Bells of St Clement's

THE WORK of former curate for St Clement’s Church, Skegness, the Rev Geoffrey Spencer, came to fruition in 1990 with the rededication of the church’s historic bell.
A keen bell ringer himself, Mr Spencer instigated a fund raising campaign to have the massive bell, which is believed to be nearly 600 years old, rehung.
The work was carried out by Mr Mike King, of Winthorpe, and involved taking out the traditional swinging mechanism to hang the bell dead.
This means it is now the hammer that is operated by the bell rope, and not the bell itself that is swung and over #1,000 was raised for the rehanging to take place.
Before leaving the area Mr Spencer also managed to obtain a smaller bell from the redundant church of St Helen’s, at Cumberworth and it was subsequently hung at St Clement’s.
Removed from the church was a large wooden wheel which was part of the old ringing mechanism , which was placed on show in the porch of the church.
Conducting the rededication service was the Dean of Lincoln Cathedral, the Very Rev Brandon Jackson, and the picture shows him standing between the Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Coun Frank Grunnill and his wife Mrs Lillian Grunnill. Also at the ceremony were Rector of Skegness, the Rev Ernest Adley, church warden, Mr Stan Chamberlain, and the deputy mayor and deputy church warden, Coun Bob Sadler.



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