Sex and Controversy Hit Street Nightclub

Sex and Controversy Hit Skegness Street Nightclub

“The sexy Sky Fantasy Channel Bus Tour 98 hit Skegness” begins the article, and continues to tell us how the town’s dignitaries tried to ban the bus from the seafront.

The “sexy raunchy fun and frolics” were staged at The Street nightclub and were declared a resounding success by the organiser of the tour.

August 1998

“The sexy Sky Fantasy Channel Bus Tour 98 hit Skegness last week – and rode straight into fresh controversy after leaving Blackpool aghast at its antics.
Dignitaries there tried to ban it from the seafront on the grounds of family values. After being threatened with arrest the crew defied the ban and drove on to Skegness
The Mayor of Skegness, Coun Terry Bryan, was equally appalled at the “sexy raunchy fun and frolics” on offer.


He said: “I think it’s deplorable that these people use this cheap publicity stunt at the expense of Skegness. Skegness is famous for its family atmosphere, its clean beaches and its wholesome type of entertainment, and at present it is full of young families enjoying the school holidays. And the last thing parents want is this type of so-called entertainment.
“Large companies such as Butlins have invested millions of pounds here, making Skegness one of the country’s premier resorts.
“Skegness depends on tourism for its existence, and cheap gimmicks like this are an insult to the town, its residents and most of all, its visitors.”
But organiser of the tour, Derek Botham declared the visit a resounding success.

Full Monty

“We had a wonderful time. We were inviting people on to the bus and giving away T-shirts, and in the evening our stars were on the stage at The Street inviting members of the public to join them in a strip…and they certainly did. In Skegness they were rather more eager to take their clothes off than they were in Blackpool. We had six guys and girls do the full monty on stage. They brought the house down.”
In fact The Street manager, he said, had invited them back to do a full week’s residency at the nightclub.
Told of the Mayor’s comments Derek declared: “I think he’s behind the times. He ought to get out on to the beach and see what people really want.” ”




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