SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine(skegness.wordpress.com)

1950s Skegness Junior School 1950s log book entries
1950 4/1 Duke of Edinburgh at Butlin’s
4/1 Complaints about the Police Court Clock
11/1 Original Sea View Hotel
25/1 SN Death of Cllr Walter Cook of Cedar House Sunningdale Drive (butcher and farmer)
1/2 SN Death of Beatrice May Crowson, cafe proprietor, at her home in High Street
8/2 Gas works death mystery body vanished from lift cage
8/2 SN Rifle missing from Skegness Rifle Club
22/2 SN Scott death
1/3 Skegness Roman Bank Methodist church choir
1/3 SN Jolly Fisherman Special train proposal
15/3 Clarence Walker Skegness photographer wedding
15/3 Jolly Fisherman Potato Crisps
15/3 SN Seacroft school for backward children official opening
15/3 SN Children’s home proposed on Castleton Boulevard – Sandom
22/3 SN Children’s home proposed on Castleton Boulevard – Sandom – residents protest (not photographed)
22/3 SN Council objects to Butlin’s Great Wheel
5/4 SN Schoolboy killed by car on Roman Bank – John Phillips
19/4 SN 3/4 ton golden syrup stolen from Maypole Dairy Co – Slack – Collis
26/4 SN Skegness man selected to play in Africa
3/5 SN Jolly Fisherman poster in Australia
3/5 SN New road – Morris Gardens
3/5 SN Clue to missing flight pilots
24/5 Floodlit Pier Pavilion
24/5 SN Skegness Town Football Club – picture
31/5 Night spectacle pier
14/6 SN Bomb-damaged hotels
26/7 SN Cow runs amok after escaping from slaughter-house
26/7 SN Sea View Walk nearly completed
5/7 New magistrate for Skegness
19/7 Anne Allen Skegness lifeboat launch
19/7 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church opens
26/7 Those in peril on the sea
2/8 SN Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church opens (picture)
23/8 SN First wedding at new Roman Catholic Church
23/8 Rebuilding of Tower Cinema after WW2 bomb damage
30/8 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
6/9 SN Earl Hane (?) visits Skegness lifeboat station
20/9 SN War Memorial at Skegness Grammar School
27/9 Tonglet wedding
18/10 Boy falls from Briar Way hangar
18/10 Body found at Gibraltar Point
18/10 SN Boys Brigade outing with Roland Jenkins (picture)
25/10 Chief Citizen’s Jewel donated to the Council
25/10 Most photographed man in Britain dies Joe Veich Butlin’s
25/10 SN Scott wedding
8/11 SN Human bones found at Partney thought to be Civil War soldier
6/12 SN Prison for Skegness woman
6/12 SN The Will of Mr Sparkes
27/12 SN Boer War veteran collapsed and died in Crofts store
New magistrates for Skegness
Skegness Unemployed Lament
SF Original Sea View Hotel
1951 3/1 Girl ‘blooded’ at fox hunt
3/1 Mablethorpe dwarf
10/1 Knife drama at Skegness hospital
17/1 Reminiscence of 45 years ago Tower Esplanade
24/1 Minstrels
24/1 Grand Parade before 1899 Winston Churchill
21/2 SN Wainfleet bombing range air crash
21/2 SN Ex-councillor Hannam dies in car crash
22/2 SS Ron Scott jewellers wife’s death
28/3 Rankin profile
29/3 SS Wainfleet Bombing Range damage to neighbourhood
4/4 Sun castle manageress profile
4/4 SN Traffic lights for Lumley Square proposal (story not photographed)
4/4 Former Skegness Grammar School girl and famous chick a Tiller Girl
4/4 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
12/5 Carvings inside the Sacred Heart RC Church
17/5 SS Wedding of Fred Rye’s daughter, Betty (lion keeper)
23/5 Old Salt (editor) reminisces about Lumley Road
6/6 Suicide by hanging at the ‘Poplars’ cow shed Ingoldmells
27/6 Tower Theatre rebuilt after bomb damage
4/7 Salty occasion Jolly Fisherman Potato Crisps Competition
4/7 SN Fell to his death – Pashley – High Street
