Jolly Fisherman Steam Train

Thousands of sightseers lined the railway line from Nottingham to Skegness on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the “Jolly Fisherman” steam train.

Barring a demonstration run earlier this month, this was the first time a steam train had worked its way along the Skegness line for 25 years and some even perched themselves on top of Boston Stump to get a good view.
Despite a delay of 17 minutes at Nottingham, the “Jolly Fisherman” made good time, arriving in Skegness four minutes early, where it was welcomed by the Mayor of Skegness, Coun Ron Scott, and the Jolly Fisherman character.
Such excursions have enormous tourist potential, said Mr Charles Sharp, chairman of the public transport watchdog, SELTA, the South East Lincolnshire Travellers Association.
A total of 450 passengers travelled by the city’s Classic Days firm. And 350 bordered the train at Skegness for the trip to Boston and back organised by SELTA.
Further excursions planned for May Day, the Spring Bank Holiday and the August Bank Holiday will be organised by Hertfordshire Tours.
For one man, Mr Ted Hudson, 91, of Dawson Drive, Burgh le Marsh, the excursion brought back some very special memories.
Mr Hudson, who joined London Midland Scottish Railways in 1922, is the proud owner of a pristine conditions rule book on the railway.


The headboard on the train reading ‘The Jolly Fisheman’ is now lodged in the Mayor’s Parlour in Skegness Town Hall.

Below: photo of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman steam train in Skegness railway station (top picture) and at Nottingham Train Station on 31st May 1993.



Research source: Skegness News 2nd April 1993


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