SH = Skegness Herald, SN = Skegness News, SS = Skegness Standard, SMA = Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford News, SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com), DDT = Derby Daily Telegraph GJ = Grantham Journal

1920s Frontage of Pleasure Gardens built up on Lumley Road, and renamed Tower Gardens
Coun Sam Moody JP is a leading proprietor in the Landau business in the 20s and 30s
early First Skegness town bus service operated by WT Berry – a Daimler single-decker
early John Minkley operated his mobile scissor-grinding business
Mr Snaps (Bert Jackson), walking photographer sets up business in Skegness
Keightley’s Drapers of Boston takes over Lumley Road Barlow’s grocery shop
c1920 Barnes’ Garage set up on Burgh Road
1920s early Cavendish Road garage opened by Carter & Rickett
c1920 Present-day Midland Bank building is constructed on Lumley Road, after the old Frith’s Restaurant is demolished
1920 5/1 HDM Skegness Council’s Spin of a Coin Decision
7/1 SMA Rare honour (Mons Star) for Mrs Stillings’ son – Wilfred Jefferies of Ivel Cottage Grosvenor Road
11/2 SMA Call for the formation of an Advancement Association
11/2 SMA Advancement Association elections
25/2 SMA Trophies of war
3/3 SMA Call for electricity in Skegness
3/3 SMA Old Sea view Hotel building turned into flats
10/3 SMA Boys Own War Memorial – gift from Earl of Scarbrough – plot of land between school and church hall on Ida Road
31/3 SMA Percy Ellis gets bravery award
7/4 SMA Death of Rev Baldwin
21/4 SMA Accident to Rowley boy
21/4 SMA Accident to Coun Bycroft
28/4 SMA Purchase of Estate Office
28/4 SMA Objection to Clements cinema
2/5 SMA Rats
12/5 SMA Council worker crushed to death
19/5 SMA How to improve Skegness
19/5 SMA The housing scheme – building to start in a few days’ time
26/5 SMA Death of one of Skegness’ pioneers, Coun Joseph Crawshaw
2/6 SMA National Provincial and Union Bank of England opens at Skegness
2/6 SMA Death of Charles Shaw at 14 High Street
2/6 SMA Nottingham Poor Girls Camp brass tablet
2/6 SMA Disaster at Louth
2/6 Miraculous escape as lightning strikes
2/6 Joseph Crawshaw funeral
2/6 Sale of brick yard
9/6 SMA Dramatic capture of armed robbers at Thrall’s garage (policemen Cross, Rodwell and Hutchinson received medals) **
SMA Fined for Dray with no name painted on it
9/6 SMA Milk deficient in fat court case
16/6 SMA Housing scheme plans
23/6 SMA Five years penal servitude for Armed robbers at Thrall’s garage
23/6 SMA YMCA presentation
23/6 SMA Funeral of Stow Drummond Road
23/6 SMA The Bluebell Motor Charabanc
30/6 SMA New attraction on Pier
7/7 SMA Dangerous corner Sea View Road
7/7 SMA Housing scheme – Briar Way Tennyson Green
7/7 SMA Skeg-cards chorus
14/7 SMA Mr Berry’s petroleum license
28/7 SMA Figure 8 amusement park ride is good for a healthy liver
28/7 SMA Magawattee Tea
28/7 SMA Emergency calls – dial 55
3/8 DDT Skegness Entertainment War
4/8 SMA Ivy Farm House Roman Bank picture
11/8 SMA New Skegness Magistrate – Marshall
18/8 SMA Crofts shop proprietor fined
25/8 SMA 4,000 year old unpaid bill discovered (world news)
22/9 SMA Death on the golf links – West
6/10 SMA Stuffy and cramped police court – Dutton protests
13/10 SMA Call for another Skegness Rat Week
20/10 SMA Making-up of St Andrews Drive, Sunningdale and Murfield
20/10 SMA Corpse Ways
27/10 SMA Death of George Greenwood
1/12 SMA Proposed town war memorial
1/12 SMA Suicide at the Tower of London (national news)
15/12 SMA Heavy snow storm
23/12 SMA Lakes on the pavement
23/12 SMA Council New Town Hall House-warming Party Flop
29/12 SMA Heaton steams off to Uganda
Nat West Bank formed in 1920, formerly National Provincial & Union Bank of England
Skegness’ first holiday camp – the YMCA on Grosvenor Road
Midland Bank opens in Lumley Road, on the site of the demolished Frith’s Restaurant
The Earl of Scarbrough moves his offices to 29 Algitha Road, formerly occupied by the council, as the SUDC purchased his Roman Bank offices for the new town hall
The Cafe Dansant changes its name to the Sands Pavilion
Policemen who captured the Thrall’s Garage robbers get awards for bravery
Picture of a Local Milkman Skegness Farmers Dairy
1921 5/1 First telegram from Skegness (12 years ago in 1909)
19/1 SMA Southend pier cut in two
19/1 SMA Airship over Skegness
19/1 A Hangman’s fees
9/2 SMA Grant child dies Sea View Road
10/2 Wife beating
10/2 Human Skeleton found near Ruskington
16/2 High Street houses unfit for habitation
16/2 SMA Lowndes
16/2 SMA Skeleton mystery
23/2 SMA Spilsby tradesman’s find
23/2 Thomas Green of Spalding House, Skegness letter from New Zealand
23/2 Laziest man
23/2 SMA Bishop speaks out on cruelty in fashion
2/3 Cruelty to a dog by Pier owner Charles Thornton
2/3 SMA Dry anecdotes
9/3 SMA Additions to Hildred’s Hotel approved
16/3 SMA Latest fashion – trophies of cruelty – Bishop speaks out
16/3 SMA Patent granted to pumping station engineer
23/3 Death of lifeboat man Joseph Grunnill
23/3 Accident to Fred Rye’s horse
SMA New law proposal governing bathing dress at seaside resorts
23/3 SMA Cricket ground gift proposal by Earl of Scarbrough Council declines gift
30/3 SMA Cricket ground gift proposal by Earl of Scarbrough
30/3 SMA Smart capture of thieves at Seacroft
30/3 SMA Indecent assault of little girl
6/4 SMA Accident to Mr Joseph Crawshaw on the new housing estate
6/4 SMA Seacroft Robbery court case
13/4 SMA Purchase of foreshore discussion (not photographed)
13/4 SMA War medal stolen
20/4 SMA Death of waterworks manager’s wife Vasey
20/4 SMA Purchase of foreshore discussion (large article)
20/4 SMA Woman found dying on beach – Bertha Emily Coltman of Leicester, found by Mrs Butler and Miss Dunmore (story partially photographed)
27/4 Council housing estate first baby
4/5 SMA Fire Station for Sea View proposal
4/5 SMA North Shore Club House burglary