4/7 SN John Kime death
4/7 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
11/7 SN Fell to his death – Pashley – High Street – follow-up
11/7 Snake man
18/7 Festival Centre opens
25/7 The Beverley Sisters at Arcadia Theatre
25/7 SN Closing of Winthorpe Church School after nearly 100 years
Picture of the derelict Winthorpe school in 1951
25/7 Two found dead – incredible coincidences
1/8 Burgh Train Station tragedy
1/8 Jolly Fisherman copyright issue town council – clerk to investigate
8/8 Child sex abuse at Skegness Sunday School case
8/8 SN Skegness man found hanging – Cockerill
8/8 SN Tombstone problem St Clement’s Church
29/8 Julie Andrews at Arcadia Theatre
12/9 Cartoon – crowning the carnival queen
26/9 Syne Hills
17/10 A Lumley Lament (poem)
1952 2/1 Ball-point pens banned
2/1 ‘Erb’ cartoon
2/1 Death of Tower Cafe founder
9/1 ‘Erb’ cartoon Clock Tower
9/1 The first Skegness Guide was delivered by horse and cart (flashback)
9/1 False registration of a birth court case
16/1 Top names in Skegness
23/1 Heavy breathing phone calls
6/2 ‘Erb’ cartoon – darts
6/2 Rescued from ice on Skegness boating lake
20/2 Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II from Town Hall balcony
20/2 Death of George Perrin
20/2 Queen Elizabeth coronation
27/2 Winthorpe vicar guilty of gross child abuse
5/3 Women fire-fighters
12/3 Dead man found in field arms slashed
19/3 Dead man found in field arms slashed
19/3 Rev Canon Morris
26/3 Narrow escape from death as bombs fall on Spilsby AFTER the War
9/4 Shades Hotel
9/4 Sand blown in Marine Gardens
9/4 Clearing the foreshore for Easter
23/4 Retiring train stationmaster presentation
23/4 Mr Forster, gasworks manager retires
11/6 Terror of woman in Alexander Road Skegness
2/7 Snake pit under Skegness pier
13/8 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
3/9 Joseph Crawshaw with Henry Bateman TSB pass-book presentation
3/9 Drunk housewife fined for leaning on a kiosk
3/9 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
17/9 Skegness born Hollywood film star, Elizabeth Allan returns to Skegness
8/10 Skegness Fire Station Does Not Sleep
8/10 Fire station
29/10 Man’s body found in Skegness Waterway
Death of Rowland Jenkins
1953 7/1 Forest under the sea
7/1 SS Oldest married couple in Skegness (Rose)
28/1 Skegness foreshore overwhelmed
Skegness Lincolnshire Floods
4/2 Flood Pictures
4/2 Floods
4/3 Problem with sea defences
4/3 SS New stationmaster appointed (Howden)
11/3 SS Film star, Elizabeth Allan film at Skegness cinema (picture of Miss Allan)
18/3 Waterway spring clean
15/4 SS Sun castle manageress dies
29/4 Joseph Crawshaw with Eamon Andrews
29/4 BBC’s Eamon Andrews shoots TV programme in Skegness
6/5 Crown Hotel blaze
6/5 Clock Tower scaffolding
13/5 Skegness publicity bus
13/5 SS Alford nylon factory picture (not photographed)
27/5 SS Elsa Barratt first lady ‘chairman’ of the council
3/6 SN Peter Pan railway opens on central foreshore
3/6 SS Painting of the Earl of Scarbrough wearing the Robe of the Garter, by artist James Gunn
17/6 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
24/6 Bateman’s/Follies
24/6 Skegness carnival
1/7 SS Skegness postmen receive awards (picture)
1/7 SS Union leader drops dead on Embassy Ballroom dance floor
8/7 Ingoldmells Methodist Chapel demolition (includes picture)
8/7 SS Harry Bateman CBE and Police Supt. S. G. Barnes OBE at Buckingham Palace
8/7 SS Skegness’ new official song
15/7 SS Curry’s electrical store opens on Lumley Road (picture)
15/7 SS Skegness Mother buried child’s body in dog’s grave Crimean Cottage Amber Hill Maisie Walters nee Naylor
29/7 SS Charlie Chester with bathing beauties picture
