Missing WW2 Roll of Honour


Let’s hope someone in the world might see this story and be able to tell us more. If YOU know what happened to this Roll of Honour, please comment below.

BURGH artist Ernie Wilbraham would dearly love to know what happened to the roll of honour to the 43 Wessex Division which he designed and painted whilst in Germany during the war.

Ernie, a Welshman originally, joined the Fourth Ulsters and then transferred to the Cordons, before joining the 59 Anti Tank Regiment of the 43 Wessex Division.

He recalled his journey by sea from Newhaven to Dieppe and then to Germany.

The boat he should have originally sailed on was sunk, and then of all days he finally sailed on Friday 13th. Weather conditions were atrocious and practically everyone was sea sick.

Speaking of his time in Germany he said he will never forget seeing the Belsen Railroad and Camp.

After the war, he designed and painted floats and advertising boards for the London cinemas, painting pictures of stars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Charlton Heston.

For nine years he worked from Skegness firm R.G. Mitchell, designing and painting for exhibitions and rides. Despite having suffered two heart attacks, Ernie still continues to design and paint. He is a member of the Burgh Art Club and exhibits in their annual art exhibition.

His wife is a gifted needlewoman, specializing in tapestry.

Both Ernie and his wife have tried to find out if the roll of honour was brought back to this country after the war, or if it is still in Germany.

Source: Skegness News 3rd May 1995


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