25/5 SMA Low gas pressure stops newspaper printing
25/5 Belgian coal secured in coal strike
1/6 SMA Suicide by poisoning – Benjamin Starr
1/6 SMA Beef bone operation (national news)
8/6 Influx of visitors
8/6 SMA Runaway horse (The horse of Mr Holvey of Burgh bolts down Prince George Street)
15/6 Census complaint
15/6 Churchill foot amputation
15/6 Policemen commanded to Buckingham Palace
15/6 SMA Widow burnt alive (world news)
29/6 SMA Honour for Skegness policemen
6/7 SMA Mile of Pennies
6/7 SMA Cricket ground acquired by cricket club after Council turns down Lord Scarbrough’s offer
13/7 SMA Fire on the foreshore
13/7 SMA Fire on the Pier
13/7 SMA Mile of Pennies
13/7 SMA Cricket Club public company
20/7 SMA Cricket Club public company
20/7 SMA Chalet Theatre old advert
27/7 SMA Opening of Fred Clements’ Tower Theatre Lumley Road
3/8 SMA Char-a-banc accident
3/8 SMA Boy scout drowns in brick pit – inquest
10/8 SMA Walter Smyth funeral
17/8 SMA Alleged obstruction Lumley Road – Randall
24/8 SMA Skegness statistics
31/8 SMA Four sets of false teeth found
7/9 SMA Charlie Chaplin Tower Theatre
14/9 SMA Funeral – Ellis
5/10 SMA Death of Bellamy
5/10 SMA Baby competition – Goy winner (first council house baby)
5/10 SMA Miss Emma Crofts’ marriage to Walter E Lapham (wedding photo)
12/10 SMA VD production – “Damaged Goods”
12/10 SMA Council meet at the Clock Tower to discuss site for new toilets (mentions Gomersall Road)
12/10 SMA Death of Mr Porter
19/10 SMA Marriage of Charles Lane
19/10 SMA The late Mr Porter
26/10 SMA Council house allocation and list
16/11 SMA Death of Mrs Blackbourn
23/11 SMA Rat Week
23/11 SMA Fire at Rowley’s shop
23/11 SMA Agent of the Earl of Scarbrough commits suicide
23/11 SMA Shell shock man suicide attempt – Boothby of Wainfleet
30/11 SMA Rat Week results
30/11 SMA Motor accident at “Spalding Plantation” corner
7/12 SMA Whales Unearthed in a Celery Bed near Peterborough – up to 12,000 years old
7/12 SMA Hard tennis courts built at Skegness Cricket Ground
21/12 SMS Death of William Baker
Jolly Fisherman Embroidery Cloth (42 years ago flashback)
1922 4/1 SMA Gales destroy White House Farm Ingoldmells
1922 11/1 SMA Purchase of Foreshore deal sealed
18/1 SMA Bogus Captain Clarke
18/1 SMA Mirage at Skegness
18/1 SMA VD film
25/1 SMA Accident on Roman Bank
25/1 SMA Ancient Bully beef Arctic and Antarctic relics
26/1 SMA Blown Sand Helps Formation of Foreshore near Jenkins Pier
1/2 SMA Accident on Roman Bank Ida Road junction
1/2 SMA The ‘Mary’s of the Empire
1/2 SMA Waggoner’s accidental death – Harness
1/2 SMA To sell or not to sell
8/2 SMA A buoy washed ashore
8/2 SMA New industry for Skegness proposal – rabbit skins
15/2 SMA More buoys
15/2 SMA Policeman’s bravery – capture of a runaway horse
1/3 SMA Betsy Ann Walker death
8/3 SMA Sale of foreshore sites
15/3 SMA Letter to Council from Fred Clements concerning Happy Valley stage position
5/4 Call for Skegnessians to breed rabbits to make their own fur coats
5/4 SMA Fur industry hots up
12/4 SMA Ancient and Modern Skegness and District book by Dutton
26/4 SMA Freshney funeral
26/4 SMA Berry’s first town bus service
3/5 SMA New promenade and Jenkins’ Pier
10/5 SMA Coun Sam Moody takes the oath for magistrate
10/5 SMA Nottingham Poor Girls home dripping appeal
17/5 SMA Skegness development scheme – picture of plan
24/5 SMA New restaurant near station
24/5 SMA Miss Margaret Cooper picture – entertainer
24/5 SMA The Marine Walk
31/5 SMA Widening of street corners
21/6 SMA Reference to Wesleyan Chapel on High Street – Smyth
28/6 SMA Call new council estate “Addisonville”
5/7 SMA Call for sun shelters
5/7 SMA Huge foreshore development to be revealed
5/7 SS Breach of sea defences Sutton to Huttoft (not photographed)
5/7 SS New Fire Service escape to be purchased
5/7 SS Memorial window to G J Crofts in St Matthew’s Church
5/7 SS Proposed building
5/7 SS Cllr Sam Moody’s letter of congratulations to the Standard on publishing their first issue
5/7 SS Presentation to C S Smyth at Wesleyan Chapel
5/7 SS Mr & Charles Shepherd Smyth of Alderburgh
5/7 SS Portrait of Council Chairman Sam Moody
12/7 SS Fire Brigade Picture
12/7 SS Portrait of Cllr Haley
12/7 SS Cllr Haley suddenly taken ill on Skegness beach
12/7 SS County Show at Skegness (not photographed)
19/7 SMA Livestock show – Dunkley picture
19/7 SMA Pleasureland proposal
19/7 SMA Crofts new tea lounge advert – picture
19/7 SMA Garden competitions – Addisonville
19/7 SMA Trapped by Mormons
26/7 SS County Show at Skegness pictures (not photographed)
26/7 SS Portrait gallery Cllr Bycroft (not photographed)
26/7 SS County Show at Skegness official pictures
26/7 SS Revesby man helps discover New Zealand – James Cook (not photographed)
26/7 SMA Cruelty to a donkey
26/7 SMA Pleasureland problems – too long a lease
SMA Marine Gardens referred to as “Fountain Gardens” (no photograph)
2/8 SMA Motor accident
2/8 SS Portrait of Cllr T Marshall
2/8 SS Skegness Collage sports day with pictures – Orient (not photographed)
2/8 SS Spilsby Grammar School speech day (not photographed)
2/8 SS Fire at Edinburgh Cafe Lumley Road
2/8 SS Death of John Hare (not photographed)
9/8 SS Cllr Ball
9/8 SS Rival ice-cream vendors – Fravigar sues Lawson for assault
9/8 SS Lottery charge (part photographed)
9/8 SMA Cruelty to a baby – Rollitt
16/8 SS Portrait of William Clayton
16/8 SS Mablethorpe tragedy
16/8 SS Council discuss caravans on Borman’s Paddock
16/8 SS Bowler hat
16/8 SS Stone-laying – new Wesleyan Church at Burgh
16/8 SS Skegness water engineer’s death – Mr H Evans (Welton) (not photographed)
16/8 SMA Death of Rowe – York House
16/8 SMA Skegness Tobacconists
16/8 SMA Landau sensation
23/8 SS Portrait of Walter Hudson
23/8 SS Death of F J Rowe of York House
23/8 SS Spilsby Town Hall history discovered
23/8 SS Lincolnshire lifeboatmen – Skegness men honoured (not photographed)