29/7 SS Bomb-damaged baths site is dangerous (Scarbrough Avenue)
5/8 SS Two army cadet officers killed in aeroplane mock battle (not photographed)
12/8 SS Skegness Mother buried child’s body in dog’s grave Crimean Cottage Amber Hill Maisie Walters nee Naylor
12/8 SS Foreshore Manager Bosworth falls in boating lake
19/8 SS Peggy Elvin of Cavendish Road musical trio formed
2/9 SS Memorial stained glass window dedication St Matthew’s Church (Bacon of Burgh)
2/9 SS John Bateman eve of wedding picture (Gillian Clements Smith)
2/9 SS Curved wall sea defence at Sutton completed (not photographed)
9/9 SS Child killed in Ingoldmells camp playground (Groves of Derby)
16/9 SS Seasonal newsman collapsed and died Berry’s Garage Wainfleet Road (Rustage)
23/9 SS Carnival Queen with Cllr Catlyn picture – June Stevens
30/9 SS Skegness stonemason restores House of Commons – Brownman of Cavendish Road
16/11 SS Bateman
2/12 SS Seacroft train station to close down
2/12 SN Lifeboat Cuttle given welcome
9/12 SS New lifeboat for Skegness – Cuttle
9/12 SS Dr Frazer Menzies picture
30/12 SS Henry Stokes Brown
30/12 SS Harry Rose Drummond Road 63rd wedding anniversary (picture)
30/12 SS David Lee weighing machine man (useful Skegness nostalgia)
New miniature steam train
Ingoldmells Old Methodist Chapel Demolition note: not sure of date but quite possibly 1953
Skegness Playgoers Coronation Programme 1953
1954 17/2 SN Perrin lifeboat family
24/2 SN Later shopping times in Skegness
24/2 SN Lady Elizabeth Lumley wedding includes a list of people invited from Skegness
3/3 St Clement’s Church get new hall
3/3 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
10/3 New fluorescent street lighting in Roman Bank
17/3 Spring cleaning the boating lake
17/3 Wedding shopping in Skegness – ad feature for local shops
24/3 Roman Bank fluorescent lights
14/4 SN Millstones from old windmill found in Lumley Road
21/4 SN Money safe discarded in ditch after burglary
27/4 SN Dam Busters filmed in Skegness
5/5 SN Pulpit dedicated at St Matthews Church Skegness
12/5 SN Telegram to the Queen
26/5 SN New council chairman investiture
2/6 SN Skegness 5th scouts on parade
2/6 SN Biggest ever Skegness illuminations feature
23/6 SS Lily Crane marriage
14/7 SN Billy Butlin switches on Skegness illuminations
21/7 SN Runaway landau horse crashes into Clock Tower
28/7 New miniature train
4/8 SN Foreshore first aid post manned by St John Ambulance Brigade
18/8 Appeal to save St Mary’s Church Winthorpe
1/9 Dust men in Skegness
8/9 Appeal church bells Loughborough
6/10 SN Tommy Gore photo leader of Skegness Band
6/10 SS New line for the bus conductor
6/10 SS Ghost
13/10 SN Bayonet used in wife attack
13/10 Bird’s eye view Lumley Square
20/10 Restoring Winthorpe church St Mary’s
27/10 SS Blacksmith Prince George Street Skegness
10/11 War bomb damage Scarborough Avenue baths
24/11 SN St John Ambulance Brigade exercise
24/11 Aerial view of the foreshore
1/12 SN St John Ambulance Brigade gets Rolls Royce
1/12 Aerial view of North Parade
8/12 SN St John Ambulance Brigade dinner
1955 5/1 Nude photos
Brick pit tragedy photos
6/1 SS Million to one
26/1 Standard in the Standard – local history uncovered in a gas lamp
26/1 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
4/2 SS New diesel train in Skegness
16/2 Mystery snowman on Clock Tower
23/2 Family drowned in frozen Brick pit tragedy
9/3 Publicity coach tour
9/3 Ashes scattered at sea off the Pier
30/3 Two-year-old boy drowned
27/4 SN Lion removed
27/4 Skegness gets best kept train station award
4/5 Car smashes into bungalow living room
4/5 Sea cadet saves child’s life
