentary Agent claims against Skegness and St Leonard’s Tramway Company
SH 6/7 Marine Gardens opened
SH 20/7 Tramway on Skegness Sands
SH 3/8 Whale, Switchback and tramway discussed
SH 17/8 Complaints of Whale stench
17/8 Illuminations for new tramway
SH 12/10 Removal of fountain Lumley Road discussed
12/10 Improvements underway for Drummond Road and High Street Skegness
SH 26/10 Samuel Moody’s wife dies (Angelina nee Brailsford)
26/10 Removal of fountain Lumley Road discussed
SH 9/10 William Henry Crawshaw, son of Joseph Local Board, charged with letting his chimney get on fire
SH 16/11 Fountain Lumley Hotel discussed
SH 23/11 Canoe in distress off the pier
SH 21/12 Memorial window for Col Iremonger, Chairman of Local Board in St Matthew’s Church
SH 21/12 New lifeboat arrives (not photographed)
SH 28/12 English New Year superstitions
SH Removal of fountain from Lumley Square to Marine Gardens
19th Century Capital Punishment
Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murder – Skegness witness called
1889 SH 4/1 Advert for Skegness College (personal note: filed in 1890)
SH 11/1 Skegness College opens a department for young ladies
SH 1/2 Disgraceful condition of footpath to St Clement’s Church – letter from Samuel Moody of Alma Cottage
SH 15/2 St Paul’s Church – first service in Oliver’s Assembly Rooms, High Street (mentions the new iron church which will shortly be built)
SH 22/2 St Paul’s Church – more information about the first service in Oliver’s Assembly Rooms, High Street
SH 1/3 Appointment of a Surveyor to the Council
SH 1/3 A wicked step-mother Alice Eason of South Hackney – child Helen Eason (National News)
SH 8/3 Local Board summoned for neglecting to repair Drummond Road – case heard the following week at Spilsby Court
SH 8/3 Surveyor elected
SH 15/3 Foundering of the Spindrift pleasure boat
SH 15/3 More about Drummond Road
SH 22/3 12th annual meeting of the Skegness Gas Company
SH 29/3 Decision finalized to erect the iron church – St Paul’s Church – a suitable site is being considered
SH 17/5 First meeting of the Town Improvement Association
SH 24/5 Baby farming – Arnold of Newport-Pagnell (National News)
SH 24/5 Gored by a bull (National News)
SH 31/5 Skegness Baths for sale
SH 31/5 Messers. Ensor’s seaweed patent
SH 7/6 Accident at Boston railway – William Banks, aged 23 (or 28)
SH 21/6 Brigade Encampment at Skegness
SH 21/6 Gravel by Sea – The Henrietta, a 38-ton ship from Grimsby, arrived and dumped 60 tons of gravel for the roads, running ashore directly opposite the Sea View Hotel.
SH 28/6 Marriage Emma Dunkley and Capon
SH 28/6 Two children cut off by the tide (Mason of Leicester)
SH 28/6 William Hall death (Lumley Road house agent)
SH 19/7 A fried fish shop which was recently opened by Mr C Major in High Street is being patronized by the general public who appear to enjoy a good slice of fried fish. Upwards of 1000 slices of fish were sold in one evening.
SH 19/7 Grand firework display by Mr A W Rowley at Skegness Cricket Ground (story reveals that Rowley purchased William Gripps business at Wisbech)
SH 9/8 Mutilation of cattle by Irishmen (cut donkey’s throat near Vine Hotel)
LM 13/8 Mutilation of cattle by Irishmen
SH 6/9 Automatic amusement machines
SH 13/9 Avery’s Guide to Skegness (advert)
SH 13/9 Danger of stone-throwing – Mr Pycock’s son (of North Parade) loses an eye
SH 13/9 New Iron Church (St Paul’s) is now erected
SH 13/9 Little Louth girl wandered from Mablethorpe to Skegness alone
SH 20/9 Service in the now seldom used Old Church of St Clement’s
SH 20/9 Accident on the Aerial Railway – Fred Cartwright’s son
DM 25/9 Death of a lady through fright ( Lizzie Barnes)
SH 4/10 Miss Daisy Gray, 22, throws herself off Waterloo Bridge (National News)
Lincolnshire County Rifle Team picture 1889
Entry for Ingoldmells in Kelly’s Directory for 1889

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