23/8 SS Mablethorpe tragedy follow-up
23/8 SS Brickyard Corner
30/8 SS Death of Henry Longthorne
30/8 SS Lifeboat and crew picture (not photographed)
30/8 SS Fatal dash across Drummond Road – Gertrude Joyce Parker, aged 6, of 3 Wilford Grove (not photographed)
30/8 SS Skegness sea monster
30/8 SS Mablethorpe poisoning tragedy girl charged with murder (not photographed)
6/9 SS Dance champions at Casino includes picture
6/9 SS Fire station discussions (not photographed)
6/9 SS Thomas Green’s death in New Zealand
6/9 SS Skeg Card man Bert Jackson
6/9 SMA Lawrence Wright dance competition at the Casino – picture
13/9 SS Portrait Benjamin Sweeten
13/9 SS Lincolnshire Builders at Skegness – picture (not photographed)
13/9 SMA A proper fire station needed – discussion
20/9 SS Drummer
20/9 SS Skegness hockey team
20/9 SS Memorial tablet to A T M porter (not photographed)
20/9 SMA Skegness and Beeston hockey team – picture
20/9 SMA Salvation Army harvest festival – picture
20/9 SMA YMCA Cricket Team – picture
20/9 SMA Memorial Tablet to headmaster, Mr Porter unveiled
27/9 SS Cottage hospital opens new ward (not photographed)
27/9 SMA Presentation to Lady Serena Lumley coming of age, at The Hall – picture by Jackson
4/10 SS Death of William Turner – picture (part photographed)
11/10 SS Mablethorpe first stationmaster
18/10 SS Mablethorpe tragedy (not photographed)
25/10 SS New Willoughby library opened by Col Young (not photographed)
25/10 SS Ingoldmells floods (part photographed)
25/10 SMA Divorce case Lowndes
25/10 SMA Sands shooting echo
25/10 SMA Huttoft bigamy murder
25/10 SMA Serious sea bank damage at Ingoldmells
25/10 SMA High tides at Skegness
1/11 SS Ingoldmells floods picture
1/11 SS Mean theft
1/11 SMA Winifred Smyth death
1/11 SMA Winifred Smyth tribute
1/11 SMA “Shimmy Shake” disgusting says Judge
1/11 SS Charles Fred Grantham death (not photographed)
1/11 SMA Charles Fred Grantham death
8/11 SS Remembrance Day rockets
8/11 SS Death of Winifred M Smyth includes picture (part photographed)
8/11 SS Horncastle child neglect court case (part photographed)
8/11 SMA The new fire engine
15/11 SS Fire Brigade new building
15/11 SMA Funeral of William Scupholm
22/11 SS Boy killed in threshing machine
22/11 SS Old Moore and Lincolnshire
22/11 SMA Sea defence grant and amusements decision
29/11 SS Stickney Rector’s death – picture
29/11 SS Curious wedding between John Lotherington and Susannah Taylor, which took place in Hundleby in 1837
29/11 SS Old Lincolnshire markets
29/11 SMA Thompson’s amusements
6/12 SS Skipper Sam Moody death
6/12 SMA Captain Samuel Moody Death
6/12 SMA German Gun
13/12 SS Wesleyan Manse refurbishment fund (not photographed)
13/12 SS Skipper Sam Moody’s death brings fantastic revelations in deathbed confession
13/12 SS Funeral of ‘body on beach man’ in St Clement’s churchyard
13/12 SS Body on beach
13/12 SMA Gruesome discovery on the beach (3 articles)
20/12 SS Charles Thornton death
20/12 SS Skegness Sand Races
20/12 SS Skegness case at Nottingham
27/12 SS A look back at 1922 in Boston (large article not photographed)
27/12 SS Amateur photographer Clift
27/12 SS Louth floods (not photographed)
Fred Clements opens the Tower Theatre
Council bought the whole of the foreshore from the Earl of Scarbrough for £15,100
Photograph of the Skegness Council 1922
1923 3/1 Accident to Charles Smyth Skegness photographer
3/1 Skegness is being swallowed up by sea fears
3/1 SS *Miss Canning’s Dance School at Central Hall picture
3/1 SS *Skegness and Burgh buffalos picture
10/1 SS Proposed new mortuary
10/1 SS Burgh chimney sweep William Baker (includes picture)
17/1 SMA The horse that went home
24/1 SS *Concrete defence work at Ingoldmells with picture
31/1 SS Sand races
31/1 SS Advert for the Co-op, 54 High Street, Skegness
31/1 SS Boston Guildhall relics
31/1 SMA Marine Walk and Casino pathway
7/2 SS *Sand races public meeting
7/2 SS *Notes on ancient Wainfleet
14/2 Restaurants needed for the working class people
14/2 Dutton’s shorthand now being used in Spilsby Court
14/2 SS *Sand races committee – Earl of Scarbrough elected as president
14/2 SS New proprietor for Pier Hotel
21/2 SS Ancient Skegness
21/2 Dog runs away with meat – butcher claims from Skegness Council
28/2 Skegness girl sends a gift to Princess Mary’s new baby
28/2 SS *Lincolnshire in the English Civil War
28/2 SS Lincolnshire a Fen County history
7/3 Problem with wide pavement and verandas – letter to Council from Lowndes
7/3 Skegness’ first Shopping Week
7/3 SMA Death of George Croft
7/3 SS Death of George Croft
7/3 SS *Fancy Dress at Central Hall – includes picture
14/3 SS Borman’s Paddock
21/3 SS Horncastle Senior Magistrate Golden Wedding – Hassard
28/3 SS **Woodall Spa war memorial – picture
4/4 SS *Sand races fixed for May
4/4 SS *Alford Show wound up after 30 years
4/4 Harriet Crawshaw’s death
11/4 SMA Grantham Will
11/4 SS Fancy Dress picture
11/4 SS Sea deposits on sand
25/4 SMA Rev Street receives cup for Skegness Football Club – picture
25/4 SMA HMS Pinafore Arcadia Theatre – picture
2/5 SMA HMS Pinafore Arcadia Theatre – picture
2/5 SS Jolly Fisherman first characterised by Jimmy Loft (picture) – idea of Skegness Carnival Committee Chairman Mr Knight (article also mentions copyright)
2/5 SS **New Wesleyan Chapel opened at Burgh – picture
9/5 SMA Madam Osbourn picture
16/5 SMA German Gun – something for our children
23/5 SS Pleasureland opening ceremony
23/5 SS Joseph Moody Golden wedding anniversary (brother of Sam Moody, Mayor of Skegness) (includes picture)
24/5 Skegness United Football Team wins trophy
25/4 German Gun captured in World War 1 – problems discussed at council meeting
23/5 SMA Thompson’s Amusements officially opened
23/5 First Skegness Town Ball
30/5 SS **New miniature golf course
30/5 SS Sand races
30/5 SS Memorial church window – headmaster Mr Porter
30/5 SS Record Skegness baby?