25/5 Coun Thompson – new Mayor of Skegness
1/6 Wrates photographers advert
22/6 Bob Monkhouse switches on Skegness illuminations
22/6 Carnival Queen
13/7 Picture of Bob Monkhouse
17/8 Explosion Walshes caravan park
17/8 St Matthew’s Church pictures 75th anniversary
28/9 St Matthew’s Church 25 years
26/10 United Nations Day ceremony at Skegness
9/11 Skegness Grammar School blazers made by local trader
9/11 Telephone exchange
30/11 SN Garage mechanic seriously burned
Car smashes into bungalow living room
1956 18/1 SS ‘Nip’ Wright snooker player
8/1 SS Second fall of snow
18/1 SN Lights go out in blizzard – Mr Hardy of Thirty Club ventures out for candles to keep club open
18/1 SN Telephone Exchange out of action due to snow – generator brought in from Boston
1/2 SS Head of Skegness Infant School
1/2 SN Trolove riding school picture
8/2 SS Lord Haw-Haw William Joyce captured by Skegness Hotel Manager
8/2 SN Butlin’s gift of two state chairs to Leicester cathedral
15/2 SN Missing woman – Ada Frith, 68, of 14 Laythorpe Avenue (includes picture of Mrs Frith)
15/2 SN History made at Skegness – first annual general licensing session for Skegness and Ingoldmells to be held in Skegness Court
29/2 SN Lifeboat Dinner – large, informative article (not photographed)
7/3 SN Storm damage to caravans and Ingoldmells rectory (not photographed)
14/3 SN Embezzlement at the Council
14/3 SN Cannon Morris appointed chaplain to the RNA (Royal Naval Association) (not photographed)
28/3 SN Local dancing girls featured in Jack Whiteley’s Zio Angels – Shirley Wright and Florence Taylor
28/3 SN Salvation Army organist, Eileen Aspinall of 59 Briar Way brief return to England from Australia
4/4 SN Wedding of seaman, Cyril Gaper to Shirley Key
4/4 SS New conservative club at Carisbrook Hotel
11/4 SN Skegness chosen, as a thriving holiday resort, by British Council to host students from 14 countries
18/4 SN New director for Skegness Entertainments Ltd – Mr J M Wright
18/4 SN Sportsman weds former carnival queen Brian Kitson Dexter and June Monica Sutcliffe (coronation queen 195
18/4 SN 70 years ago in Skegness – Dutton Phrenologist
18/4 SN Double bigamy George Herbert Walker, Winifred Gilroy, Winifred Mann
18/4 SN Gift sent to Skegness from Queen Mother auctioned for ‘backward children’
25/4 SN Wedding of John Brown and Rita Sylvester
25/4 SN Picture of the 14 members of Skegness Council (not photographed)
25/4 SS St Clement’s Church hall
2/5 SN TV recording at the Sun Castle (2 articles with pictures)
2/5 SN Clements entertainers picture
2/5 SN William Henry Elvin dies – 40 years at gas works
2/5 SN Woman knocked unconscious with poker (Bee)
2/5 SN Link with Skegness
9/5 SN Missing woman found by child Ada Frith
23/5 SN Frank Poutney garage owner (large article, not photographed)
23/5 SN More about missing woman Ada Frith (not photographed)
23/5 SN More about woman hit with poker – Bee (not photogrpahed)
23/5 SN Old Skegness pictures on glass plates – mended after being broken
23/5 SN Carnival queen
23/5 SN Tranformation of YMCA – good pictures (not photographed)
23/5 SS YMCA amazing transformation
6/6 SN Skegness man, Leslie Wainwright, involved in search for ship
13/6 SN Ball wedding gt-great-granddaughter of Tennyson’s Northern Farmer
13/6 SN Fracas at Sparkes fish shop
20/6 SN Skegness pensioners at Bridlington
20/6 SN Zio Angels (not photographed)
20/6 SN Picture of Skegness Silver Bank at concert in Princes Bar Butlins (not photographed)
20/6 SN Link with the Magna Carta – Diana Langton
20/6 SN Lorry buried under sand – Harkins
20/6 SN Carnival is cancelled (part photographed)
20/6 SS Sea erosion at Jackson’s Corner.
