Lindsey Blind Centre Official Opening in Skegness

THE Earl of Scarbrough officially opened a new £150,000 centre for blind and partially sighted people in south-east Lindsey in Lumley Avenue, Skegness last week — bringing vastly increased and improved services to the town.
There has long been a recognised need for such a centre in Skegness, with members of the South Humberside and Lindsey Blind Society having to use rented premises at the home of the Skegness Talking Newspaper for blind people for the last five years.
Elsewhere, the society provides services for 2,000 members at its centres in Cleethorpes, Gains-borough. Louth and Scunthorpe.
The new centre has facilities for a wide range of activities and provides a social meeting place for the visually impaired. Cilia Smith, the society’s area welfare worker, has plans to establish craft groups engaging in basketwork, pottery, weaving and other pursuits. Self-help independent living groups are also planned and other suggested activities include art and theatre groups. music appreciation. computer studies, French and typing classes, beetle and whist drives, and dominoes.
A special meeting place for those who are deaf and blind will be provided with scope for cooperation with Sense, the National Deaf Blind Helpers’ League and Lincolnshire Social Services.
However, running costs will prove a significant drain on the Society’s resources and donations would be most welcome. These should be sent to the society’s chief executive, Mr Eddy Double, at Ramsgate House, Pleasant Place, Louth.




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