30/5 SS Golden wedding picture
30/5 SS Pleasureland first train – picture
30/5 SS Ducking Pond game
30/5 SS Sand races
30/5 SMA Opening of miniature golf course (story not photographed)
30/5 SMA Memorial church window – headmaster Mr Porter
30/5 SMA Publicity car – picture
6/6 SS **Carnival pictures
6/6 SS *56 more houses at Seacroft
6/6 SS **Opening of new miniature golf course and putting green
6/6 SS *1920 Louth Floods disaster recalled – memorial to the dead unveiled
6/6 SS Crocodiles
6/6 SS Sand races (p8 cols 1,2,3)
13/6 SS **Carnival picture and extensive write-up
13/6 SS **Builder’s court case
13/6 Police court petty sessions
13/6 SMA 51 applicants for one council house (list of applicants)
13/6 SMA Carnival pictures
20/6 Police court petty sessions
20/6 SMA+ Final resting place for German Gun suggestions at the town council meeting
20/6 SS *Memorial tablet to Winifred Smyth
20/6 SMA Engineers’ conference at Skegness – picture
27/6 SS Queen
27/6 SS **Plan of war memorial
27/6 SMA Nasty accident Wainfleet level crossing
27/6 SMA Memories of Old Skegness*
27/6 Skegness Scouts camp pictures
27/6 Memorial to Smyth
27/6 War memorial erection discussed
27/6 SMA Carnival pictures
27/6 SMA Memorial tablet to Winifred Smyth in Wesleyan Chapel Algitha Road
27/6 SMA Skegness scouts camp – pictures
4/7 SS Vine Pullover
4/7 SS Miniature railway on the beach
4/7 SS Skegness water
4/7 SS *Skegness to Horncastle walk – includes picture
4/7 SS **Firsby stationmaster retires – picture
4/7 SMA Miniature Railway extension proposal
4/7 Green divorce
4/7 Vine Pullover (Buckthorne) is it a private or public road?
11/7 SS Puzzling Feature of a Skegness Beach Snap (spirit photograph)
11/7 SS *Vine Pullover – builders and surveyors’ views
11/7 SS *Skegness motor races meeting
11/7 SMA German Gun – letter from Carrisbrook House owner
11/7 SMA William Blackbourn death and funeral (shoe shop)
18/7 SMA Dr Sweeten in bad motor accident
18/7 SS *Borman’s Paddock (large article)
18/7 SS Dr Sweeten in bad motor accident
18/7 SS **New Orby Chapel stone laying
25/7 Wainfleet Magdalen School headmaster tribute (includes photo)
25/7 War Memorial – Disney’s letter to Council
25/7 SMA More about Sharman Alexandra Road
25/7 SMA Presidential visit to Magdalen College Wainfleet
25/7 SMA Trouble in Alexandra Road (Sharman)
25/7 SS Coastguard
1/8 SMA Will of G J Crofts
1/8 SS Croft’s will
1/8 SS *John Burrow’s retirement from Barclay’s Bank
1/8 SS *Stone-laying new Wesleyan Chapel at Thorpe Fen Dyke
8/8 SS **Snaps corner
13/8 SMA Motor accident Croft bend – Ballard of Leicester (story not photographed)
13/8 SMA Cllr Sweeten in bad motor accident
13/8 SMA Miss Dunkley coming of age party – picture
13/8 SMA Cattle Market – mayor digs first grass-sod – picture
15/8 SS Snaps corner
29/8 SS Press gangs in Lincolnshire
29/8 SMA List of boarding houses
29/8 SS
1/9 The estate of the late George Croft
5/9 SS *Ancient Walmsgate
12/9 SS Epton’s Corner with picture
12/9 SS *How the King’s police medal was won by Skegness policemen
19/9 SS First in the County – Spilsby Pig Show
19/9 SMA Mysterious death – Haresceugh
12/9 German sailor found laid on Skegness beach
26/9 SS *Water supply – decision to adopt a £11,500 scheme
3/10 SS Alford golden wedding includes picture
3/10 SS Alford organist includes picture
3/10 SS Memorial window unveiled
3/10 SMA Making up of North Shore roads
10/10 SS Seacroft apple trees
10/10 SS Holbeach hoax
10/10 SS Burgh blaze
10/10 SS Stickney church memorial window to Rev G H Hales
10/10 SS Holbeach Crown Colony recent eviction includes picture
24/10 Wainfleet Magdalen School headmaster obituary
7/11 SMA Drake sells part of Seacroft Estate
14/11 War Memorial unveiling ceremony order
21/11 SS Seacroft golf links purchased
28/11 New York broadcasts heard in Skegness
28/11 George Ball opens new Cattle market
Tower Esplanade completed
Mountain Slide and Tarzan Glide at Thompson’s Pleasureland
Skegness to Horncastle Walk revived
1924 3/1 SN Death of William Dowse old Skegness tradesman
3/1 SN Death of Thomas Croft
9/1 SN Powlett’s Circus construction discussed in Council chambers
9/1 SN New office for Births Marriages and Deaths registration, and new registrar
9/1 SMA Calling the fire brigade problems
30/1 SN Flashback – 25 years ago in Skegness – first motor car in Skegness
30/1 SN The German Gun again – councillor calls for it to be scrapped
30/1 SN Accident to Skegness News worker
2/2 SS 73 year old Rector to marry 35-year-old woman
6/2 SMA Cosmo Cafe Lumley Road
13/2 SS 73 year old Rector to marry 35-year-old woman – engagement cancelled!