27/6 SN Air hostess – Shirley Ruth Titmarsh
27/6 SN Crane’s dancing girls
27/6 SN Mad bull shot
4/7 SN Lincoln Road development
4/7 SN British Legion Rally pictures (not photographed)
4/7 SN Illuminations switch on by TV and radio personality, Arthur English
11/7 SS Mississippi Steamer on Skegness boating lake
11/7 SS Crane School of Dance photos
18/7 SN Crane’s school of dance photo
18/7 SN John Godfrey Morley gains Master of Science degree (graduation picture)
18/7 SN Pictures of the illuminations (not photographed)
18/7 SS Skegness illuminations Foreshore Centre (Cafe Dansant)
18/7 SS Theresa Taylor 6 Cecil Avenue
25/7 SN Lady Barnett visits Butlins – shoe & leather manufactureres association (not photographed)
25/7 SN Aquarium proposal
25/7 SN Lifeboat rescue with pictures (not photographed)
8/8 SN TV Down Your Way comes to Skegness
15/8 SN Daily Sketch Guineas Girl in Skegness
15/8 SN The Oats cycle race sets off from Skegness (not photographed)
15/8 SS New headmaster for Morris School
22/8 SS Welcome Inn Shipstone’s new hotel
22/8 SN Death on an amusement ride
29/8 SS Welcome Inn Shipstone’s new hotel
5/9 SS Chapel Point bank gave way
12/9 SS Morris school opens
19/9 SN Mississsippe steam boat Skegness boating lake
19/9 SN Lifeboat crew
26/9 SS Benny Hill to open new jazz club
17/10 SS New jazz club opens
31/10 SN Pier Follies manager sues tenor
14/11 SS Michael Bell car crash
21/11 SS Joseph Crawshaw death
12/12 SS Brick pit emptied after 1955 tragedy
19/12 SN Memories of Princess Louise’s visit to Skegness in 1911
26/12 SN 61 years Seacroft Golf Course anniversary
1957 2/1 Lifeboat launch 50 years ago
2/1 SN History made when skegness lifeboat taken out of action to allow a full crew visit to RNLI depot
2/1 SN New dance school opens in Skegness Miss Patricia Youngfir
2/1 SN Jolly Fisherman cartoon depicting hope of a better year ahead
9/1 SS Hungarian refugees arrive in Skegness
16/1 SS Hungarian refugees at Skegness
16/1 SN Death at 49 Briar Way – Willis
23/1 SS Hungarian refugees at Skegness
6/2 SS Bravery certificate found on Sheffield bomb site after being lost during wartime
6/2 SS Hungarian refugee marries Skegness woman (Theresa McCabe)
6/2 SN First Hungarian marriage in Skegness (Theresa McCabe) picture
13/2 Skegness publicity
27/2 Burgh Windmill
13/3 SS New Morris school ceiling collapses
13/3 SN Gunby Hall music room
20/3 SS Official opening of the new Morris school postponed after ceiling collapses
20/3 SS Hungarian refugees observe National Hungarian Day at the Skegness war memorial
10/4 SN 14 year-old runs dance school Miss Patricia Youngfir
22/5 Football ground works pipes
29/5 Lifeboat Wilfred Perrin
29/5 SS Guy Grantham
29/5 Follies on the Pier
29/5 Derbyshire Miners (Curtis)
12/6 SS Hungarian man accused of murder – Bentley Family of Albany Road Skegness
3/7 SS Change of plans ends in tragedy
3/7 Skegness photographer, Mrs Wrate dressed a gypsy
3/7 Jolly Fisherman statuette award to be made rarer
10/7 Herbert Ingram
10/7 SS Pictures of Co-op store, Lumley Road (not photographed)
24/7 SS Murder charge hearing
24/7 Coaches in Lawn car park
31/7 SS Hungarian man sent for murder trial
7/8 SS Boating lake fireworks
7/8 SS Home town photo sent to soldier
