Vagrant Turns Down Christmas Dinner Offer

BARBARA Manuel is set to spend a cold Christmas in a seafront shelter in Skegness after she spurned the offer of accommodation over the festive period from the owner of Woodside Nursing Home, Mr Iqbal Mirza. And she even turned down an offer of a meal there.

Miss Manuel, 50, who came to the seaside town last November, and has lived in the seaside shelter for the past three months, has also turned down the Town Council after they offered to find her accommodation in the town.

The matron of Woodside, in Grosvenor Road, Mrs Gillian Drewery, explained: “Mr Mirza was very concerned about her spending a cold and hungry Christmas at the shelter so he went down to put the offer to her.”


Barbara said: “It was a very kind offer but with the situation as it is it would upset me very much. It would remind me of my parents, who are sadly dead.”

And Barbara, who moved to the seaside town from Nottingham, is quite happy to stay in the tiny open-faced building right through the winter.

“I lived in another seafront shelter from November to February and managed to survive that. So why shouldn’t I this year? I just want to be left alone. I would like to thank the people of Skegness for their help. But I can manage. I came to live in the town and this is where I’m staying.”

She has already got her Christmas plans sorted out: “I would appreciate it if people would not turn up Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. I want to spend three days on my own with my memories.


And it seems that Miss Manuel will be allowed to stay after members of East Lindsey District Council’s tourism and amenities committee decided not to take any action to evict her. ELDC’s legal department’s Mrs Ann Heard, said: “We have looked at various legal options but they would be impractical. It would be possible to evict her with an injunction but I think that would be going over the top.”

Coun Mike Kennedy concluded: “I suspect the January and February storms will sort the matter out.”

Photo: Barbara Manuel prepares for the onset of winter at the Skegness beach shelter where she has made her home.

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