13/2 SS French Leave – Skegness performance
20/2 SMA Plans for boating lake – plus German Gun
27/2 SS Skegness Hotel Manager IRA Murder Drama (Hildred’s Hotel – Naylor)
27/2 SMA Lifeboat launch with a difference
5/3 SS Convalescent Home in The Jungle
5/3 SN More about Powlett’s Circus
19/3 SN Picking up Paris radio signal
19/3 SS Piano prize-winner
19/3 SMA Freak of nature – Mrs Fox’s calf
26/3 SN Death of Henry Rowley, Skegness Baths proprietor
26/3 SS Death of Mr Kirk of North Shore estate
26/3 SS Orient Girls’ school video
2/4 SS Skegness Police inspectors
2/4 SS Rowley funeral
9/4 SS Cllr Haley
9/4 SS Wedding Spence and Browett
16/4 SS Huge Boston Blaze of 80 years ago
16/4 SS Old Skegness Boy’s Death
16/4 SS Pioneer of Modern Skegness – golden wedding anniversary of Mr & Mrs J G Holmes
23/4 SS Romans in Lincolnshire – Skegness castle
30/4 SN The homeless German Gun
30/4 SN Presentation to Mr Moody lifeboat
7/5 SN More about the German Gun
7/5 SS Skegness Blue Rovers Football Club
7/5 SS Wainfleet Magdalen College school photo
7/5 SMA Gadsby in Contraband film
17/5 SS The German Gun – a light-hearted story
21/5 SS Skegness Lilywhites football club photo
21/5 SN Excitement at Callow Park Hotel Maid throws herself from top window onto Grand Parade
SN The Smiling Redios (entertainers) – picture
21/5 SMA Straightening of North Parade – council buys strip of land
21/5 SMA Ducking Ponds are banned
21/5 SMA Site German Gun on Warth Lane
28/5 SS Motor-cyclist killed
28/5 SMA Motorbike accident – Bush
28/5 SMA Death of Warth
28/5 SMA New conductor and Chalet Theatre – picture
11/6 SMA South Parade bowling greens officially opened
18/6 SS Coverley funeral
9/7 SS Jolly Fisherman car mascot
9/7 SS Charabancs and penny all the way buses
30/7 SS Mayor of Lincoln officially opens the Boating Lake
30/7 SN Boating Lake opens (pictures)
24/9 SMA Famous wedding at Cafe Dansant Miss Nancy Oldfield actress at the Chalet Theatre (wedding gifts list partially photographed)
1/10 SN Malcolm Campbell, eminent motor racing record breaker prepared to race in Skegness
15/10 SMA Plans for Piazza and Bathing Pool
15/10 SMA Henry Haslam picture
22/10 Skegness Liberal and Conservative working women photos
22/10 Cafe Dansant owner goes bankrupt
30/10 Malcolm Campbell, eminent motor racing record breaker prepared to race in Skegness
5/11 SN Why are horseshoes considered lucky superstition
5/11 SS Polling day mishaps
12/11 SS Child’s sudden death
12/11 SMA Roman Bank to be renamed
19/11 SMA Cargo Steamer Named After Skegness
26/11 SMA Lyndhurst Cottage auctioned
26/11 SMA First Skegness Pet Shop opens
26/11 SS War causes failure of Skegness Commercial school, owned by John Richard Shepherd
3/12 SS/SMA Vasey, waterworks manager death
17/12 SMA Ye Ancient Skegness
17/12 SMA Memorial church window – Crofts
31/12 SMA Marine Walk – letter
Dec SS Earl of Scarbrough claims off Skegness Council for death of trees (not photographed)
Fravigar Ltd set up sweet business in Skegness
1925 7/1 SMA Death of William Pybus
14/1 Skegness Casino Band selected to play on BBC radio
14/1 Skegness Radio Club formed
21/1 Wild Skegness story
28/1 Thomas Brearley Tribute Song -=- member of Skegness Cricket Club
4/2 Jolly Fisherman Poster at Colwyn Bay
18/2 SMA Skegness Guides
4/3 SMA Death of Mrs Hiley
25/3 SMA ‘Spin of a coin’ council election
8/4 Wainfleet Magdalen School, memorial to old headmaster Gerrish unveiled
14 SMA Servant girl’s claim
22/4 SMA Skegness Ice Cream Miracle Cure
22/4 SMA Dazzling shop sign
29/4 10,000 Jolly Fisherman Postal Seals distributed by the Skegness Advancement Committee
6/5 SMA Young boy’s seaside jaunt
13/5 Jolly Fisherman penetrates Germany
13/5 SMA Charles Sheppard Smyth death
13/5 SMA ROAB picture
13/5 SMA Jolly Fisherman
27/5 Memorial windows in St Matthew’s Church dedicated to George Croft
3/6 SMA Pier Diver Prof Jimmy Connell Revisits Skegness
10/6 Malcolm Campbell motor racing record breaker races at Skegness
10/6 SMA Car takes sea bath
1/7 Radio broadcast from the Arcadia Theatre Skegness by Clement’s Entertainers
15/7 SMA Death on Seacroft golf links
12/8 SMA Railway refreshment rooms manageress
19/8 SMA Tortoise lays eggs in Skegness
26/8 SMA Clothing on fire
9/9 Sheffield soldier indecent assaults young Skegness girl
23/9 Six strokes of the Birch Rod for Skegness boy
21/10 Samuel Moody becomes a Justice of the Peace
28/10 St John Ambulance Brigade formed in Skegness
Billy Butlin arrives and sets up amusement park in The Jungle
4/11 SMA Lifeboat tractor trials
4/11 SMA Skegness man’s film star brother
4/11 SMA Marvellous microphone
4/11 SMA Lifeboatmen’s strike
4/11 SMA Death of Miss Neal (younger sister of Skegness’ first donkey man)
4/11 SMA The Gale
4/11 SMA Bus ‘rushed’
25/11 SMA Freda Butcher dancer
25/11 SMA Water tower site proposal
25/11 SMA Telephone poles
2/12 SMA Fire-fighting in a snow storm
9/12 SMA Toy gun tragedy
30/12 SMA Wedding over ashes of burned church (Yorkshire news)
Links Hotel opens on Drummond Road
1926 6/1 SS Fancy Dress winner
6/1 SMA Accident to a tree-lopper in Lumley Road
9/1 GJ Links Hotel For Sale Old Advert
13/1 SS Friskney men of the Great War
13/1 SS Solicitor’s death
13/1 SS Wireless
20/1 SMA “Commander Clarke” impostor
20/1 SMA Officer who gave his life for a ball – Shouler
23/1 SS Court case assault
27/1 SS Fire false alarm
27/1 SS Skegness woman’s ghastly ordeal
27/1 SMA Burning grate – echo of a previous tragedy
27/1 SS Alford children who attended St Wilfred’s Sunday School in a play (picture)
10/2 SS Wedding
10/2 SS Skegness story
24/2 SS Family
24/2 SMA Provision of gas for the Casino
24/2 SS Condemned cottage
24/2 SS Donkey shed
3/3 SS Condemned house
3/3 SMA Earl of Scarbrough give land in Ida Road for nurses
10/3 SMA Smith v Council – arcade Lumley Road, Pleasure Gardens
17/3 SMA Council election candidates (pictures)
17/3 SS Keen competition for beach sites
17/3 SS Bonnett’s’ New industry
24/3 SS Condemned cottage
7/4 SS Gibraltar Point Coastguard station sold
7/4 SMA A Secret Room and a Hidden Picture
21/4 SMA Incident on High Street
21/4 SMA Frank Wood elected as new mayor of Skegness
21/4 SMA 400 people in High Street
21/4 SMA John Hassall Paints Second Jolly Fisherman Poster
28/4 SMA Will the water tower be ready for Bank Holiday?