7/8 SS Married a Hungarian refugee (Dorothy Elvin)
21/8 SS Homemade bomb hits visitor
2/10 SS WW2 mine washed ashore at Chapel St Leonards
2/10 SS Rugby Club new pavilion opens at Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
9/10 Polio Boy collection box
11/10 SS Jubilee baby weds
30/10 Whale story
6/11 SS Hungarian refugee sentence to life imprisonment for murder of Skegness man (not photographed)
25/12 Artist’s impression of how new development of Grand Parade will look
1958 15/1 Skegness Lace Mills
22/1 Fire at the ‘Dots Club’ on Drummond Road Skegness
29/1 How to board the school bus safely, Skegness Infants School Cavendish Road
29/1 Who will censor the comic postcards on sale in Skegness?
26/2 Ladies ‘PROBUS’ photo Marine Hotel
26/2 Skegness slogan
Railway delivers parcels by horse and cart
26/3 High Street traffic problems photo
2/4 SS Cranes (filed with 1959 news photos)
9/4 Did Mablethorpe pinch our Jolly Fisherman slogan?
9/4 Barrow Boys race
16/4 New chalets for Derbyshire Miners Home
23/4 New automated machinery for Skegness Town Hall
30/4 Consecration of the new part of St Clement’s Church burial ground
30/4 American wife decapitated in road accident
7/5 Home of Harry Bateman of Bateman Brewery, Wainfleet
7/5 Skegness pier is painted
7/5 Canon Morris
7/5 Mid-air drama
14/5 Wartime observation post at Jackson’s Corner demolished
14/5 Pier man retires – memories of Europa crashing into pier
14/5 First electronic post barrow for Skegness
21/5 Council house reserved for Skegness teacher
21/5 Girls Life Brigade photo
21/5 Child is bitten by Skegness donkey
4/5 Girl Guides inspection Lumley School photo
21/5 Berry’s house struck by lightning
11/6 First Butlin express steam train arrives in Skegness
18/6 New event for Skegness – barrow boys
25/6 Skegness snack bar stabbing threat
9/7 Donkey is taught to cross the road safely
9/7 Mitchell invents talking horoscope arcade game
16/7 Pier mystery solved
30/7 BBC test Skegness for broadcasting signal strength
30/7 Oldest barmen
6/8 Lights out for Skegness Illuminations non-payers
6/8 Emergency car park for holiday traffic
13/8 Fatal accident social cycles
20/8 Evans High Street Fish cafe closes after summons
27/8 Skegness Illuminations switch on photo
3/9 Death of Ivor Cule
3/9 New cot for Skegness Day nursery
8/10 Lumley junior school children photo
8/10 Work on Skegness leaning water tower
12/11 Evans fish cafe window smashed in High Street
17/12 Young boy found hanging
Railway delivers parcels by horse and cart (flashback)
1959 7/1 Lincoln Road alterations
7/1 Clock Tower island safety walls built
7/1 SS Announcement that Clock Tower Island is soon to be built
7/1 Jolly’s grandson – by the Old Salt (editor)
28/1 St Clement’s Church flooded
28/1 Laundry Cottages Roman Bank demolished for road improvements
18/2 SS Guy Grantham
25/2 Bounding Boy poster publicity
4/3 Accidental death to bank manager’s wife
11/3 SS Bonnett wedding
11/3 SS Skegness school football picture
11/3 Red House fascinating mystery uncovered
18/3 SS Grammar school picture
15/4 SS Friskney Bone Mill landmark vanishes
29/4 Pier Follies eat “ice-cream”
29/4 SS Hole in Lumley Road
13/5 Boy saves child’s life in boating lake
