Donkeys Run Amok in Skegness

donkey1ADonkeys on the run

FORTY-TWO donkeys escaped from a field on William Way, Skegness, in June 1999, bringing traffic in the town to a standstill.

Police were alerted to the breakout at about 8.15am, as the donkeys made their way down the railway line towards Wainfleet.
After a brief stop at the Richmond caravan site, they carried on, eventually appearing on the A52 at Croft, where police received reports from one motorist, of “100 donkeys heading towards Skegness”.

Back garden
Of the actual 42 that did escape, four ended up at Croft Grange, with the rest finishing the final leg of their journey in the back garden of the Victoria pub, Wainfleet Road, Skegness.
Owner of the donkeys Mr Chris Epton (photo) said: “I didn’t know they were gone until my dad rang and told me they were all over the railway line.
“It was just a matter of containing them really. I would like to thank the lady at the Victoria as she was very nice about it. She fed them carrots and all sorts.

“They’re fine on the run up to the beach, because they are supervised. However, they get lost easily if left to themselves, and that could have caused problems”.
The donkeys escaped because of a break in the fence, but Chris is baffled as to how it could have been caused, saying: “I checked them last night, and the fence was absolutely fine”.

They have now all been rounded up, relocated, and are thankfully all uninjured.

Picture: Mr Chris Epton with his award-winning donkey, Bruno on Skegness beach.


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