28/4 SS Human skull found at Burgh
28/4 SS Skegness Amateurs picture
28/4 SS Sir John Franklin relic (tin of meat left by expedition party)
28/4 SS Bateman Golden Wedding
5/5 SS Tric Street for Skegness
5/5 SMA Landing stage for steamboats (story not photographed)
19/5 SS Sea cars on Skegness beach
26/5 SMA Funeral of George Pybus
26/5 SMA Fire at Chalet Theatre
9/6 SS Bad car accident
16/6 SS Skeg Cup race
30/6 SMA Interview with Avery
14/7 SS Skegness to Horncastle walk presentation
14/7 SS New water tower
21/7 SMA Death of Frank, Peggy Gadsby’s eldest son
28/7 SMA Little boy rescued from drowning
4/8 New pier-head
11/8 SMA Death Harry Stilling Cavendish Road
18/8 SS Happy Valley court case
18/8 SMA Skegness murder threats – Hill
25/8 SMA Skegness Jolly Fisherman Poster – best ever known
25/8 SMA Sheffield boy drowned – Leach
1/9 SMA Simpson death
1/9 SMA Gadsby fire dive
8/9 SMA Jolly Fisherman publicity tour
22/9 SMA Bus driver’s death and funeral (two articles)
22/9 SMA New isolation hospital needed after fire
22/9 SMA Oriental Cafe advert – picture
22/9 SMA Bus driver’s death inquest
29/2 SMA Lady dies under anaesthetic – Berry
6/10 Farming on the beach Skegness Foreshore development begins
6/10 amusements
13/10 SMA New water tower construction – picture
13/10 SMA “Almond’s Remainder” sale
27/10 SS Skegness enormous project
27/10 SS Bancroft death
27/10 New design concrete houses
SN Skegness railway men
17/11 SMA Death of Porter born in High Street
17/11 SS Mablethorpe and Sutton Council Offices gutted by fire
15/12 SS/SMA Bathing pool builder workman suffers bad accident
24/12 SMA Skegness Chicks debut
SN Alford Girl Guides old picture
SN Boston Church children’s annual outing to Skegness – includes picture of coaches
First council car park opens
1927 5/1 SS John Green golden wedding
5/1 SS Bamber/Hill wedding
12/1 SS Orient Boys College relocated
2/2 SS Rankin toys
2/2 Chair o plane
16/2 SS North Parade sites
23/2 SS Pleasure land removal from Skegness Foreshore
23/2 SS Lilac Entertainers
23/3 SS Miniature Railway
23/3 Memorial convalescent home (town hall) erected
30/3 SS School of Dance
1/6 Memorial convalescent home opening ceremony
19/1 Foreshore Manager position created
2/2 Boy’s foot crushed by council steamroller
2/2 Grunnill in Back and Kidney pills advert
9/2 Hospital wireless installation
23/2 ‘Lilac’ entertainers
9/3 Skegness man slits his own throat
9/3 Crawshaw honoured
16/3 Water tower collapse fears
23/3 Remember Lord Tennyson
30/3 Leaning tower of Skegness
13/4 SS Ivor Cule
13/4 Beam wireless first message in Skegness
20/4 School of Cookery sold for £3,650 at Lumley Hotel by George Ball (not photographed)
20/4 SS Remarkable “Spirit” Photographs Claimed by Skegnessian, Basil K Kirkby (George Jobson of Horncastle)
4/5 Salvation Army commanding officers leave Skegness
4/5 SS Sunday refreshments
18/5 Skegness zoo
25/5 New beach donkey laws
25/5 SS More about the ice cream ban
28/5 HH Princess Marie Louise opens NDFS
1/6 SS ROAB foundation stone laid for new building east side of Briar Way, off High Street
1/6 SS Ice cream and milk banned on Sundays
15/6 SS Skegness girl guides
22/6 SS Boating lake operator weds
29/6 SS Seacroft railway master
29/6 SS Skegness Casino proprietor’s death
29/6 SS Seacroft sanatorium proposal
6/7 SS Acton – pioneer of modern Skegness
6/7 SS Jolly Fisherman publicity tour
6/7 SS Nottingham Poor Boys Home
13/7 SS Motoring Knott’s garage
August Council Surveyor, Rowland Jenkins hands in his resignation but then withdraws it (not photographed)
17/8 Lawrence Wright, famous music writer, visits Skegness and wants to buy the water tower
14/9 Skegness foreshore illuminations for the first time in history (boating lake)
Blackbourn (shoe shop) death
1928 4/1 SS New ROAB institute on Briar Way Skegness
4/1 SN Sanatorium opposition (review of 1927)
4/1 SN Beam Wireless Station (review of 1927)
4/1 SN Death and funeral of Skegness Postmaster – Raynor
4/1 SN Seacroft development described
11/1 SN Skegness Pig Club oldest institute (58 years)
11/1 SS/SN Town Hall Fire
11/1 SN Police court held in Sunday School room due to Town Hall Fire
11/1 SS Miller of Algitha House wedding
11/1 SS Great gale
11/1 SN Gale
11/1 SN 25 years ago – Funeral of Enoch Enderby of The Shades
11/1 SN 25 years ago – Funeral of Frederick Greenwood
18/1 SS Town Hall Fire
18/1 Great gale amusement park wreckage
25/1 SN Robert Harwood Mackinder, a butcher of Drummond Road, death and funeral
25/1 SN Kitchen boy gets Borstal – Key
25/1 SN Snow storm an Act of God – woman claims off council (national news)
25/1 SN Sir Cyril Kirkpatrick’s proposal to straighten the leaning water tower – long article (not photographed)
1/2 SN Motor fire engine is needed
1/2 SN Illuminations foreshore and boating lake
1/2 SN Proposal to straighten leaning water tower (part photographed due to story obscured by binding)
1/2 SN Elections for Skegness – conference report (story not photographed)
8/2 SS Derbyshire miners opening
8/2 SN Cllr Samuel Moody profile by Dutton (not photographed)
8/2 SS Rare Sowerby whale washed ashore at Saltfleet
8/2 SS Human Skeletons found at Edlington Hall
8/2 SN Overdose Man Collapsed and Died in Police Station
8/2 SN Agreement for Sunday refreshments on foreshore (story not photographed)
8/2 SN New Town Hall to be built (partially obscured by binding)
8/2 SN First Buffs ceremony at new headquarters in Briar Way
15/2 More about human skeleton find
15/2 SS Wainfleet Magdalen College School party photo (H Crawshaw)
22/2 SN Fire at Spinney Corner Scarbrough Avenue
22/2 SN Cllr J H Shelley profile by Dutton (not photographed)
22/2 SN Ralph’s grocers shop goes bankrupt
29/2 SN Modernising the fire equipment
29/2 SN Sewage pumping station extension
29/2 SN Ex-servicemen’s new building fund (partially photographed)
29/2 SN Tower Gardens Pavilion improvement recommendations
29/2 SN Some early Skegness councillors by Dutton (not photographed)
7/3 SN Council acts re leaning water tower being straightened
7/3 SN Mr Peplo appointed new Skegness Postmaster
7/3 SS Clement’s entertainer row
7/3 SN Council engineers by Dutton (not photographed)
14/3 SN Councillor election pictures – Skinner and Thornton
14/3 SN Derbyshire Miners opening ceremony (partially photographed)
14/3 SS New postmaster
14/3 SN Boy’s passion for butchers’ knives
21/3 SN More councillors by Dutton (not photographed)
21/3 SN Dutton’s prediction of what Skegness will be like in 100 years (2028)
21/3 SN Nominees for council election (partially photographed)
21/3 SN Death of Albert Dennis
21/3 SN Death of Mrs Rowley
28/3 SN New Town Hall – council decides to offer present site for tender
28/3 SN Pictures of council candidates
28/3 SN Unhappy neighbours court case
28/3 SN Dutton’s prediction of what Skegness will be like in 100 years (2028) (continued)
4/4 SN Council election results
4/4 SN Salvation Army funeral – Beal
4/4 SN Should council take Seacroft foreshore?