27/5 SS Lumley Road drama jewellery shop incident
3/6 Fire at Wards cycle shop High Street Skegness
3/6 Painter dies in fall when decorating County Hotel
3/6 SS Scenery fell off a lorry
3/6 Lady Isobel Barnett at YMCA
3/6 SS Former National School gets facelift
10/6 SS Weather bureau
10/6 SS Opening night “Discovery Time” Theresa Taylor winner
3/6 SS Face lift for old Roman Bank National School building – Mart Saleroom
17/6 SS County Hotel painter’s death – follow-up
17/6 SS Susan Crane wins handwriting contest
12/8 SS Dolls house
12/8 SS Old weather reports
12/8 SS Clock Tower Island completed
12/8 SS Link with Skegness – electricity
12/8 SS Charlie Williams plays for Skegness Football Club
12/8 SS There’s a crow in the Embassy Theatre!
19/8 Crowds of holidaymakers round Clock Tower
19/8 SS Barrel organ
26/8 SS First baby born at Skegness Butlin’s holiday camp
26/8 SS Riding school
9/9 SS More about the barrel organ
9/9 SS Swim
10/9 Morris school film crew
16/9 Wrates photographers win first prize at Skegness carnival
7/10 SS First Skegness factory official opening – council-built nylon stocking factory
14/10 SS Roman Bank gang bonfire
14/10 SS Clock Tower Model
14/10 SS Boating lake landing stage removed
14/10 New landing stage for Skegness boating lake
21/10 Grunnill Trevitt marriage
21/10 SS Football picture
4/11 Lincoln Road construction
4/11 Morris school kids
11/11 Cartoon fireworks over Clock Tower
25/11 Trees threaten St Matthew’s church foundations
25/11 SS Morris school pottery class
2/12 Marine hotel manager retires
9/12 Model made of St Clement’s church
9/12 Charles Houghton
16/12 Jolly Fisherman statuette presented to Ed Sullivan in USA
16/12 SS Nativity play (Graham Bonnet)
23/12 Grammar headmaster’s This is Your Life surprise
School of Cookery Auction
SM Spalding Flower Festival Float 1959

4 thoughts on “1950s

  1. In 1952 one of my mothers friends a Mr D Powell was lost at sea somewhere near Skegness, I am trying to locate any news coverage, can anyone help?

  2. Hiya, Mrs Ward, there are no D Powells registered as dying in Lincolnshire in 1952.
    However, there is a death entry for a Mr Dennis C Powell in the Spilsby registration district (which covers Skegness) in the March Quarter of 1951. He was 20 when he died. Could this be the guy we’re looking for?
    If it IS him, we should be looking for stories towards the end of 1950 and up till March, 1951.
    I have not got the newspaper story on file but could check on Friday if you could confirm it’s the correct person.

  3. Hi I am trying to find information about the Hungarian refugees that came to Skegness in 1957. My birth mother Mary Robinson ( I was adopted) has recently passed away and my father was one of the refugees. His name was Gabriel and I think the surname was something like Magio ?. I would really like to find any information that I can regarding him or his family. Could you please advise me who would have this information..
    Thanking you
    Paul Smith

    • My mother had met and helped the refugees but sadly one of them took her husbands life in 1957. She said there was about 100 hungarian refugees

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