4/4 SS Vision of the Future for Skegness
11/4 SN New police court is needed
11/4 SN Cllr Rawding burglary
11/4 SN War Grave Identity Mix-up – Soldier Still Alive!
18/4 SN Boots Chemist comes to Skegness
25/4 Bathing Pool, Embassy Ballroom, Central Car Park and Compass Gardens replace the former Marine Gardens
25/4 SS Nottingham Poor Girls Home
25/4 SN Electricity needed for bathing pool, boating lake etc (partially photographed)
2/5 SS Nottingham Poor Boys home opens on Roseberry Avenue
2/5 SN Unusual catch – salmon
2/5 SS Smyth wedding
2/5 SS Boring for water
2/5 SN Salvation Army building
2/5 SN Cllr Wheatley offers to purchase town hall ruins
9/5 SN Cllr Wheatley’s offer to purchase town hall ruins rejected, only Cllr Moody agrees (not photographed)
9/5 SN Salvation Army Ensign (Maw) gets marching orders
16/5 SN Salvation Army gets new building on High Street
16/5 SN Billy Butlin
16/5 Gasworks extension
30/5 SN Bathing Pool opens (on Whit Monday)
30/5 SN Butlin’s proposal to council – new amusement park
30/5 SN Cavendish Road residents protest about caravan settlement
30/5 SN Death of Derbyshire Miners’ housemaster Ovington
6/6 SS/SN Nottingham Poor Boys Home official opening on Roseberry Avenue by Marchioness Titchfield
6/6 SN How Skegness rock is made – letter from a visitor
6/6 SN Death of Harriet Grunnill
6/6 SN Cavendish Road caravan owners hit back
6/6 SN Lawson’s Ice Cream kiosk
6/6 SN Swing boats on Central Beach
13/6 SS Butlin’s Joy City proposal
13/6 SN Sunday bathing allowed – much protest
13/6 SN Sunday afternoon boating allowed
13/6 SN Billy Butlin’s interesting proposal to Council
13/6 SN Patron saint of Skegness?
20/6 SN Rare Pictures of Butlin’s Pleasureland Skegness incorporating advert for all proceedings to go to Boston Stump restoration fund
20/6 SN Novel miniature car racing at the Casino
27/6 SS Motor coach invasion
27/6 SN Boatman’s child found dead in drain – Grunnill
27/6 SN Councillor’s unusual will
27/6 SN Sunday opening fever – Figure 8 follows suit
27/6 SN Leaning water tower’s rectification delayed (not photographed)
4/7 SN Cavendish Road caravans – official report
4/7 SN Panatrope installed at the bathing pool
11/7 SN Primitive Methodist minister Ralph Streets leaves Skegness
11/7 SS Bitten by a seal
18/7 SN Weighing machines for Skegness ordered by the Council
18/7 SS Skegness Orient College
18/7 Bathing pool – keeping cool
25/7 Bathing pool from the air
Aug SMA Advert for Skegness Horse Race on Richmond Drive Race Course
1/8 SS Will Crawshaw serious accident
4/8 SS Bathing Belles
4/8 SS “Empty-headed girls” condemnation by Skegness College headmistress
4/8 SS Mixed bathing is banned
8/8 RAF Supermarine Flying boats hit Skegness
8/8 SN Skegness’ chief citizen becomes the 100,000th Sheffield Glooper
8/8 Three men in a boat
8/8 SN Skegness lifeboat centenary celebrations
15/8 SN Skegness Lifeboat centenary
15/8 SN Former Skegness footballer’s death – Fowler
15/8 SN Skegness Lifeboat centenary – pictures
22/8 SN Shoe shop fire Lumley Road
22/8 SN Death of Joseph Moody
22/8 SN New fire engine delay
29/8 SN Sheffield man drowned at Chapel St Leonards – Millward (not photographed)
29/8 SN Pier diver Gadsby offer to council turned down
29/8 SN Joseph Moody funeral
5/9 SN Jimmy Loft court case
5/9 SN Town Band formed
5/9 SN Trophy Cups for the water gala – picture
5/9 SN Young Skegness Policeman Engulfed in Flames – Mapleston
19/9 Distinguished visitor Skegness Cottage hospital
12/9 Prize winning pig
12/9 SN Young Skegness Policeman Engulfed in Flames – inquest
12/9 SN Dedication of Girls Life Brigade flag
12/9 SN Footballer’s narrow escape from death when building Burgh cattle market 25 years ago
? Old Valor cooking stove advertisement
19/9 SN Skegness’ first royal visitor Sultan of Muscat and Oman (Claim is incorrect as the Duke of Edinburgh was in Skegness in 1881)
19/9 SN Farewell to a Skegness Relic – old fire engine
19/9 SN Letter to Sultan from Skegness Council Chairman
19/9 SN Rev Disney cartoon
26/9 SS Acton 59 years wedding
10/10 SN Young Skegness woman killed – Pinion
17/10 SN Erect new Town Hall in Pleasure Gardens!
17/10 SN Definite attempt to rectify leaning water tower (story not photographed)
24/10 SS Shark washed ashore at Skegness
24/10 SN Skegness Foreshore Litter
31/10 SN Death of John Capstack Hudson – musician lived at Red House
7/11 Scrap the Jolly Fisherman poster call
7/11 SN “I Bequeath – Annual Bonfires to Horncastle”
7/11 SN 71 years married – Walker of Wainfleet
7/11 SN Cllr Wheatley finds skeleton in his garden
14/11 SS New amusement park
14/11 SS Earl of Scarbrough decision
8/11 SS Skegness chicks
21/11 SN New of reconstructed Town Hall debate (not photographed)
21/11 SN First cine camera wedding at Skegness St Matthew’s Church
28/11 SN Butlin’s amusement park deal
28/11 SN Is the Jolly Fisherman poster out of date?
5/12 SN Is the Jolly Fisherman poster out of date? – discussion
5/12 SN A Marine Drive?
5/12 SS Lloyd’s bank manager
5/12 SS Spilsby workhouse bomb threat
5/12 SS Jolly Fisherman painting
12/12 SN Council decide on a modified Marine Drive scheme (story in two parts)
12/12 SN A shelter for North Shore
19/12 SN Distribution of Christmas gifts by Advancement Association – list (story not photographed)
19/12 SN Attack on Wainfleet girl – Warth
26/12 SN Council to acquire Seacroft Foreshore (story partly obscured by binding)
Nottingham Poor Girls ride in a dray
1929 30/1 Tower Esplanade beach improvements
27/2 Hungry gulls fed by Gee of Lumley Road
15/5 Moody
29/5 Foreshore improvements
29/5 Publicity effort Jolly Fisherman
29/5 Overton Family History (Charles Overton golden wedding)
17/7 Structure Tower Gardens
17/7 Bathing Pool Chute
4/9 Rev William Disney death and funeral (picture)
11/9 Elephants on Promenade (Victor Falloon)
11/9 Blooding the Baby (Betty Rye)
27/11 Lumley Road Pleasure Gardens
11/12 Vine Hotel history
9/1 SS Plans for making up of Scarbrough Avenue
16/1 SS William Disney picture
23/1 SS Skegness Players at Arcadia Theatre (picture)
23/1 SS Wedding Arliss and Sleight
30/1 SS Damage in the Park “Jungle” Wood Removed – Court Case
30/1 SS Boston shoemaker family (Parsons)
6/2 SS Raynor railway attendant retires
6/2 SS Fred Cooper death
13/2 SS Hilda Lightfoot child cruelty story
13/2 SS Warth and Dennis wedding
20/2 SS John Green’s death
20/2 SS Tennyson’s gardener’s death – Henry Smith, of Hagworthingham, at Somersby
20/2 SS Swan divorce scandal
27/2 SS Hungry gulls
6/3 SS Skegness bus driver’s untimely death
6/3 SS Fred Croft death (picture)
13/3 SS Bert Smyth reads the Standard – son of Harry Smyth of Aldeburgh House Algitha Road
13/3 SS Grand National winner on Skegness sands? (Ardeen)
13/3 SS Salvation Army Citadel official opening
13/3 SS Wedding Lilly and Wilson
13/3 SS Syd Crossley hits Hollywood (Clement’s entertainer)
20/3 SS Astonishing spirit message in Lincoln tragedy
3/4 SS Young Skegness essayist wins prize (Gordon Fish) (picture)
10/4 SS Wedding Betty Howard
10/4 SS Bert Parrot’s death Lion Hotel (picture)
10/7 SS George Ball wedding
10/4 SS Hilda Lightfoot child cruelty victim
17/4 SS Skegness Life Boys
17/4 SS Death of S G Randall at Sleaford
24/4 SS Fred S W Major wedding (Major newsagents and journalist)
8/5 SS Miss White’s letter to the King
8/5 SS Miss Mercedes Gleitze in Skegness (Wash swimmer)
15/5 SS John Moody wedding
5/6 SS Voters
5/6 SS Wash swim
12/6 SS Night safe
26/6 SS Mercedes Gleitze wash swim triumph
3/7 SS G G Dunkley wedding picture
3/7 SS Spirit photos letters to the editor
10/7 SS Spirit photos letters to the editor
17/7 SS Skegness man, Mr Kirkby gives Spirit demonstration
17/7 SS Skegness girl’s spirit voice
17/7 SS Spirit photos letters to the editor
17/7 SS Skegness Man Revisits Gibraltar Point After 80 Years (Thomas Leeman)
17/7 SS New headmaster for St Paul’s College Burgh le Marsh (Rev Tabberer)
17/7 SS Controversial structure erected in Tower Gardens to house the Cathedral organ (picture)
18/9 SS Acton wedding anniversary
4/9 SS Skegness invention ridiculed
4/9 SS 1847 railway carriage
4/9 SS Wainfleet woman 99 years of age – Jane Marie Waite
18/9 SS Mother dies when clothes catch fire whilst black leading grate (S E Chamberlain)
25/9 SS Jumbo’s amusing incident – elephant refuses to go on Skegness train station
25/9 SS A brainless crowd – letter to the council
2/10 SS Wedding violinist
2/10 SS Orby couple’s diamond wedding
2/10 SS Sleaford governess sued
2/10 SS Wedding Freason
9/10 SS New organ for St Matthew’s Church (not photographed)
16/10 SS Half a century topped (WH Smith) Mr Martin
16/10 SS Water diviner Alfred Bond a Dorrington shepherd (picture)
16/10 SS Peggy Allan wedding (sister of Hollywood film star, Elizabeth Allan)
23/10 SS Wrigglesworth wedding postponement
23/10 SS Wedding Morgan and Croft
23/10 SS Wainfleet school (picture of teachers and pupil)
30/10 SS Wedding Guests Agog as Police Arrest Married Bridegroom Wrigglesworth
30/10 SS Walker of Wainfleet married 72 years
30/10 SS Dramatic Society formed
6/11 SS Wedding – Mary Popple of Sandgate Hotel, Drummond Road (picture)
13/11 SS William Mountain death – Skegness stationmaster for 9 years (not photographed)
13/11 SS Horncastle Bonfire bequest (G Jobson)
20/11 SS Lincolnshire County Rifle Team 1889
27/11 SS Bonnett death
27/11 SS Builder, Samuel Ingham of Briar Way, falls to his death at Merrie Mead Hotel
4/12 SS Kirkby’s Spirit Reflectograph
4/12 SS The Northern Skipper
11/12 SS Body found at Granny’s Opening
11/12 SS Gold Mine of Death Arthur Manby of Louth, owner of Gold Mine in New Mexico
18/12 SS Skegness tragedy – bus conductor found dead on the beach
25/12 SS Skegness tragedy (picture of William Percy Wray)
25/12 SS Shoeshiner?
Golldmine of Death

** A photograph of the policemen wearing medals presented by King George V appears in G. H. J. Dutton’s publication, ‘Ancient and Modern Skegness and District’ which was published in the 1920s.


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